CrackBerry readers would love color accent options with BlackBerry 10.3

By James Richardson on 11 Apr 2014 03:52 am EDT

Following on from our recent poll where we asked if you would like a choice of color accents in BlackBerry 10.3 it seems that it's more than clear that users would want this feature.

With over 80% of voters choosing that they would like color options in the next big version of BlackBerry 10 let's hope that BlackBerry themselves take note. 

I mentioned in the original post that Windows Phone gives users the ability to theme their Live Tiles and this is going to get even more detailed with Windows Phone 8.1.

Although for me personally it isn't a big deal, it would be a nice choice to have. I'm pretty keen on the blue that we have currently, but a slice of grey or silver could make me rather happy. 

It's still early days in terms of what we will and won't see in BlackBerry 10.3 but judging by the improvements we saw with 10.2.1 I think it's safe to say we'll all be pleasantly surprised. 

Reader comments

CrackBerry readers would love color accent options with BlackBerry 10.3


LOL, I hardly think adding color customization to the OS would be the most perplexing of tasks...

But then again, I know zero things about programming.

Would love more choices.

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Am expecting more from the 10.3 update, like lag free when using or opening browser and for apps, smoother experience overall

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dude. that's just cuz it's an early build..

there hasn't been the lag that you speak of for me on any of the final builds.

You can't always have lag free.. it's technology. If you are running out.of memory it will lag. Common sense

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More choices are always a good thing. However, let's hope that colours are not what BlackBerry spends a great deal of time and energy on, there are more important additions to be included.

The one thing that is first on my list is the truly missed "Automatic BCC" from my 9900.

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Yes, dark hub please, to complete my transition to the dark side.

With Crackberry's orange color accent.

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Just sideload them?
There are already a lot of nice similar games on BlackBerry World..

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When did Google (Androids) and Apple (iOS) make games?

For BlackBerry, you can have games from both BlackBerry World and any Android market, like 1Mobile Market or Amazon App Store. What more would you want?

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Let's fix the OS first so it can function even more efficiently.

BlackBerry Link is really an annoying fly in the BlackBerry ointment.

Crackberry Orange, iMore Blue, Android Central Green Windows pink.

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It has probably already been mentioned a lot (at least in the forums, so I'll add the comment here just for the sake of completeness), but the accent colors 'feature' has been on the Cascades native road map for ages (If I remember correctly at least since 10.2) now. I really expect them to deliver it.

Description taken from the road map: "Accent colors: Lets you use an optional accent color in addition to the bright and dark themes. The accent color will shine through in different core Cascades UI components."

IMHO they should even do some skinning to the default android holo theme/style and let android apps look a bit more like native/cascades.

Choices of accents colours and dark hub is the best choices. Thanks for posting this

Z30 STA100-2....

I love the current blue one!
I hate the next red one!
So, give me the choice than I can choose my favorite.
But please, delete the red!
Will Blackberry listen to us?
I don't think so.

Who is "us" though? I love the red.. see the point of the post now?

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

An option with RGB would be cool for mixing the own style.

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These improvements are vital in the resurgence of BlackBerry 10.

Bring it on


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They should improve the hub and how it handles long threads of messages. It's still slow and not fluid. :(

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It would be better to add Urdu language in bbos coz BlackBerry has a vast market in south east asia.

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Options is the key word.
Options separate BlackBerry from other over controlling phones. And make people happy.

I think accents are a simple way to give the users more options. It also allows BlackBerry more control over the combinations to keep the overall theme clean and beautiful. Simple light or dark theme for core apps plus the hub, accent colour choices (maybe more priority hub options and colours), more LED and notifications options and maybe a few fonts would go a long way. And how about the option to add or remove grey icon boxes and make the icons slightly bigger or smaller to fit more or even less apps on the grid?

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Customization please. I want to pick my colour. The Red they were showcasing is awful. I won't be happy if they changed it to red! Five the user a choice to choose what color they want. Everyone is happy this way.

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I'm sure that the next update will bring a ton of very sweet improvements. Blackberry is doing a good job of listening to the community!

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I would like to have the hub background colour white, with accent colour options of red, blue, purple and black, would look beautiful with a flat, light UI, swiping from screen to screen with light, smooth and slick colours / graphics

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And also Sir Chen I love more different colors of the upcoming Blackberry Z3 aside from black. Thanks :)

Even windows had this as an option when it first came out... options options people is it wrong to say u can't go wrong with options?

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Need more screen real estate in text reply message box -using Z10 and only shows 3 lines of text in a little box. Also have lag issues when opening browser / new tabs.

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I am just very happy that blackberry is listening to there Customers now! So I know it can just only get better!

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BlackBerry needs to fix Linking of Contacts FIRST!! The address book is an utter disaster!

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I hope 10.3 also offer the new navigation gps like here drive(nokia lumia)without using internet...#No meaning of GPS if we crashed in the jungle and need internet to use gps!!#

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Tell me if u wouldn't like if in 10.3 u could actually lock your device in quick settings,or at least on the home screen!! without touching any button...

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Colour preference is nice though, but fixes for non primary apps such as blogger which requires a Google account should be worked on.

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As long as they do not allow themes. They always screwed up the other legacy phones. Not one theme I tried was worthy of using. They ALWAYS screwed up icons, rearranged icons, messed up folders, messed up transitions, messed up fonts making things unreadable, messed up pretty much everything, on top of being poorly made. No themes unless you make them good this time and ONLY BlackBerry should be allowed to make them!!!

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I think blackberry should focus on fixing and getting things run better like the contacts application names duplicates, disappearing or like never been saved at all, it's nice to see change but I guess color option it's too early or not yet necessary

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It's customization. Faster BlackBerry understands this the better the company will be. Their are so used to be boring and mundane that they don't want to change.

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