CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week; CB Editor Fun - Tune into Twitter for the Olympic Hockey Bet!

What You May Have Missed
By Team CrackBerry on 28 Feb 2010 09:07 am EST

Well we kicked off our 3rd birthday celebration, and you can be sure that next week we'll have a TON of awesome stuff to give away. A few contests this past week for some cool apps, and we continued our perfect streak for the podcasts. Not too much great news as of late, but if you missed any action this past week, hit the links below to see what went down.

CrackBerry Editor Fun: The Olympic Hockey Bet: The Vancouver 2010 Olympics wind down today, but before the closing cermemonies take place the sporting action will end in epic style with Canada vs. USA in men's hockey. The United States prevailed in the first Canada/USA encounter at these games and for those who follow Adam (@azeis) or Kevin (@crackberrykevin) on twitter know the patriotism for our home and native lands escalated through the three periods of action. For the finals today, we're putting our wallets where our hearts are with a friendly little wager.... if the USA wins, Kevin is sending Adam down a Macbook (good for CrackBerry Nation, since he'll use it to pump out videos and posts like crazy). But if Canada wins, then Adam is hooking up Kevin with a year's supply of his favorite alcoholic beverage, Campari (you can also follow @camparikevin on twitter). It's going to to be a tale for the ages. Let us know you who you're cheering for in the comment and be sure to tune into the game and into twitter for all the fun! 

What You May Have Missed

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CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week; CB Editor Fun - Tune into Twitter for the Olympic Hockey Bet!


Beat Canaduh! For Canaduh to have the possibility of winning a gold is a joke. I say single elimination tournament in the future.

why?? single elimination...ANYONE can have a lucky game...(hot goalie) LOL...just kidding...Good luck to all..both teams are deserving..i just hope Canada that bad?? LOL

No thats not bad, just seems silly that a team could win the gold after going 1-1 against said team. I say either single elimination or have to play two games against the team in the finals, since they are undefeated and all. And it wasn't luck, lol. We beat you, deal with it. :)

yes I wasnt one would be this far if it were only for luck...Your right..but also...just because you win ONE game doesnt mean ur deserving of a championship..its a tournament!...I've been involved in a lot of hockey tournaments...and ask any coach or player..ONE game does not make a team..So follow the format and in the end the best team wins...I'm not saying Canada will win it..USA and CANADA are both great teams..just saying GO CANADA GO!! I sure hope they do...Single elimination would definately ruin the tournament...We worked hard to get back into gold medal contention...Just cause we got on the wrong end of a hot goalie shouldnt mean we cant earn our way back...ONE GAME does not make a CHAMPIONSHIP team...:-)

Right on, I agree. I'm just messing with you, Im glad you didnt take it personally. I think Canada and the US have proved that they are far and above the best teams in the tournament, may the best team win!

I knew ya were :-) and YES either way CANADA and USA hockey fans are in for some great entertainment..a great way to end these Olympics...But damn I sure dont want to be washing tear stains off my Jersey I'm sure u dont either...Cant we all just get along ?? hehehe..Good luck ..enjoy the game :)

Canada is gonna win this GOLD and become the country who has won the most GOLDS ever in the history of the games....CANT WAIT..

Sorry Kevin, but being a LONG time hockey fan, and a citizen of the US, I gotta go for my country. Come on Team USA!

I'm going USA all the way but I know my blood pressure will be through the roof because I can never stay calm through huge games like this. I'm excited for this game.

All of the players on both of these awesome teams, play together in the NHL. If the USA wins, I will say congratulations, the best team won the tournament, and if Canada wins I will feel the same, but I will have a much bigger celebration. This is a game between two friends, not war between two enemies. Remember, the USA and Canada are each others largest trading partner. More business and tourism passes over our shared frontier every day, week, month and year than any other two countries anywhere in the world. More families share members on both sides of the border than anywhere as well. Sadly, we used to be able to say that we shared the longest undefended border in the world, this unfortunately is not the case. We should all hope for a return to a time before we allowed outside forces to affect how we deal with our friends. I am a proud Canadian who is proud to have a neighbour like the US.

With that truthfully said,

!!!!!GO CANADA GO!!!!!

Good Luck All

i KNEW you were Canadian :-) Well Said!!!!...your post made me proud..hope ya enjoy the game...

Here in Ontario Canada it is....Jersey on CHECK..Face paint ordered (cause what respectable hockey fan would cook on a night like this???)CHECK...nervous and anxious tummy check check check...ENJOY all...

Well here in Nova Scotia, CANADA, I'm sitting watching the rain come down on my ocean, waiting patiently. BBQd chicken Pizza, and copious amounts of Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale on ice. Twitter fired up on my BBerry, BBM Group set up for the game with all my buddies across Canada, in Paris Ontario, Brantford, Guelph, London, Kingston, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver also in Denver, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Boston and Los Angeles. We are just gonna have fun, and share a virtual toast together, no matter how the Hockey Gods see fit in this meeting of the two best hockey teams on the planet. Talk about a cool way to bring people together, and not divide.


sounds awesome...soo fun..wish i knew about teh BBM Group..would have loved to be part of it :(

ENjoy..lots more game to come!!

sounds awesome...soo fun..wish i knew about teh BBM Group..would have loved to be part of it :(

ENjoy..lots more game to come!!

sounds awesome...soo fun..wish i knew about teh BBM Group..would have loved to be part of it :(

ENjoy..lots more game to come!!

Does anyone have a suggestion for the best site to stream the game, Satellite is misbehaving grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

at this point i hope soo..but even if we was one HELL of a game...GO CANADA crosby has to step up now and score a much needed goal..MY guess though?? its gonna be NASH..he is playing awesome...

Most Gold Medals in one Winter Olympics by Any Country in History. Big celebration in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia tonight. Hometown hero strikes again.

Thanks to the USA team who played an incredible nail biting game that could easily have gone either way. Thanks to the Canadian Men's and Women's Hockey teams for the pride we feel.

your soo right..this could have gone any way...GREAT effort by all..and a GREAT afternoon of entertainement..cant wait for closing ceremonies

Wow am soooooo proud to be canadian...just won the ice hockey gold and means we end up on top with most gold medals...14 in total....yehhhhhh baby yehhhhh

Kudos to the Americans for giving us a good game but come on it was always going to be the Canadians that came out on top!!!!

Couldnt be more prouderof our boys even though im sat here in the UK but proud to be a canadian....its in our blood ie ice hockey and we are the olympic champs yet again!!!!

No shame in losing this.....
Being an American and avid Devils fan, I feel that USA played a passionate tournament throughout......Congrats to Canada.

Awesome... Just tried to get it but had to put my work email address cause they're acctually verifying addresses. WEll, not necessarily verifying them but if you put like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, or another free address, it won't accept it.