CrackBerry reader Blake does BlackBerry Rap

By Adam Zeis on 12 Apr 2011 09:58 am EDT

It's been a bit since we've had a good BlackBerry song come into the tip line, but Blake sent this in today and it made my day. While many users out there love their BlackBerry, it's not often they choose to sing about it and throw it up on YouTube, but Blake did just that. Through his original rap, Blake drops his praises of BlackBerry and disses Apple a bit in the process. A fun one to get your Tuesday started, so check out the full video above. Thanks for the shoutout Blake!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry reader Blake does BlackBerry Rap


This is amazing. If I could rap I'd do this in a heartbeat. Finally another true blackberry fan. Apple shall burn, metaphorically speaking. :)

I wanna glue the apple logo on my phone for fun too..hahahaha
awesome ...the beginning was a bit rough but it picked up speed.

how is he trying to be like Eminem? every white rapper is trying to be like Eminem? grow up. Hes who he says he hes orginal.

Hey, I know this guy! A good guy from Pensacola, Florida with lots of YouTube videos. Good job Blake! Glad to see you're a Berry fan!

Made my day, luv it..... back from Android land , checking my email with the best phone ever.... Bold 9000 .

excellent stuff here... well thought, top rhymes, good performance... we got a talent/idol contestant here...Blake- go on, spread ur gift...

Well done!!

I am a current iPhone 4 user and I hate it :p

I'm actually waiting right now to receive my new BOLD 9780 from Rogers!!!

Holla Canada!!!

Hmm... I believe I can up this... let's see. Nice little Crackberry competition... PS: I'm white too oh & niice niice I liked it, original, and ite flow. Good job man.