CrackBerry Report Card - BlackBerry Z10 vs. Q10 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2013 04:18 pm EDT

The results of CrackBerry's BlackBerry Mega Survey are in! They served us well on our trip to BlackBerry HQ to help share the sentiment of the CrackBerry community with BlackBerry, and now it's time for us to follow up with the results for our readers.

Instead of just dumping all of the results from the 41 questions we asked in one shot, we're going to bring them back to the blogs piece by piece along with some analysis. It was a BIG survey and the community put a TON of effort into it, so we're going to steadily work our way through it as the responses deserve that kind of dedicated attention.

We're starting things off with BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 owner satisfaction, as this is one of the questions I really wanted to see where CrackBerry weighed in. Rewind a few weeks to Apple's iOS 7 unveiling at WWDC, and you'll remember the slide Tim Cook displayed which showed BlackBerry in last place on the scale for "very satisfied" customers, coming in at 32% as opposed to 49% for Android, 53% for Windows Phone and 73% for iOS. With BlackBerry 10 new to market, I firmly believe (though it wasn't disclosed) that Apple was stating BlackBerry 7 satisfaction numbers here, so I was curious to see how much things have progressed for BlackBerry 10 phones.

The results are in from over 4,500 hardcore BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 owners (you know CrackBerry readers don't hold back on what they think), and you can dig through the results below. Beyond just the overall level of satisfaction, we also broke it down by a number of different categories, and have also compared the results of Z10 owners with Q10 owners.

Key takeaways from the survey:

  • The overall level of Very Satisfied customers is over 50%, with Z10 owners being slightly more satisfied than Q10 owners (that lack of trackpad is hard for some BB7 upgraders to get used to!)
  • Q10 owners are much more satisfied with battery life than Z10 owners 
  • Overall, BlackBerry 10 users are more satisfied with the selection and quality of games in BlackBerry World than the selection and quality of apps, but on the scale of satisfaction, there is plenty of room to improve both app/game selection and quality
  • Z10 owners are actually more satisfied with the Hub than Q10 owners - we're thinking less screen real estate on the Q10 makes the Hub a little less user-friendly
  • A very strong majority of users are very satisfied with the hardware design of both the Q10 and Z10
  • The category with the least satisfaction is BlackBerry's Link Desktop software - it needs to improve, in a bad way

Check out the detailed results below, and be sure to sound off in the comments with your thoughts. Overall, it's a pretty positive story, though there is clearly room to keep working and improving!

Overall BlackBerry 10 Phone Satisfaction

BlackBerry 10 Phone Satisfaction by Category

BlackBerry Z10 vs. Q10 Customer Satisfaction

BlackBerry Z10 / Q10 Satisfaction by Category

Reader comments

CrackBerry Report Card - BlackBerry Z10 vs. Q10 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results!


nice thanks for sharing

Hope you shared it with Thorsten and he looked more on how to improve than on how "good" they did with their products . . .

I really hope that you will do a similar survey by the end of the year - to compare how it improved with the release of 10.2. and the A10

I hope Kevin shares this with Thorsten, Michael, Vivek, Gary and Franc.
BlackBerry NEED to know:
a) what they're doing right
b) what they're doing wrong (this is of paramount importance)

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

I think Kevin said he shared it with Heins' office when they sat down with him and I'm sure they have BlackBerry people going through it. I don't know if Heins, Viveck, etc. will read the report themselves (if they haven't already) as it would be something that a larger group of people would need to sit down to analyze. These guys don't make decisions on their own.

Plus, it's a CB poll so it's hard to extrapolate the results to represent BB10 users globally.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Honestly I feel like we need a Q3 more than a Q7. The Q10 is obviously the high end, the Q5 is passable for mid end and BlackBerry needs to hit those budget markets out there hard, especially since the Q5 is still quite expensive for a budget phone.

seriously, if you bring out a Q3 and a Q7, and even an A device people are gonna seriously think BB have been bought out by Audi lol

Love it! Now we just need a way to get those sexy LED running lights and we're good!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I would say just about all the scores fall in line with how I feel about the two devices. Great post! :)

Not that I'm bragging, but I actually do have them both... :-)
And cannot really make up my mind which device I like better...

