CrackBerry Poll: Steve Jobs says 7" is too small... for a tablet. What do you think?

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Oct 2010 12:19 pm EDT
 oh Steve

Seriously. I probably own more Apple products than the average hardcore Apple fanboy, and despite being BlackBerry addict #1 still have a lot of respect for Apple and Steve Jobs. That dude is smart. But at the same time, I'm starting to think he's getting a little crotchety in his old age. Between antennagate and yesterday's Apple earnings call, El Jobso is making a habit out of really smack talking on the competition, which is a bit tactless and classless if you ask me (besides, that's what Smartphone Experts podcasts are for!).

If you missed what was said, jump on over to our sibling site for the blow by blow (Steve on Google's openness, Steve on RIM, Steve on 7" tablets, live earnings call notes). Long story short, Jobs said RIM is going to have to fundamentally reinvent themselves if they want to catch up to the momentum Apple and Google have. I don't disagree with that, but I do think QNX is that reinvention and the BlackBerry PlayBook is the first product of what I like to think of as the new RIM. But Steve even harped on the PlayBook (indirectly) by bashing all 7" tablets. Steve's argument is that while you may think a 7" tablet should offer 70% of the experience of a 10", it doesn't - it's more like 45% because of the diagonal measure. Steve says for a great app experience you need 10 inches, and that simply increasing resolution of a 7" tablet isn't the answer. Steve's conclusion on 7" tablets is that he feels they're all going to arrive DOA and that manufacturers will be learning the hard way that they need to make a 10" tablet for round 2. Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Steve? :)

While I don't disagree with Steve's logic on why a physically bigger screen is better, I do disagree in his thinking that a device like the PlayBook is doomed before it starts. I think RIM is doing a smart thing by labeling the the BlackBerry PlayBook as the first Professional Tablet. Put it this way - the only time my iPad leaves my house is when I'm traveling and going to be stuck on a plane for a few hours, because the thing is too big to carry around with me (not to mention I still feel like a douche bag to pull it out in public). With the PlayBook small enough to slide into my inside coat pocket, I think it'll get a lot more play. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the iPad, so I'm really curious and hopeful that the BlackBerry PlayBook delivers a compelling user experience. I have high expectations for what RIM had better deliver in the PlayBook.

Since when has RIM ever been about making only one form factor of product? RIM is all about choice. Just look at their lineup of form factors for BlackBerry Smartphones. With the PlayBook hardware finalized, wouldn't it be safe to assume RIM is already laying the design work for another tablet? Maybe a bigger one for consumers since the first one at 7" has been christened as a professional tablet? Doing the professional tablet first gives RIM time to build up their QNX app catalog, so it's full of apps for when a 10" PlayBook 2 (or whatever they call it) gets announced. It's not that RIM is making a mistake in building a 7" tablet. It's that they're starting off by differentiating themselves in a way that will allow them to carve out a niche and capitilize on their historical strengths, and from there will broaden out their product offering.

Anyways, vote where you stand on the size matters issue above, and sound off in the comments!

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CrackBerry Poll: Steve Jobs says 7" is too small... for a tablet. What do you think?


apple have to take the stance that they are right, but they cant do any more, if they go bigger then they will eat into their macbook market, and smaller into the ipod market, RIM dont have to worry as they dont have an existing product line holding them back.

and RIM never said they wouoldnt go bigger, what if they 7" is enterprise and they released a 10 as consumer, best of both worlds

Just because the iPad is 10" doesn't mean all other "tablets" have to be that size. The Playbook seems to be a nice size for a device that you want to have with you at all times.

Jobs has got to stop w/ the mud-slinging. Apple is not the end-all-be-all product line of the planet. From the first time I touched an iPad, I complained about its size, the weight, and awkward "mobility".

The reveal of the Samsung and the Playbook has really excited consumers. For Jobs try and convince that the junk he's peddling now is the product "FOR YOU", is insulting. It is a bit used-care-salesman-ish. (yes, there's a tone in that statement)

Anyway, the iPad is doomed to obsolecence in a matter of months. Jobs thought he had another untouchable w/ this product and is sorely mistaken. The small personal electronics market is growing at an alarming rate and apple's competition is ready to more that take their share of that market, 7 inches at a time if needed.

I believe that a 10 inch pad is too big. 5 and a half to about 8 inches is really where its at. The secret is to make it as thin as possible for the non geeks to love it, that way its also fashionable. The first "pad" that is about 7 inches, and just a few mm thick, as long as it lasts a few hours, will sell just as well as the iPad.

