CrackBerry Poll: What are the top THREE things you plan on using your BlackBerry PlayBook for?

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Apr 2011 01:49 pm EDT

Back when the iPad 2 was nearing it's official launch, our friends at ran a poll asking their readers what they currently used their iPads for. On that poll you could select as many answers as you wanted, so the results were fairly well spread out as you could imagine, though web browsing, email and casual gaming took top spots.

As we near the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook, I've been wondering myself as to how I'm going to work the PlayBook into my daily routine. I've had both an iPad and iPad 2 since they became available, and on Apple's tablets have mainly found myself using them for around-the-home or on-an-airplane killing time use... some relaxed web browsing while watching tv, some casual gaming (curse that Angry Birds!) and probably my favorite thing to do on the iPad is read books via the Kindle app or browse magazines (Watch Time has a great iPad edition). The smaller 7" size of the PlayBook has me thinking it'll be a device I take with me out of the house on a much more regular basis, and as such I can't help but wonder if my usage patterns will change and what they will be? If I have the PlayBook with me when I'm away from my home or office, I can actually see myself doing a lot of productivity work on it and also using the device for a lot more things as it'll simply be with me that much more. 

So I'm sure you'll do a LOT of things on your BlackBerry PlayBook, but what I think will make this poll most interesting is knowing what you think your top THREE uses of the PlayBook will be. You can select up to three options on the poll above before you cast your vote. And once the PlayBook is on the market for a little bit we'll run this poll again to see how actual use compares to perceived use. 

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CrackBerry Poll: What are the top THREE things you plan on using your BlackBerry PlayBook for?


Easy one.

1) Sketching / drawing. An absolute must for me as I'm getting into design.

2) On-the-go productivity. To have my Microsoft Office in my pocket (jacket?) at all times, and the ability to deliver presentations instantly.

3) Development. I'll be doing a lot more with this little baby... definitely working my way through to the possibility of extending my production setup with the BlackBerry PlayBook for software development.


Blackberry Bridge, Development, and productivity. If only a mechanical keyboard could be attached :(

On a side note, google is the devil, and I'm going to the 'deep south' (<- little nicky reference)

I love that movie! "Popeyes Chicken's f##ken awesome!" Maybe RIM should go into hardware since people seem to love their keyboards so much. Keyboards.

On topic, I don't even own a BB yet but would prolly use for music and movies (to plug into my tv or something like a touch screen media centre), brief web browsing and BBM/emails

How to pick 3??? There was at least 9 that i really wanted to pick that i plan on doing on a fairly regular basis... bb bridge, browsing, videos, reading, office apps, music, photos, casual gaming and social networking.

I totally forgot about video chatting..but i'm probably do some of that. I have a friend moving to europe so it would be a great way to communicate. Obviously do this at way am i video chatting outdoors.

I find that i don't use my ipad outside of the house. Like Kevin, I'd hope to think this device would be with me all the time eventually replacing my ipad.

Hopin' that RIM enables USB OTG soon, so I can use it to exchange data with colleagues at conferences, as well as to load and display photos from my DSLR memory card to edit, e-mail, and show to clients in the field.

The one thing I don't see myself doing is listening to music. The smaller BlackBerry that I always have in my pocket is going to do a much better job with that.

Suggestion?Question: Can you make these survey results dynamically show up ordered by most picked to least picked? It makes looking at the results that much more easy/obvious...

You forgot one: adobe connect

I cast my votes, but if you ask me after I've used my PlayBook for a few weeks my answers will probably change dramatically.

Now that I've won a playbook (Thanks BerryReview!!) I'll be using it mostly for web browsing and document editing, probably also for the bridge.

Social Network is higher on the list than enterprise?

But I think that probably has more to do with the types that visit the site than what the real world numbers might be. Not a knock just an observation.

Although it's kinda covered in the Movies/Video section, the PlayBook is actually going to be the best video camera that I have. I'm looking forward to using it for that among several other things.

Playbook is so powerful, it can process morethan 3 application at the same time,
01. office works [excel, word, presentation, pdf ]
02. video chat [ym, skype, msn]
03. web browsing [news channels, crackberry, blackberry, berryreview]
04. social networking [facebook]
05. hardcore gaming [need for speed, quake]
06. watching movies
07. music
08. picture editing and manipulation [photoshop, funphotor, scrapbook from TAT]
09. email [microsoft outlook from web, yahoo mail, gmail, msn mail]
10. photos, picture taking and video recording
11. casual gaming [tetris and more]

If I had a playbook I plan on using it on eBay to be sold and bought something worth the money. And no an iPad2 is not worth the money either.

Funny that GPS hasn't been mentioned at all. I think the PlayBook would make an awesome big screen GPS and would be much more versatile than those stand alone units that they sell for cars right now. You have PB mounted in on your dashboard and it'll make for an incredible all-in-one device for a car...

As a blogger is will be great for staying connected while I'm on the treadmill working out. I can keep tabs on breaking news and keep in touch with contacts and know when i need to hop off and post new material. can't wait

Once I've checked out the video recording capabilities of this device I'll probably end up buying one for use with my band. I think it would be awesome to have one of these in our jam space and upload all sorts of videos.

Regardless I think I'll buy it to primarily use it for the band's social networking.

Looking forward to trying this bad boy out!