Posted via CB10

I started the survey, stopped on the last page to use the bathroom. Just my like, the old Verizon reboot as I was away.

That sucks, a lot. If I lost all my progress on that beast of a survey, I don't know if I'd try to take it again.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Definitely the area where current owners want to see more improvement soon. And I'm guessing that would be well correlated to a reason a potential customer might not pick up a BB10 phone depending on who they're listening to for advice. Definitely need to keep the apps flying onto the platform hot and heavy.

I think the BB10 phones are just as good, if not better than the competition but it is going to be really hard to get someone to change platforms if their favorite apps are not available. It would be like going home and finding all your favorite stuff had been stolen. BlackBerry has to either get the 50 most popular iOS and Android apps or develope good substitutes.

Posted via CB10

I agree apps are the deciding factor for most users on Android or iOS that are interested in trying out BlackBerry 10 OS. If BlackBerry can get Instagram that will definitely help more ppl switch I think. But BlackBerry seriously needs to improve the desktop link software as it makes them look really bad!

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry needs to invest in more quality apps themselves. The reason is two-fold, like Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, and Google; BlackBerry knows what the OS is capable of and they need to develop showcase apps that will lure the consumer in to buy their devices. Secondly, the BlackBerry developed apps would show off the OS's strength help foster ideas in the developer community. It needs to start with BlackBerry. They can't and shouldn't simply wait for developers to make it happen.

I agree. BlackBerry needs their own in-house game/app development team. Build their own high quality apps like Sony PlayStation or X BOX do with their exclusive games.

Posted via CB10

I think the increase in apps in BlackBerry World would be a great start. I am sure that would spring the leak towards the platform. But if there was some way to force ALL of the newbies to also get to Crackberry for all the tricks,hints, and advice. I will not even mention the OS tweaks and leaks...
Myself, after spending a little time with a few friends that bought the Z ( you know the one that heard about a update that didn't come till last week sometime), convinced them not to sell or take them back and to like it by showing them that the app they loved so much on iOS can be loaded anyway and worked. As well as tweaking there current alarm to a multi-alarm. They are happy Z10 owners now. They thanked me of course but I told them to go to "Crackberry" and read and check the forums because that is where I learned. And to my suprise 1 never heard of Crackberry and the other one thought it was a joke.
You guys need to have a flyer in every device sold! I know the satisfied BlackBerry customer numbers will rise!

Posted via CB10

I am new to BB and indeed I first checked if the apps I was using on my Android were available on OS10. Thanks to CB I found the way to get the apps that weren't available on to my BB Q10 anyway so I am very pleased. It would have been easier though if they had been available directly from BB world. Nevertheless, I discovered CB by accident and allready learned a lot. Tnx. Now going to look for the way to tweak my alarm :-).

Love my Z10. Probably switch to windows phone at next opportunity though as the PB - Z10 pairing is not what I thought it would be at this stage. Can you measure that in the survey?

Posted via CB10

Thanks for all the graphs and graphical stuff, colors and bars are much easier for my mind to comprehend! :p

(Totally joking, but they are a great addition to the analysis.)

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Great, thanks for the results :-)

I just hope the results are truthful, objective and BlackBerry listens!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I think there is more z10 users than Q10. In my country Q10 not booming when it launch, not like z10 that is booming all arround, until rare stock in every store.

Posted via CB10

For a first generation platform in a mature market I find this to be very good numbers.

I am very pleased with the speed at which the issues have been addressed on the Z10s and I look forward to 10.2 (note I am a canadian user and have received updates on time).

Great Post and very informative, keep up the great work CB team

Posted via CB10

Good stuff as always CrackBerrians! Yes, apps is the deciding factor for potential new BB10 customers. I guess the Top apps without having to mention them is what's needed. So, I hope that BlackBerry is keeping the pressure on these big app companies. Btw, I am very satisfied with my Z10. The Browser and the Keyboard are a thing of Beauty!

