CrackBerry Poll: What accessories are you going to buy for your BlackBerry PlayBook?

BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2011 12:21 pm EST

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Ten days ago we saw some slides leak out that showed the names and suggested pricing of cases and other accessories for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. Things have been making progress since then as our e-commerce team has begun receiving their ordering info for getting BlackBerry PlayBook accessories in stock. With the demand for the BlackBerry PlayBook and accessories looking to be pretty huge, you'll want to keep your eyes glued to ShopCrackBerry as we start getting more and more PlayBook-specific accessories into the store and make them available for pre-order. Pre-ordering will put you at the front of the line so that when items arrive in stock and we start shipping that you'll be the first to receive them. And with free shipping on orders of $50 or more (Continental US) and pricing below MSRP, it makes sense to order online in advance vs. buying in store when you pick up your PlayBook.

PlayBook Accessories Poll: With the PlayBook being an all new genre of BlackBerry device, we're curious to see what accessories are going to be your must-haves. A case for protection? A bluetooth keyboard for easy typing? A charging dock? Something else? Vote on the poll above and let us know in the comments.

PlayBook Accessory Contest: Drop a comment to this post letting us know what PlayBook-specific accessory you want (based on the ones we already have in store available for pre-order) and you can win it! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

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CrackBerry Poll: What accessories are you going to buy for your BlackBerry PlayBook?



I'm so excited for the release I can't wait and for sure a case is the first of many accessories that I will be buying!

I just want a release date at this point in time! I'm starting to get tired of waiting for this thing to come out....

For sure a case but which one. I NEED to get a playbook in my hands then decide which case looks and feels the best.

Really hope I get one of these, not sure yet, waiting on work to let me know if I am getting one or not. If not I will have to convince my wife that we have to have one.

How about some reasonable shipping to places OTHER than the continental US? I'd buy more from Shop Crackberry, but the shipping is almost always the same price as anything I'd buy.

oh man that OtterBox Case for BlackBerry PlayBook looks SWEET! or that skin case or charger stand! dibs on all , thanks!

I'd trade my girlfriend of 3 years TODAY for a Playbook.......Yes, it's that serious.

With that said, OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry cuz I know she's gonna try to break it once i get it

i am totally buying an awesome bright orange case for my new awesome playbook the second i get it!! :D

I'm gunna need a screen protector and body armor. Its gunna be in my truck but the little bit I'm gunna need to use it as a presenter its going to need some added durability. Even though I hope it doesn't happen it maybe dropped so I need some of the fall shock absobed.

Not one of them, I am not getting the Playbook. Sorry to be a pill, it answers a question I have never asked. Everybody else, enjoy it.

BTW, what do you all do to be able to spring for such a thing and all the toys? As far as I can tell, the economy is in the toilet.

All of the Above! But if i had to choose an order:
1.) Defender Case
2.) Keyboard
3.) Rapid Charge Stand
4.) Car Dash Mount

Didn't See ON CB, but would need:
5.) HDMI out cable

Would take a keyboard over anything else.

I hope someone makes a mouse for the PlayBook, to make using the PlayBook (while in a stand) seem just like a computer. The mouse would put a pointer on the screen and would have two buttons--the left would act just like your finger touching the screen and the right would open menus. A bluetooth keyboard could have a slide-out touchpad, like a laptop. I'm sure these will all be options. I haven't even browsed the accessories yet. May even have this already.

I'd like the charging stand. I'll get a case too but with so many to choose from I'd like to choose that for myself.

I have to say..... hmmmm... do you know when you are getting these accessories??? Do you know something about the Playbook release date that you are not telling us??? :D

Definately need an otterbox case. 4 kids all under six. The last thing I want is to have waited for so long and have them use it as a placemat for snacks. I love em' but this is a playbook. Hopefully we can enjoy it together for a long time.

I would definitely buy a case first. The rapid charger and bluetooth keyboard I don't think are as important.

Having had a little experience with the iPad, a stand with external speakers for the Playbook is a must particularly if you are watching video or other programming.

I'd love a case for it. Big trip from Florida to S. Africa coming up in september, So i plan on having it ready to go with apps and all by then...

I want that rapid charging stand. I'm sure I'll be draining that battery super fast with all the plying I'll be doing.

I can't wait to get a case and an extra charger for it so I can use it at work! I cannot wait for the playbook to come out!

I'd love one of the rapid charging stands - Waiting on one of the Hard Shells as seen at the CES Booth

Sign me up! I would definitly love the Otterbox case for my new BB Playbook that I am going to buy on release day!!!!

