CrackBerry Asks: Which BlackBerry 7 device did you end up with?

BlackBerry 7 devices
By Michelle Haag on 13 Sep 2011 01:17 pm EDT


Now that the new BlackBerry 7 devices have been available for most people for a while now, it's time to revisit our poll from a month ago and see what you have all decided to make your new device. Did you go with the previous poll's winner, the touchscreen/keyboard hybrid Bold 9900 / 9930? Is the upgraded BlackBerry Torch 9810 now your main squeeze? Maybe you decided to give RIM's new all touchscreen Torch 9850 / 9860 a shot. Or are the new Curve 9350/9360/9370s tempting you?

If you're holding out for AT&T to release the Bold 9900, or for the new Curves to be available in the US, go ahead and vote accordingly.

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CrackBerry Asks: Which BlackBerry 7 device did you end up with?


The bold 9900 because I always want the biggest and baddest out there lol I also love it because of the form factor

Not by choice I just can't afford one & I didn't win either of the crackberry contests for my bithday. I'm not bitter :P

If I had got one it would definitly be the 9900 *drools!

I second that comment! Was hoping crackberry would come through. At this point I'm looking forward to seeing what a BB QNX experience would provide. My 9780 gets the job done just well plus it has UMA which 9900 is missing at this point.

Same here. I have no clue what reviews on several sites are talking about when they run down the virtual keyboard on the 9860. I have used several flavors of android, iOS, Symbian and WebOS and the 9860 is the most accurate virtual keyboard I have ever used. The reviewers saying the keys are to small or to close together must have freakishly large hands or extremely poor hand eye coordination because I can type on the torch 9860 more accurately then some android phones with much larger screens. I totally get not wanting to trade a real keyboard for a virtual one for some people but I totally think the criticisms compared to competing virtual keyboards are baseless and on the verge of being disingenuous.

I am completely happy with the performance of the 9860 and though I wish it had 8GB of built in memory like its stalemates and a front facing cam on all OS7 phones would be nice but over all its a fantastic device. The best feeling in the hand slab phone I have ever held in my hand in my life.

As much as I love it though and think its by far the most under rated of the OS7 phones I definitely plan on buying the first QNX based phone next year as well.

Same here, couldn't resist the $50 price tag and upgrade to OS7, still want the Bold 9900 although I'm pretty happy with the 9810. Probably use this until 9900 comes out on AT&T or get an unlocked Rogers off ebay.

I'm still playing with the 9810 because the 9860 isn't available for me through at&t. I'm likely returning this and just holding out for QNX.

I held out through OS6...being on VZW only (best signal for me) I MISSED OUT on the 9000. I LOVE my Bold!!!

I got the 9900 because the new QNX ph are goin to be all touch screen and I don't want that and I don't care to wait that long for a ph I won't appreciate, I'm very happy with my new 9900 Bold has everything I've always wanted in a smartphone package since my first Bold 9700

My choice was the Torch 9810. I really like the 9800 and the new upgrade was a well needed upgrade to a great idea. I will always stick with Blackberry and if the new QNX I will get one of those as well.

And so happy with my choice!!
Love it! Love it! Love it!

Since where I live (Nicaragua) carries release devices 6 months later -if they ever release them- I had to buy an OEM factory unlocked unit for $820 USD, well spent! Never imagined the device feel and performance would be like this, reviews and videos really don't show how awesome the 9900 is..

9900 because:
1. I love the form factor
2. The soonest available QNX is going to be full touch screen (boooo!)
3. I love the BB OS, I want to really wait it out on QNX on phones, unsure how well the QNX os will work on a phone :s

9900 all the way. I'm typing on it for this servey. I love the form factor and don't see myself giving up the keyboard to go QNX, os7 has proven to be SIMILAR to os6 but nowhere near the same thing with little tweeks everywhere, touch and keyboard combined is like eating your favorite hoagie and....well you know.

Its just a complete phone for me. The QNX with keyboard better be doing something out of this world to pry this one out of my hands.

I got the Bold 9930 which I use the most first, the I purchased the Torch 2, then I kid you not I'm waiting on FedEx right now, any minute Ill have my Torch 9850 : )

I love BlackBerry!!!

