CrackBerry Poll: Which Rumored 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone are you most excited about?

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Feb 2011 03:17 pm EST


 Bold Touch  

In the last few weeks we've seen quite a bit of the rumored upcoming devices for 2011. If all goes as planned (or what we think is planned) we'll see some great new Smartphones in 2011 to along with the much-anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. I know personally I'm looking forward to the Bold Touch and really can't wait to get my hands on one. In addition we hope to see a new generation of Curve, a first-ever lower end full display Curve Touch, the full out monaco/monza (aka Storm3) touchscreen and Torch 2. There will be plenty to go around, and aside from limitations of your carrier, plenty to choose from. So what we want to know is which device are you most looking forward to in 2011? Cast your vote in the poll and let us know in the comments!

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CrackBerry Poll: Which Rumored 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone are you most excited about?


it's all cr@p to be honest.. but as a person who HAS TO use blackberry, I am looking forward to see the new Bold Touch. dakota, or whatever.

I agree with you guys too.. I am addicted to the BB's physical keyboard, even though I can choose a different phone, I don't want to... I tried the physical keyboard add-on on iPhone and it only makes the iPhone bulkier, all the add-on keyboards for iPhone doesn't feel right for my fingers.

I am stuck with BB because of keyboard addiction. :)

Agreed. If all of these are running OS6 (and if 6.1 isn't any kind of dramatic improvement), then I'm out next January. Don't get me wrong, I love my Bold 9700, but this isn't 2006 anymore. By the time my AT&T contract is up, we'll probably have new iPhone plus the option to use it on AT&T or Verizon. And if those don't work, there will be any number of Android phones that also blow RIM out of the water.

So, the only phones that appeal to me on that list are the Storm 3 or Torch 2, b/c I don't want a half-sized touch screen, and I'm not really sure why anyone does. The iPhone itself is rumored to be getting a bigger screen, and the viewing area on something like an Evo is much larger. The Bold is great at what it does, but to commit myself to that type of limited experience from 2012 to 2014 on a 2-year contract...yuck.

I always find comments like this funny... 'this isn't 2006 anymore'. When the Bold 9700 came out in... what 2008/2009, it was as goodo as anything else out there. People tend to forget that prior to the iPhone 4, the iPhone was pretty crappy. Sure people bought it, but only because Apple's name was on it, not because it was the best of the best. And Android stuff didn't start making headway until 2010.

On top of that, as per the specs right now, they are as good as anything else out there. Sure the competitors will come out with better hardware but they have no choice but to continually release new products. Only RIM and Apple release a new version on a calendar basis so you live with what you've got for at least one year. The complaints you have against RIM should be the same as you would against Apple.

And size isn't everything. A phone has to be portable and you reach a point with bigger screens that it is no longer portable or functional. Think Droix X or the Dell phone. Too big to be functionally used.

If you want to complain against RIM, the only rational complaint right now is against the OS, not the hardware that is coming out. Until QNX comes out, we'll likely still need to live with something that isn't as good as it could be, but I personally can't stand iOS or Android so the only other option for me would be a WIndows phone.

You have to admit though... RIM has been lacking with their annual releases. One could say that the QNX purchase created a rift in 2010 but... still... their were devices missing last year. Lets hope 2011 is the start of getting back to "one new device per product line, per year...." just like Apple.

You've hit the main issue here. The 9700 was decent when it came out, I bought it on day one and have been happy ever since. The OS was decent at the time, and I wasn't looking for all the bells and whistles. The problem lies in the fact that RIM's "newest" smartphone OS is just more of the same. Due to the nature of the OS, how it's designed, and how it runs, it is just a DOG; regardless of the hardware.

At this point in time, with all smartphone specs being so similar, it is the OS that makes the phone. RIM's os is kind of like the Windows ME of smartphones. A new coat of paint won't fix it, and with QNX not even in the cards at this point, it's going to be a painful year for us crackberry addicts.

