CrackBerry Poll: What do you think of Apple's new iPad?

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2010 03:17 pm EST
   Apple's iPad Tablet
The Apple iPad - coming soon...

Apple's big announcement has come and gone and its wake it has left us with the Apple iPad - a mobile tablet computer ebook reader thingy that looks like an oversized iPod Touch or iPhone. It'll run all of the iPhone's apps, also run iPad-specific apps and will be available in models with or without 3G service. If you missed the live coverage, be sure to jump over to our sibling site who is all over it. Be sure to watch the video below too for some additional iPad enlightenment.

Once you're up to speed with Apple's latest gadget that fills in that void between smartphone and laptop, be sure to cast your vote above and let us know how you feel about it. I sort of look at it as a device that compliments the BlackBerry quite well (check out my iPhone Review for this year's Round Robin and you'll understand why I think that's the case - it's all about the Hierarchy of Needs). And be sure to ellaborate in the comments - I'm personally really curious to hear what you all think. Is it a Kindle killer? Your next must-have gadget? Is it technology for the sake of technology without their being a need for it? Sound off!!

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CrackBerry Poll: What do you think of Apple's new iPad?


Don't think it's gonna be anywhere nearly as huge as the iPhone, but it really depends on whether you can fit one in your budget. I personally don't NEED one. Do I want one? Well, if I had the money, SURE why not??? But I'm perfectly fine with my laptop (Mac), my Blackberry and iPhone, which I use on wifi only. So, I think I'm pretty much set, but again, I won't complain if I got one as a gift, he he.

It also depends whether you can fit it in your pocket. My iPod fits in my pocket just fine, but this can't. This will be a flop because its nowhere near as featured as a computer, but its so big you can only use it like one. There's no way I could use this on the go.
Then you'll make the point of the books. More than likely, you can buy them in iTunes on your computer and read them there as well, so if I can do it all on my computer why would I ever need this thing?
And I'm not saying I don't like Apple. I am a huge fan of Apple. I just don't see the point in it. This is just disappointing that we saw nothing else today.

The big screen is the only plus.

On the negative side, it's an iPhone without a phone, and an iPod without the portability. It's not like you'll be able to strap this to your arm and go jogging like you can with iPods.

Looks cool, but it's a letdown.

ok, so heres how i see it, yes the screen will win alot of people over (plus app scaling and 3g being sim unlocked) but heres the big fail imho, 64Gb is the largest? what? if your serious in going up against netbook style size and prices, then be prepared to match their storage at least, heck even make the disk solid state to keep battery life cool, dell did a 120Gb SSD in their mini 9 netbook, and all was well

a big ipod, but with the same storage limits (iWork? not with 64Gb ya wont!), big fail.

that said the rest is cool but not really market sector winning with those prices

The Apple sheep will buy it just cuz it's Apple. Sane people will see that other devices actually are a better choice. The iPad is so crippled I don't see where it excels at anything.

Now if only it had Bluetooth/wireless connectivity to any "Smart Phone" so you could use as a big portable display/virtual keyboard combo, I could see a use for it.


i watched the whole event and at first i was like yeah its just a big ipod touch but with iwork included mac equivalent of office and a much better version of all the standard apps such as mail and everythign check out the video

so then basically its a big ipod touch with some shit from your macbook. still dont see when anyone would want to use this over a laptop or smartphone.

Slate PCs do that an more. its just Apple Hype, and oversize ipod touch. It doesn't even have flash or background processing. So what if you can go online you can't do anything since it does not support flash. forget about watching hulu, videos, p0rn, or anything regular surfing that requires flash. But hey its Apple so all the followers will over look something as important as that because they can't think for themselves.

The blogeratti snorting fairy dust and riding unicorns pinned this device to change the world. Will it? Quite possibly and heres why (and why i'll buy one)

1. The MAIN feature is the fact its an E-Book reader. The Kindle DX is 20 dollars shy of this device, and the iPad blows that damn thing out the water with all the features it has. Mobile Safari and all those delightful apps!

2. It has the iPhone App Store, which is good for some and bad for others. Its good because you have access to 140k apps, its bad because its not Mac OS X type quality. The SDK has been updated for the iPad, so we should see apps developed exclusively for the iPad by the time it launches.

3. Its Touchscreen and look Ma' no fans! Idk about you but my Hackintosh overheats from laying in the bed with the comforter, this will kill that.

4. Good for media playback, possible phone capabilities (VoIP it seems) and unlimited abuse of AT&Ts crippled network (oh its about to get worse...fucking believe it) for only 30 dollars a month.

But its not all amazing...the really hurtful downfalls to this device is

1. Mobile Safari...You fucking serious Apple? My hackintosh can handle flash videos, quit yanking your customers around. Zero reason for this device to not have flash. Its an insult to be honest.

2. Its Touchscreen. For all its capability you still gotta type on it, and if you want a real keyboard prepare to buy the addon (hopefully bluetooth aluminum keyboard works too)

3. AT&T. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU you serious?! After all the complaints about AT&Ts atrocious network you do this to us Apple? It might be unlocked, but you only have one damn 3G frequency and its AT&T which leaves T-Mo users SOL with EDGE onry.