If THAT'S the case, the A10 will be out and running 10.3.0.xxxx! LoL A couple of my buddys are STILL dealing with Verizon's random reboot issue and haven't heard a peep about an upcoming release date for 10.1. I'm calling BS on this! In NO way should a carrier be able to hold an update for so long simply to add bloat ware and diminish the quality within! I am so glad that I put Verizon in the rear view mirror a few years ago.

@Kevin - I hope they're open to working hard to improve BB Link. Were they receptive to change in that area?

BlackBerry 10 OS is awesome.

I've been a smartphone user for a very long time (for a while I was the one of the only employees at Telus with free, unlimited data, LOLOLOLOL) on the "management plan", ahhh, the good ol' days.

I had the Audiovox (UTStarcom) 6700 resistive touch screen, landscape slider with qwerty keyboard and stylus. And then I got the Motorola Q (first one) coupled with the Motorola Ferarri design Mike (IDEN) work phone for country wide, free push to talk and voice service (not really a smartphone, but a walkie talkie for employee to employee, nationwide push to talk as a second phone with the Q.)

Then it was onto BlackBerry Pearl, Storm, Storm 2, Tour, Bold 9700, Pearl 3G, Torch, Torch 2, Z10, and Q10. Next I hope to get an A10 and Q5. Werd.

Posted via CB10

I really like my Z10. I think are American friends would have rated it better if they had the latest updates too. I am still learning new things about this phone all the time which is nice. Kind of like getting a new present each time I learn something new.

I think BlackBerry and you guys needs to make some tips and tricks videos to show people how to get the most out of there phones.

I do think they made a mistake by not putting in a bigger battery in the Z10 though, you can never have enough power...

All around great phone... :o)
Take care

Here in the US I love my Z10 and I have never had one unwanted reboot with my phone (on AT&T). There are some apps I would like to see that haven't made it to BB10 yet, but nothing major (I still prefer Shazam to SoundHound). Unbelieveably, I still haven't seen another Z10 or Q10 yet while out in public here in upstate NY in the Mid-Hudson Valley. There have to be SOME out there..

Posted via CB10

I am in Albany, bionic Chris .... so look look carefully and you will see another z10 lover upstate.

Posted via CB10

I'm just sayin', these are the phones I've owned. I've used other platforms too. But, what I'm sayin' is BlackBerry 10 is by far the best OS experience so far, in my humble yet annoyingly presented opinion.

Posted via CB10

I really love my Z10. Never thought I would stick with a touchscreen only phone but the Z won me over. I have to admit I had low expectations for this phone but it pleasantly surprised me. And I have been satisfied with my battery life since we have two other Android phones in my family to compare battery life to. Not too bad.

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

I very much like the hardware of my Q10. However, the Twitter app doesn't have access to Lists. I lost my ability to use GPS turn-by-turn because AT&T Navigator isn't supported, nor is Google Maps. There isn't IHEARTRADIO or Pandora for music, nor is there Shazam. Most of all, Slingbox isn't supported, so I may have to upgrade back to my old 9700.

BlackBerry maps is great for navigation, slacker radio for steaming music, and sound dog to replace Shazam. The apps are there

Posted via CB10

Take a look at Apollo which is a Pandora app that is pretty darn good.

BlackBerry maps offers turn by turn with voice and is integrated with your contacts.

Sound Hound is just as good if not better than shazam.

Nobex is a great client that does the same as iheartradio. I use it daily for hours.

I've always used BlackBerry maps instead of Google maps , but I've heard numerous folks have side loaded the android version. Given the integration with contacts, traffic view and turn by turn BlackBerry maps is fat better imo

Posted via CB10

Don't forget TuneIn Radio for streaming too. Absolutely LOVE 93.7 The Bus from State College PA and 100.7 The Bay from Baltimore MD

I have to laugh. I used to conduct periodic polls on satisfaction levels of PlayBook owners (the results were without exception that owners were quite happy with the PB) but it drove a couple of mods who were never fans of the PlayBook crazy. Long story short: I've been reduced to participating in BlackBerry discussions only in the comments section of the CB home page.