Yes! He's damn right about size. Don't you think 10" better than 7"?? Bigger the better! Mine is 8"...between 7 & 10.Lol

I simply hate this fuking RIM & its entire team...same shit over & over. They dont give a shit about anyone.... its all about money. Wtf is 1gz processor, dedicate RAM, at least 2gb ROM???? RIM is still living in 70's.

Not to mention....touch screen is sth out of depth for RIM. Why the fuk they want to do sth which they do not know. Leave this touch screen stuffs to Apple, Android & HTC. Stick to your guns and bring it on sth you are good at.

When did the 70's introduce the 1GHz processor??? It isn't all about having the fastest processor and the most memory. Otherwise you end up with a battery life of 10 mins, or a battery pack that you have to strap to your back to get 5 hours out of it. There is always a compromise in the portable technology world of specs:weight:battery life. Build a product that has an 10" screen processor and RAM/ROM specs out of the water for any device on the market with 10hrs of usage time on one charge and weight under 16 ounces and you will rule the industry today. Good luck

My fren....I am talking about blackberry phones...not playbook. I own bold9700 and htc hd2 monster(1ghz plus 512 ram). Hd2 lasts for 2 days for normal use. Why RIM can't make one of those?? The whole blackberry thing is outdated. I do not like touch screen and thats the reason i am using bold(not for BIS or BES). Have you heard of Emoze, Seven, Funambol???

Why the need for all the swearing?
I guess if I compared a phone made in 2009 vs. a phone made in 2010 I could find lots of differences.

How about we compare the HD2 to the Torch? If you don't like touch, why do you have the HD2?

I'm confused, what does any of this have to do with Steve Jobs? Why are you here if you hate BlackBerry?

The wording of the survey is very suggestive and the picture on called for. I find both offensive. I expect Crackberry to be on a higher level then what was posted. I usually check this daily but now will have to reconsider. I am not a prude but believe there is a place and time for everything and the comments and picture were not appropriate for this site.

Blah blah words.

The point of the survey was to be jokingly suggestive. Honestly, if you can't deal with very minor innuendo, maybe you need to reconsider using the internet.

Are you serious? I see the original Calvin decal on everything from murals to the back windows of cars and trucks. Not to mention everyone from Calvin to The Pope, along with various other characters peeing on a variety of things. I mean, really? Do you live in Amish country? If so, I'm sure there's a decal that would look good on your horseless carrage.

I have been around the blocks in the Valley, competed against NeXT.

Steve does NOT show up at a conference call by accident, he is trying to preempt or set the rules of the games of competition by using his cult-techno-god status - trust me, he it NOT a geek, he is an excellent artists and salesman.

Look at the twitter response by Andy Rubin from Google, it is a very clever poke at Job's Android comments.

Flash, Android and QNX have complicated his world-dominant plans, Google should remake the throwing-the-hammer-at-the-big-tv-screen commercials, but this time put Jobs on the screen to get smashed by the hammer.

QNX will cause IOS problems.

RIM needs to plan ahead from now, always one-up Apple on the hardware spec from now on, like always pre-announce something new just prior to a big Apple event. Say, a January intro of a 10" screen Playbook to be delivered in Q2, and then a Quad cores Cortex A15 based Playbook in April.

This will drive Steve up the wall.

The tech world needs to wake up to a new evil empire and emperor.

I would have to agree with this post completely. QNX takes the battle up to the kernel level. Job's gamble with the iPad was to use the dumbed down iPhone OS.

If you recall, before the iPad came out there pretty heavy debate whether it would run a full fledged MacOS or the iPhone OS.

Going iPhone, made it simple and probably accelerated development and adoption, but did Job paint himself into a corner?

That said, I'm sure Apple has other tricks ready.

I don't mind apple and it's products. Like Kevin I own a bunch of apple products including an ipad. But my trusty 9700 is what I spend the most time using and enjoying. Apples products aren't bad but it's Jobs arrogance that I can't take. The only thing worse are the apple fan boys who would defend it to the death.

I've never had any beef with Apple and I do give them credit for all the amazing things they've accomplished. I don't buy Apple products, however, because of 1) Jobs and his incredible arrogance and pretentiousness, and 2) Apple Fanboys (I absolutely refuse to be classified as one of them).

