CrackBerry Poll: Which is better for the busy executive - BlackBerry Bold 9780 or BlackBerry Torch?

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2011 11:55 am EDT
 Bold 9780 OR Torch 9800 ??

I received the following email from a reader and decided before responding that I wanted to check in with our greater CrackBerry audience to see where they stand...

Kevin, I have read both your reviews for the Torch and the Bold 9780. I am looking into purchasing either the Torch for 3 employees here, or the Bold. From the reviews it looks like the Bold has a better battery life. In your opinion for busy executives, what would you recommend? Presently we have the Palm Pre which does not support voice dialing, nor does it have great talk battery life. Presently they are charging their Palms in the morning to get through the day and charging again in the evening. They are heavy users. Thank you for any advice you can offer!

The question of Bold 9780 vs. Torch 9800 comes up a lot, and the answer I give is usually based on what the person does. I've gone back and forth quite a bit between the 9780 and Torch (I'm currently using the Torch), but stil find the Bold 9780 to be the work horse I prefer most as a pure communication/get stuff done tool. But in this case the users have been rocking Palm Pres, which have that sliding form factor like the Torch. The Bold 9780's battery definitely trumps the Torch, but as soon-to-be former Pre users I can't help but think the Torch would be the better fit? Plus the bigger screen on the Torch is definitely nice. So what advice would you give to this person? Bold 9780? Torch? The other option is to wait until some 2011 BlackBerry Smartphones get announced at BlackBerry World, but in this case it seems the purchase decision is happening asap. Vote on the poll above and give us your reasoning in the comments!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Poll: Which is better for the busy executive - BlackBerry Bold 9780 or BlackBerry Torch?


I think the entire Bold line are true enterprise workhorses. I love my 9650 and can't wait to get my hands on the 9930!

I still say torch... Even though most "busy executives" don't need the touchscreen, having a larger screen is a benefit. Reading emails, web browsing etc.... Makes things a lot smoother on the go...

Now if you had said 9650 or iPhone 4, then the answer would have been bold!

they both equally good depending on your personal choice. I prefer the Bold even though I like some touch features of the Torch. I can't wait to have my hands on the upcoming Touch Bold.

I have to edit documents a lot and the Torch beats any other Berry hands down for its bigger screen and physical keyboard. My 9700 has a better life than my 9800, and the 9700 feels better in my hand, but the 9800 is my choice over the Bold.

Hands down Bold battery no frezzing ! Had both bold is still being use ! Torch dead battery life horrible great touch screen but that's it. Just look around Bold is Blackberry best device.

I was originally gonna vote for the Torch, I assumed it's gonna be the popular answer. But I thought that the slider and the touchscreen make it less professional (whatever that means) and more of a toy, hence I reconsidered - I think the 9780 is more of a busy "executive" kind of BB.

I love both of these devices but I honestly think I'm more productive on my 9800. Def feel os 6 runs better and more effiecently on the torch.

I have the Torch, and I love it. I don't have any battery issues with it although I use it constantly, and I am quite busy with business. However, for the busy executive I would still recommend the Bold, for one reason: the keyboard is right there and you don't have to slide it open. Also, the Torch keys don't have very good travel compared to the Bold (since it has much less room) and so are a little harder to type on.

Why is this even a debate. Clearly it's the Bold without question. I've owned a bold and a torch. I love my Torch but everything requires an extra step. Typing requires opening the slider and without all those shortcuts easily available, it's slower to use. I wouldn't go back to the Bold, but if we're talking about executives here...the bold is the way to go

The major concern was battery life and my bold use to go 2 days without a charge. My torch can barely last a full day. ....

How about you let them chose.
Even as an "executives"(witch should imply a bold)one may still have a preference. Don t you think?

Exactly! Why force everyone into the same device? They both have their advantages depending on which features are most important to each user, and they are both compatible with the same BES, Outlook, service books, etc.

Torch all the way. The bigger screen makes looking at documents easier as well as e-mails. There's nothing that the Bold does professionally that the Torch doesn't and it does it with a bigger screen.

Also the Torch is faster. You can navigate the touch screen quicker (A touch screen bold would make this moot)

I don't see much difference other than the screen size, but that makes a huge difference. When you're in business you actually write and read e-mails, so you need to be able to see what is sent as well as what is written. You can't get a way with teenage short hand like LOL, OMG and IMO.