Happy to see that data gathering methods such as polls (especially ones that result in positive results for a device that is unpopular with some) are not officially frowned upon by Crackberry.


Shootsscores (former Winnipeg boy and Jets fan now of Chicago and happy a very happy Blackhawks fan)

Apple are a bunch of crooked assholes. You can tell this by how they ripped off the American government of millions in tax dollars, so, that survey they showed was probably was results from the old BlackBerry o/s. And I for one will never go back to Crapple. I hope Crapple rots.

Posted via CB10

It's good to know most people are satisfied with their phones. Let's hope that BlackBerry is NOT satisfied with this result. Keep up the good (bad?) works BlackBerry.

I know it's a lot of work but I wouldn't mind doing, maybe a bit smaller, survey down the road... lets you (and us CB'ers) compare the results from now...and maybe in half a year, after 10.2 or 10.3? :)

Personally I am getting more happy with my Z10 with each update; more stable, more and better OS features. Though like most, I want to see more support from devs to bring us the missing apps.
Although 2.7m devices is not a big number compared to the other 3 runners in the market.... I think it's still to low to confine other major players.

id love to see the split between new users opinions (those migrating platforms) and existing BB users (BBOS), as that would paint a picture of how well it appeals to the competitions customers and would act as a comparison towards other platforms.
That's what needs to be focused on by BB I think, its all about what they need to do to attract `new blood` if ya like, asking me what I think is all well and good, but everyone I talk to knows I like BB, however if that friend who`s always on about his iPhone or Galaxy or whatever suddenly gets a BB and starts saying he loves it then that's huge for word of mouth, conversely if he gets one and slates it as terrible that's very bad, however from either situation his opinion is more valid than mine in terms of what you need to compete as he is coming from the other platform.
hope that makes some sense, in a way, ish. lol

Easily done! 

So, webOS users who switched to BB10 are the MOST happy, then Windows Phone, Android and iPhone users.

Digging down into the details on iOS and Android, pretty consistent in most areas. They're a little more angry about lack of apps than BB users. Also more happier with the keyboard than BB users. Maybe will dig into that and do another follow up post.

hey, thanks for the reply, kinda makes sense, people hate losing what they like and are used to (apps for android and ios) and love the new things that are better (keyboard).
I find it interesting that WebOS has the best satisfaction, even moreso than BBOS users, maybe that's because they have been with their platform for a while on older hardware (bet they rank lowest on the `who loves HP` survey lol) but id be interested to know exactly what the issues for older BBOS users are, id guess lack of feature parity to BBOS is a big thing.
Shows that while they've launched BB10, theres an awful lot they can do to appeal to customers.

As a pretty big BB fan and a former RIM employee who wishes nothing but the best for the company and my friends there, I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed with my Z10. It only takes one thing to ruin the whole experience... the battery life is so bad that it ruins everything for me. I have turned off NFC and Bluetooth. I have dimmed the display to the point it is hard to read at times. I have turned off gestures when locked which significantly degrades the experience. I keep all apps closed so there really is no multi-tasking. I have turned off LTE. I have turned off vibrate. In other words, the device is crippled to the point that it is not as good as my 9900. And still, I cannot get through to 6pm.

So disappointed!

Very true, for some of us. For example, I've found my phone has pretty bad battery life, even after loading several leaks that improved it dramatically, while my fiancée's Z10 keeps on chugging along like it's plugged in indefinitely. I'm thinking it's the battery itself, on top of how the user uses the phone, that's caused such a huge discrepancy in user accounts of battery life on the Z10. But I agree, it definitely needs to be better.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

My Z10 lasts all day, as long as my work 9800. I do more talking on mu work phone during the day but use my Z10 for Web browsing and messaging

Posted via CB10

I'm surprised by this David. My battery life is not bad at all. Originally I bought the BB spare battery pack and needed to use it at least 3 times a week. Now I rarely use it at all. What OS version are you on? Do you have BB Travel trip scanning? Everybody has a different use case I suppose.