4. It doesnt really replace anything. This isnt gonna kill your Macbook, and it isnt gonna destroy the iPhone. Its a supersized iPod with a lot more capability. If you already a macbook and an iPhone/Pod you wont be missing much...unless you want an E-Book reader.

5. Lack of Multi-Task so far. Supposedly this device uses a chip on par with the Tegra 2, but yet it cant multi-task. So much for this thing being the "Screamer" Jobs described it as

of the most basic ipad with no 3g. the ipad will the highest memory and access to 3g will be like 932 bucks.

I agree taht the iPad is the perfect compliment to a Blackberry. It perfoms all the functions of a netbook, Kindle and iPod Touch. So, with a blackberry filling the phone/text/mobile data function, and a iPad doing the wifi heavy-lifting on internet and email, you are completely covered!

Blackerry users should love this because it gives you access to all the iPhone apps without having to change phones.

Sorry, but I've always thought it silly to use an iPod touch, or blackberry, for any kind or video watching, web browsing or extended reading - the screen is just too small.
That why this does fill the void between a laptop and a smartphone, and I think it does so in a more user-friendly manner than a netbook.

So much hype for an oversized iPhony? Took this long to make it. Wow good thing apple is innovative....... Itl prob take 3 years for it to have a camera. Look how long it too apple to "invent" copy and paste. And still sticking with Att haaahaha..... Apple, you Make my day haahaa.....

It's just a big itouch. I was hoping for something different from Apple, like a use we never thought of. That company is good at creating something we thought we would never need. But at the prices listed, the iphone or itouch is a better less expensive solution to go along our blackberry's.

I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with Steve Jobs. This in no way 'fills the void between smartphone and laptop'. All Apple did was make their smartphone bigger and remove the 'phone' part. It's still their non-multitasking mobile OS with their mobile browser.

problem is its just what jobsey said the netbook was... not great at anything. it doesn't multitask, misses the whole point of an ebook reader (being easy on the eyes) and still has to sync with a computer. its almost like a fancy folio. the best thing that came out of this is the apple data pricing, which hopefully other companies will follow. too bad it costs an extra 130 bucks to get it built into the device

Where did you find the data pricing? I thought it had not been announced yet (though I'm assuming it will be $60 a month like all other data plans offered by wireless carriers). All it says on the pricing page is that the data plan is sold separately.

Never mind...I found an article that said it would use similar data pricing that is available to cellphones (250MB for $15, unlimited *cough*5GB*cough* for $30)

I will admit, I want one.

There are millions of users out there like me who use Windows and have BlackBerry phones.

I can't get an iMac because I need my Windows laptop for work and likewise, don't want to carry around an iPhone because I love my BlackBerry.

I don't have an iPod because my BlackBerry does media just fine, especially now that iTunes is DRM free.

For people who have iMac's and/or iPhones and/or an iTouch, this is of course nothing new - but for someone like me who has always admited the Apple interface, apps, and multimedia features, sure why not.

I can easily see this is something I would buy to surf the web and scroll through Facebook while sitting on the couch watching TV -- or on an airplane without having to lug around a clunky laptop or portable DVD player. Nice and slim to fit into the front pocket of my backpack. Easy to whip out anywhere and use for short periods of time.

All my iPhone friends hate the new iPad - but I have to say that it's not targeted to those users. It's more a way for Apple to reach the Windows and non-iPhone market they haven't been able to convert - with an middle of the road device.

This is mean but I really hope that this flops. I really like Apple but I don't like their smug attitude that they think they can blow up an iPod Touch and revise some software and make bank on this thing. I watched the video and I'm still not into it. Some animations are really nice and its a really cool gadget but when you consider actual usage needs this device is fairly irrelevant. The iPad is milking the iPhone/iPod Touch revolution so hard.

This device could have been awesome, but from what I can tell it is going to be pretty useless. A few additional features would have made a lot of sense like a camera for video chat, an SD slot for expanded storage, a USB port with support for peripheral USB devices, the ability to multitask, and flash support just to name a few.

It's not going to flop because Apple customers buy Apple products, just because... Doesn't matter how much it sucks. I'll just copy paste what I think about it from elsewhere:

I don't really get it...

It's a huge, far less portable version of the ipod touch that costs more, restricts to touchscreen/accelerometer gaming and lacks plenty of features that laptops would have... Yeah I want to rotate a huge *** screen in front of my face to play games rather than a slim, pocketable device.

Knowing Apple's customers they are going to buy this crap regardless though.

It isn't bad on the whole, but when you think about it, it doesn't replace anything - too big, needs a PC to sync to, no pc/tablet featurs - check out the Archos 9 PC Tablet

i'm an iphone owner, and i said that it's just a big ipod touch. i've said that since i first saw it earlier today. i don't need it and my iphone and my MBP. It's basically a fun toy for browsing the internet on a bigger screen than my iphone when i don't have my laptop with me.

I agree, everything you ca do with this, you can do at home and people would rather have a laptop then this if it can't operate well, alone. I respect what apple has in their devices but this thing blows...

No way this device can be a kindle or nook killer. Kindle serves a single purpose and is far more affordable than the iTampon. I agree its merely a fanboy's dream come true, but practically useless in my opinion. If I have to check email on the go, I have my BB and if I'm @ home, I already have my laptop. Why would you even do email on a client anyway, we're way past that phase in checking email. If it has a browser, why not check gmail or yahoos page?

