CrackBerry Poll: Which BlackBerry PlayBook are you going to buy?

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Mar 2011 12:03 pm EDT

We're getting close folks. It's finally starting to feel like we're only weeks away (instead of months away) from being able to run out to the store and buy a BlackBerry PlayBook. For a lot of us, the decision to buy a BlackBerry PlayBook is already made. We're doing it. Some of you may be on the fence still and are going to wait for the initial reviews to come out. But for those of you ready and willing to pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook on launch day, the next question to ponder is which BlackBerry PlayBook are you going to buy?

We're still waiting on official BlackBerry PlayBook pricing to be released, but it's looking more and more like the "competitive pricing" of the BlackBerry PlayBook should be very iPad-like on the WiFi only version - think $499/16GB, $599/32GB and $699/64GB . I know I'll be going for max memory - that's my policy when buying any gadget, but for others 16GB will be plenty and the money savings worth it. Take a vote on the poll above and sound off in the comments below and let us know where your current thinking is at on the which BlackBerry PlayBook to buy debate!

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CrackBerry Poll: Which BlackBerry PlayBook are you going to buy?


who said it was fake? rim has repeatedly said over the past few week it will launch by Q1 in the US for Q2 for europe

16gb for me

here's my rationale:

the reason i would get the largest size of any device would be to be able to fit most if not all my media on it. since 64gb is way too small to fit the terrabytes of videos i have, i would feel the same constraint as if i purchased the 16gb. it doesn't make that big of a difference.

so i'll happily save $200 by going with the 16gb, and seek streaming methods so that at least when i'm around the house i can stream my library. when im out, all i need is to copy on whatever it is i want to watch THAT day.

So will you be waiting for the 4G too or get the wi-fi only? I think by the time the 4G one comes out the glitches and bugs in the wi-fi batch will be fixed! :)

i will stick with the wife i mean wifi version lol, as long as i can bridge my connection to my Bold and get 3G speed on it im good.

ill be buying the wifi version then once the 4g HSPA+ one comes out ill switch and sell my wifi only

ok, go and get your half baked, rushed product if you can get 1, and enjoy the ipad2 with 900 MHZ dual core processor with VGA camera and 512 RAM,

This is to damn funny. Don't forget they are apple apps and not android apps. I wonder how would Benz rims look on a pinto. That's like the android apps running on bb

Playbook doesn't need too many apps, it only needs few "working" apps, if you love 9inch then go for it, because me, I don't.

Number of apps and large screen doesn't appeal to me, I look more on specifications and capabilities,

tethering with any phone as long as it has bluetooth
5MP and 3MP camera
1Ghz dual core processor
Preloaded with full version of Excel, Word and powerpoint
preloaded with full version of need for speed,
usb port
full access to internet
support flash
facebook desktop view not mobile version
so many reason for me to buy playbook


900MHZ dual core CPU
front facing VGA camera
doesn't support flash..
no tethering
so BIG to be portable.....
no USB...
no HDMI,...they made adapter for it hahaha
facebook is mobile version,
with bleeding issue
so many reason to avoid IPAD1 and IPAD2

have fun with NO Flash player, i went to the local apple store and left an i pad2 on the download screen of flash player where it said device was not Compatible!

64gb unless i can do a micro sd card with that adapter to mini usb, but I'm not sure because people are saying you can't do that. If it turns out i can then ill probably do a 16gb and keep those cards in the case i get for it. But i need the extra space for work pictures, documents, movies for when I'm bored, games for when I'm bored, and other stuff. but were definitely coming up on the launch.

Yeah that's what I'm hoping for too, expect with a usb thumb stick/ external hard drive with an adapter, that would be awesome if we could expand memory like that!

preference for a smaller or bigger screen is subjective i think.

but you can also say the playbook has better cameras, more ram, faster CPU. there's your trade off.

Ipad 2 still balances the memory better doesn't it?
512 mb ram but 10h battery life (continuous video playback).

Lets hope rim gives us the full 1ghz cpu and not B.S. the sheeple like apple did with the ipad2...... bahhhhhhh!

But despite your claim we don't know the battery life of the playbook yet. for all we know could sit at the same time doing the same thing but better or what would totally deflate your argument longer doing the same thing (though i doubt it). Until the release we can't really argue that the playbook is better then the ipad clone or the ipad clone is better then the playbook.

Im looking at the 16gb size.

I have an 8gb ipod touch for gaming and gym purposes, and barely have that full.

16gb on a tablet will be great for apps, as for movies, as long as i can watch anime on it and thats 25 episodes on 5 gigs, i'll be set - Heres to hoping for lots of media codecs included

16GB = $31/GB
32GB = $19/GB
64GB = $11/GB

Doing the math, I'd say 32GB is the best deal for me - someone who doesn't take a lot of long trips and uses it purely for entertainment.

A traveling businessman could easily make the case for 64GB.

16GB wifi for me,

I'll still be carrying my BB and that will be used to play music and bridge my emails etc. The occasional movie will be on the PB, but other than that it's all MS office and pdf for work, books and web browsing at home. 16gb will suffice for a couple of years.

That is unless i just decide on the extra ££ to get the 32GB as a treat.