What about the question on the Playbook Kevin? Are you a community side or helping Thorsten to sweep the Playbook under the rug? I feel arrogantly ignored by BBRY and also CB team - Just before you're not interested anymore in the PB, that doesn't mean others are not, so please release the info as well!
Do you think ignoring will make us BBRY fans again?

I loved my Z10 at first, but after I found I could not send mass text messages and could no longer sync with MS Outlook on my computer, I had to go back to my 9800. In one way it seems the new BB is a giant leap backwards.

I feel your pain, when I got my Z10 I assumed it would do everything my bold 9900 did plus more but some things are missing and link is a let down. On the other hand I have been through 2 updates where things have greatly improved so I'm sure all those issues will be resolved. You can send mass texts by the way

Posted via CB10

I'm glad we had the opportunity to take the survey and can now discuss the results. I think this really helps to put things in perspective. Great job for putting this together Kevin. Definitely appreciated.

My only thought is that maybe next time a survey is used, it could have the options:
Very Satisfied--Satisfied--"Neither Satisfied/Unsatisfied"--Unsatisfied--Very Unsatisfied.

I've just always used surveys/polls that gave both sides of the spectrum equally. Similar to the "report card" analogy in the title, (At least what I'm familiar with) A, B, C, D, F... C was just average performance, A was excellent, and F was failing. That's just my two cents on things since my first impression was that it pushed the results towards things having a positive experience. Perhaps if there were more degrees of choice, it would provide different/more meaningful statistics.

Excellent information though. Like I said above, I'm thrilled that we were given the chance to participate and give an opinion.

That all looks about right to me. I love my Z10, really want to try the Q10, have no interest in the larger A10 and think BlackBerry Link has a lot to learn from BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Can't wait to read the rest of your posts

Posted via CB10

I'm a big fan of the Z10...I love this phone. Coming from Iphone , I would have been in the category of "Dissatisfied". I had bad experiences with Iphone. I'm thinking Cook's numbers are a little Apple biased as their market share has been on a downward spiral just like their stock price.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for sharing such detailed results. I live comparing my opinion to other users and I see that I have been a bit mellow when I ook at the percentages.

I hope Thorsten will listen to you. It's a great survey and it really shows what people really think of BB10.

Also, I hope this gets in the media to defend BlackBerry from the lies that Apple spread lately.

Posted via CB10

Very interesting, thanks for that

I think the problem with the Hub on the Q10 has more to do with the lack of shortcuts...

Interesting. Is it possible to run some sort of statistical analysis on the data? Given that most of the survey questions are ordinal data evaluated with Likert-type scale scores, it's probably best to stick to non-parametric test designs, e.g., Mann-Whitney U; Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney; or Wilxocon Rank-Sum test. I suppose you could make an argument to use a parametric test design such as an ANOVA provided that the homogeneity of variance assumption has not been violated - use Lavene's Test to measure this. Basically, I'm curious as to whether or not there are statistical differences between categories of "varied satisfied", "satisfied" and so forth along with comparing that between phone design. Effect size would also be useful too.

What the he77 that dude's eatin' for breakfast? I want some, better than stayin' at a Holiday Inn Express!

Posted via CB10

Kevin, you guys have done a nice job gathering a ton of data. It would be cool to see the data worked over a bit to see what else might be gleaned from it.

BlackBerry needs to pick up the pace with apps and blackberry link and the survey would of come out with much higher results.
I can never figure how manufacturers release software that has flaws from jump street!

I know the carriers slow it down a bit but who is testing this stuff before it's released? They should be fired or restrained!

Posted via CB10

FYI if your in the GA/US area, Best Buy has the Z10 on AT&T for free on contract. Thats a good deal if you ask me!!!

I've been a BlackBerry user for 10 years now, and the learning curve on the Q10 is just beyond belief. I'm finally starting to get there, though. Too bad there aren't any apps for the thing.

Posted via CB10

What is missing in your opinion, and what made the learning curve so steep? Not trying to call out here, just curious.