Jobs needs to pull his head out of his own A$$ and stop thinking that he is/was/always will be the best forever. While Jobs is obnoxious in this way, his mindless drone-like fanboys compound the issue exponentially. I haven't paid for an Apple product since my 1st Gen iPod and it'll likely stay that way as long as Jobs is running the company.

steve jos comments were totaly uncalled for and i am very surprised that a ceo of a company that large would bash its competitors during a conference call that was very disrespectful and tastless he should be ashamed and now you can say he has gone to far and prety much started a real war. and dont think for a second that google or rim cant fight back.

Steve Jobs spewing some hate for anything non-apple...So what else is new.

Apple manufactures great products, period. However Steve Jobs and his stances on adult content on his devices (he is for censoring/controlling your content), Adobe Flash (Steve doesn't own Adobe, therefor it is obviously inferior) and his overall attitude about controlling what is allowed on the devices he creates. You may have paid for the device, but he still owns it.

So of course he is going to be taking pot shots at anything deemed to be a worth competitor. Now to be fair we would have to see an unbiased head to head competition between iPad and Playbook before coming to any decisions, but the specs/feature set of the Playbook do look very, very nice.

I would prefer something that can be tucked away easily and not intrude on me as I go through my day. I feel like the iPad is actually too large. If I want something with a larger display, I'll just use a webbook or take the lap-top with me. I do agree that RIM's r&d needs to pick up the pace if they are going to survive in the upcoming market. I absolutely do not want to see RIM fail, but I admit not toting my BB with the pride I used to, knowing I don't have the baddest device in the land anymore! C'mon, RIM! We are putting our faith in you! Don't let us down!

If Rim is going to reinvent themselves they need to catch up with the apps! Everything is for iphone and now Android and BB is left in the dust! Which is why I'm jumping ship!

I especially liked the part where SJ said that RIM should ditch hardware and become a software company. I seem to remember a time when people were saying that about Apple, then they innovated and became relevant again. Not only relevant, but a leader in their market.

I think SJ sees this with the QNX OS & related platforms and is terrified. It's been so long since he's had any competition that I'm not sure he knows how to do it, which is why he chose a usually conservative earnings report to bash his competitors.

The only reason he's talking crap about RIM is coz he's scared and knows that BB is on the right track to due away with apple lol. Apples products suck and he just needs to shut the F up coz cause its getting old. What a loser instead of trying to take shots at "the other guys" he better start trying to make the lousy ipad better to even compete with the BB Playoff....which I'm sure he never will or else he would shut the F up and get to work already lol!!! Viva Blackberry!!!!!

Are just as bad as Apple fanboi's! Take a page from Jon Stewart and lay off the extremism. Blast Apple all you want WHEN YOU HAVE A PLAYBOOK IN YOUR GREASY CLAWS. Until, its alllllll just speculation

We don't have a PlayBook in our hands, nobody does! Steve Jobs was attacking the whole concept of a 7" device as if Apple looked into it, decided it didn't work, and is now decreeing for anyone else that tries it that it CANNOT work. Screw him.

Well, I reject those arguments against the concept of the PlayBook. If the PlayBook didn't offer tangible benefits over what the iPads in stores already do, nobody would be coming out harder against it than the RIM supporters on this site. It's fine to be skeptical about whether RIM can really pull this off in a reasonable timetable (and other sites not called Crackberry have been pointing that out), but I totally applaud the ideas behind it.

I say 7" screen is perfect, takes the bolk out of the tablet. Just because Apple made a 10" Tablet doesn't mean it's right. It's called options...GO BLACKBERRY, can't wait for my Playbook.

7' does seem a tad small, but IMO, 10' is way to big to carry around - my netbook is 10 inches, and while semi-portable, I can't exactly slip it in a jacket pocket.
Most of my paperback books are around 8' diagonal, I think that extra inch would make a nice difference without making it too big. The only book I had that was 7' was a quran, and it's noticeably smaller than my other books.
All in all though, 7' seems better than 10' - I'll want to play with a playbook though before I make a conclusive decision.

make the competition seem worse instead of making a better product... That's the way to do it! /sarcasm, but unfortunately this will probably truly make them sell more... If they managed to sell 14 million of a product that there were probably 50 people in the world who didn't know was defective...

Steve needs to watch Iron Man 2...its scifi BUT that tiny transparent "thingy" that Tony Stark uses during his Senate hearing IS where tablets NEED to be aiming!!!