I will get the 16gig. I would just to know if we are able to play hulu or make gmail calls with the Playbook because it's supposed to be a full Internet experience. Any coments or answered?

what's the use of variant [16g, 32g and 64g] if the specs includes sdcard slot? its just OK if no sdcard slot, just use sdcard reader via usb

This all depends on whether the PB can access the files on the MicroSD in my 9700. I have a 32gb microsd in my 9700 with all of my music. Since I always have my 9700 with me anyway, I see no reason to double up with everything on my PB too. Of course, we also don't know much about app size and how much the system takes up. Thus, it might be that the os plus a dozen apps eats up 5gb or so - maybe more - who knows.

youll get a playbook before ipad 2..i hear retailers wont get any till the next 4 weeks.and well with the screen bleeding issue.

Just when I though things couldn't get any worse, they did. I've been dying for the Playbook to be released and I've been so caught up with just wanting to get the Playbook at launch date that I forget having read that the 4G models would be out around the summer. Nooooooooooooooo! What a heart break!!!! I can't wait that long!!!!! But I must have the Playbook, only hard descision I thought I had was which network would I pick, but no 4G tablet at launch....bummer *sighs*

It's not Monday for nothing. :/
Guess I'll just keep studying for dreaded math.

And if by some miracle a 3G is released at launch, that is what I'll get....*wishful thinking*

lets see - why would I get a playbook...

- I'll have to wait another 12+ month before apps on the playbook will run on my BB phone (if they will at that time - since there is no info on QNX phones)
- there are no/little apps for the playbook (at least compared to the competition)
- ipad is already establishing a huge presence in the corporate world, and what % of consumers are going to go for BB over android or ipad

way too little, way too late. Playbook will have its followers, but will not get mass adoption....majority of analysts and tech writers agree.

BB has not released anything in a very long time that has taken the world by storm (intentional reference)...perhaps if they were releasing QNX phones at the same time of the tablet it might have a shot at creating a new ecosystem...but as usual BB can't execute.

I agree, BB needs to focus on QNX phones. The lack of QNX phones will hurt BB and make adoption more difficult...

"- ipad is already establishing a huge presence in the corporate world, and what % of consumers are going to go for BB over android or ipad"

BB can use the presence of QNX in most operating systems as a way to push the Playbook to the corporate world.

Both the BB Playbook and HP TouchPad are much more user friendly for consumers than any Android tablet. The Playbook's UI is also more atractive than Android's Honeycomb.
I believe that the Playbook will be a hit with consumers with the right advertising.

It all depends on the pricing... 32GB seems about right to me, but should RIM increase the pricing in $50 increments instead of $100 increments then I'd go for the 64GB model. $200 for 48GB of flash seems rather expensive to me.

In a perfect world I would get one, but I can't justify the price at this time. Would love it and think it's an awesome device, but definitely a luxury at this time.

I am not sure what to belive at this point. Only time will tell but I would definetly get the 32GB with some accessories for it. Can't wait.

I thought you could pair your BB for automatic tethering with the playbook. So why would anybody wait for a 3g 4g version.

Sounds like you're waiting for the Toshiba. I'm torn between that, the G-Slate, and the 32gb Playbook. I'm going to the Blackberry party at SXSW to see it tonight.

I know I will wait for a month or two before getting one. I'm also thinking of waiting till Verizon gets the PlayBook also.

I always try to get as much memory/storage as possible. These things are expensive enough, I'd hate to get a smaller capacity device, then run out of room.

64GB WiFi. With my BlackBerry smartphone, I will be able to do 3G. I hate the different memory sizes -- too much like Apple! It limits choice. Why not a 16 GB version with a microSD slot or a microSDXC slot? Okay microSDXC is still a ways away :( Flash memory slots give users more choice!!!

How about if the Playbook would release itself. You fanboys get happy over nothing. Go into a store and check one out. Wait that's the second iPad that just came out running iPad apps and not android apps. My BAD

If i wanted an iPad, I would already have one.
I will go big on PB so that I don't relive my disappointment with going Curve then Bold.

According to the poll, more than half the people are not getting the PB. I realize that the number of people that get on Crackberry is a very small insignificant number compared to the total number of BB owners, but still. Since most of the people on this site are BB fanboys that should be a cause for concern I would think.

more than half of the people, still BIG number if less half of the people will buy the playbook,count is still in Billion, make it clear....

16G, 32G, what's the point....its still not available and it is still a guessing game when it will be sold in stores!! Its the longest product preview and frankly getting a bit boring when iPad now is already 2, so is Samsung Galaxy Tab, even Motorola launched theirs already. I was excited for the Blackberry but it just an insult when day after day RIM shows of the Playbook but we just keep sucking it up......I am just getting pissed! Its like an itch you can't scratch........RIM, Mike deliver man!! I am so close to buying the iPad 2 or Samsung at least I can get it. Hell...just forget it....I'll wait for Playbook 2 if it ever gets there.

I would love a playbook but... 16gb with SD integration would have been perfect for me since I would have loved this to have replace my netbook for travelling. now im considering I'll wait it out until the next iteration...

especially if USB OTG is not present.

OK - HONESTLY now ... how many folks here have a Scotti-vest to carry about their Playbook (or Xoom) and how many will really try to push a 7" tablet in their pockets?

I find anything bigger than my Blackberry (or iPod Touch ... close enough to iPhone in size) a real pain in shirt, jacket or cargo pants pockets - I used to carry a HP Windows CE PDA about with me ... I know! Is anybody REALLY claiming that the portability of the smaller screen size is an advantage over the larger iPad screen. My HP Jornado was always carried in my hand or in my backpack - I really cannot see any tablet (Playbook, Xoom or iPad) being pocketable. I CRINGE every time I see TV advert with guy pushing his Kindle into his jeans pocket ... as soon as be sits down - AARGH!