CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week

What You May Have Missed
By Team CrackBerry on 20 Mar 2010 09:47 am EDT

Slow news this week, but things should start picking up again very soon. We saw some more slider news as well as a few **though provoking** screenshots of what may (or may not be) OS 6.0. A few contests to keep our weekly streak going strong as well. Kevin is off to CTIA next week so we'll see if anything good comes down the line on the BlackBerry front from Vegas. If there's no big BlackBerry news, hopefully Ed Hardy will be there again so he can try and top his CES video. Hit the links below to see what you missed, and be sure to get in on the contests before the weekend is over.

What You May Have Missed:

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CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week


i neeed to get service books for an umlocked bb storm, i have no mms on my bb and i cant transfer my contacts from the sim any help would be great thanks

any one know how i can get rid of some of the icons on the display ? i would like to put my own picture on main display..any help would be appreciative

You go to the picture u want to make your main screen. You click the bb button and then click on set as background. This should get rid of the default background and make the selected picture your background. If this is what u wanted to know. I have the first storm for any reference.

I'm sorry that this is probably not where I should write this, but I can not post a new thread at all from my BB. Says to do this that and the other, but the options are just not visibly there! So frustrating! Can anyone help??

i just cannot seem to ever update my os on my blackberry so i can have the latest displays, gadgets and other such ammenities afforded to blackberry tech geeks out there. Dont take that personally, i envy the abilities of some to be able to operate their phones, computers, and other (every)gadgets in ways that i only can see on the television. Anyway, i seem to be following the proper protocol for updating to the latest versions but it just doesnt take...HOW??

Jeez what happened to the forums haha. Anyway, next to no blog posts today. :( everythings dead in the world of bb. Lolz