I wish RIM had made the screen a little larger or at least provided variants... say a 7", 10" or maybe a 12".

Either way, what I really wish it that they had the Playbook in production, and avilable before this years big Christmas season. I think the more iPad's that Apple sells, and the more apps that people become accustom to using, the less likely that RIM is going to break into the consumer market.

And do you suppose the Target, Walmart and Verizon are going to stock the iPad, one or two Android pads and the Playbook?

RIM got caught with their pants down when Apple release the iPad... and I'm not sure their little 7" "device" is going to impress anyone!

Especially when it isn't going to be competing against this years iPad, but next years iPad2.

Steve Jobs the biggest idiot around, perhaps his PR team should tell him to STFU as hes making himself look more and more like an arse...first the attenna issue with the iphone4, where he felt the need to bring other phone manufacturers into it...bad showing Steve, very bad and no need for such childish immature behaviour then we have Lord Jobs telling users to stop holding it wrong ie the iphone4.

Anyhow seems like Jobsie is a bit worried about the Playbook and rightly so...ive used the ipad extensively and im sorry 10" is far too big to be lugging it around...whereas 7"s is about right for me although wouldnt mind an 8" playbook.

I own an iphone4 myself and yes its quite a brilliant device for multimedia otherwise its not very good at being a phone.

Im looking forward to seeing the new playbook and getting one...ill be definitely going for the 64gb model if its being for the ipad??..thanks but no thanks...having one apple product is enough for me.

I am a mac user, but i have sold my iPad 3g 64GB, because it is not really worth having it. If you want to use it effective and reply to mails etc you need to bring the BT Keyboard and the docking, which doesn't allow landscape. I would also not buy the BB tablet.....i bought a mac book air....which in real is not much bigger than a ipad, because keyboard and docking are included....and for all other quick replies ....i use my Blackberry.

CrackBerry Kevin, you stated that you, "still have a lot of respect for Apple and Steve Jobs." I have lost a lot of respect for you with that statement. I agree that Jobs is excellent at pitching a product and is smart in that way.

My main gripe with Jobs is how he has turned into a marketing machine and the latest case in point, Antennagate. I agree that the iPhone 4 antenna issue was overblown BUT if Jobs would have come out and said that it was a flaw in the design from the start, I would still have much respect for him. But his blatant LIES regarding the antenna issue, first stating that people were holding the phone wrong (which btw is exactly how you're supposed to hold a 3GS for maximum signal!) to where he stated that ALL phones have this problem, have made me lose all respect for him. Yes, all phones have attenuation issues when holding them in certain ways (which are generally awkward ways to hold a phone anyway) but the iPhone 4 has the specific issue that if you take your finger and bridge the gap between the two antennas, the signal goes down. I have tested it myself on a friend's iPhone and it does the same thing.

Jobs is very reluctant to admit failure and he didn't want to admit that there was a problem with the new "superior" antenna design so he blatantly LIED to the public that there was no issue and then that the issue affects all phones. I don't have respect for a liar.

I think 10" tablet is ideal for the average consumer, and lets be honest, that is what is the big picture here. We don't see it that way because we are informed by sites like this, but most wandering people in a Best Buy or mobile store look for brand name and how cool it looks. I personally don't want to carry a phone and a tablet together, not when the phone will be suffice. Now that is from a consumer point of view. Enterprise has totally different obligations. And that is what I am thinking SJ is talking about. When I think of this argument, I think of a Netbook to Laptop. Put a netbook next to a entry level laptop, and both priced closely to each other, and I can say 9 out of 10 times the average consumer will take the larger landscape. I mean hell, 3.5" screens wasn't big enough on a phone. Look at the Droid X and EVO.

I am not by any means sticking up for Apple, hell, my wifes iPod Touch just got bricked from there iOS 4 update (not happy with Apple right now)but I think the average consumer will be pleased with a bigger display. I know one of the features my wife enjoyed about the iPad, was the games that could play 4 players at the same time. Although it could be done on a 7" tablet, I don't think it would be optimum. My wife is not high tech, and the majority of consumers will not be as well.

I think options are great, and I think the price will be a deciding factor in the end anyhow. You will have your die hard Android, RIM, and Apple people. But when you have a 7" tablet next to a 10" tablet, and priced almost identical, the average consumer will pick what they feel is better bang for the buck.