To me, its an overpriced photo frame you'd only take out when you have people over to show off. It's definitely a step in the right direction, but it is still missing so much to make it a laptop replacement.

Like someone said above. This doesn't do anything more than my net book, but with a higher price tag. I do love apple and do have a touch. I personally wouldn't buy this since I do have the touch. However if anyone had that $$ to buy it for me as a gift I would be more than happy to receive it.

So if you already have a data plan for your phone, will you be able to add this or will you need to have two data plans? One for your phone and another for the iPAD?

It's ugly. The 3D rendered images created by 3rd parties before the official announcement were prettier than that hunk of garbage that Apple came up with.

It does look like a really sweet device....

However, there just does not seem to be a whole lot it can do that another netbook can do. Besides the touchscreen, and maybe gaming and movies, there is nothing that makes this "the most important thing" Jobs has ever done.

I just don't get all the hype. The hype definitely overinflated the real things here.

Since it's really too big to thumb type, you're going to have to hold it either on your lap, or a low table so that you can both type and see the screen....just thinking about that makes my back hurt.
Did Jobs buy into a chain of chiropractors?

If only you could put it in your lap and it had some sort of attached input device to make typing easier. Perhaps a series of buttons that allowed rapid input, navigation and control...

What the heck is this. This is nothing more than a big ipod touch, and the ipad? It isn't even a computer. Just buy a HP slate PC with windows 7 and a better processor the 1GHZ. Apple SUCKS.

I personally like this device. What i have yet to hear is whether or not it will support multi tasking or if it has flash support. With the inclusion of iWork it would definitely give my laptop a run for its money. The ability to activate/deactivate 3G from the iPad itself sounds great. not to mention the unlimited data price of 29.99 a month. I have an iPod touch which is fun; but truthfully i've stopped using it in favour of my Tour. I can imagine the Ipad to be just the thing for me to take easily from office to home and my girlfriend's place without feeling bogged down by my laptop, or pockets full from my phone and ipod. I think it will be a success and look forward to getting one.

Also noticed the 3G models will be shipping a month after the wi-fi only models. Could be by then the AT&T exclusivity will end and they will have a model for CDMA users as well.

You do realize that this has nothing on any PC? Who said it was ok to put it on 3G like that's so great to have. Just buy a wireless router for the best connection. This thing does nothing for anyone but take up space. It has good features but I only see this benefiting someone totally new to the device world.

I just don't see where its going to fit in. If we all have smart phones and we all have laptops, who's really going to need an "in between". If the price tag is anywhere close to $1000.00, I think this product will fail.

I don't really see a use for this in my collection of electronics. They didn't even bother to give it flash support. Had it come with flash and had wacom technology integrated, I might have been more interested. But, as things stand, I'll pass.

I agree, if you out this next to an ipod touch.iphone it would do the same thing, i bet it renders pages about the same way on wifi.

..but not something I'd want to carry around with me without a protective clam shell or Otterbox type case.

Good points: WiFi out of the box
Decent price points and storage
Option for keyboard for those that want them

Bad points: No camera (yet?)
Stuck on AT&T only (or does Wifi fix that?)
No mention of expanded storage
Also no mention of battery (user replaceable?)

Will I own one, not unless someone feels the need get me a gift for my "I got born day"(in May ya'll).

powerfull version will be the MAXiPAd....

This thing will flop faster than bacon flavored pudding cups.....

This definitively not "technology for the sake of technology". It's more like an iPod Touch seen through a magnifying glass

Like they did when they first released the iphone, where 5 months later, they had a faster, cheaper version. My laptop just broke, so I'd be inclined to look at the iPad (what a horrible name), but I'd probably wait about 6 months before getting it.

People will buy it just because it has the Apple Logo on it, which means they will sell a ton of these to current iPod/iPhone/iTouch/iLaptop/Idesktop owners. I'm sure they will sell a lot of these to those that have been on the fence about buying an Apple product, now they can have several devices in one.

This device is MAGIC! When it's in portrait mode, it's a square. But turn it landscape, and it's a rectangle.

"You know it's true when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works it sort of becomes magical... and that's exactly what the ipad is."

Bunch of crap! It's an enlarged iTouch that looks funny because all of the icons are the size of the iTouch icons but now they're oddly spaced out on a larger screen.

They are way too spaced. This shit looks so stupid to me. It would be ok to incorporate 3G/WiFi and iphone/ipod apps but to make the OS and the icons and interface look the same??? come one!

Being that I do not own stock in neither Apple or RIM, I wish I did. Also being a fan of both companies I will buy an iPad. All of this ridiculous talk about about the iPhone sucking is just crazy to me. If the iphone sucks than how much more does the Blackberry suck? I have been using Macs since 1994 business and home use. Yet I have never owned an iphone. I have multiple ipods and multiple Macs and no PC's. X-box 360 and a PS3. I think the Blackberry 8700 was the greatest phone device I will have ever owned!!! I cant say that about my 8320's my 8900's or even my current 9700 (my 2nd) by the way in only 60 days. The last RIM innovation was the trackpad. I welcome it and a great idea indeed. My goodness slow your fan worship with the Apple sucks crap. Maybe you can or cannot afford there products I dont know. But come on Apple is an amazing innovative and market changing AMERICAN company! Think about when doing your next battery pull.

