CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!

BBThemes BlackBerry PlayBook Giveaway!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2011 02:28 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook and more from BBThemes and!

As a token of his appreciation to CrackBerry and our awesome community for the recent success of his PaperPlane game for the PlayBook and Six Dot Xish Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones, Dave at BBThemes wanted to do up a giveaway. He's doing it up REAL GOOD too, with three awesome prizes up for grabs:

How To Enter: To enter, all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT TO THIS BLOG POST. Contest ends this coming Sunday, May 22nd, at Midnight PST. Contest is open world wide. Please leave only one comment to the post. The three winners will be announced next week and CrackBerry will be shipping out the PlayBook. 

That's it!! Awesome stuff BBThemes. CrackBerry thanks you! Good luck everybody!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Readers: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook and More Courtesy of BBThemes!



Thanks for the chance to win a playbook!!!! I'd love to start a barney style playbook but for girls (hope you watch how I met your mother)

I would love to win a Playbook I, like everyone else on here, am a diehard BlackBerry fan and it would make my work life a bit easier too!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I Swear to bajesus that if I win this I will donate my iPad to Japan :) Maybe not, but I would sell that iPad junk in a blinkk ;) PLEASEEE.

Seriouslly you guys always have the best contests for us readers/members. Thank you once again crackberry and you too BBthemes.

I would love to win a #playbook... Love at first sight... had an excellent date at bestbuy with one on Saturday... Oh Blackberry Playbook, say you will be mine?

Play Book probably won't bridge to my Tour, so if I win I'll put $200 in an envelope for the Bold 9930!

You know there are lots of good blackberry sites, and there are some good Smartphone Experts sites. But Crackberry has the absolute best contests and giveaways!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always been too much of a downer to even try a competition but ever since the PB came out I've been craving it, so why not! Haha hope I win.

Wow, a fantastic opportunity to get another playbook for the family! When do you think there will be any apps for cats? The 7 inch form factor is a real win for them, but might be a bit small for dogs.

here in tunisia the BlackBerry PlayBook doesn't exist yet :s i'd like to win one and be the first one using it in tunisia :)) may god be with all of us :)

At least most of you guys have the opportunity of actually getting a PlayBook, those of us in South Africa are still waiting. Oh, and waiting.

crackberry has awesome contests all the time and they keep giving out blackberrys or a playbooks, boo I never win. I hope I will win this time.

Count me in Sir Kevin, Lord of CrackBerry Nation.

Good luck to everyone, and a great summer vacation to everyone!

Thanks for the awsome contests!!!!!

Please pick me for the Playbook, Im dying to get my hands on one of those puppies

First, I fell in love with my first BlackBerry (Torch) last month. And now? CrackBerry just sweetens it a little bit more everyday........-- a BlackBerry wonderland;o)

Ok trying another time contest , but not many people from montreal ,so wath the heck and if I , I will be very happy !!!!
crackberry your the best !

Winning a BlackBerry PlayBook would only be the second part of a dream come true. My children gave my wife and I tickets for a 3-week trip to Europe. I came to Canada in 1952 and have never been back. I would like to share this trip with them via the BlackBerry PlayBook. We are going in September and I hope that the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available by than. What could be better than to take the perfect BlackBerry with me on my once in a lifetime vacation?

Please sign me up!

I got bookmarked on my cell and laptop. I check this site out every day, love the updates!

AAAHHHH!!!! I need a BB PlayBook to show these pinheads at my office why the PlayBook PWNS the iPad (which so many of these sheep carry).

Please, oh please, let me win this! xD

I would be stuned and amazed if i won! Please choose me this would be and honour for me as i can not buy one in the area i am and am looking for it like crazy. So please allow me to go please! Thank you

This is one of the BEST prizes offered for a free give-a-way! I look forward to winning and deciding how to best use the Playbook!!

Great Site! Just got into Blackberry culture with new job. I must say I now see what all the fuss is about!!

As an IT geek and a Blackberry addict I would love to try out the playbook but am too cheap to buy one until they come out with one that has wifi. If I won one on the otherhand that would be sweeeet!

BBT showing love...awesome contest! Hope to win something and by something I mean the PlayBook LOL.

Thanks BBT/CB

Wishing the Crackberry fairy can send me a Playbook....realy could use one
Thanks for the chance Crackberry Team