Posted via CB10

How about we focus on being friends and debate how much better we are than iPhone and droid. Might help the current stock situation.

Posted via CB10

I love Z10 but not all things on it. Battery life so bad, heating issues is main problem for me , software is not polished enough but I would like more than old. More work need to do blackberry, this is first step to you. Why heating issues with my own z10, this is my priority problem.

Posted via CB10

Thank you Kevin. Was wondering about Marketing? I can't remember if it was actually asked in the survey? I'm sure most people on here would agree that the Marketing has to finally turn around. Since joining BlackBerry years ago, I feel they have never even come close to getting this aspect right.

Posted via CB10

It was in the survey..maybe that's the piece that was left on Thor's desk ;)

Posted via CB10

I've been a BB user for over 10 years and like everyone else I'd been excitedly waiting for BB10 for ages.

As an OS it looks awesome on video and on paper.

Tried playing with a Q10 last weekend and don't think its a major improvement on my Bold 9900..... and without a trackpad I think its a whole lot harder to use. Doubt I'll be jumping on board anytime soon.

Still pissed about the Playbook too.

Thanks, Kevin! The results are a pleasant surprise as it pertains to the CB community. Reading many various posts, most of the time I find myself wondering if only a few of us attained devices that actually do what they are supposed to do. It's good to see some numbers on the topic of product/device satisfaction. In addition, I enjoyed the article breakdown as to why or why not some may feel the way they do about their device as it relates to certain features. (i.e. Hub dissatisfaction on the Q10, and why.) Great job!

Posted via CB10

Agree. If you believed all the hate and trash posting in CB forums you would never expect to see these type of results.

Kevin. Your first chart says 2535 people skipped the question. Is that true? That many skipping the first question on the survey?

Roughly 1/3 of the respondents don't have BB10 devices to comment on. Could be they are holding out for something else in the future.

There may be many that are still waiting for their 2 or 3 year contracts to expire, or for their companies to rollout BES10.

Given all the negative posts in the forums, which increased tremendously with the release of Bb10 in the US, I am surprised at these results. Good to see there really is a silent majority.

Posted via CB10

If you read the forum posts on the A10, the lack of hardware specs are the primary complaint. If you then read this survey, it indicates that hardware and the OS itself are not the's actually the blackberry link and APPs (specifically games) that are holding BB10 back. If this survey is representative of the general population, then BBRY seems to be focusing their efforts in the right places.....However, I do think the forum voting has a bias vs. the general population. Thought it was an interesting contrast...

Couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately, the general population out there has either no clue of the new platform or they have chosen another device due to the app situation. I am under contract and stuck with another device for a few more months ... until the A10 hits anyway! I think the survey shows the general consensus of CB nation and how they feel about their devices ... good, bad and indifferent. I talk to people regularly about the new BB and find a pretty noncommittal attitude regarding the new line of phones. I think the A10 and getting the "big name" apps onboard will do a LOT to inform people that BlackBerry isn't dead and not going anywhere any time soon.

I just got my Z10 on Friday. and I love it!
had the curve, and Bold before, So glad I did not let my wife and daughter talk me into an I-Phone :P

Please, when Pinzl New Software BlackBerry z10 official and I'm waiting km answer please reply

Posted via CB10

I can't believe how much I hate Link. I wasn't using the latest release of the BlackBerry OS desktop software (because the previous version worked better for me), but Link is slower to run, I can't use Bluetooth, and syncing calendars with Outlook just plain doesn't work. I have settings similar to Desktop SW with my 9930, which synced flawlessly. With Link, it just doesn't do what I want ot expect it to do. I'm actually syncing to my Bold, the transferring to my Q10 now...Can't wait for an update!

Posted via CB10

I am a proud z10 owner who is furious with Verizon (and BlackBerry for letting them) in Verizon 's horrible handling of updates and how this has effected perception of z10 as a failure by some. Also, very Very annoyed that BlackBerry wonders why phones don't sell better while sitting on $2.9 mil and doing uninspiring marketing.

