Berry-Free Talk: Now What Do You Think of Apple's New iPad?

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Apr 2010 11:40 am EDT

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Back on January 27th, the day the Apple iPad was announced, we posted a poll here on asking readers how they felt about the iPad from the perspective of being a BlackBerry owner. The results: 12% said they loved the iPad (perfect compliment to a BB) and would buy one; 18% said it was cool but nothing life changing; 9% said their BlackBerry did everything they need already; 47% said it's just a big iPod Touch and **shrugged** while the last 13% voted that Apple sucks and the iPad is overhyped.

Fast forward a few months and the Apple iPad is officially available. Now that the reviews are pouring in and it's out there for all to use, I'm wondering if and how people's impressions of it may have changed. If you've changed your opinion of the iPad since that first poll, be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you're thinking now.

Apple iPad Review: As you can imagine, our sibling site has been in iPad fever for the last couple of days with both Rene and Dieter working overtime to get the Apple iPad Review done. I posted Rene's mandatory unboxing video above to get you started... if you're interested in learning more then be sure to jump over and read the full Apple iPad review.

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Berry-Free Talk: Now What Do You Think of Apple's New iPad?


I'll admit, it's a pretty amazing device. Fooled around with a friend's iPad over the weekend and I'm impressed. But the typing can be awkward unless you are reclining with it propped up on your knees. At its announcment, I bashed it for several reasons. But the overall experience it gives you outweighs the shortcomings, IMO.

Its still just a giant iPod touch. It doesn't have usb ports and lacks multitasking which is pretty sad for a device that has been given so much hype.

I've had my iPad for about 24 hours and here are my initial thoughts: This device is pure pleasure for consumables (watching videos, reading books, browsing the internet, etc.) No, it's not going to replace my laptop or my desktop computer and it's not going to replace my phone, but it definitely has a niche. My husband (who is not a techi) gave me a great perspective. After using it for 10 minutes, he said "This is what I've been waiting for!" He wants to consume information (news websites, etc), but does not want to take the time to learn how to use a computer. With the iPad, you just touch on what you want and the screen is big enough to see.....genius. Even my 6 year old took right to it.

Another toy for ole jobs boy idrones. Seriously, you have to sync this thing to itunes before you use it, FAIL. They claim the best browsing experience ever, really? How is this possible when my company's web page won't even show in full, again, Fail. I must tip my hat to apple though, they make cute stuff that's about it. The cure > HP Slate

I like the device, but it's extremely overpriced for what it is. I would much rather spend $500 on a netbook. If/when these come down to around the $300-350 mark, I'll probably consider picking one up. However, by then there will be a multitude of competitors (like the HP Slate) that could be worth $500.

Did something change since Jan. 27? Don't think so, still a huge overpriced iPod touch.
Don't get me wrong but if my iPod Touch does this already why would I buy an iPad?
Yawn. Wait for gen 2 then we will see.

Multitasking rumored to be coming with OS 4.0 For a multimedia device, I think it's great. Considering i wanted an eReader anyway, it was a purchase that made sense for me (actually was a gift).

I am so glad we had him to point out the box top, and bottom. Because you know; us idiots can't distinguish the top of a box from the bottom. I'm so relieved to finally have someone educate me on such things.

The video was dumbed down for iPhone users ;) lol, j/k

Not sure why so many Apple lovers fall for the proprietary crap that Apple throws at them. I love how he says "designed in california".... but we'll not mention the fact that it's made in china.

The HP Slate SHOULD demolish the iPad because it's better. Period. Faster processor, it has a forward facing webcam and a backward facing 3mp camera, it runs a full version of Windows7 Home, it has usb ports and media card readers, it has 1080p playback capabilities, it can run flash, you don't need to buy apps for it, you can use a stylus with it (if you want to), it weighs less, and will cost less too.

I got to see someone using it on the train today and it looked uncomfortable to use. You always have to cradle it in your arm (whether sitting or standing). At least you can hold a BB or Iphone in your hand. Then he was trying to type on it. All i could see was the glare reflecting off the screen adn his greasy finger prints. It was kind of funny to watch.

Personally I would never buy one.

Is this crackberry or the new iphone website ... Who cares bout the ipad . Its a piece of crap like iphone ... Can we hear more BLACKBERRY news please ....

I like the fact there is information about other devices on This blog is about the latest buzz from Apple, and I think its good that Blackberry users have a place to talk about it...

Personally, having owned an ipod touch, and iphone, they are nothing special, fancy and flashy yes, but nothing special, the most multitasking you can get done is listening to music, and write an email. This is practically the same as the, just bigger, and the canadian prices are outrageous, I would never pay that much for one, asp posted before me, if it came down to the 300$ range, the maybe, but while it is still around 600$ I will spend the money on better things. Glorified ipod touch imho, and that's a common consensus I think.

Another note on multitasking, they say it will be around for os4...look how long the landscape keyboard took for the iphone/ipod touch.

I just don't see the "why" for this device. I don't have anything against Apple, but I really don't see why anyone needs this thing. And still no multitasking? Really? The target group for the iPad would say, "what's multitasking", so I guess they don't care. I guarentee this though, once the iPhone OS gets multitasking, Apple will tout as the greatest thing THEY'VE created since "copy-n-paste"! Gotta love Apple marketing.

Is this crackberry or the new iphone website ... Who cares bout the ipad . Its a piece of crap like iphone ... Can we hear more BLACKBERRY news please ....