The thing I am really interested in, is how many consumers will adopt tablets into the carriers data plans. Because after seeing what VZW is wanting to charge, and what the cost upfront for a 3G capable tablet is, it is going to be a big jump.

And I agree with jcbklyn21, just because Apple made a 10" tablet doesn't mean it's right. It will be interesting to see how this new tech market takes off. It is still in it's infancy.

A 10" screen isn't ideal for everyone, some people find it too heavy to hold comfortably for longer periods of time and others find it less than ideal on the move.

Personally, I own both an ipad and a sony ebook reader, the ipad is fine for home use, but the latter is small enough that it fits in a jacket pocket and I can take it with me all the time.

I agree, and I think the tablet for now will be used for home use via WI-FI. Venture over to the Android sites, and most of them are complaining that Samsung has only announced a 3G release, with a WI-FI in the future. And then watch the people complain about the $600+ price tag. I don't think mobile providers rates are going to drive 3G units as well, at least not right now, because the average consumer will not want to let go of that extra amount of money yet.

Also lets consider this point as well. Many Americans don't understand that a smartphone cost $400+. We have become accustomed to 99.99 and 149.99 and don't think twice about how it is carried or protected. Now take that mentality to the average consumer, and see if that same practice happens with a tablet that they just paid $600+ for. I don't think someone who just spent that cash will want that in public on a daily basis. An ereader is different, and the cost is substantially less. And also the Kindle (and only one as far as I know) comes with 3g for free.

I like flash drives.
SJ was kicked out of apple once, and he will walking on same path.
SJ may win this years best actors award.

The following quote from Kevin is hilarious when taken out of context......

"I still feel like a douche bag to pull it out in public".

Thanks Kevin for making me LOL at work!

Steve Jobs has a fairly clear aim in mind with these comments, it is coming up to the holiday season and he is trying to disrupt the sales of apple's rivals as they release tablets that are more advanced technically than the ipad.

In the future I hope that Rim expands the playbook range to offer more than just a 7" device, one in the 10-11" range and an a4-sized one as well would give people options.

I have an iPad, and the web browsing on it is absolutely amazing. I don't think I'd want much of a smaller screen for that.

However, I think that another thing that needs to me mentioned is screen aspect ratio.

The iPad is 4:3, runs at 1024x768. It's a good resolution to view web pages in either portrait or landscape mode. It's also high enough resolution that pictures and videos look good on it.

From what I've read about most of the other tablets that are coming out, they are a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a resolution of 1024x600. Wide screen ratios are great for watching movies; but for web browsing, especially once you throw in that virtual keyboard that's going to be popping up, just don't quite cut it.

So I personally believe that's it's more about the aspect ratio than the actual screen size.

Now I think RIM's specs for the Playbook are excellent, but what I worry about is them getting it out the door fast enough. As time goes on and the specs being readily available, it's only a matter of time someone comes along to top them.

I think my second hope is that RIM quickly capitalizes on the Playbook QNX OS and starts to put out handsets with it as well after release of the PB.

My question, is from a financial post article, which in my opinion seems to be sucking from the teet of the alter of Jobs.

In which they say Iphone 4 and the Playbook are being deployed as enterprise devices? I was unaware that either device had Enterprise level encryption? Maybe somebody who knows about this stuff could clarify it for me.

I don't think the phones are designed and developed for the average consumer as well. Sure, you can say, well the curve is more affordable for consumers. But I could also argue that it is more affordable to businesses that buy 10's and 100's of BB's for their workers. Hence why they tend to strive for security, rather than specs. The devices RIM develop are for a corporate market, and I don't think they have lost that focus, as many BB users have. I just love the fact that my Bold does what it is supposed to do, and does it well. And that is called consumer confidence in my book.

I'm completely aware of BB encryption and Enterprise readiness. I think, what I am confused about, is the Iphone 4 and Ipad having enterprise level security. Which then begs the question, what is the Financial post, or the companies it's reporting on IT departments on using iphone 4's and ipads?

Also, just on a side note, ABC world news anchor looks like a total tool with an ipad and keyboard instead of a laptop in front of her.

but aapl stock is at its historical high and RIMM stock has dropped like 20%. RIMM really gonna take over aapl marketshare? LOLOLOLOL. I think he knows what hes talking about. While I don't really like apples products or their ideas. They are always 2 years ahead of the competition. Everyone just copies them or plays catch up.

