CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!

BBThemes BlackBerry PlayBook Giveaway!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2011 02:28 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook and more from BBThemes and!

As a token of his appreciation to CrackBerry and our awesome community for the recent success of his PaperPlane game for the PlayBook and Six Dot Xish Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones, Dave at BBThemes wanted to do up a giveaway. He's doing it up REAL GOOD too, with three awesome prizes up for grabs:

How To Enter: To enter, all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT TO THIS BLOG POST. Contest ends this coming Sunday, May 22nd, at Midnight PST. Contest is open world wide. Please leave only one comment to the post. The three winners will be announced next week and CrackBerry will be shipping out the PlayBook. 

That's it!! Awesome stuff BBThemes. CrackBerry thanks you! Good luck everybody!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!



As always count me in, I wonder what the last iPad holdout in the office would think if I MADE him use a PlayBook! (Insert evil laugh here)

I'd love to win a PlayBook for my mom. She really wants one. The $50 coupon would be great too

Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is

and thats why.... i want to Win here at this awesome giveaway...

Me please!!!!!!!!!!! Me me me!!! Pleassseeee!! I would love a playbook I would give it to my grandpa he wants one sooooooooo bad!!

Just leave a comment? That's all I've got to do? No hoops to jump through, no criteria to meet, no challenge to overcome? That's too easy....

I just entered the BlackBerry universe and thanks to CrackBerry my love increases everyday! I hope this becomes my first RIM device. Thanks BBThemes :)

CB did it again.. I can't stop to amaze my self watching this contests.. I'd love a playbook or 50$ bonus.. Whatever happens CB YoU ROCK..huge fan From dominican republic! Thnx

I'm in Australia, if I don't win a Playbook then god knows how long I'll have to wait before it's available here!!

Please CrackBerry&BBThemes! PlayBook not coming out for a loooong time in Ireland here!
That'd be so awesome! I'd be the first in Ireland to share some CrackBerry love!
It's portable enough so I'd be able to carry it with me to school! I'd be like a Jesuit and convert tonnes of people! Sadly, high end BlackBerries aren't popular to the average Joe in Ireland, only the business people.
Please CrackBerry! I need some play time! :wink: :wink:
Love CrackBerry for these awesome competitions that just keep coming!
And a big thanks to BBThemes for providing these awesome prizes! I'll turn to you for a PlayBook theme when they become available(and I get a PlayBook)
And GOOD LUCK to everyone else!
This'll be on my wish list for a while!

OMG!!! I WOULD DIE!!! Like... I really really really really want one!!!!! Pleaseeeeee :D Go Playbook!!! Boo iPad!!!

Been trying to save for a playbook, but expenses keep coming up!! This would be awesome to win!! Thanks BBThemes for the chance!!

Crackberry for the win.... This is the best place to keep up to speed on all the new developments. Been a member since my 1st bb.... years ago

Yes, playbook will sure be a good way to reward me for my loyalty to Blackberry while so many friends switched to Iphone or Android. I rarely win anything at all but I figure that a comment is not such a difficult thing to do :). Thank you

Great prizes and even the prizes go towards crackberry and not BBthemes! Great gesture towards the community indeed!

I never win anything but hey, its worth a shot and if anything its a msg of gratification for BBThemems :P. Good luck to all!





I invest in RIMM shares and thanks to you I don't need to go through various sources. You guys always have the latest updates.
I use a blackberry torch and got three playbooks (one for myself, my wife and mother in law-my wife is expecting a baby so I wanted the video chat for her mom who lives in Idaho).
Anyway, my partner at work is always using mine to play Nebula so I figure if I win I may give it to him or some other lucky guy. I got the 16GB but was surprised to see how quickly you can fill that up if you don't manage the podcasts and videos.
I love my torch but that bold touch may have to become a second phone for me. I just want it. If the Torch 2 is not far behind I may be able to wait but chances are I'll have the Bold Touch the day it comes out.
Thanks for all you do,

I was apprehensive about the playbook, but after a brief demo from a unit provided to us by our carrier. I am in love with it! There are three main benefits for the enterprise user:

1) Size. It is truly portable and you can type fast while holding it in the same fashion as you would a smartphone. I was taking notes faster than others that were handwriting in class.
2) Flash support. This is a given.
3) Bridge. Although it is slow due to the limitations of Bluetooth and the software needs to be worked on, the fact that you can simply shut off the Bluetooth on your BB to remove your corporate data is truly a benefit. The playbook can be a family device and this is a problem for iPad users that have no way of blocking their family from accessing their corporate data.


would be sweeeEEEttt. sweet as carrot... sweet as a jolly rancher.... sweet as ICECREAM.... sweet as that app that models different flavours if u lick ur pb screen? too much? pick me!

Please give mine to the Gay Men Health Crisis as a charitable donation. They can use it in their work with AIDS patients.

I've spent ALL DAY defending the playbook on BGR, Engadet, etc, etc in light of the news of the recalls.....would love a nice gift for my efforts lol

thx CB for putting this on.

I'd love to win. Thanks for the chance CB and Dave!

The win would be a great way to get into the BB world.

Every since I downloaded the Six dot X theme I've been stuck...I refuse to go back or use any other theme. Gimme the Playbook!!

I almost went to Orlando in hopes of getting a new playbook but thought that it would never happen!! Please let me win this one!!!

I never win these things but either prize would be awesome. I need a pick me up in my life lately. <3

Count me in! I would love to win a PlayBook or one of the coupons from Thanks for another great contest.

Dave... you rock, and I look forward to buying a copy of PaperPlane for the PlayBook I'm about to win! :D

I hope i'm not abusing, i already entered the 9900 contest, but well if i loose the other one i hope maybe i have a chance on this!