Posted via CB10

The survey appears to show the new bb10 phones to satisfy the customers who took the survey.
BlackBerry needs to do a few things though...
1 . come up with a coherent, good quality ad campaign. Bb10 phones are literally the best phones on planet earth .getting the inhabitants of planet earth to realize this is the challenge.
2. Find the 10-20 top apps people want on their phones (of any brand not just blackberry) - make them BlackBerry 10 native it NOW... Side loading and android ported apps won't do it- these apps need to work 100% buttery smooth out of the box.
3.reinforce the qnx/bb10 auto angle by some sort of connection /marketing effort with a vehicle manufacturer. Buy a qnx equipped car, get a zed 10, etc...Qnx is in many vehicles, blackberry needs to attach and utilize that popularity...
4.every blackberry 10 phone sold should have the CB 10 app pre installed from the factory.
The customer feels good buying a bb10 phone; the support and info available in the crackberry community will reinforce the positive aspects of the sale (almost like joining a "Club"-it promotes brand exclusivity and brand Loyalty).

Posted via CB10

Love the Z10... will always miss my keyboard, but the touch screen typing is fantastic.

Hate BlackBerry Link, you really need to work on it

Posted via CB10

There is a similar poll on Aye (a BB10 polling app) and the result seem different. How do we know all the answers to this survey is from bb10 users. If you own a bb10, vote on the poll and see the results.

Posted via CB10

I still have one request, I love blackberry with a passion, the most reliable piece of hardware cellular hardware that I have owned since the blackjack days, but that's topic for another day. I just have one request for the PlayBook I know there will be very little investment in it in the future, with that being said is it too much for us to have the z10 hook up to the PlayBook simply for viewing purposes is that too much to ask. If I can hook up my phone to a TV why can't I hook it up to my PlayBook, bypass data madness and give me a cord if you have too, my PlayBook is my personal computer I have so much of my documents and other things that will not without third party help why is that?

Posted via CB10

And another fact is that a the PlayBook is priced at a little more than a portable TV which people with kids can get for there children's entertainment, even though you have given up on the PlayBook doesn't mean you can not still make due with your existing inventory, I still believe that there is a market for it with some easy tweeks

Posted via CB10

I am waiting to see snippets of the long answer portions of this survey. Even small out of context blurbs would be enough to get an idea of recurring themes with a word cloud next to it. State of the nation types.

Z10 definitely needs better battery life and they need a total revamp of the BlackBerry Link. My old manual USB cord syncs were better.....

Posted via CB10

Thanks for sharing this. It is a finely itemized survey for a fairly good sample size. Really appreciate the effort of all those involved with carrying out the survey and mining the data.

I guess the mantra has to be Quality Apps, Quality Apps, Quality Apps. Most everything else about my Q10 is more than satisfactory.

Posted via CB10

The CEO should be fired for being incompetent. How can an OS that is supposed to be the best not run on tablet? Did he speak too early? We need a tablet now!! No more excuses!

Posted via CB10

The z10 sucks on vzw trying to sell my now brand new 200 this phone restarts at least 5 times a day the worst phone on the market right posted from my weak z10

Posted via CB10

Advertising campaign is still AWOL. It appears BBRY doesn't feel the phone features are actually compelling enough, so we get new Q10 ads that show a screen shot that would make an iPhone and Android user yawn. BBRY support remains terrible, dependent on carriers. BB Link has a fraction of the functionality of BB DM. Z10 camera lame. A10 looks dead out of the starting gate based on Crackberry user feedback. How is QNX going to change my life?

Now 2 weeks since quarterly report and 1 week since AGM and SILENCE other than begging for time.

BBRY directors should be compelled to carry/use BB10 devices, iOS devices and Android devices, as well as have full responsibility for upgrading, maintaining, and trouble shooting their BB10 devices so they can see why there is so much disappointment in support system. Full disclosure warranted here.

The survey results are helpful, and a worthy effort, but nothing more than confirmatory of complaints on BBRY user forums. Who cares if Z10 or Q10 more popular: only 3% of all smartphone users want a QWERTY device. This is news? Perhaps survey results will convince Waterloo of things they didn't believe.

