CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!

BBThemes BlackBerry PlayBook Giveaway!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2011 02:28 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook and more from BBThemes and!

As a token of his appreciation to CrackBerry and our awesome community for the recent success of his PaperPlane game for the PlayBook and Six Dot Xish Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones, Dave at BBThemes wanted to do up a giveaway. He's doing it up REAL GOOD too, with three awesome prizes up for grabs:

How To Enter: To enter, all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT TO THIS BLOG POST. Contest ends this coming Sunday, May 22nd, at Midnight PST. Contest is open world wide. Please leave only one comment to the post. The three winners will be announced next week and CrackBerry will be shipping out the PlayBook. 

That's it!! Awesome stuff BBThemes. CrackBerry thanks you! Good luck everybody!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!



Another great contest from Crackberry and many thanks to Dave at BBThemes for providing the Playbook love to all of us. I sure hope I finally win something.


Would love to win a PB to help convince my boss that our entire sales team should have one over the ipad2 or the new Cisco Cius.

Thank you, keep the info coming ...


I'll give this a shot. Zero. Let me repeat.....ZERO contest wins for me so far (this includes theme giveaways too) since being signed up on over 3 years ago (ahh...those days of Kevin's "200,000 Member" contests, etc.).

"Can Michiganroots go from HERO?"

Stay tuned CrackBerry Nation.

Thank you for one amazing prize Kevin & Dave. Continue to strengthen "The Nation."

Best of luck everyone.

A free BB Playbook ? Winning this would be great, though I do wonder if I would find it a useful tool or just a fun toy. Either way, the price is right.

So I'm tossing my hat in the ring.

Great site especially when you are so far away in Northern England:Sheffield
Please enter me in for the wonderful Playbook

I have played with the ipad, zoom, and iconia, and the playbook screen ALONE is reason enough for me to buy one...or win one...

I used to be an avid blackberry fanatic starting with my first phone all the way up until the tour, but after much contemplation i switched first to the iPhone, the to the Pre+ now im on the HD7. I tend to miss the feel of my blackberry and have been hopefull for a comeback. Once the QNX software comes to bby's i am sure that i will switch back, and have been looking at a playbook for quite some time now. :)

Can't currently afford the Playbook, otherwise I would have one. I'm saving up for the Bold Touch. But winning the Playbook would give me the perfect pairing with the Bold 9900 that I've been lusting over, and then I'd have the best of both worlds!

I love BBThemes... SixDotXish is the permanent theme on my bold! Too bad i have to get my bold looking like a playbook because i dont have one! Maybe BBThemes can change that just like they changed my Bold with the awesome theme! Keep up the amazing work! I'm All IN!!!

I put my Iphone back to its box a week ago because I just got a new Blackberry Pearl 9100. I never had a BB before and I think I have just defected to the Berry World:-)

I am looking at the Playbook for a while now since its launching. I really want to have one to pair with my BB Pearl. I wish, I wish, I win it!

I would like to seriously win a BlackBerry Playbook I come from South Africa and at the moment the playbook ain't available in our country and I would be so happy if I was the lucky winner of BlackBerry PlayBook I would expose it and take it with everywhere and promote the blackberry playbook as I am a loyal BlackBerry fan as always and thank you crackberry for the lovely competition once again

Absolutely awesome product. I already use BB Themes but to win a playbook would be the BEST !
Crackberry rocks !

C'mon i need to win this played with a Playbook this past friday at best buy if you haven't it's sweet. Hope I win

Great contest! I'd love a Playbook! Thanks at crakberry! Awesome website and blackberry info!

I would love to win a Playbook or accessories for my blackberry. Thanks so much for hosting this site for blackberry fans to help them get the best out of their phones.

I would love to win a BB playbook! Being a single mom with 2 kids makes it hard to buy extra things like this for myself!

Need something to tether my 9650, a PB would fit that exact need. Time to get rid of this 5 year old laptop.

I saw this contest right after watching that commercial. FLASH! AHHH AAAAAH! I need the PB so I can hold and sing that song and do Paper Planes, LOL

I love Crackberry & how they always have contest to win free stuff... please pick me, id love a blackberry playbook!

Ok folks. Don't bother entering. This one is mine. Mine I tell you. All mine mine mine. In case that doesn't work. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez pick me.

Dear Crackberry,

I visited your site to have a look,
And saw a contest for a new Playbook!

So excited to enter, I typed as my fingers shook,
"They are the best," I thought, "much better than that lousy Nook!"

I then stare at the hundreds of papers on my desk in a stack,
In a week I will have to schlep them to their airport all on my back.

Oh, what I would do to consolidate those files into one place,
The Playbook could be that very saving grace.

But alas, thousands will no doubt write in,
And given the length of this thread, my post will indeed be lost within.

I beg you to please choose me!
And spare me from having the back of a little old lady!


If ever I could win a contest, please let it be this one for the playbook. It would make my dream come true. Thank you for just the chance!!

CrackBerry, you're the best! I hope I'm selected to win the PlayBook! What a great year - the PlayBook was released last month and the Bold Touch 9900/9930 is coming soon! So much to celebrate with Research in Motion.

My wife would understand (tolerate) me picking up the bold touch 9900 this summer, but a playbook as well? NEVER! Hence the need.....

I want one for my wife so I can do videochat with her when she goes away for work! I appreciate this promo. Thanks Dave at BBThemes and CRackberry

Left the Crackberry for a droid and came back less than a month later!! I'm addicated to the CRACKberry... !

I really would love to have one. I can use it in the medical field during a 13 hour human islet isolation and transplant procedure for type 1 diabetes patients. The applications would be phenomenal.

Awesome ... my wife got me the 32GB PlayBook for my birthday present. I would love to surprise her by winning the 16GB PlayBook for her.


I ordered a PlayBook through staples and they refunded me twice, second time they said no one was home.

I've given up on it and this would be an excellent chance to get a PlayBook!

Thanks Dave

Ever since discovering the awesome-ness of my new (& very 1st) BB last fall, I've been even more awed @ the totally cool sites like CrackBerry & BBThemes...The sites, blogs, other user comments, etc all help me get the most from my BB...Now, having a chance to win anything BB-related is giving me goosebumps...Woo-Hoo!!!

Playbook - gotta have it.
Waiting for the next gadget
Social Networks,
Going broke trying to keep up with
New mind-blowing technology.
Not giving up.
Research in Motion -
I won't buy the competitor
Even if it cost less.
But $500 is a lot for RIM's toy,
And I'm dollar broke,
Yet strong willed.
So pick me please for the Playbook,
'Cause it's hard to pay the bills
As a poet.

...... Seems like a lucky month for me.... Let's see how lucky I actually am in crackberry playbook terms. Count me in