No, Apple is not ahead of the competition usually. Just very recently the iPhone got multitasking and copy and paste ability, something that has been available on other phones for years. That's only to name a few things that previous iPhones lacked compared to other phones. Jobs and Apple are a great marketing machine and don't have the greatest product.

Look at how Apple had the Mac vs PC ads for a long time and now that Microsoft has the excellent Windows 7 OS with very few bugs, there is no response from Apple. That's because Windows 7 works. Just like RIM, their phones just work. I have NEVER had an issue with any BBs that I owned. Stayed away from the Storm as it had it's share of problems though. Keep drinking the kool-aid like all of the other Apple fanboys.

vision wise they are way ahead of everyone else. Features =! vision. After iphone came out everyone copied them. iPad came out everyone copied. Macbook air same thing. They have forward thinking. Doesnt necessarily mean best products but they know hwo to innovate vs copy

Not even close. Vision wise, Android is way ahead of everyone else (sorry RIM - although Qnx may be a huge step, we don't know yet). The Samsung Galaxy S series of phones (and Android in general) are way ahead of the iPhones. The only thing that the Samsung phones lack is the screen resolution but they are superior in every other way (Open source apps as opposed to Apple's closed source, features, etc.). Apple knows that they don't have the stranglehold on the smartphone market like they used to with so many other choices available now. The Torch seems to be the phone to have also since, where I live at least, I have seen a lot more Torch phones in peoples hands than iPhone 4s.

So you have seen a lot of Torchs where you live, so how does that back up the open source point?

Ask an average person what rooting is, and I bet they have no idea what it is, or how to do it. Then ask them what open source means to them, and how it affected the decision of buying an Android device, and they will look at you cross-eyed. But I bet the live wallpaper was kick ass when they saw it in the store.

The "average" consumer is not concerned about rooting and source code releases, or jailbreaking on the iPhone. The "average" consumer is concerned about looks and personal image.

Many have lost the fact that this is an informed community, and many informed viewers from other OS communities. And we are a very small percentage of such device owners. You take into consideration that RIM and Android are on all carriers, and Apple is on one, and most noted for dropped calls and poor signal, and still look at their market share. It's all about social status and personal image for the "average" consumer.

It don't take a rocket scientist or a CEO of Apple to know that.

So...a 7" diagonal screen is too small for...what, exactly? Watching movies? Typing? Checking email? Apps?

Need we remind you, Mr. Jobs, that it is was your company that convinced the masses it was not only possible to watch movies on something as small as an iPod Classic, iPhone or even iPod Nano screen, but desirable enough that we should buy digital media through your iTunes store.

I just find it incredibly ironic that the company that packaged these capabilities into the smallest little boxes possible for consumers to eat up NOW argues that a 7" screen isn't big enough for all those purposes.

The iPhone, as cool as it is, is really a neat little "toy", first and foremost, and the iPad (especially the WiFi only versions many consumers have) is really just a larger version of that toy that you leave at home next to your couch. The PlayBook is meant to be a portable business device with a whole new operating system that goes above and beyond what a smaller Bold or Torch can do.

Yes, typing on it like a keyboard isn't going to work well, but frankly, I think the 10" iPad is too small for that also! Obviously, we need to see the final product, but I think RIM gets a solid "A" for the PlayBook "concept".

That was very well stated and I agree, Jobs convinced the masses to watch movies on devices with much smaller screens but now 7" tablets are too small to watch movies? Oh how you contradict yourself Jobs.

I agree first and foremost that he is talking up the iPad. But I think the issue more is 7" vs. 10". I understand about the point of the iPod touch and iPhone. But in the case of the iPods, what competition in those markets does he have. The iPod classic was the best option at its time to watch multimedia. And same for iPhone. And I am pretty sure no one needed to be convinced in that tech age. Then the Touch came along. In those markets alone, he can pretty much do what he wants.

But all in all, iPad and Playbook have different purposes, and it's a hard argument. I think Apple is looking at consumer, where RIM is attracting enterprise. In the end, I think Apple will have to contend with HP, Asus, and Google as I believe the price will be a HUGE factor.

And lets not be naive about this. You,I and the masses know, if it wasn't for Napster, and other peer to peer communities, there would be no iPod. And who does anyone know that has 10,000 songs on an iPod and paid for all of them, or even a 1/4 of them? And that goes for movies as well.