Dude better look at the iphone blogs; most of the apple faithful are not impressed with the Ipad as well.

You sound like a freaking idiot, who their right mind thinks the 8700 is better than a 9700? Apes do. Next, this device is literally an overgrown iPod touch - you cannot seriously tell me this is innovative, it feeds off of a non original design. Apple shouldve had this first and then the ipod touch/iphone. Having a smaller version of this is more logical.

I do not know you however I will refrain from calling you likewise.

Perhaps you should read this slowly. For ME the 8700 was the best phone or Blackberry "I" ever used! Technologically yes my 9700 is a better device.
However my 8700 was such a well built high quality product that met all of my mobile phone needs and then some. So does the 9700 for the most part. However in my experience the recent RIM build quality is lacking.

The answer to the question nobody asked.
It doesn't replace your phone so what does it replace?
Give me a net book and a e-reader.
I'll keep my 3G phone for when I'm not near a hot spot.

I am never without my blackberry, Have a desktop/ laptop at home, computer at work, and laptop(MDC) in the car i drive at work with an aircard. Most people on this site probably have the same access. This thing is useless.... but I would like to see someone wearing a hip holster with this thing in it!!!

It's a blown-up iPod Touch. You still have to sync it to your computer. Hardly a "Kindle Killer" - I have a MacBook Pro, iPod Touch; see no need for this if you have any of the iDevices.

But we all know people will flock to it, just because it's an Apple product, and new. Conversely, many will stay away from it for the same reasons. I just don't see this as being the "breakthrough" that they were hyping - mainly because it seems to literally be a big iPod Touch. Hardly the innovative device that the iPod Touch or iPhone were when they dropped.

Those 3G models will cost more — $629, $729 and $829, depending on the amount of memory. The Wi-Fi only version will be available worldwide in March, and the 3G version in April. International cellular data details have not yet been announced..

For $800 you can buy yourself a laptop. I cannot see buying this when you can spend the same money on an inexpensive laptop were you'll get more for your money and you will not have to sign into a data plan.

Wow, interesting comments being posted. I can't say this really fits in my Gadget portfolio. I have a Sony Ebook reader with E-Ink, and I love it. Battery life is great, and the screen is not lit so it dosent wear out the eyes like a backlit screen tends to do. With such a powerful processor, why in the world would they not make that iPad multi-task? Don't they think someone might want to listen to Pandora, or some kind of streaming while reading the paper?

I have my Crackberry Storm for my Communication and light entertainment and web.

I have my iPod Touch for my main Entertainment

I have my Ebook Reader there for doing what it does

And my Laptop.

Where is this supposed to fit?

Oh....and where was the big Verizon announcement?

To me this device would have been more attractive if users can actually write on it.

And with the prices (including the monthly fee, accesories etc.) I rather spend my money on a very portable laptop (not netbook)

It's not nearly as cool or life changing as I'd hoped the Tablet would be. I'm not thrilled with the name either, but I suppose it makes sense.

I'll buy one, but I'm not going to go all out with the 64G 3G one like I would've if it was truly the rumored Tablet. I guess at the end of the day it's just "oh cool, guess I'll get one".

Is there ever going to be a big new product release that doesn't feature a touchscreen? What is so wrong with buttons? I like buttons!

So THIS is what the hype was all about???? Please! What a complete waste. The mini netbooks are more appealing than this thing. It looks like it would make a great cutting board, though!

All the drawbacks of an iphone (no keyboard etc) and none of the upside of a laptop (built in protection with the clamshell design, keyboard, business compatibility etc)

My first question is where would this fit in for me. I do most everything between a laptop and blackberry. I am a gadget fan and look for ways to have something fit in. I guess the intrigue for me is convincing myself that I have a place for it. I think it is great that new ideas and products hit the market. Long before I had my BB 7250 I thought I wanted my phone and "pocket pc" to be separate devices. Then I got that blackberry and never looked back. Maybe I'll have a need for this, just don't know where yet.

I have went through 2 blackberries and while they are great smartphones, the new ipad will take over where my last 2 phones did.

With the ability to type reports and utilize a more speedy/non mobile webpage (minus flash which sucks), I can complete more than my storm.

I will never have to do another battery pull again. If it's anything like my mac, the thing won't die in a year or get bogged down to the point of taking 20 minutes to boot up.

The $30 unlimited contract free data plan will take over for my "limited" (5gig)verizon data plan.

I can go back to a basic "dumb" phone and carry around the tablet all day. College students will probably carry it in either satchels or just with their books in arm. Business can be equipped with their briefcases or laptop cases.

In all, it's just an all around better device compared to a smartphone. If you don't mind not having flash or having a bulkier size, it's def a smart option. My only real gripe with it, is no multitasking. My BB can run circles around that.

Now let me put on my flame suit, cause internet nazi's will come to try and defend their beloved phone. I have nothing against it. I just found something better that suits my lifestyle easier.

It's Apple, they cripple devices on purpose. If it multitasked now then what would they sell to the fan boys next year?

It's a completely retarded have a super dooper quick processor for a small peice of kit and then don't spec it to utilise any of it.