Ohhhh and I definitely getting the "Colt" once that is released!!

I work at a Sprint store and we got the Bold delivered first and no Torch. I was waiting to see the Torch first because that is what I wanted to get. Been waiting for a large screen BB for a long time. The whole time I was just itching to get a Bold because my patience was decreasing. So I ended up getting the 9850 which I absolutelly love but I am finding out that I use BBM waaaaay too much to not have a physical keyboard.

Thank God for the 30 day exchange policy because BOLD, here I come!!


I got a 9810 for ONE reason. AT&T has yet to carry the Bold 9900.

I justified it to myself with the new CPU, RAM, and screen. (Also, because the matte finish is harder to damage, it seems...)

But, I'll tell ya', I went back to an older Bold (still OS 6, but front keyboard) for the time between when I sold my Torch 9800 and received my Torch 9810, and I liked it. I missed it. I missed having a BOLD.

I am really holding out for QNX, but I purchased a 9850 to support Blackberry and think everyone else should, too. Get a new BB7 to show your love, then a QNX!! :D

I still have my Storm 2, and I plan to wait until the QNX comes out. In the meantime I picked up an HTC Thunderbolt, and is it amazing. I really have nothing bad to say about this phone, other than I prefer typing on my old Storm 2. But I am adjusting very fast, and contrary to what is reported the battery life is not any shorter than my Storm 2. If the QNX does not offer at least the same features as my Thunderbolt when it is released I am giving up on BlackBerry. Don't take it the wrong way, as I still love my Storm 2. But with that Verizon 4G speed, and the large screen makes this phone a nice compromise between a tablet and a smart phone. Not to mention how nice it is to have Adobe Flash on a phone.

Just ordered a 9850 yesterday, waiting for it to get here. Had the 9800 on att but got tired of att's bs (only 1 os7 phone available, charging for playbook bridge browser, ect.) so I switched to Verizon & anxious to see how this new torch will be. If not, will take advantage of the 30 day exchange period and go with the 9930. Either one should hold me over til the QNX phones drop.

Got the 9810 because I could not wait on ATT's slow stupid bureaucracy. I find that the 9810 / playbook combination to be amazing.

That said... I love the 9810 in its own right. Amazing phone.

I got the Bold 9930 from Verizon. If it hadn't been the Bold, I'd have got the 9810 Torch. I love a good physical keyboard more than touchscreen.

I'll wait for a version with a physical keyboard when QNX/Colt comes out.

I will wait for the 9790 hoping it will get a camera with autofocus and a stronger battery than the 9900.

I am mainly skipping the 9930, because of the stupid fixed focus camera! I hope they correct this in future Bolds, especially with QNX.

Interesting results thus far. Many of those who want an all-touch experience have left for the iPhone or Android. The rest of us are picking up the 9850/60. In other words, the poll results don't necessarily mean that the keyboard-based Bold is what most people are after. Probably most BlackBerry users want a Bold but many/most want a larger display for reading & editing or browsing and gaming.

The Bold is great, and a very capable device that many, many people love, but not everyone wants a keyboard-based device.

The Torch 9810 is still a very necessary device that stands in both camps, offering the best of both worlds to users who can't decide. It also has a very capable keyboard and a large touchscreen.

Right now, my local carrier doesn't have the 9900 available yet, but when it does I may pull the trigger. However, I think that I'll just wait it out and get whatever Bold-style device is running QNX. I'm hoping for something like a 1.2 or 1.4 GHz dual core chip for maximum speed, plus the large keyboard on the Bold. An improved battery and autofocus camera would also be great.

I'm still waiting for BlackBerry 7 devices to be available in Mexico. There are no release dates announced yet, please RIM what are you waiting for? The iPhone 5 is going to be released here at the same time as it will be in the US.

My office just announced an upgrade...I have a choice between 9900 or an 8610. I get that the guts are the same, and that the Bold (9900) has no more autofocus, but aside from the simple preference as to form factor, can anyone offer me insight on whether there's a good reason to go with one over the other?

