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CrackBerry Q&A with John Chen, BlackBerry's new CEO!

Less than 24 hours after being introduced as the new Interim CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen set aside some time to talk with us at CrackBerry so we could get to know him.

He’s got a lot on his plate and a lot has been covered since yesterday’s news broke. So instead of peppering John with questions until one of us tired of the other, we kept it sweet and to the point (and he’s also a busy guy with a lot suddenly heaped onto his plate). So is John Chen the right man to help correct BlackBerry’s wandering course? Let’s find out.

John S. Chen
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2013 06:45 pm EST

It was just six weeks ago that BlackBerry and Fairfax Financial announced a preliminary deal to take the handset maker private. As the due diligence kicked into high gear, BlackBerry’s leadership realized that privatization was not the right decision for the company. They were losing customers faster than before, and a leveraged buy out was going to take too much time. So the “for sale” sign came down.

The new deal is smaller but still a substantial change for BlackBerry. Thorsten Heins is departing as CEO, replaced by former Sybase CEO and turnaround artist John S. Chen, and Fairfax’s Prem Watsa is taking the reigns of the board as lead director along with a billion dollar investment.

John delivered to us a clear message that BlackBerry is here to stay: "BlackBerry is an iconic company. I do not want it to be sold at an artificially low price. I want to keep it in Canada. Companies go through challenging times. With the right financial strategy, business strategy, management team and with the legion of fans that BlackBerry has around the world we can turn this around and build real value for shareholders."

It’s clear from our conversation that John brings a lot of experience to the table, along with tact and a sense of humor. And, importantly, that he understands the role of the CrackBerry community and will be watching your feedback - be it praise or criticism (as we all know, the CrackBerry community hasn’t ever been the type to hold back on either).

We peppered John with our questions, though being that he’s busy preparing for his new position in Waterloo he wasn’t able to answer all of them. So here are seven of our questions with some meaty John Chen answers. The new BlackBerry chief has a proven track record over the years of taking the helm of companies that have drifted off course, so maybe with a bit of luck and fair winds at his back he can guide the S.S. BlackBerry to port.

CrackBerry Q&A with BlackBerry CEO, John Chen


Kevin: Let's start with an easy one. Are you familiar with CrackBerry.com?

John: Yes! I was actually just on the site and browsed around - seeing my pictures on all your stuff! [laughter]. So yes, I’m a reader and know your background and I’ve spent time on CrackBerry. It’s a very nice looking site, by the way.


Kevin: The announcement yesterday of your appointment obviously took us by surprise. We’re wondering how long has has this move been in the making? Have you been a BlackBerry user for years, and how closely have you been following the BlackBerry story this whole time?

John: I’ve been a mobile device user for a zillion years, whenever it started. I don’t know how long that is now, but it was a long, long time ago. And I don’t know whether you read in my background, I’ve been a mobile technology guy since the very early days. When everybody was playing with dot com I was playing with mobile.

"I’ve been a BlackBerry user for a very, very long time"

Those were very early days of course. Most people found them not that interesting, but I found it extremely interesting. Those days about the only smart devices you could have was the old RIM device as you obviously know. So yes, I’ve been a BlackBerry user for a very, very long time.

I have used all kinds of devices because of the businesses I have been in. At Sybase we did a lot of software business across the BlackBerry/RIM devices, Android devices, iPhone devices, and even Linux. The only smartphone that I have never used to gain a lot of experience with is Palm, but every other device I used.


Kevin: What exactly does the term “interim” CEO mean in terms of timing? Is this a three month thing, or will I be seeing you at 2am in the hotel lobby bar at BlackBerry World in 2015? It's a bit of tradition for regular attendees...

John: The interim CEO title is because I need to take a look at the management team and try to figure out our business strategy.

One does not organize for success. You have your business strategy first, and then you go organize it. My job is really to figure and focus on all the strategic things that the company is facing immediately, today, and also in the longer term -- three, five years out. So that’s the kind of horizon I have and what will occupy most of my time.

"I’ll decide how interim is interim"

I also want to make sure that I connect with the customers, I connect with the strategic partners, the people we need to do business with, distribution, and think about our method of going to the market.

So on a day-to-day basis I eventually will really need a good, solid CEO. That’s why I said I’ll do it on an interim basis and who knows?

I’ll think through and listen to everybody else and what their advice is and then I’ll decide how interim is interim.

