CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!

BBThemes BlackBerry PlayBook Giveaway!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2011 02:28 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook and more from BBThemes and!

As a token of his appreciation to CrackBerry and our awesome community for the recent success of his PaperPlane game for the PlayBook and Six Dot Xish Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones, Dave at BBThemes wanted to do up a giveaway. He's doing it up REAL GOOD too, with three awesome prizes up for grabs:

How To Enter: To enter, all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT TO THIS BLOG POST. Contest ends this coming Sunday, May 22nd, at Midnight PST. Contest is open world wide. Please leave only one comment to the post. The three winners will be announced next week and CrackBerry will be shipping out the PlayBook. 

That's it!! Awesome stuff BBThemes. CrackBerry thanks you! Good luck everybody!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!



I feel that I come in second as being a BB fanboy. but I feel incomplete with out a PlayBook!

I just want to figure out how to get the GD plane out the GD window! Obviously that is what you guys with the high scores are doing, but mine just can't seem to make it!

PLEASE! i had a chance to play with one at best buy on Saturday... and i was blown away! my friend who is a DIE HARD android user was also blown away. i cant afford one with little Abigail about to enter the world in late June early July. crackberry hook me up.

I would love to win a PlayBook!
It would be an awesome treat for my kids!
This being something I can't afford right now, as a single full-time parent with four children...

Another awesome playbook contest! I hope I win a playbook would go nice with the blackberry I have tatted on my heart lol. I already know which accessory I would pick with the coupon if I won that

We, over here in germany arn't able to by one because the device is not on the market!
I really would like to get the PB and be the first in europe!

ooo! OOOOO! pick me! pick me!!!! I got to play with a playbook for an hour when it was first relesaed, and LOVE IT! Will compliment my Torch nicely!

I just updated all my contact info here on CB Nation so you wont have any trouble reaching me when I win my new 16 GB Playbook Please. Thank you CrackBerry.

Whoooowwww, another super contest by crackberry. How do you guys do it. Don't get me wrong... i love it! That brings me to the Blackberry Playbook, i love it. Would like to be one of the first in europe with a Playbook. Can't wait to get it out here in europe. BIG thank you Dave from BBThemes for making it possible.

Woohoo!! I'll take one, thanks. I have three kids, so, I can't afford to buy one. It would really be nice to win a Playbook.

Nice contest Crackberry. Someone will certainly be happy with a brand new Playbook. I could certainly use one. Thanks for the chance.

This contest is mine. It's the right time, right place, right guy, right now. Winner winner chicken dinner!

This is AWESOME! BBThemes and CrackBerry are AWESOME! I hope I win my first contest here, thanks for the opportunity to win an AWESOME device!

Dave at BBThemes wanted to do up a giveaway:
•Prize #1: a 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook
•Prize #2: a $50 Coupon for BlackBerry Accessories from
•Prize #3: a $50 Coupon for BlackBerry Accessories from

WOULD LOVE TO WIN Prize #1--If not #1, #2 or #3 would suffice.

Thanks for the chances to win. Love Crackberry!

I have never won ANYTHING in my life. I love BBthemes and would love to add the Playbook to my Blackberry aresnal !

Thanks Crackberry and BBTHemes for all you do for this community.!!

Great contest idea. Sign me up..........would love to win a PB so I can show it off to all the iPad users here at my business!

Wow love these win a playbook comps the only way they could be better is if I won once :P

So all I can say is choose me :)

I've looked at the PB several times; and most likely will purchase it. Thanks very much for this chance to win one.

Thanks Dave for the nice gesture of giving away playbook and gift vouchers. Hope you keep up the good work with your themes and applications.

I would very much like to win the Playbook!!! Or win anything for that has but little money to even afford the  logo on a playbook lol

I so want a Playbook. I mostly want it for work, cause I need to keep updated on my e-mails that I can't get with my blackberry phone.

Isn't it interesting how every time there is a give away you find tons of replys ;)

btw I would love a playbook....getting tired of the Staples guys thinking I'm a RIM Rep lol

I have a PB. But I think my wife needs one too.
I have PaperPlane on it, and six dot x on my Torch.
BBThemes rocks.

(Is that enough shilling to get my name in the hat?)

Either way, BBThemes does rock.