Biggest killer for me is no multitasking which to me is absolutely completely bonkers?!?! The fundamentals of modern computing and now becoming the norm in smartphone technology.

And then chuck on the dumb moves not to include flash 10.1, no camera, small sized memory (even 64 gb is limited in this day and age) my tiny samsung NC10 sports 160gb

For such an anticipated release I think they've really let themselves down!

This past Monday, before this was announced i'm positive there was a quick product shot of this iPad in the new season of 24

I think Apple missed what people want, delivering a product that looks unbelievably cool, but is ultimately totally pointless. Unless you want gloss, there's no need to get this if you have a nice laptop and any regular smartphone.

The only market gap I see this bridging is those with dumbphones and big desktops who didn't want to fork out masses for mobile data plans - THAT market has now been filled with a KILLER device.

However, what is glaringly obvious to me, is that this should have been one of two things to make it an incredible piece of kit:

EITHER: a 5" 720p piece of hardware with phone radios, dubbed the iPhone HD (imagine how amazing that would be).

OR: the same size, running a touch-optimised version of Snow Leopard (full OS - would be amazing, would make getting a MacBook - n.b. not MacBook Pro - a very difficult decision with this as an option).

Just my two cents...

The e-ink technology in other e-readers just cannot be slapped onto a giant ipod and be competitive. Having a backlit screen will be an eye killer, not Kindle killer!

I have an iTouch ... trying to type in my username/password on that touchscreen keyboard makes me want to hurt myself ... i cannot imagine trying to type on a large touchscreen keyboard.

For now ... I think I will continue to lug around my Kindle, BB, iTouch, Macbook ... and be done with it. My purse weights about 10 lbs, but I am never bored :)

man 93 comments all stating the same thing. "a big ipod touch"

haha we get it people. you either love or hate apple. personally i love it and will be buying one when it comes out.

I love apple too. I just think they would have been better off making a "real" tablet computer instead of an enlarged iTouch with 3G capabilities.

I think apple just went the wrong way...

Theres three options, you can make a big itouch, you can make a touchpad laptop or you can try and take the best from both and get something in the middle.

I think the market would prefer a laptop made into a touchpad in a cool and usable format like apple are so able to do...rather than make an expanded itouch format.

Possible and a good way to look at it...maybe this will set a precedent for tablet makers to incorporate micro sim and data plan accessibility.

I think there will be a lot of people who get it, but it won't be me. I have been looking at tablet PCs for a while and even netbooks have more options than the iPad.

The one good thing I do see coming from this announcement is that this might open up the 3G marketplace for other devices. If AT&T can open up an unlimited data plan for $30, maybe this will mean VZW and other companies offering 5G plans for $60 will changing their pricing structure to compete. Maybe Dell, Asus, or another netbook offering could pair up with VZW or Sprint to offer something similar. Maybe even those 3G cards will have a price drop to match.

So, even though I don't think the iPad was worth all the hype, hopefully the data plans will bring forth some better offerings.

I don't think AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile are going to lower the data plans form $60 to $30... AT&T is simply equating the iPad to a mobile device and not a computer.

...But it would be nice if they did.

Forgot to mention... the "unlimited" data plan you are referring to for the iPad is limited to 5GB... just like everything else.

ill admit im a apple fanboy or whatever the fxck you want to call it but I will not be getting this. I have MCBOOK PRO and a shxtty bb storm and there is no reason why i would want or need this piece of hardware. Why would i want to spend another 30.00 for another data plan when i have it on my phone. Dont get me wrong this is a real nice piece of hardware for those that dont have a smartphone and dont have an itouch.

I feel the same way and so does everyone else, i wonder how Steve Jobs is feeling right now that the internet is lighting up their device with such harsh comments.

The presentation for the iPad is somewhat indicative of what sales for this device will be. The name "iPad" crashes to the ground with a mighty THUD! Foresight?

long time apple LOVER here, the iPad is extremely disappointing, EXTREMELY will be a huge failure. it's crazy expensive, and offers nothing more than an ipod touch, no flash video, no multitasking, it's heavy, no keyboard. sorry but $200 netbooks that offer 100gb of ram have more features than this, and you can install snow leopard on them. this device has no place for anyone.

The Keynote was a hoax. The real iPad includes multitasking, camera, thinner bezel, USB and Mac OS X. Ping me when Jobs takes the stage again

I don't want one. I just don't have a need or want for it now. I like new things to be out for a while before I buy them.

Now I will say that I will be buying a few the day they come out. As soon as I buy them I am going to list them on EBAY. I always do well selling that must have gaget to people that think they just have to have it right away.They are willing to pay 3 times as much some times just to tell friends they got it 1st. I have no problem helping them do that.

I am indifferent to Apple; I neither dislike nor especially love them - they're just a company like any other. I do respect their ingenuity and I trust their products. They made a really innovative product with the iPod, and I will never be without one. But this? There is simply no innovation behind the iPad. People have already covered most of the shortcomings ad nauseum, but to repeat, it doesn't fit anywhere. I have my laptop at work and at home for regular tasking. For those times when I am on the toilet seat, in the bus, in the kitchen, having sex, eating at a restaurant, at the movies etc., I have my Blackberry. I can tolerate the tiny screen because it is a necessary evil inherent with a portable design.