I agree with you completely. I have a Bold currently, and I do like it a lot. But not because I think it's the best thing on the market or even the best value. It's because it makes my life easier when it comes to staying organized and in touch with people I care about as well as when it comes to business stuff it works perfectly. HOWEVER, although I agree that the Bold Touch (and best name too, btw) is the best in this line-up, none of them really compare to what else is out there right now as far as OS goes.
It's a shame, really because the hardware is rock solid and very reliable, but the OS just doesn't come through. I was so excited for OS 6 coming into the second quarter last year, only for it to get old after a week. iOS and Android really have an awesome way of doing things and I think RIM will catch up with QNX - but when that will happen, no one knows. I'm getting a new smartphone this year, and it looks like it'll be an iPhone5 unless RIM surprises everyone with an early QNX rollout on a bad ass device with equal or greater specs.

I agree with you completely. I have a Bold currently, and I do like it a lot. But not because I think it's the best thing on the market or even the best value. It's because it makes my life easier when it comes to staying organized and in touch with people I care about as well as when it comes to business stuff it works perfectly. HOWEVER, although I agree that the Bold Touch (and best name too, btw) is the best in this line-up, none of them really compare to what else is out there right now as far as OS goes.
It's a shame, really because the hardware is rock solid and very reliable, but the OS just doesn't come through. I was so excited for OS 6 coming into the second quarter last year, only for it to get old after a week. iOS and Android really have an awesome way of doing things and I think RIM will catch up with QNX - but when that will happen, no one knows. I'm getting a new smartphone this year, and it looks like it'll be an iPhone5 unless RIM surprises everyone with an early QNX rollout on a bad ass device with equal or greater specs.

Sorry for the double post guys, I have no idea how that happened... and I can't remove it either.

Wow, I've never seen it lined up like this. 5 new models. Plus, a few will have multiple variants (camera/no camera, CDMA vs. GSM). What is RIM doing? Imagine if they focused their efforts on one or two devices a year.

Also, can someone explain the appeal of a device like the Curve? I've always been a typical Bold user and never seen the real market for the Curve, although I know it's relatively popular. It seems to me like RIM is cannibalizing it's high end market share. When casual users see a Blackberry, they think it's all the same, so why not go for the slightly cheaper one. How many of these users would really not be interested in a Blackberry if they had to pay $50-$75 more for a device? That's only one month of service and it seems like there is greater perceived value for a $100 device (on contract) than a $29 device.

Finally, do they really need the Storm and the Torch? I know currently one is CDMA and the other is GSM, but doesn't it make sense to cut down one form factor and provide separate variants of just the Torch or just the Storm?

I personally think that curve line is only popular because carriers are giving them away for free. Parents buy them for their teenage kids, and corporations buy them for their employees because they're more affordable while at the same time with the same software that one would get on a more expensive Bold.

Curve used to be popular among consumers with the original version of Curve, the 83xx series. At that time (2007 and 2008) you could only get Pearl or Curve series as a consumer. Corporations would give you either 87xx or 88xx series if you worked for a company that issued blackberry phones. If, as a consumer, you wanted to buy 87xx or 88xx you would have to pay a lot. I remember I wanted to get an 8820 with Tmo and it was going to cost me something like $399 with a two year plan, while curve was more like $149-$199.

Actually, as someone who just moved up from the Curve 8530 to the 9650 Bold, I can tell you that there is plenty to like about the Curve. The form factor is actually sweet -- it's a rather slim phone -- and for the dollar, it does what one needs it to do. It's an entry-level smartphone for people who have moved up from the featurephone/near-smartphones such as the Samsung Rant (my previous phone)and the Exclaim (which my wife had before she got the Curve 3G this year). And for value-conscious folks who aren't looking for a front-face camera and dual-core processors, the Curve works just fine.

Now, being that I've moved up from the Curve to the Bold (and also own an EVO), the Curve isn't my cup of tea anymore. But if you think of it as a move-up in the brand and building loyalty, it makes sense for RIM to offer the Curve alongside the rest of the lineup. Besides, not everyone can or will spend $200 bucks on a phone; my wife is still annoyed that I've spent twice that for two phones in the past six months.

they're all useless to me really. until i see them announcing devices pre-loaded with playbook os, i couldn't care less what they release.

umm there is, it's called not voting!

