CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!

BBThemes BlackBerry PlayBook Giveaway!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2011 02:28 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook and more from BBThemes and!

As a token of his appreciation to CrackBerry and our awesome community for the recent success of his PaperPlane game for the PlayBook and Six Dot Xish Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones, Dave at BBThemes wanted to do up a giveaway. He's doing it up REAL GOOD too, with three awesome prizes up for grabs:

How To Enter: To enter, all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT TO THIS BLOG POST. Contest ends this coming Sunday, May 22nd, at Midnight PST. Contest is open world wide. Please leave only one comment to the post. The three winners will be announced next week and CrackBerry will be shipping out the PlayBook. 

That's it!! Awesome stuff BBThemes. CrackBerry thanks you! Good luck everybody!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!



BBT and CB, perfect combo for a fantastic contest. Thinking of winning a Playbook makes me happy. Thanks guys.

I just started following BlackBerry products and this would be an awesome leap into them! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me!

Cheers from Ontario, Canada.

I like to thank Dave from BBthemes for sending this Playbook giveaway offer to the world. And offcourse hope that his Paperplane will pick me out for a Playbook.

If not it still is a great gesture to BB-lovers all over the world.

Entering via my BB so I definitely need to win the Playbook. Please send it my way. Thanks!

Just like BBThemes, the Playbook is designed to fit into all your personal and business needs. I look forward to seeing both grow with each other. Skully Ho! to true tech and portability! - BBThemes and Playbook #1 Fan...

Fantastic Amazing Always Exciting contests ...sign me in too,for the Best tablet in the world...
Good luck to us all
Its all in da` hands of computer lucky guess,Now! ;););)

Was just trying to find 64 gb online and something told me to check out I come here and.. well i will look on the 23rd if needed.

its funny that this post came up, i am on the hunt for a tablet and i had my eye on the Blackberry Playbook....COULD IT BE A SIGN????

OMG,OMG, do you show hands flapping with text? I would love a Playbook for personal and professional life. I use my BB9650 for both now and would love a Playbook to expand on my fun and productivity. Fortunatly we are having our second child soon (another boy, healthy), and money will be tight so my wants for fun/productive electronics will have to wait. Thanks for the oporotunity to win.

I could really use this. I just had a baby 2 months ago and now I cannot always buy the best gadgets. My income goes to diapers and formula :(

Step 1 - We admit we are Blackberry Addicts
Step 2 - Came to believe Crackberry.Com can restore me to sanity
Step 3 - Made a decison to turn our will and our lives over to RIM and Crackberry.Com
Steps 4 - 12 -- Doesn't matter since there is no help for us.

Now I just need a Playbook to complete my addiction.

It is great to see all the excitement around the playbook. There are sure to be many many more great apps on the horizon....we must be patient!

This is another example of a great giveaway! Keep up the great work.

A playbook would be a great addition to go along with my 9650 (or new 9930 by the end of the year). Sign me up please and Thank You for these great opportunities to win.

PaperPlane is Awesome Dave!! Please bring in more cool games to the coolest platform on Playbook. Looking forward for them!
Thanks a lot for these freebies :)

This playbook would be great out in the field on sales calls. Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win!

And in the beginning, the Lord said, let there be playbook, and there was playbook. The Lord looked at what he had mad and he was pleased...

RIM BlackBerry Playbook. Hells yeah. I played around with it. It's really nice and smooth interface. It's very portable, but the display size you kind of want more viewing area. That's the drawback with wanting bigger size display and having a portable tablet.