Kevin: And the hotel lobby bar?

John: [Laughter] You normally won’t find me at the lobby bar, cause I’m not a big drinker. I do drink wine from time to time, but I don’t really drink a lot.


Kevin: What will you look for in a CEO long term? And I just want to say, there have been a lot of hash tags out there in recent months suggesting #CrackBerryKevinforCEO, so I’d like to know if I’m A grade material for you or not.

John: Well… [pause]... you know… you kind of need to apply. [Laughter] You know, if you’re serious, I’m going to get the HR people to contact you. [More Laughter]

"I’m looking for a software person"

On a more serious note, I think I’m looking for a software person. In my mind, somebody who understands the services side of the equation also. And I know you’d love to see us increase our marketing effort, so I’m looking for somebody who can help me with really reaching more people.

I have a tremendous respect for the technology people in the company. I don’t think I’m looking for a tech person, plus I came out as an engineer. I think I have certain sensitivity to whether these technologies are real or too good to be true. I have some sense on that so I think I could use some help on sales, marketing and services.


Kevin: Following up on the word “software”, one the of the questions that has been raised a lot in the past 24 hours is in regards to BlackBerry’s software of choice moving forward. Is BlackBerry 10 still the play, or could we see BlackBerry adopting something like Android going forward?

John: It’s way too early for me to make an informed statement on that. It would be very, very premature.

"What is BlackBerry without the device?"

Whatever is the right thing for the business, you need to preserve the reason why BlackBerry is around. I think just jumping to an Android without a thought through of why BlackBerry needs to be around and what makes us relevant and all that, before I answer that question, jumping to anything is inappropriate. You’ll find that I’m a little bit more thoughtful from a marketing perspective then to just go somewhere. I’m not that kind of person. I’ve only been on the clock now for almost 24 hours -- I think that if I made those statements right now conclusively, somebody should pull me out and shoot me.

[Laughter by Kevin]

And I’m being serious about that! People are asking me about handsets -- “are you going to get out of the handset business” -- and that’s really ridiculous of them to say that. I don’t even know what that means and on top of that, the majority of all our revenue and our customer interaction is with handsets, so I’m not quite sure why anybody would say that on account of a “big picture” thing. I know a lot of people like those sound bytes, but those sound bytes coming from somebody like me right now being reasonably new to the picture, it’s irresponsible.

Kevin: Well I’m glad I’m not going to ask you about handsets in my question next then… [ Laughter ]

John: I have to say this Kevin, and you know this very well... what is BlackBerry without the device? The question is, can we do more in that? It’s not about let’s not do this and do that. Sometimes it’s not business sensible to make those statements.


Kevin: I know our community would want to know this... are you on twitter or BBM? Do you frequent any social media networks?

John: Very occasionally. And the reason occasionally is because I want to keep myself plugged in, but I just really don’t have the time. You get on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn -- this list goes on -- you need to be a full time person doing this. Plus, there’s one other problem with this. A lot of times you put 140 characters out there and people take it out of context.

Right now I’m picking which new BlackBerry to use, and I’m chewing on whether I’m going to use a big screen versus a keyboard. I’m going to test drive both by the way, but if I say something on Twitter like “wow the Q10’s keyboard is great” then I will have about half of the population mad at me.


Kevin: I know we're down to our last question, so do you have any final message today for our CrackBerry community of longtime BlackBerry fans, customers and supporters?

John:  I am -- look at my record -- a very loyal person.  So your customers and employees who have attached their loyalties are really high on my list. So I’m going to do everything I possibly can to make sure I repay all their loyalty. I believe loyalty goes both ways.

Having said that, I still need to run a company. There’s always a tug-of-war sometimes between the two. I just want everybody to be patient and to be understanding but also understand that loyalty is high on my list. 


An experienced captain at the helm

John Chen, ladies and gentlemen. If there’s anything that we’re taking away from this brief chat, it’s that John is bringing a ship full of experience to BlackBerry. He’s not the type to make reactionary decisions while at the helm, he takes the time to survey the seas before acting.

He has a grasp on what it is that makes BlackBerry the company it is from both a software and hardware perspective. He knows that the user community is more critical to the success of BlackBerry than ever before, and that there’s wisdom in listening to the crowd. And as an outsider he comes to BlackBerry without any of the baggage that his predecessors brought with them.