RIM updates their hardware and people complain about the OS.. once they get QNX on there, they will probly complain about the hardware again.. you can't please everyone, and that kind of speaks to someone else's comment about why the Curve is still around, that's why they make many diff models, not just the one-size "fits" all iPhone..

imho, almost all the Droid phones are huge, bulky things.. even the iPhone is bordering on too big, especially if they make it bigger, so the size and touch screen on the Dakota/Torch 2 will suit me just perfectly.. besides the iPhone, BB's are consistently the best looking phones out there.. and that new DroidPro that people say is supposed to compete with the Torch and now Dakota?? probly the ugliest phone I've EVER seen, lol..

Dakota or Torch 2 for me, but this whole lineup looks like a winner, go RIM.

Humm I want the storm3 or the bold touch but I'm not sure love the screen on the storm never had a bold but want to try it out. Well see.

I agree that none are overly exciting. Love my Torch though, and if RIM can boost it up a bit I'm sure I'll get my hands on the Torch 2. Don't know if I can go back to a Bold like my 9000. Love the form factor, but can't deal with a small screen again

Truth be told I need the large screen as my 9700 is a bit small for viewing. But, I hate to give up my physical keyboard. So the obvious choice appears to be the Torch 2. But I like the looks of the Bold Touch. The Curve Touch I would get for my wife. The phone(s) I choose will depend on what Rogers is going to carry.

Now, if I get a PlayBook then my 9700 just needs to be a phone while the PB does everything else.

Decisions decisions .......

Storm3/Monaco or whatever it will be is definately my choice. I a. Currently stuck with a storm 1! I have n upgrade but in not using it till the storm 3/ Monaco is released in Verizon!

NON of them honestly, btw, they will be obsolete as soon they hit the stores. and are they free of battery pull..? ( for reset anytime the freeze the screen).

I wonder what obsolete means. When I got my iPhone I found that it was useless for email. Does that mean it was obsolete by the time it hit the market. After all a smart phone that doesn't allow you to write a full email without endless corrections doesn't seem like a smart phone to me.

The iPhone 4 couldn't make proper phone calls when it hit the market so ...

But of course Apple get's a pass on every product they make.

I can't recall doing a battery pull on my Torch. Reboot, yes, battery pull, no.

I agree. I have had my Torch since October and I put it through the ringer, but I have yet had to do a battery pull. Hopefully other OS6 devices are the same.

I will never again use a full touch-screen BlackBerry. The Storm and Storm2 were total crap, software-wise (Storm2 was sexy looking), and I'm embarassed to have owned both. If the PlayBook doesn't rock, then there really is no hope for RIM.

I won't say I'm jumping ship, but I'm really getting tired of slow, glitchy OS' (the browser speed/rendering isn't much better in OS6).

All that aside, the Montana is the one I'm most looking forward to seeing.

without a doubt the blackberry bold touch. i just hope it comes to Sprint..if not im going to whatever carrier to get blackberry Style is getting out dated now..if not im going to whatever carrer to get it...

I agree that the Bold Touch is an amazing blackberry, however the screen size is preventing me from choosing that more over a Torch2 (compared due to physical keyboard), let alone the impressive look of the new Storm3.

The fact that there is a gsm version makes me elated, as I've recently switched from Verizon to AT&T. Verizon's lack of interest in blackberry had me extremely disgusted.

Seriously though, the amount of improvement made to the Storm makes this far more appealing than the other models.

Either way, these all look great. Even the curve (which actually looks the sexiest). I can't wait for the lot of them.

The Storm 3 (if it's called that) would be a Storm in name only. There's no way they'd bring back SurePress. But it would still have the same problem that all the other phones do, which is the operating system. Get me a BB device with QNX and either a full-touch, or slideout QWERTY interface, and then maybe we'd have something to talk about.