I say the Bold 9780 because of battery life and simplicity. As Kevin says it's a get things done device. Surfing the web, etc = wasting time. If I need a big screen to read an important file, etc I open up my laptop. If it's that important, its worth my time to sit down and take my time with it. I think the keyboard on the 9780 is a little better as well.

Don't stone me but I don't like the Torch. Every time I see someone with one their keyboard is always slid down, and from the time I've had to go hands on, it's just confusing when to use the keyboard or soft. Too much to think about. And when I say keyboard down I mean constantly leaving it down even when not using it.

Without a doubt the Torch is the way to go for work. The ability to do so many things well makes it the most versatile blackberry on the market. I use mine for work, for editing documents, for email, for texting and of course for talking on the phone. The OS experience on the larger screen is by far the better of the two. The special app I have for work is much more user friendly on the Torch than on the Bold.

My vote goes for the 9780. A mnajor drawback for me on the Torch definetley has to be the keyboard. It does not feel the same as the bold. As in previous comments the keys are much harder to press and a bit harder to type. I definetly have a noticed differences in the battery life, but again like previously mentioned OS6 rocks on the Torch. If I had the option to choose I would select the Blackberry Bold 9780 over the Torch 9800.

For what it's worth, that's how I felt for the first two weeks with my Torch, but now the keyboard feels as natural as the Bold.

i got the 9800 on release and loved it but with anticipation on the arrival on my playbook I sold the torch and got me a 9780. no need for the bigger screen with the torch once i have my p.b :D

A bigger/nicer screen is of less significance when the issue at hand is that the chap's employees are "heavy users". 9780 wins - hands down.

In my experience with my 9700 and Torch, I voted for the 9780. Battery life, typing accuracy and efficiency are hard facts that favour the Bold.

A Bold touch would make things even more efficient.

I love love love my torch but I'm going to buy the Bold Touch when it comes out. The bigger screen on the Torch is nice but with the Playbook, I really only need my BB phone to be a phone email device most of the time and this means keyboard takes it over big screen.

I like them both, heck almost any Blackberry for business suites me great! Although for personal preference, I'm grabbing that new bold touch as soon as its released and leaving my beloved Torch for it. I just can't wait!!

Was this article part of Kevin's plan to deflect attention from the fact that he's now been given a PlayBook and the upcoming BB phones to play with pre-release ;)

As 9700 owner from January 2010 to now, I loved my 9700 and I never wanted to give up the physical key pad.....until now. I recently acquired a Storm 2 and I love it. The screen space is fantastic. Its hard to use the 9700 after using the Storm 2 (the Storm is for the wife. Her first BB)

Screen size is important so I would say Torch 2 or better yet the new Touch.

Should be the 9780 but with the odds of getting one with a crappy keypad being so high, i would have to settle for the Torch. Not saying the Torch is a bad device though :)

I think the bold would be more 'professional' and easier to access key functions than the torch. The company I work in also provided some employees with the option, and most chose the bold over the torch. I currently have the bold 9700 and am a heavy user. It gets me through the day comfortably.

Although the battery life is less the Torch screen size and more intuitve UI helps me be more productive during the life span of the battery. I get more done in shorter time on my Torch as apposed to my 9700.

Without doubt the Bold is more for the power user. I upgraded my 9700 to the Torch more for the Big Screen & Touch Screen & even though I did like the phone (I used it about 95% Touch Screen as well) I've came back to the Bold with the 9780 because I just love the form factor & I totally agree with the 'Work Horse' term that regularly gets used when talking about this phone. Of course the big screen of the Torch is great when web Browsing or viewing Videos or pictures But as a communication tool the 9780 is hard to beat. Also it has far better battery life than the Torch. I'm interested to see the Bold Touch because they will have to sacrifice the Bold form factor to accommodate a more touch friendly size screen & the form factor is one of the Bolds strongest assets. I also found the Keyboard short cuts (cut, copy, paste etc) to be a problem on the Torch when your using the touch screen. Yes you can flip the keyboard out but it was a small issue for me that I'm realising how much I missed it now I've got my Bold back.

I believe that the employer should give his employees a choice between the two. The 9780 and the 9800 are both effective for business. It's all personal preference.