John’s bringing years of turnaround experience instead. He knows what it takes to right the course of a wayward ship, though BlackBerry certainly is a bigger challenge than most, and it’s had a few brushes with icebergs along the way.



Does this mean that the reduction of the portfolio to only 4 devices could be reversed?

Posted via CB10

Marc Solomon

Mr Chen,

A sigh of relief upon reading your first thoughts in tackling this monster. The fact you recognise strategy is key in solving the mess the business has been left in is so refreshing. With your experience and expertise I am confident that Blackberry is in safe hands.

I wish you the best of luck.


It's a VERY good sign that he immediately answered Kevin's questions. It shows that he truly cares about his costumers and wants to stay connected.

He knows it's important that he doesn't lose that connection, as they are the people that make or break the success of a marketing campaign.

I like him already, and hope that he proceeds his promises about marketing. I believe that is the only thing Thorsten forgot how important that is with nowadays competition.

Sameer Mirza 786

BB10 is a brilliant OS.

I feel android has just too much going on and iOS is getting boring now.

The best feature of bb10 is the gestures and the hub.

I hope Mr. Chen makes blackberry explode.

Can these BB10 devices have access to the Google store or would it have to run Android OS?

Posted via CB10


Never read so much brown nosing in my life.

Posted via CB10


How is this brown nosing...
Dumb Comment

Posted via CB10


Mr. Chen, please, please get a Marketing team that markets BlackBerry well as the current one fail on that miserably.

Z10STL100-3/ on AT&T

Sameer Mirza 786

I know right?

People should know a lot more about BB10 OS and the devices!

Posted via CB10


The question of Blackberry and Android this other! We BlackBerry10 is the best! to continue working!

Justice 005

Well, I didn't get the chance to read all of the post, so maybe someone else has stated this. Mr Chen, just like the shareholders that you are ultimately responsible to, we as customers would like a return on our investment and loyalty to Blackberry. Your greatest marketer is a customer that is getting a benefit from your products and services and is able to articulate it to their business associates, family and friends. Two of my family members are waiting on me to say what phone to upgrade to.

As for me the biggest loss for me was having less in terms of features from my playbook/9650 integration to playbook/Q10. A value added feature that I still use is the ability through the Bridge to wireless access my Playbook through the phone and I hope I never lose it.

The playbook browser is great until a popup initiates, then I can't use the browser. I hope you see that some of us have great value for legacy device compatability hope that you will make stategic updates to the Playbook especially DocstoGo.

I love using my playbook everyday, especially Splashtop Remote, and Citrix Receiver, and the browser. My Amazon account works great so I hope the browser keeps current. No I am not in the market for a new tablet right now, just want to use the one I have.

Posted via CB10


I hope he can put on some smart-a$$ marketing!

Posted via CB10


Welcome Mr. Chen.
Blackberry 10 is a great platform and look forward to seeing the changes you will have to make to bring Blackberry back to the top.


So question!? Why wasn't John Chen considered early on instead of Heinz!? Just curious! He sounds like he has the vision and he may be just the CEO to redefine BlackBerry!!!!

Posted via CB10 Q10 SQN-3 w/official


Was just listening today Nov. 6th 2013 on Bloomberg former Apple CEO Mr Sculley.

He said he would spin off the hardware as a brand to a company like Lenovo. Sculley said Lenovo did a great job with think pad.

He went so far to say a android platform. Then concentrate on services.

I am puking at the moment.

Posted via CB10


If Sculley's ideas are that great, then AAPL should have kept him as its CEO. I don't buy those ideas at all!

Posted via CB10


Abandoning BB10 would be like Apple abandoning OSX for Windows. Absurd.

Posted via CB10



Z10 STL100-1 /

John Gee

Two more years if false hope? I don't know. But it won't be boring. That is for certain.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/


BlackBerry has needed someone from outside for a very long time now. I was disappointed and said so at the time when TH - the failed manager of the storm project and the COO at the time - was elevated to CEO.

Chen isn't as naive about the company as he states he is and I am sure he already has ideas including replacing yet again, a large section of the C Suite.

All this time now, BlackBerry drifts further and further from the consciousness of the buying consumer. The story line on the business channels is that BlackBerry is a zombie right now, won't help either. Their current hero phone the Z30 isn't even for sale here in the USA for the most part.

One wonders where the company will stand 1 year from now. Remember all the excitement in Jan 2012 when TH was appointed. Doesn't seem to be half of that right now with this new change, even here.