This thing is over-sized, and does not offer the portability of a smart phone. Nor does it offer the versatility of a laptop. But the real mistake they've made is with the price tag. Gadget collectors like myself can usually talk themselves into buying a device, given time. But with a price tag like that, I would talk myself hoarse before I submit, and buy this thing. It is the same mistake that Amazon made with Kindle, which is even cheaper. I want a Kindle, my brother wants a Kindle, my ex-room mate wants a Kindle, 5 of my friends want a Kindle, the homeless guy that haunts my apartment said he wants one for reading the New York Times, but none of us would shell out $300 for one. The price is excessive for the expected comforts and privileges of owning one. Although it has enjoyed quite a bit of success, there is no doubt in my mind that it would have been far more successful if it were far more accessible. Financially speaking, of course.

And now Apple introduces this inflatable raft at the same price that one can purchase a nice laptop? Surely an oversight...

Apple is going after google. This is about software. Its running iphone os. Its not so different then googles os for there phones or netbooks. In a few months new os will be out. And then we will see what happens. Lol. :)

This will be THE laptop in no time flat. Add a couple of usb ports and a micro sd crad slot and bang they are in business. For those that will need it for business add a stylish desk stand to hold it securely upright and a bluetooth mouse and fold-able bluetooth keyboard and BOB's your uncle. In five years easy Apple will OWN the laptop market with this idea, wait and see.

I knew this was going to be a flop. Why the hell would anyone need a 10 inch iPod??? It wont be a successful replacement with a laptop, you cant bring it in your pocket, it cant even FUNCTION as a laptop, I dont understand why people are getting hyped up about these stupid tablets!!! They're all a waste of money!!! Well Im happy Apple put out a POS product like this. Now we can make fun of them more. Lol. Looks like iFail users wont be getting multi-tasking for a while.

I can't belive that it took Steve Jobs 2 years to put a 10 inch screen on an iPhone...

When will the apple-hype machine finally run it's course? When will people understand that they hold out on people just to start the rhoumor mill and hype up their "new groundbreaking products" that actually arn't that amazing at all... iPhones are cool dont get me wrong, but this is hardly what I was expecting.

I have a Storm, a 120 gig classic, and a sony vaio laptop. I'm good.

How am I supposed to use this thing unless im laying in bed/on couch with my legs bent? Am I gonna hold it up the whole time so I can see it? No. Am I gonna mount it to my windsheild? No. Am I gonna buy one? No.

Apple needs to get off thier high horse and join the rest of the manufacturers in trying to create something actually revolutionary.

My favorite was when they released Voice Control in iPhone OS 3... I had voice dialing on my Sony Ericsson T616 like... 7 years ago? However Apple thought this was soooooo crazy that they made their own TV ad for it. Come on.

I'm grabbing this in february, it will be a great accesory for my mac when im on the go and still want to browse and watch movies while traveling.

It astonishes me just how uninivative this thing is.

At the least, it needs a stand built it, so that you can at least put it on a table or something and watch video on it.

I genuinely can't imagine how people are going to try and type anything extensive on this, which pretty much negates the only real difference between the touch and this thing.

I am stuck in a world full of iPhone lovers with their macbooks and even they think that this is junk.

And seriously, what the hell is up with the press when they started screaming about how it'll be the best thing ever ever ever ever ever and will revolutionize our lives BEFORE they even saw it.

Hypehypehype and no goddam product.

at least with the I-phone you can type with both thumbs... maybe its a 2 person experience, one can hold the pad while the other browses. Maybe they should rename it the we-pad

What a complete waste. All that power and you still can't multitask. It literally is a big iphone considering it is running iphone software 3.2.

What a complete waste. All that power and you still can't multitask. It literally is a big iphone considering it is running iphone software 3.2.

It could be a great device, but I'm still confused as to who would buy it. If you are an Apple fan, odds are that you already have an Iphone or imac. Then, there really is no use for an ipad. I would definitely use an Iphone over this. It doesn't seem that portable to me. Watching movies on it will be a blast though. But that is the only positive that I see. I definitely wouldn't pay the money for it. But it still looks cool.

I love my blackberry and am glad the company uses them! I grew up using the Palm pilot and even had the original Treo's for the longest time... The upgrade to the Blackberry came as the company began issuing them to us... As a self proclaimed tech geek I have to say I am amazed with the iPad. I can't believe it took me over 2 years to get my first iPod touch, but love it... I'm not convinced that I would like an iPhone over the Blackberry since I like the keyboard on the blackberry and am not the biggest fan of the small iPod touch or iPhone touch keyboard...

However... The iPad looks awesome and definitely would be a cool e-book reader! I'm shocked at the price point and was willing to spend up to $1000... I'm impressed with the battery life.. However, I don't believe the 10 hour claim and believe that the 10 hour claim might be if the device was on but nothing was running etc... If the device could get 6 hours with music, videos, apps, and internet I would be satisfied... I believe the iPod touch battery life sucks! If I played any games, it would die in 2 hours...

The price starting at $499 is great... The pricing for the internet service through AT&T (sucks) is pretty fair.. $15 or $30... Definitely a bit better than I thought...

Having not camera sucks! I hope it will also hook up to an LCD TV to run videos etc... Although I have a PS3 which I believe is the ultimate / essential home entertatinment device... It does it all... And so expandable with any USB device... Love it!