The Otterbox Defender Series Case looks out of this world! That is what I want...Looks like the ultimate protection kit for the Playbook and it is a must have for all Playbook users. You know where you first saw it...big up Crackberry!!! Another job well done!

I would eventually get at least a case and/or skin, rapid charging pod, keyboard, and a few charging adapters for home/office/car use. But I just need the dang thing to be announced and get in my HANDS ASAP!!!!!!

I like the look of the Otterbox case. With their known performance, I would expect it to protect my PB from any harm.

I will get the case first, especially one which can let you stand it at an angle. Must be sturdy enough so you can type while standing at angel.

I would love the charging stand, but case has to be the first purchase! I can't imagine stuffing my PlayBook in my bag without a case!

I think all you need is a case. You can (hopefully) use your BB as the keyboard and I wont be using it as an alarm clock so a charging dock isn't really needed.

I don't see the accessories on the CrackBerry store yet - but regardless, I definitely will be picking up a leather envelope case and the rapid charge/presentation stand!!!

First accessory I am going to buy will be a case because I don't want to damage my lovely new playbook, when I it comes out.

The Case with multi-positions, and for sure the bluetooth keyboard for college!!!!

I plan on getting a playbook as soon as they come out on the market!!!

I'm getting a Otterbox defender. I use them on all my phones and I'm sure the PB model will work as great as all the others have.

I have been waiting for this for so long. Can't wait to get one in my hands. Of course will need the Rapid Charging Stand.

I can not express how excited i am about the playbook coming out, since i am with sprint i will just have to bear the wait til summer and get the 4G version
accessory need and must have will be the charging stand, that way i can put "bedside" and have a nice alarm clock, radio, or video player by my side and all my blackberry info at the touch of a button, whether i win or not is moot, but am so excited about the playbook and all that it can do right out of the box

These accessories look great! I voted for the Rapid Charging Stand. Mostly because I am impatient. Going nut's just waiting for the PB!!!
My friend works for QNX. Really excited for this!

I'd get all of the essentials but instead of the otterbox, i'd get a leather case...looks more professional even though i'd be using it more for play than work.

the day it's available for LTE i'll grab one, plus the charging station, and maybe an otter box product. they make the best protectve cases for blackberry's anyways., hook a fellow crackberrian enthusiast up!

I'd love for this tablet to work with a BT mouse. I already have a keyboard.. and a mouse would just make this epic! Add flash to the equation and a dose of Android apps.. what's the point of getting an android device?

Gotta get that suction cup for the front car windshield, Maps of course never would I video skype and drive.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry PlayBook would be a great accessory to my Playbook. Thanks Crackberry. You ROCZ!!!

What would be great is if they made a hybrid case with a keyboard that could be attached securely while still remaining removable. That would be amazing for me.

How about just getting us a release date Kevin. Why buy accessories with no release date in sight.

Holy cow!!! That Otterbox Case is friggin' GREAT! It still keeps the PB as a nice and clean profile while providing all of that nice protection.

Yeah, put me down for an Otterbox Case please.

Thank you once again! =)

PlayBook accessories:
1. Rapid Charger Stand (for office) - this one is for the contest if I am chosen

Other options in priority order:
2. Convertible Case
3. Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
4. Rapid Charger Stand (2nd for home)

Of course this is all budget ($’s permitting) driven.

Definitely the Otterbox defender case! But the charging stand looks nice too. Hmmmm. How bouts one of each!?

i won't be purchasing any accessories because im convinced the playbook will never be released to the public. makes me sad because i dont think i've ever wanted a piece of tech as much as i want this :(

I can't wait for this to hit the market as well. I think I would probably take advantage of the charging stand more than anything. That would make it a option to sit on my desk and use it while working - same thing I do with my Tour (and it's charging cradle).

After 2 years of my Blackberry being incased in an Otterbox defender. I would have to say I would choose the Otterbox Defender case for the Playbook. Everytime I take my phone out of the case for an occassional wipe down, I am amazed that phone still looks like the day I opened the box! The case has saved me many times as I have dropped it many times including the infamous "Drop Kicking" of phone. Drop Kicking: When one is slightly under the influence at a bar and drops their phone and then bends over to pick up and unintentionally kicks the phone to the otherside of bar under the stool that big biker guy sits with hairy arms and tattoos of a skull that says"I Kill You". At least with the Playbook Otterbox Defender case, I may actually be able to deflect his punches next time.