I hear ya, but I'll be very interested to see the reviews of these phones when they come out. If I have any complaint about OS6 it's really just that it's slow sometimes. I don't have crashes and or freezes very often. The increased RAM and processor speed should help it feel more zippy, which is pretty much all I would want.

What you get out of QNX is the wow factor of gaming etc. but I know I'm going to own a playbook and given that, do I really care about having that on my phone? Ya it would be nice, but I'd say, nice but useless.

That's fine, your needs aren't as much as others needs but to infer QNX as a useless addition for a wow factor and gaming is oversimplifying its significance. Once QNX is released for BB phones and you find developers migrating over to programming for that platform, OS6 and prior may find themselves iced out from new "power apps." Not to mention the rumored discussions of QNX allowing a better potential to allow for using Android apps. QNX is a more versatile and robust operating system RIM is going to have in their phone line up. Why on earth would anyone get locked into a contract with a phone using OS6 knowing the QNX/LTE phones are next up? People that do this either like upgrading every year or are gluttons for punishment. There will certainly be voiced frustrations when the real Next-Generation BlackBerry QNX/LTE phones are released from everyone that just purchased any of these soon to be released OS6 phones.

Can someone point me to a phone currently running QNX? I want to see for myself what all the hype is about.

After using the torch for a good month,it's really difficult to go back to the tiny bold screen so imma gonna hafta go with the storm 3. Spec wise its the best phone and I think its the only one that's qnx ready. Bring it on.

I think when they release the Bold Touch the theme song for it should be The Bitch is Back....

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Why is "None of the above" not an option. That's my vote.

There is not a single upcoming offering from RIM that holds my interest. They are all lackluster rehashes of what is available.

I had the iphone 3gs and will probably never get another one unless its an ipod touch. The iphone just got boring after a month and dropped calls were annoying. The only problem with blackberry is that their OS is a little slow, but with the faster processors and the new 6.1 hopefully that will change. I have the torch and I like it but I'll probably get the torch 2 or the bold touch. More than likely the torch 2.

My Bold 9000 was my greatest phone ever bar non, I am using a Torch which is a nice phone, but call quality, speaker quality , and volume don't even come close to my old Bold. I use a phone to make calls, text , Twitter, manage emails, and satnav. I don't give a stuff about screen size for playing games or surfing the web. I have an IPAD for that. RIM ... Make sure the new BOLD is the finest quality phone in the world for phone basics, Please do NOT skimp on build quality.

i love how everyone is saying like THERE HAS TO BE QNX IN THE NEW BLACKBERRIES....

i jus find it funny once QNX hits the blackberry everyone is gonna start hating on it like ohh it sucks it needs better hardware, theres no pleasing you people, jus be happy it gets the job done effectively to your respective needs

I'm totally hyped up about Bold Touch, I can't wait for it... I am a fan of bold and this one is going to be a blast...

Can't waaaaaiiiiit...

as i have 12 months left on my contract (shocking i know) i will eaither miss the bold touch which im really looking forward to, or there will be an updated version in 12 months the touch bold2 with QNX OS

i can dream isnt that what we all do everyday regarding what we want from our device,

always used RIM and always WILL

None of these. I am looking forward to the batch of Blackberry Smartphones after this. I am not hopping on the first thing smoking out of Canada; I would rather be patient and wait to see what is out there. Besides, none of these really appeal to my inner nerd, so I will just stick with my Flicker er Torch. I think people get so caught up in having the latest and greatest. Not me. I kept the Blackberry Pearl for longest time knowing that something better than the Curve was coming. Hence, I ended up with the original Bold. Now, if any of these devices were shipping with something other than 6.1, I might hop on that. Yet, that is not happening anytime soon. In effect, I will just sit back and relax and watch others threaten RIM with abandonment. They really care. Really.

Being BB admin in one of the MNC's I have seen many crackberry adicts...But RIM has been super late these phones should have been out before 2 years.....They should put qnx os with native email client....With Playbook this is last chance to survive I hope they can create some interest in consumer anda enterprise....Not interested in this phones......RIm whatever action you take please otherwise...............