I thought of waiting for the QNX platform phones, but when I heard the most likely first QNX phone is gonna be all touch, I said "SCREW THAT" I love My bold 9930 layout, there is nothing like the good ol BB form factor, and since the first one is probably gonna be all touch and who knows when, or if they are gonna come out with a QNX platformed phone in traditional BB styling I just went with the 9930.

I started with the 9810, and love the phone overall, but by tomorrow it will only be the 9900. I went with the torch because of the larger screen (coming from an all touch phone) plus having the physical keyboard. However from the beginning I was drawn to the bolds form factor and larger keyboard, so I am settling with the 9900. I wouldn't hesitate to recommended either though, just comes down to personal preference.

Hi @Mhatham,

Alex from RIM here. I couldn’t agree more that it all comes down to preference. I went with the Bold because I’ve always been a fan of the form factor, and I found that the Bold 9900’s QWERTY/touch combination to be compelling (and our best keyboard ever).

Our Inside BlackBerry Blog has some great posts to help BlackBerry users get started with their new smartphone. When you get a chance, check out this “5 Things You Should Know” post about the 9900 so you can hit the ground running:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I took te plunge and switched from my bold 9650 to the Torch 9850. I don't regret it at all. I still have bbm, push notifications, my led light with bebuzz and now a bigger screen and fast browsing. I'm extremely happy.

Coming from a 9800, I looked at the 9900, and I must admit, I LOVED the keyboard, but when I saw how beautiful the screen is on the 9810, I went with it. I find the keyboard is MUCH better than the one on the 9800, and the graphics and speed are AMAZING! Very happy with my choice.

Just curious, how is the Torch 9810 keyboard better than the Torch9800?

~Is it improved shape of the keys?
~Is it better key travel when you press on 9810?
~Is it better tactile feel?

I have a lot of experience with the 9800 keyboard, because I never used the on screen kb at all.

To me, the keys seem a *bit* larger (not much though).
It feels as though the keys stick up a little higher, and the travel feels deeper. When I push a key, I just get a better feeling. I can definitely type faster now than before.

Before, I used to feel that the keys were so recessed that the bezel got in the way, now, I feel that isn't so much of a problem.

Since the kb was so improved, I couldn't justify giving away the screen real estate for the 9900.

The 9900 is freakin awesome!! I tried using the 9700 keyboard again and it pales in comparison to the keyboard on the 9900. I absolutely love this phone. Awesome keyboard, gorgeous display, fast processor, and premium hardware...everything I wanted on a phone.

4G BlackBerry Torch 9810 on AT&T! Cant beat the deal ($50!) and its a KICK ASS phone. Fast! Plus, w/ my new PlayBook, its an awesome combo.

To be honest, I'd rather stick with my 9800 or go Android until RIM does something revolutionary with BlackBerry. I've been in love with BlackBerry since my Curve 8310 and a lot has changed since then but these new devices all seem the same to me. No particular one is offering anything worth paying for (except maybe speed...MAYBE).But my 9800 is fast enough to satify me for now. Other than that, if I was given one of the BB7 devices, I'd go with the fiddy sixty (whichever one will be on AT&T).

9810 and I'm loving it. My only disappointment so far is the number of apps that haven't been updated to include the 9810 though they support the 9800 or that aren't available for the Torch at all (I'm looking at you LinkedIn)

I love the large touch screen/actual keyboard combo.

I originally went from my 9700 to the 9810 but I just exchanged it for a 9900 tonight, I really like the bold form factor better. Love the phone.

Please announce release dates of BlackBerry 7 in Latin America, wake up RIM,

We're still waiting for BlackBerry 7 to be available for sale in Mexico city. I am frustrated, I really don't get it, it seems that RIM is sleeping, this is a huge and growing market that is running away from the platform.
The Samsung SII is available here, as well as the newest LG smartphones, and other Android powered like HTC also available, there are lots of Nokia phones and the Windows phone, but when will RIM release BB7 in Mexico?
The new iPhone 5 is set to be released here a week later than in the US. Please RIM wake up! we can't compete anymore with the old BB models. Bold 9900, Torch 9810 are desperately needed. Hopefully you will announce a release date for the new models in Latin America.