Now that was a good article! I will enjoy watching Mr Chen rebuild BlackBerry to be the company that it has always been meant to be! BB10 is the best out there and like anything has room to grow and be even better. Marketing is key and I pray that we will finally start to see these amazing phones in commercials...ads everywhere! BlackBerry has always been number 1 in my eyes...now let's keep moving!! :)

Posted from my amazing Zed10 via CB10


Here is the biggest problem. Are you listening Mr. Chen. Outside of this site, no one cares anymore. Every news outlet, tech website, and mobile carrier really doesn't give a shit, let alone the mainstream consumer. The only thing they like about BlackBerry is that they can kick it around and there are no consequences. So how do you change this? How Mr Chen? Well Heins started....but when the tough questions got asked, when the negative articles started to focus on him, he did exactly what the media wanted. he ran and hid from this. He abandoned every BlackBerry user on the battlefield, left for slaughter. And slaughtered we were, reflected in sales. If you don't think it's a battle for us BlackBerry users, think again. Every single day I have to justify my device, loyalty to BlackBerry. Everyday I have to watch BlackBerry users switch to lesser devices because they don't see the future. Even Kevin shows battle fatigue. So if you want to lead then lead. Take the media head on, show them why BB10, BES10. Do not accept no as an answer, do not run and hide. I will not be left for dead by a weak CEO again. I will battle hard one more time because BlackBerry is worth fighting for.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!



Posted via CB10


I agree, especially the part "justify my device"...


I feel as if Blackberry has hired the best gunslinger in North America to clean up. Welcome Mr. Eastwood... sorry I meant Mr Chen!

Mark LeGear

Great post. I really enjoyed the read and look forward to the future of BlackBerry. I know that there has been a lot of turmoil as of late but I think if people can look beyond that there really is a lot of good that remains. Hopefully Mr Chen can help others see this as well.

Posted via my Z30


Hi John. If you are still using Android or iPhone. Throw them all away, make a switch to BlackBerry. Be BlackBerry my friend.

Posted via CB10 by Z30


I think the biggest challenge BlackBerry faces is marketing , R&D, and Consumer confidence. As a long time BlackBerry supporter I enjoy BlackBerry 10, I don't see much marketing, support behind it. With restructuring, BlackBerry faces many challenges, with Chen on Board we all need patience to let the process work. As a supporter, I would look at what got BlackBerry to its peak of success, and work with those fundamentals, new technology, and take risks to bring BlackBerry back to where we've all seen her before. A great Canadian icon, with the world at her fingertips

Posted via CB10


The biggest challenge of BlackBerry is corporate governance and internal discipline.


Welcome aboard Mr Chen and best of luck to you. All of us loyal BB fans are counting on you.


More importantly, what are the questions he couldn't answer?

Posted via CB10


Interesting interview; then again, so was the initial interview with Thorsten. And with Thorsten, as with Chen, there were the same comments of support, praise, he's the right man, Blackberry will conquer the world, yada yada yada,blah blah blah. etc. And now, Thorsten is seen as single-handedly being the worst CEO in the history of the world who was solely responsible for the destruction of Blackberry. The point of this? Love affairs with Blackberry CEO's are short-lived; a year from now, things might be very different.


They said the same about hein...who gives a f#*$K just deliver!

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Hiens? I truly believe ,was a sleeper,you know what a sleeper is ? well from the time Mike gave him the CEO, he was after all, responsible for the worst marketing ever ,as Super Bowl Frank was under his watch.RIP M.hiens.As far as the 10 launch you had no choice, it would be too much to delay what was already in progress.


I know I am BlackBerry because after years of BB use and the resulting BB hazing, I still get excited about the potential for positive change. Welcome on board, Mr. Chen, and I look forward to your expertise!


Thanks to Kevin and John for this quick interview. I'm confident things are going to shape up at BBRY. And I'm looking forward to having a kick ass blackberry in 2015(when I'm up for an upgrade).

Posted via CB10


Totally agree with playbook007. Mr. Chen........don't let us down!

Theo Groenevelt

Everyone was a newb at some point peabrain. Take a pill buddy and chillax.

And although most are capable enough compared to the guys that built the software, we are all still newbs.

As for the article: I like what I read.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Theo Groenevelt

Missed a comma.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!