Fix advertising, support your customers, and since BBRY can't promote itself, let Crackberry start grass roots campaign by encouraging readers to start posting comments publicly on other web sites so the world can see there are loyal BBRY users who won't easily jump ship and like new devices. Otherwise, Crackberry is doing little more than making those on a sinking ship feel better as it takes on more water. As Z10 user, investor, I have no idea where this company is headed. Investor relations doesn't even return calls. TH and directors are not transparent, give poor guidance, and potentially setting up for class action lawsuit given lack of direction and terrible decisions regarding ad campaign and buggy software not unlike new products rolled out in the 1990's. BB Link has a fraction of the complexity of Windows 8, which is terrible, but makes it look like a star in comparison. Believe team is working hard, new leaders needed who know how to deal with enterprise/mission critical software and/or bullet-proof consumer product badly needed.

I was thinking on switching to either the iPhone 5 or to the s4. I5 is too small n the s4 is too big for my liking. Z10 is the perfect size and is by far the best looking phone(white model). I rest my case

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BlackBerry needs more apps. I still luv my z10 best looking phone out there(white model)

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Z10 all the way! Suck it Q10! Just kidding...but yeah I am satisfied with the Z10 and am glad to have purchased it!

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It's good to see such a strong response from the CB community on this...

I do notice the difference in satisfaction for battery life between the Q10 and the Z10... hopefully someone can come up with a boosted battery for the Z10!

The results are interesting but out of context. The data should be used in comparison to BBs competition. In other words, how satisfied are, say, Samsung S4 users in comparison to Z10 users in specific areas. Data in isolation like this tells you little about where BB really needs to improve to compete well. If the Z10 satisfaction falls down in, for instance, battery life compared to the competitors phone, then you now have something tangible to work toward.

From an engineering priorities standpoint the raw data is interesting - it does point up weak spots. But comparison data would be useful in telling you where you could most cost-effectively improve. By that I mean if you have 10% satisfaction but it's in an area where everyone falls down, that's sad but not the end of the world and could probably be tabled for the moment. On the other hand if you have 50% in an area where you competitor has, say, 95%, you have a problem that calls for some intense work.

And as an observation - there are a lot of sub - 50% scores. 50% satisfaction seems really low to me.

Interesting survey.
A couple of give-aways : In many of the categories, Q10 users are significantly more "Very Satisfied" than Z10 owners, whereas if you combine the two categories it's more of a wash. Wonder why (e.g. wonder what's behind that).
As a Q10 user, I think I can mirror the comment around 'hub' : It's *enormously* more efficient than any other flow/hub/email thing I've used (counting 15 devices over the last 10 years) but as soon as you switch to a folder/hierarchical tree view it's obvious that the design was made for far more pixels (vertically) than what the Q10 has. Funny thing, though - it's all Qt & Cascade, so trivial for BBRY to change if they recognize the issue. Actually - it's one of the very few things I really don't like with BB10, but as a manager of two companies with staff across the globe the 'flow' alone doesn't cut it - I also need to be quickly and easily able to find messages by folder. Anyone else who have the same need?

US carriers OS updates the lack of OS updates on time major concern this will kill blackberry products! Carriers OS update testing year long MAJOR ISSUES

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Please direct a survey at current BB10 users who have migrated from iOS or Android, device they switched from, with explanation of reasons why, what influenced their decision, eg sales rep, online reviews, whether it be lower cost, faster browser, security, and whether they are satisfied.
The first survey addressed many important issues. The second survey is a free marketing survey for BBRY.
Let's give them all the help and direction they need. We're all in this boat together.

Simple. Bb needs to have everything os 7 has with + bb10. if they had type n go - actions on os 7, I b happier. Hope they 10.2 has more of os 7 features they left out...

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Maybe would be even more helpful to have two seperate surveys, one for consumer-use and one for business/enterprise users? Just a suggestion.

Other than that, great info here! Thanks!