CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week

What You May Have Missed
By Adam Zeis on 13 Feb 2010 01:54 pm EST

A great week for CrackBerry lovers everywhere. Some huge things popped up this week (Twitter for BlackBerry!), our Podcast streak continued and we have some great contests for Valentine's Day. Kevin is off to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so you can expect some great coverage and maybe even a live-blog this coming week. If you didn't check in with us this week, drop by the links below for all the latest and greatest. Still some time to get in on the contests as well, and you can be sure there are some you don't want to miss. Hit up the links below for more.

What You May Have Missed

Contest Reminders



Its good to be the king


That may be, but being a Queen is alot more fun!!


can i change the screensaver on my blackberry curve 8520


lol none of these comments have to do with this post.


how is it considered a great week for blackberry becuase of the new twitter for blackberry??? that's been out for months and I didn't care about it then either.

Adam Zeis

Which client are you referring to? Official Twitter for BB hasn't been released before as far as I know.


the twitter client was just released on an invitation only beta... it is indeed new news beantown85...