People mentioning using Android haven't closely worked on Android and BB10. I have been working on the two since they started (Yes since Danger - Android's previous life). Android as of today is an old OS. It is so sluggish and resource hogging that only parts supplier like Samsung can make profit. If you don't mind me going into further details ... in many applications, at the moment I need performance the Java garbage collector kicks in and halt critical operation. Also Android UI framework has fundamental flaws - the Object destroy and re-creation when orientation changes is just one example. I can go on and on, but this is not a technical forum. I am sure Google is working on a new OS. Android has accomplished its mission - for Google; it is to be folded into history book, soon.

BlackBerry 10 is such a performance king that it uses half the CPU power to run the same tasks as those expensive Android machines do. All BlackBerry 10 needs is BB internal discipline so that BB can produce systematic (rather than random roadshows and bands) documents for developers and fix critical API and documentation errors, and provide a modern IDE.


He's talking to the point.. Best thing about him is his priorities are in the right direction (marketing & Customers satisfaction)..And ofcourse the concern about loyal BlackBerry fans... Hoping for the BEST!..

Z10..STL100-1..LoVing It..


BlackBerry 10 will prevail.

Vernon Bay

I'm looking forward to getting back to BB after almost 2yrs. Many of my co-workers think I'm crazy. But I truely believe BlackBerry is back on track with better performing phones. And they by far have the best key board anywhere...so my choice will be the Q10.


Good luck Mr. Chen!!!


He said positive things I think.

Sent from my Z 30


his track record has been rock solid,an innovator with excellent background.
I see hope in him ,but time will only tell??


I am a Z10 user and just love the thing, I sincerely hope that you can turn everything around and wish the best for you.

It just needs to be marketed better In my honest opinion .

In addition I hated ipods
And absolutely loved my Zune and still use a 120g one I have had since 2008. I hope that the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry as a whole will not go the same way as my Zune.

Good luck
Regards David (Montego Bay Jamaica)

Posted via CB10


I think it's a little too late, he should've been there when the launch bb10

Posted via CB10


It's never too late to walk with the giants. We'll be here forever and no Apple or Android product won't make us change our minds. You gave us much, it's time for us to try helping you. We should all promote BlackBerry products and services to all our friends and business partners.

 Posted via CB10 ‪


"John: I am -- look at my record -- a very loyal person. So your customers and employees who have attached their loyalties are really high on my list. So I’m going to do everything I possibly can to make sure I repay all their loyalty. I believe loyalty goes both ways."

This statement caught my attention. How about transitioning all of the BB faithfuls from OS 7,6 to OS 10.2 by liquidating the stock of Z10 to them or by giving them a huge discounts on Q10s and Z30s. We've suffered enough.


Agreed, the best way to turn this around is switch the BlackBerry faithful of old os to BB10.... get this OS in the hands of people


I didn't read all the post but if any chance we can have another interview

Are we expecting BlackBerry to be punctual, actually respecting the deadline!

Posted via CB10


1. "so I’m looking for somebody who can help me with really reaching more people."
2. " I’m going to do everything I possibly can to make sure I repay all their loyalty."

Two above statements have restored my faith in BB (almost killed by someone with initials T.H.).
Mr.Chen, full speed ahead.

Gabriel Bertato

I wanna to know open the sistema Blackberry 10 to others company (Sony, Samsung, Nokia) it's not intessing do this?


Not a good idea at this time. IMO that would be a desperate move, and a BlackBerry Software ONLY based company. This is a long way if it ever happens. But you never know these days. This New CEO looks very promising, can't wait for him to steer BBRY in the right direction.



Nicely done. Effective questions.



good interview questions, good answers that sound sensible. I will hold off the eulogy for Mr Chen yet, but equally I won't condemn him. Good luck Mr Chen, you will need it, and the world for Blackberry at least just took a turn - whichever direction that leads, at this point it can't be a bad thing. Nice opening shot, congratulations and good luck - now please lets see you deliver.


if BlackBerry goes to Android, I'm out... BlackBerry = hw+sw.

Posted via CB10


Great interview. We'll see what the future holds but I like his attitude and what he brings to the company.


Sounds credible. Not a person that over promise and under achieve.
Great news. Hope he can bring BlackBerry's image up again.