I'm hoping to learn more about the iPad... But my first thoughts are this will be awesome!

Where is the memory? 820 bucks for 64 gigs? No thanks! This is crap! I would have used it to put my movies and t.v shows but this thing has too low memory. If it was 240 gigs of memory and 500 bucks I would be in but not this crap! And then they ae making versions with even less memory? What a joke!

I think the iPad could be a very interesting piece of hardware except for a few things, it's missing multi-tasking, flash support and cameras (should have front and rear). How in the world are you supposed to be able to validly use the iWork applications if you can't multi-task. Working along on my document, lalala, maybe I will check my email...oops, there went my document. Seriously, it's a huge iPod touch. Add multi tasking and allow apps to be freer, more like the Macbook. It should definitely have a webcam like macbooks and a normal camera ala iPhone. Really surprised that there is no flash in the browser......exactly how is it a better web experience except for the screen size? Ubuntu netbook still wins. It has potential, but needs a few years.

they'll sell a boatload of them to businesses and educational programs. Doubt I'll have one. . .but you never know.

So much hype! I think Apple makes great products, but it gets tiring to hear the company continually pump themselves up and present their products like they are new inventions. The fanbois (my cousin is one of worst) are spewing all over themselves when the fact is I've owned and used a much more powerful tablet for 3 years now. I even have some digital textbooks on it.

Why the hell couldn't they have just gone with iSlate like everyone expected. Somewhere in Apple's head office is a guy name I. C. Weiner.

So... I have to pay almost twice as much as my Kindle, pay a monthly data fee, and books are more expensive? (sarcasm)Sounds like a great ebook reader! Sign me up!(/sarcasm)

Seriously though, this really let me down. I was hoping for a good Apple tablet. I ended up seeing a large iPod Touch. Yes, it has some cool features(see Engadget's video with the photo albums... that is pretty darn nifty) but overall it's like a really weak netbook offering. It doesn't do flash or multitasking. It's stuck on AT&T's already overtaxed 3G network, and I really don't see the point.

I thought Apple was supposed to be innovative and forward thinking. Seems to me that all they do now is tiny baby-steps forwards. Apple is definitely overhyped and I refuse to buy this or anything else they currently sell.

So...a $500 - $800 photo viewer that doesn't have a way to get the photos directly from your camera (no USB, SD, CF, etc.) MMMmmm sounds like FAIL to me.

Ha.. it's just a big Ipod Touch... Just a way of them milking the Ipod apps.. No innovation what-so-ever.. Lately Apple has done very little in terms on innovation and just seems to be milking the "Iphone platform" First the Touch and now the Pad..

I love this thing because now I won't have to get an iPhone for the better browsing/multimedia/cool apps experience. I can now read the new york times in the toilet without swearing at the BB browser all the time.

I've never owned an Apple product before except an iPod 3 years ago, but this is a really good product. I see lots of anti-iPhone sentiment here in the comments which is really not being objective. This is not BB Vs iPhone.

Sitting on the couch and googling just got much better too :))

actually no it didn't, $200 netbooks browse better because they offer flash and multitask, sorry but "sitting on the couch and browsing" actually just got worse

I agree katiepea .. I have a laptop for browsing and a custom 10 Terabyte HD space with 16 gigs of ram hooked to a 50 in TV for my couch surfing.. and that cost me 800 bucks to build... Why will I spend 800 bucks on this limited POS..

To make the experience even remotely tolerable, you'd have to buy the $800 spec'ed version, then buy a keyboard dock, a "camera connector kit" WTF?, a SD connector kit. You're looking at spending over $1000. For 200 more, you can have a 13" mac Pro that is 100x the device this boat anchor is (optical drive, USB, webcam, multitouch trackpad, SD slot, and better screen). And only takes up an inch or two more in whatever douchey fanny pack you're disgracing the subway with.

Jobs. Your last creation is very limited. You should have left on a high. The apple sheep will get it but I bet in 1 month it will be collecting dust. Maybe the media hyped it up beyond what could be delivered but any way blackberry still rules.

IPad? Really? Who came up with the name? A huge company like apple and the best they can do is make it sound like an elentronic feminine hygiene product?

I am unable to access my text messaging. I have been texting and receiving since I bought the phone on Saturday, but late today when I clicked on texting application, it did nothing.
Thank you,
Judi Addison

Why would you want a monitor without a keyboard? I mean its the size of a laptop, maybe not as thick but I would take an extra inch for all the funtionality of a laptop or netbook. I think its dumb!

So much for a a cheap alternative to a macbook. those a-holes.
If i wanted this crap i'd buy an ipod touch. instead i'll look at saving an entire THOUSAND dollars for their lowest end macbook. price point apple, learn from your shuffle c*cks.

Didn't take long for the Hitler video to be done!

After sleeping on the thought of the Ipad, another thought occurred to me. Productivity wise - Iphone/BB you can grip the phone with both hands but leaving both of your thumbs able to type quite freely and very efficiently...well I type pretty quickly on my BB anyways.

How would you do that on this tablet say if you were standing or even sitting on the train. If you lay it on your lap you will have to literally be bent over double to type au naturel with two hands, or cradle it and type with one. Not sure about you guys but just trying to type on a full sized keyboard with one hand is pretty horrible.

