Reminder: What you may have missed this week; CrackBerry Idol voting ends Sunday... Vote Now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jul 2010 11:42 am EDT

*** CrackBery Idol Round 1 Voting Ends Sunday - Vote Here Now!! ***

I was expecting it to be a fairly quiet week on the BlackBerry news front, but between the new official BlackBerry 6 video (which hopefully means its right around the corner), the BlackBerry Protect preview and the and the Apple antenna shenanigans we had a lot of things to keep us entertained. And course CrackBerry Idol Round 1 voting is NOW OPEN. Click the link above to vote if you haven't yet. Ten contestants will move on to Round 2. Check out the links below to see what you missed.

What You May Have Missed

CrackBerry Idol

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This would be handy for school work!


Shannigans is not a word, Shenanigans is.

Kevin Michaluk

hmm.. that's how we spell it where i come from :)

lol. fixed.