Posted via CB10


People are going on and on....please folks remember how bad of shape BB is in. of course he will say all the right things, read back to when TH took over....not saying he will not do well, I sure hope he can turn the mess around, but I am realistic as well...he is only a man... he can't force people to buy BlackBerry...I am a long time user myself and only wish the best..but refuse to set my self up for disappointment.....will see how things play out


Umkay. I'll bite.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10


Seems promising, we will see

Post by Wayne


First thing i sense something good is that he did not promise anything that he can't deliver 6 months to a year down the road unlike the old team. And don't fck up the marketing like the previous team...just saying

Jimmy Choo1

Ching chong ching chong ping ping ping!!! Chinese power!!!

Posted via CB10


I just want to say that as a loyal black berry user investor. That for the first time in many years the right team is in place. John chen prem watsa. Great duo to bring blackberry back to the main fold. Good luck gentlemen
I am presently using the z30 previously z10 previously 9700.
BlackBerry makes the best phones. There is a place for BlackBerry. The company just needs a team with confidence.
I think this is a great start.
I love you blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Francesco Speroni

I've a good feeling... He is the man!


"A World without BlackBerry would be a mistake" (me, paraphrasing Friedrich Nietzsche)

Stephen Throndsen

I am very excited about the new CEO interim! I like his style!

Posted via CB10


Welcome aboard sir. You'll find us crackberryians a pretty diverse lot.our common denominator is our love for BlackBerry products. Well stick with blackberry through thick and thin. I've been a user since my first 7250 many years ago.
You're leading a company with first rate products and world class security.
Your loyalty is Appreciated -as I support your products in business and personal endeavors. We crackberryians are your product ambassadors,your fans and your hard core customer base.

We choose blackberry by choice, blackberry for life.

Posted via CB10


This is an interim CEO. This is a patchwork deal.

1) The $1B deal is dependent upon $750 of OPM. No sure thing.

2) The net equity value of the company, net of the cash, is now down to about $1-$1.5B. Much easier for another bidder/buyout.

The company is still very much in play and for sale and that will be the case into the future. The vultures are circling. The price is declining. At some point, as the price gets lower and lower, someone will step up and take a shot...of course, as time goes one, the value gets lower and lower.

There is no middle ground. They can only stem the tide so much by slashing expenses. And they don't have time to innovate themselves out of this hole.

Posted via CB10


Interesting that some people feel that because the President uses a Blackberry that establishes a big market?

Hmmm. How many heads of state are there?

There is a niche market for high security military communications.

Unfortunately, most of us aren't the customer for that product.

Posted via CB10


God speed Mr Chen.

And welcome to the dark side.

Posted via CB10


#TeamBlackBerry #JohnChen #PowerfulFuture

Posted via CB10 on Z10 [C00122385]


@Kevin ask him about the app problem next time

Posted via CB10


The z10 need to get more apps like the iPhone like Voxer and many more or something like it

Posted via CB10


For the 3-month period ending in September, Android and Apple both top the list of smartphone platform market share with 51.8% and 40.6% Blackberry and Windows get to fight over 7.4%. Blackberry is basically irrelevant at this point, and dwindling rapidly. For those potential investors that BBRY let under the covers, it was a scary sight.

Mr. Chen may be the best CEO since sliced bread, but I don't think there's much he can do stave off the inevitable. The company desperately needs a new product that appeals to and wins back BBRY's core customer base while attracting competitive converts. That's not easy to do -- let alone quickly -- for any company, and this company doesn't seem very quick with new product developments (let alone product updates).


I like what he says thus far - there is much you can do with the sum of the parts :) While many folks are suggesting BlackBerry sell off components of their business, he sees that these components can add value to other products and services in their portfolio.
Why sell off the hardware business if they produce such great, robust, and reliable phones? Who would you then sell BB10 to? Who would want to release quality, leading edge BB10 phones? Certainly it won't be Sony or Samsung as the market for Android far outweighs that of BB10 currently. The real advantage held by BB10 is its tighter integration with the hardware, and you can't have that with third party vendors - which is why Google bought Motorola and now Microsoft bought Nokia's handset division.
Those who say otherwise are mostly looking for a quick return on their investments - converting value into cash. It does take a years to build a successful business but just a few strokes of a pen to destroy it.


Thank you Kevin for such a great coverage and so soon! Your dedication and devotion is appreciated in the loyal BlackBerry community.

Posted via CB10


I am really impressed. This lights up hope that BBRY has a future and someday people will realize that Blackberry users are not zombies or aliens ;)

Also what makes me glad is the fact he personally realizes that marketing and sales need to be improved a lot.


