CrackBerry reminder: What you may have missed this week - Torch, BlackBerry 6 and more Torch!!

By Team CrackBerry on 7 Aug 2010 11:23 am EDT

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CrackBerry reminder: What you may have missed this week - Torch, BlackBerry 6 and more Torch!!


Soon I hope!
I love my Storm2, but like any addict I just want more!!!
I'm loving what I've seen of OS6 so far, especially the new browser.

but no news on the cpu and open gl, screen resolution.

All i know from rumours is that it will have a differnt UI to that of the torch and any other devices running OS 6.

I've enjoyed the reviews and reports on the torch this week except the blatant trolls who seem adamant to show their hate on a BB fan site. providing a valid argument is one thing but provoking in a negative manner for the sake of annoyance is another. enjoy your android and/or iphone elsewhere.

My sentiments exactly. It's a phone that does a few other things! That's all! It is not, nor is it meant to be, the answer to all of life's problems and questions!

Nope. I called ATT and asked them that this morning. Sadly, It's going to be cheaper for me to pay my early termination fee and get the BB torch at the new contract $199 price as opposed to paying the $499 retail. Oh well.

@house seller, went to my local at&t store to see if i can get an early upgrade, my contract isn't up until Nov. and they told me they could give me an early upgrade. I don't know if all at&t stores are doing early upgrades though.

Happened to pass by the ATT store inside Rockefeller Center and they had the Torch out.

It's hard to really get a feel with it tethered to the display- I couldn't operate the slide for instance.

Anyway, I'm rather disappointed to say, I wasn't all that impressed. The browser is MUCH better- just went to a couple of sites to get a look. However, the phone itself... it's just a slider...and when compared to the form factors of the Samsung S, some HTC models, and yes, the iPhone... it feels a bit dated.

I was Blackberry 6 going to be released on the Tour 9630? I got to play with a Torch today and I really loved BB6. I am on Verizon and I love my Tour. Does anyone know?

These devices will be receiving OS6, according to one credible source (
* Bold 9650
* Pearl 9100 and 9105
* Bold 9700
* Storm2 9520 and 9550

Unfortunately RIM didn't include the 9630 in this update.

the official word from RIM was the above listed minus the storm 2

the assumption is that the touchscreen modules of os6 take up more memory than the trackpad modules. Even though the 9700 and the storm 2 both have 256mb of space, OS6 will not run on the storm 2

i feel bad for the 9300. totally got overshadowed by the torch release. i mean a new phone came out and no one even cared.

I was able to get to the AT&T store yesterday and play with the Torch. I will say that they had 4 of them on display so I messed with each one. 3 out of the 4 had minor hardware issues with the screen when closed. The problem I noticed was with the phone closed the bottom of the screen had a small gap that allowed the screen to move when the send and end buttons were pressed. The slide still worked smooth on those 3 phones. You have to expect some minor bugs when something is mass produced no matter how strict the QC is. The 4th phone had no issues with that. The software is good but I guess I had myself so psyched that I was a little disappointed. The good thing about it is the OS leaks are already starting to come out. I'm looking forward to the improvements that the new OS brings to the table but it still needs some tweaking in my opinion. That's the good thing about the BlackBerry, room for improvements when the customer gives feedback

I'm looking forward to the Storm 3. The Torch looks to be a great new BlackBerry and is very welcomed by BlackBerry users like myself, but I prefer a touch screen only for my next BlackBerry (just a person preference, by no means meant to be a negative on the Torch).

I see the Torch being similar to the Sega Dreamcast: when the Dreamcast came out it had great games, good graphics, etc... but most people did not give it a chance, deciding to say they don't like it before trying it out.

Man this phone seems so cool... i might get this if they come out on T-mobile. I mean i already got a bold 9700.