Man i don't care about any accessory.....just get the device in my hand RIM. Please! I am in dire need of a new gadget.

I guess i'll take a case for it though ha ha

Every morning I get up first thing I do I visit for any launch date news......Ohh forgot to mention I dreamed I am playing with BB Playbook the other day.....Pls release that magic devide soon.I will buy all the accessory with it.

That rapid charger is nice, but I'd get a longer life battery for it as soon as it's available. Always had extended batteries on all my cel phones and BlackBerrys. I'll take the charger for now, though....

I will get a case. Would be nice if they come out with a case that has a keyboard built in like some thatIi have seen for other tablets.

Why would anyone pre-order accessories for the Playbook when they don't even know when the thing is coming out. It could be another 6 months.

Bluetooth keyboard for sure, hated typing on the iPad and no way it's going to get any better on a smaller screen.

all of the above!
Playbook is going to be used often so here is my shopping list in order of priority.
1. otterbox Case
2. bt Keyboard
3. Charging Stand
4. zipper case for when otter is to much
5. 2nd charger for office
6. HDMI cable
7. 2nd playbook for my wife

I really want the rapid charging dock!

Love using the charging dock for my Bold, so I'm sure I will love the PB dock too =)

Honestly since I'm quietly saving up for the playbook, I might as well put some extra money aside for the case, charger and keyboard. Might as well snap it all up in one shot.

Since the Playbook accessories are not listed on the Crackberry Canada site, I can only assume there is a concerted effort to exclude us.

Kevin...have you lost touch with your roots?

In any event, I'd be all over the OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry PlayBook. Then maybe the Charging Stand.

I would definitely get a skin for it, something not too think because I want to be able to carry it in my coat pocket.

I won a free IPad from a raffle at work, but would rather get the PlayBook! The first purchase for everyone should be some sort of case.

Gotta either go with the BlackBerry Zip Sleeve for PlayBook or the BlackBerry Rapid Charging Stand for PlayBook. I think either compliments the playbook well.

With the HDMI out and 802.11N, the Playbook is essentually a HTPC. The first thing I'll be getting is something to connect it to my tv!

I really want the OtterBox Defender. I had one for my Storm 2, which I loved, and when I accidentally put it through the wash and got a Bold 9650, I got a Defender for that, too. I have literally thrown my phone at the wall to prove how tough the case was, and of course nothing happened. I love OtterBox's cases.

Well I'm guessing the Playbook will come witha travel charger so I'll leave that alone. First, the rapid charging stand, then a leather sleeve. Oh, and cables. Actually, that's the order I will check them off because it will all be in the first order. Lol...

I'm excited for the Playbook to launch. What'd I'd want most would have to be between the Rapid Charging Stand and the OtterBox case. I like how the stand is built into the back of the case. It's a great design element. And I love how the OtterBox case on my phone has saved me several times over. The rapid charge stand is convenient, useful and shows off the device.

It's a close race, but in a pinch I'd probably have to go to with the rapid charging stand over the OtterBox, just to see what other cases come out for it first. Though, more than likely, I'd end up getting both long term.

1) Defender Case
2)3mPrivacy filter(I hope they will have one )
3.) Rapid Charge Stand
4.) Locking mount(still looking for one)
5.) wireless presenter (if compatiable)

No doubt in my mind it would be the Rapid Charging Station. I have a spot for it on my desk just waiting, cash is ready for ther Playbook, just need the release of the item before we all have our heads explode from the wait and the hype.

Please enough already, as so many others have said......release the Playbook........

I would get a case and the bluetooth keyboard. I think these are essential items for the playbook in the business world.

I would get a case right away because every time i wait to get one i drop my devices. Then im sad for the rest of the day lol

I'd want a case with a micro SD/SDHC slot card reader and built in stand. That would be the bomb!

/wow, haven't used that saying in forever

I'll buy the OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry Rapid Charging Stand for PlayBook from the CB store if I win!

The case and the keyboard for SURE. Likely a rapid charging stand as well, if its compatible with the case.

I'll need some sort of protection for it. A new skin or screen protection of some sort. Doesn't matter what it is as long as she is protected!

OtterBox Defender case that doubles as stand. Would be great for using playbook in the field and on the road!

Would love to have with a keyboard after working with an ipad with keyboard. Love the portability andI love the otterbox defender cases.

I will definitely buy a case for sure and possibly other accessories. I want to win the free BB Playbook! Please choose me (please, please).