That being said: I'm on AT&T. I use my BlackBerry heavily, both for business and personal use. I didn't want to unlock a phone, so I was hanging on to my Bold 9000 for the longest, waiting for the 9780 to show up on my carrier. When it became apparent that the 9780 wasn't coming to AT&T anytime soon, I gave in and got a Torch. I LOVE it! I admit, it took me over a week to get used to the smaller 9800 keyboard after using the 9000 for so long, but I'm hooked now. The larger screen size of the Torch, paired with the ability to view documents in both landscape and portrait modes, has helped my productivity tremendously. My Torch is my mini laptop. I use it all day, from the time I get up until I go to bed: the battery life is great. On days when I do light phone calls, my battery lasts all day. On heavier usage days, I let it charge for 20 or 30 minutes while I have lunch or take a coffee break and I'm good. (The thing I love about BlackBerrys is that even 10 minutes of charging makes a huge difference.)

There are a few cons that I have found with the Torch:

1. I had to constantly remind myself to hit the lock button on top, since I carry my phone in my hand a lot. That took a while to get used to, coming from using non-touchscreens for so long.

2. The extra step of sliding out a keyboard does, occasionally, get annoying, but it is a minor thing.

In summary: I love the 9780 form factor, but I plan to stick with the Torch. The Torch gives me more flexibility and greater productivity.

The torch. The small screen of the bold is old school and truly hard to see on with os 6. I had both and even though the torch is somewhat clumsy, it is after all a transitional phone. All phones will eventually be touch screen and to truly appreciate the touch screen experience, you cannot have a screen smaller than the torch. Torch is faster and easier to use than the bold. I'm a convert and will not go back to such a small screen unless rim makes a specific midget screen OS otherwise, bring on the 3.7 inch Storm 3! :)

The Torch. If they're used to the Palm Pre, then the slider form is already comfortable for them. The increased screen size and touchscreen makes a lot of tasks faster for me than the Bold ever did.

Considering they're both running the same software, I'd say it comes down to preference. You want the battery life? Or the larger touch screen? I think both are fantastic devices.

For pureley business? The Bold for sure. It's more simple and direct and the keyboard is badass.

I still love my Torch tho <3

I pressed the wrong button while voting (I guess that's what happens when I'm trying to browse while on the phone), but I'd say the 9780 is generally better for the executive. My basis for this is largely from an IT standpoint.

While the Torch does have a better overall BB OS6 experience, most execs are looking mostly to the messaging and calling features. With the keyboard always exposed on the 9780, it makes it a "pick up and work" device that Kevin seems to like best. It's also easier for IT departments to deploy since it's less likely to break down (no slider and no touchscreen to fail on the user).

I'd say the Torch is better more as a prosumer type device; it's best suited for consumers with above average messaging needs or small businesses where employees may be expected to have a broader scope of work. In my view, it's more well rounded than the 9780 as a smartphone, but the 9780 is better as a messaging device.

The bold definitely has a better battery life, but I use my torch daily for a lot of web browsing, social media updates, maps, what have you. the bigger screen can make the Torch easier to see and OS 6 runs smoother on a torch in my opinion. Its much easier to select a profile (either vibrate if acceptable or silent if needed) its much easier to open new tabs. Etc. From a personal image perspective when I slide my torch open I feel like I'm saying "I'm going to get stuff done" Possibly the greatest hindrance with a bold would be trying to zoom in on anything. As well as scrolling down menus and documents. The torch is a visually appealing device with many advantages in ease of use over the Bold. However, that's not to say the Bold is out. I say it depends on what they want out of it. Would they be willing to sacrifice battery life for ease of use, or ease of use for battery life.

Cant go wrong with either! Love the torch and the 9780 form factor. The 9780 has better battery life but I wouldn't scoff at the torches battery life either after few charges, it'll last over a day with light-medium use..

The torches touchscreen is great for browsing (if thats important to you?) and had the torch just been a touch screen only device, I would have definitely gone with the 9780 - the keyboard on the 9780 also edges out the torch keys too.

he could have chicken fingers in his pocket,then he puts his torch in the pocket,and the chicken fingers might delete all of his data right before a presentation,and then he gets fired because he didn't have anything to present