The more Jobs talks, the more I begin to hate Apple. The iPhone was awesome for about 4 months, and then after that I longed for my Blackberry. I made the switch back after a year, and it was the best decision.

Steve Jobs can suck it.

I think the 7 inch will have a decent sized market. Job's broadside is really a compliment because he obviously sees a the Playbook as a threat. I also wonder if the QNX OS, since it will be more like a computer os, and not a phone OS, will scale easily to different sizes? I mean nobody gripes about monitor sizes!

If I were Job's this would worry me, since iPad, being based on the iPhone really locks developers into a fixed screen size/resolution.

It looks about the same size as my Kindle3, which means it fits easily in a purse and doesn't need yet another piece of luggage to drag around. That works for me.

I don't think Jobs pronouncement on this is much to worry about. This is, after all, the man who tried to brush off the Kindle and the future of e-readers with "nobody reads".

this is something you expect from gates/ballmer about what apple is doing is no good and that no one is going buy this and that... now looks whose following in big brothers footsteps :P

Tsk tsk apple...

I agree with Steve Jobs. A 7" screen is too small for an iPad competitor. 10" is much better, as that extra 3" of diagonal space makes all the difference when using apps, etc. Flash also plays better on a bit bigger screen. Now they are calling this much awaited offering to us a "Profesisonal Version"? Why not make a larger version not off the bat, and not wait for a version 2 of the Playbook? Wouldn't this make more sense? Why is RIM always playing catch - up with things done by other companies way before them? This is getting tiring. I want an iPad. I'm not waiting for a "version 2" of a product that hasn't even debuted yet!

When the IPad came out my first thought was that it was too large to handle and too large to comfortably slip into my purse. I just knew RIM would come out with something that would be less "in your face and notice me IPad style" and that is exactly what they did ! I think the Playbook fits the bill perfectly (and my purse too).

room for both. Why can't RIM offer the PlayBook in both 7" & 10". We have laptops going for 13, 15, 16 and 17. Why not tablets 7 and 10 or even 13?

Well the biggest thing is functionality. 7 inch screens will rule the world of mobility. From specs it said this is an add on device for your phone so you can get sms/email on it too linked from your phone. Plus video conferencing. Awsome!

... It's what you do with it... A bit tongue in cheek, but true in this case. Flash and other features on the smaller screened PlayBook will get a good market share cuz of that alone.

I look forward to the Play Book, 7" will be perfect for me if the specs prove out. Unfortunately on a moral level, I can not support a company like Apple, who decides with a big fist, what you can and cannot do with your product. In sales they have the perfect product, the gift (product) that keeps on giving, follow on sales. Anyone who doesn't see this in Apples strategy is blind or under Mr Jobs' spell. He is the perfect magic elexir salesman. He distracts you with flashy products and talk, while his minions are asking for your VISA number. He has a crazy weird ass smile too, don't ya think? Kinda creepy . . . . . . . .

Wasn't there rumors of a 7" iPad in the works? I guess that is no longer the case? or is Jobs going to "invent" the 7" tablet (like he did for video-chat, copy & paste, multitasking) and other ideas that he said his products don't need (nobody needs to multitask...).

I think the Playbook will do really well, especially with all the features is includes that aren't on the iPad.

that was my thing with the iPad, its just TOO big. I wouldnt be able to sneak that thing out at work (where 12hrs of my day is) or at school. For lounging in the recliner I got my macbook. I hope rim gives the compatibility with a lot of devices, like my ps3, macbook and 360. Plus I want an app akin to itunes that can grab playlists and library info w/o me having to port stuff over. The expandable memory also has me won over, I can keep moves on one card, music on another. I had planned on getting the wife an ipad for xmas but I can get the macbook for the same price. Its just not worth it, 10 inch experience I can get on my 13 in macbook. Sorry Jobs I will pass (and I'm a mac fanboy too).

Hey friends,

Douglas here from RIM. As the tablet space continues to heat up, it's awesome to see our trusted RIM supporters/CrackBerry fanatics are as hyped about PlayBook as we are! We’re confident PlayBook will meet the needs of those looking forward to a professional tablet, as well as those of you clamoring for a tablet that suits your personal life.

Looking forward to sharing more when the time is right!


Douglas "Tron" Soltys
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I think the Blackberry Playbook is the perfect size. I can carry it in my coat pocket. Any bigger and it would be too cumbersome, like a small laptop