The very fact that he is from outside BlackBerry means a lot. We can not underestimate the importance of fresh hands in the setting of prolonged and difficult task/battle akin to the one BlackBerry has been up against.
An outsider's perspective is welcome.
Mr Chen is welcome

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If this guy isn't the CEO for the long term, why was he just given over $80 million. Of stock? The BlackBerry board makes me absolutely sick.

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Pete The Penguin

Over 5 yrs. Not right away.

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I can see "seriousness" in him and it's great. :) All the best BlackBerry! We are all here to stay!


A hiring agreement between new BlackBerry chief executive John Chen and the troubled smartphone maker could see him getting paid more than $85 million US.

Documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission show that Chen will be paid a yearly salary of $1 million, and a performance bonus of $2 million.


Sounds like a,great deal for him

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(Oops! Pocket post)

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I have keep saying this for more than 1 year maybe 2.

The only solution for blackberry is to build a phone with Android OS, if blackberry can't build their own hardware for this new phone then hire a company like samsung, htc, or other to build this new phone.

The only way people will choose a blackberry instead of other phones is to have android and other exclusive features for their phone, but they have to choose Android because people want to have the latest OS with some exclusive features from blackberry.

Now that BBM app is out there it is more difficult for people to choose a blackberry phone, maybe because some people love to type in a keyboard but having an ios and android app will make more difficult for people to buy a blackberry even if it has android.


Exclusive - BlackBerry board rejected proposals to break up company -sources


Christine Haughton

What about the Playbook? That is my major concern tight now.....will it see BB10? Or any upgrade at all?


Mr. Chen sounds like an articulate and thoughtful person as evidenced by his statement, "BlackBerry is an iconic company. I do not want it to be sold at an artificially low price. I want to keep it in Canada. Companies go through challenging times. With the right financial strategy, business strategy, management team and with the legion of fans that BlackBerry has around the world we can turn this around and build real value for shareholders."

As for Prem Watsa, I do not trust him because he was on the board of directors throughout the decline of BlackBerry (formerly the company known as Research In Motion).


I am confident John Chen can steer the company to be in a better position, I have done similar things in my experience where a dying and bleeding company was turn around into a profitable company. Lets all give our support to John.



Having a track pad is not going backwards. Ever try to highlight one of your Youtube searches without actually clicking on? Maybe to edit a search? You can't do that without a track pad.

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Hi Mr Chen,
Hopefully you will put right the false promies made by TH and save your customer base before it's tooooo late!


Mr.Chen why is there no Korean keyboard on blackberry 10. Im sure you would want to talk to your omma.


Would anybody know if I can reach Mr. John Chen by mail at the Blackberry Headquarters in Waterloo, ontario



Their was never anything wrong with BBRY products or service. The problem was with its forward moving marketing/product roll-out, advertising and its misdirected leadership. And last but not least; the extensive amount of shares shorted to further the downward spiral,in an attempt to cripple its the last bit of life. Good luck John, this is a project but not out of your powerful reach.


I have had a series of blackberry phones and dabblled in the other phones. I always go back to the berry. It just feels right! Good luck to Mr. Chen.


John, I think your doing a great Job keep up the good work.

I have only one request that I think you are over looking on all your new phones Z3 Passport ect.....

You are not including a stand alone HDMI port I understand that you are saying well just use a MHL adapter true you can BUT it requires a external USB power supply. Trust me its a big deal more cords to carry.

The current HDMI on the Z30 does not require a USB power adapter you need to understand that business people that travel a lot are tired of carrying a laptop in tow running through airports it's getting old.

My Z10 And Z30 have the HDMI out no MHL adapter needed.

I can just plug in the HDMI cord and do a complete power point presentation with one cord no extra cords and with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse I can leave my laptop at home and work in hotel rooms with just a HDMI cord and I can do anything with my Z30 create excel sheets, word docs ect... all with one HDMI cord this is what makes blackberry great please hear me it's important for business people to have the HDMI out with no hassles.

Teach people the value of the new Passport and the Z30 that it's not just a phone its a full on computer with the HDMI out and a mouse and Keyboard you can do absolutely anything you want.

That's all I have to say I hope you take my advice it's a small thing that makes a big difference going forward don't try to be like the others focus on business guys like me and what we need and success will be around the corner.

Thanks for your time John.
Roger Ulmer