Plus the accessories you get with it don't lend themselves to much to help with that situation either...

Ohh shit, even the huge Apple fans over at the site you linked to in the OP are hating on it, HARD hating! Everyone hates it! Wow. lol.

We've all seen futuristic movies where everyone carries some kind of device that does everything seemlessly. A phone call arrives and somebodies face pops up on your screen. You can see what your kids are doing at any moment, your boss knows you're not really sick.....this thing is just Apple flexing a muscle to make more money.

All this technology is making our society lazy and weak. The movie Wall-E had a realistic depiction of what humans will become in the future. Not for me.

I think this device is gonna revolutionize the classroom. Can you just picture students carrying just their ipad to class. Taking notes while doing research on its magnificent web browser,having their textbooks on ibook available for reading anytime? instead of having to lug laptops here and there. I personally think it would be a great tool to have in the classroom and especially with its reduced price i see it becoming the new 'notepad'and its going to be a favorite for college students.

I will wait until the third edition to come out to really think about buying one. By then Apple will have compiled all the comments good and bad. Then you will see a true powerful iPhone/Mac computer. Yes, price will deside if I look hard at buying one then.

Buying a Netbook and an iPod touch?

No thanks, I'll take the little computer and the itouch thank you very much. Why would I want a device that offers some of the features of both of these devices while at the same time not offering the best features of either?

iPad? Why not just call it "iTampon?" Bad on the marketing side, but I feel this could have been something more if Apple had just spent more time looking at what this could be. Wrong time to release, but I think people were expecting OS 4.0 or something else. This has no "Wow" factor unlike other Apple releases.

No, it is not an iPod and no it is not a laptop computer. The way I see it, this is aimed squarely at Kindle. I give kudos to Apple for a solid attempt to change the paradigm again.

Apple has already nailed the electronic distribution of music, movies, TV shows, and mobile applications. This is their step in addressing one big unaddressed market: packaged 2D media (i.e. newspapers, books, and magazines).

Kindle sucks. Seriously - it's black and white and looks like crap. And that has been the market's best answer so far.

This is a device that will allow me to buy books and magazines and read them with relative enjoyment. Here are what I see where Apple did well this the iPad:

* cellular connectivity - Being able to buy books and magazines wherever I am is key to electronic distribution.
* beautiful color screen - Part of the beauty of magazines and books is the packaging. Glossy pictures, layout, crisp fonts are all part of the experience. The iPad nails this in spades.
* touchscreen w/ SDK - Giving ability to the media producers to extend their offerings with customized programmable features may lead to a far richer 2D media consumption experience.

This is where Apple went wrong with the iPad:

* I have to pay for cellular connectivity. The cost of the data for my media should be included in the price of the media. I don't want another monthly plan that overcharges me for data.
* $500?!!? The cost should be subsidized with advertisements.
* The eBook page flipping sucks. Just like the Newton's handwriting sucked and like the iPhone's keyboard sucks, Steve Jobs' obsession with the finger swipe is just a terrible UI decision. Single-touch page flipping and quickly jumping to a page should be so much more intuitive than it is in the iPad.

I'm usually an Apple skeptic, but this is a bold move on their part. The biggest problem I see is they didn't get the economic model right. They could get it right on the next try, though.

I got a TV, I got a computer, I got a bberry, what else could I need? Bberry does all i need and more, computer is for when bberry battery is dead and TV is just for, well, not sure now.........

I like the fact that it's a tablet and you can run apps on it. BUT I own a Kindle DX so i don't see the reason for it unless you want to see Apps on a larger screen. The price for WI-FI + 3G is outrageous. Good Luck apple, You're going to need it on that one


I can't WAIT to get an iPad!!! Of course, I'm a bit of a gadgethead, so it really appeals to me, and I'm also a Mac user, so that just sweetens the deal. :)

haha i can't believe they actually thought that through and still thought it was a good idea. not to mention they ripped fujitsu as well! come on now

Ipad vs. Kindle? its really up to amazon. if they promote things correctly, they will get accross the message that there is a kindle app for ipad, and that kindle content (at least bestsellers) will probably be cheaper than ibooks content. so they will do well on content.
in terms of the kindle device itself, sales will decrease but the device will not be "killed". why?
1. the battery life of 10 hours for the ipad is a fantasy. going on a flight etc you are better off saving your ipad battery life and using the kindle. radio off the kindle has amazing battery life.
2. ebooks live or die for many of us by the similarity of the reading experience to holding a well bound paperback. the kindle is much lighter and can be held in one hand.

meh, its a giant ipod touch says it all...I can understand some people wanting it and i'm sure it'll do great with apple fanatics however, give some new styling SOMETHING it literally is a IPhone on least looks wise

I heard Maxi is going to come out with a new pad as well and they say it's going to have wings for added wetness protection and comfort. Long story short...this is a luxury item that is caught in limbo between a itouch and a macbook. It really doesn't have a place.

im tired of hearing about this giant ipod touch thingy maggiger where you might as well buy a laptop because you can set the thing down because of its curved back and you HAVE TO BUY the keyboard dock thing for it.... its useless.... just another over-priced apple product being overhyped. the end. long live BB and windows!