To be frank RIM has reslesed so many models but none of them compete in front of iPhone.They need something fresh now.Having bought qnx and tat plus their own bes they can create revolution but they are still releasing such outdated phones.Not exciting.

I really am looking forward to the Bold Touch. I have the Torch, but I don't really like the slider keyboard. I like my phone to be one solid piece. I don't mind the half-sized screen because I don't do hardly any media viewing on my phone, and when I do, small is small, so it makes no difference to me if it's an inch or two bigger. I do like a touch screen though, because prior to this, I had a Palm Centro. I loved that phone, and if I use a phone without a touch screen, I poke the screen, anyway. It's pretty bad. I don't love the design of the blackberry keyboard (specifically the key shape that slopes toward the center), but they're one of the only companies to produce a good phone with a physical keyboard. The andriod phone I've tried just dont work for me, and now that they're cracking down more and more on 3rd party software development, it starts to lose its appeal (mostly I just don't care for their phones that I've tried, though). If I don't get this, I will probably get an iphone because I'm a mac user.

I've pretty much had it with BB's, their built for businesses to oversee, and not for the aggressive user.

I want the fastest, most up to date anything I can get and BB is always a year behind.

To be honest, I'm really not interested in any of them because of the OS. I'm tired of the samething over and over and over again. It's time for a change and I really won't be excited until a QNX based phone comes out.

With that said, I WILL get 2 of these phones, the Bold Touch and the Torch 2, just because I'm a phone head and always feel the need to get the latest phone (and because I work for T-Mobile, so I normally get it for free or under $100)

Bold Touch!
Curve Touch almost useless, budget touch phones has always been dissapointing.

Torch 2 would've been a monster phone but Rim decided on a minor rehash that looks like a T1 with some hints.

Storm 3 would definitely work amazing with qnx. If it delivers the same experience as a closed up Torch then it wont be a major iDroid killer, but a zillion times better than the S1.

As for the new curve, it looks amazing and no doubt will be quite the cash cow.

The BOLD Touch best will be the best of both worlds. Plus an added bonus, when you pull out your BOLD Touch everyone in the room knows you are rocking a BLACKBERRY!! It does what I need it to do and proud of it.

...a choice!! ~ ?? Seriously ~ †.Mobile customers dö NOT ever get much of a "choice" . . . Honestly, um quite sick of it!! ŦMÖ has (2) options-THATS IT (both aren't appealing at all!! (My opinion!!) And aare: 1-CURVE -or- 2-BOLD ...PERIOD. THAT'S IT!! No Pearl, No "Touch" fone (Storm 1, 2, now 3? Geeeez!)~(Ĥåĥ !!) Let Alone the "Torch" or the (?) Purple Flip BB (? Can't member Model on that one??) . . . Honestly, idk - ŵťf?¿ I'll dö bc the Curve Śΰχ !! & my 9700 started gettn "Java Lang Error". (ŦMÖ told me is "fatal" error :( ...) Started "CLEAN" w/a 9780 Bold ... Hasn't worked right since Day #1 !!! Just haven't been in mood 2 deal w/ this craP again ... Been thru 5 8520's due to "RELOAD SOFTWARE 552" ERROR ... TIL ~THEY REPLACEDD IT W/9700 IN AUG. & at Xmas - got the 9780 (too good a deal to pass up + OS6 was also a "tempting" factor ---)
Any "ADVICE" certainly appreciated ... Don't KNO WAT to dö here- hav had FAR too MANY ISSUES right from start w/  (had 8320 First for ~ 6 mos b4 they offered 8520 - (mistake on MY part!!) öĤ ... Help!- & watϋp... w/ TMOBILE? DM 6.0 Śΰχ too!! OMG !! Can't get 3G at home ... SalesGuy at ŦMÖ jis took my fone & put in a new SIM card (w/o me knoing he was doin that!! (Nerve!!) & now ... Am on GPRS always at home!! SLOW + Śΰχ !! Has 1 2011 warranty & if ï tell em wat HE DID... Mayb get other options - but WHAT?? Need advice PLZ & ť/ÿ!! :)