No way, too big, you cant put in the pockets, you can wear like collar but 3G waves too close to heart.....for me pure faschion shit!!!

I pissed myself laughing when I saw the pic of Steve Jobs holding up 4 Iphones with duct tape holding them together.
Overpriced Junk... total component cost was reported on CP24 to be less than $200.00

I am a great lover of Mac computers. I own a 21.5" iMac and a 13" MacBook. I also have a 80GB iPod that gets constant use. These are great products that fill very necessary niches in my life. The iPod Touch had no appeal to me. The cost which was greater than my 80GB Pod and had significantly less storage simply made it a gimmick to me. I have more than 50 audiobooks on my iPod and 2500 songs. I don't hang out in coffee houses or other places that provide free WiFi, so that option on the iPod Touch has no use for me, the iPad even less. It seems to attempt to bridge the gap between an iPod and a computer being neither, merely recapitulating functions found in both, but not quite enough to be a real computer. Since most "kids" use their computers as toys anyway, this toy seems to be ideal for that demographic. It also adds a certain cache and status, if you are part of a crowd that gives status for possessions.
I don't blame Apple for producing it. Their function as a company is to make money for their stock holders. If there is a population who is willing to spend their money on something of such questionable value, albeit packaged as all Apple products in remarkably classy glitz, then Apple would be remiss in their duty to serve their stockholders if they didn't attempt to tap into that source of income. It isn't for me, but then neither is the iPhone or the Storm (1 or 2) or a host of other gimmicks which are more about show than function.

I can`t believe that so many people have that much money to waste. This is just a big Ipod touch...people will buy anything Apple puts out and anything Steve Jobs tell them.
A closed OS locked down by Apple, can`t get apps anywhere but istore and if you try to do whatever you want with your Ipad because you paid all that money for it, good old Apple will send updates to undo what you did.

I still don't understand its purpose. They say its an e-reader but the major benefit to e-ink is low power and less strain on your eyes by not using an LCD. As a netbook...aren't all the apple notebooks super small to begin with? How about a tablet pc? No stylus so data input is done via a virtual keyboard which is great for the sake of easy of travel but I just can't see typing on the screen while I'm sitting on an airplane. The touch/iphone is already a video/music player that does a wonderful job. It has no cell support so its not a phone. I honestly can figure out what its suppose to be as it doesn't do a better job at ___ than the current device that does ___. But then again, wasn't there an iPhone app that cost $1k that did nothing but show that you have lots of money?

It's impressive, and my friends that have one are loving it of course. But me, I still think I'll be holding out for a HP Slate. I just can't bring myself to drink the Apple iKoolAid.

After messing with an iPad today, I see the appeal. The screen is beautiful and the device seems very fast/responsive. As a means of consuming content, I think it's a nice device. Obviously superior for web browsing to a smartphone. Reading seems solid, though there is the trade-off of the backlight versus eye strain. My two biggest issues were the screen glare and the weight of the thing. I can't imagine using the iPad outside in the sun or in an area with heavy overhead lighting. When I've tried to use my glossy screen laptop in the car, it's impossible to read due to the glare. Same will be true with this thing. And after holding it for 5 minutes, it was already feeling "heavy" compared to a Kindle.

In the 18 months, I've purchased an iPod Touch, netbook, Kindle, and Storm 2. I can tether my Blackberry to the netbook for wireless data. So as much as I did like the iPad, it doesn't seem like I need it. But there is sure something appealing about sitting in my comfy chair and using the web on that big screen without having to move a pointer around.

played Plants vs. Zombies on it over the weekend. much better than on the ipod and the game was 1/2 the price of the PC version. still I would not waste my $$ on one

thats about the crappiest unboxing video I have ever seen. Also talk about shoddy packaging. There isn't anything protecting the screen like foam packaging or anything. Pop lid and there's the screen. I know he removed plastic but what keeps it from getting knocked square in the face of the lid? I was actually hoping he'd drop in on the concrete stone we was doing the unboxing on! Sheesh!

When i heard him say Al-bany...cause I live there and we don't pronounce it like that at all (nor does anyone who has taken a geography class)...

I think it looks super slick and i'd use it for reading books, watching movies, tv shows and general surfing.. sort of that filler space between the bb and the laptop..

The one thing, being from Canada, we won't get a lot of the content that looks so intriguing.. abc for instance.. they offer their tv shows, i think cbs does as well, we don't get netflix or a Canadian substitute.. so that's disappointing.. I'd probably wait for the 2nd gen, but i'd love to take one for a spin now =)

Oh.. my only real complaint.. i hate itunes.. hate it.. so having one more device that requires it sucks.

If you're a hulu fan, it sounds like you might be with your references to tv shows and abc and cbs, it won't work on the iPad.

I feel like it does and is a huge ipod touch and refuse to pay that much money for that. I say just get a laptop if you need all those things.

It's people like you who have completely missed the point when people say "it's just a stupid enlarged ipod touch"

...Apple had the opportunity, like HP, to make a very small touch screen computer that runs a full blown computer OS but they disappointed everyone and enlarged their iPod Touch. There is no camera or web cam, there is no USB port, there is no card reader, there is no flash support, there is no multitasking (listening to music while doing 1 other thing does not count), there are LOTS of things this iPad should do but does not simply so they can come out with another one next summer that will be a little bit better and they can make another $200-400 in profit from each sale - $200 being for the low end wifi only model and $400 for the high end 3g/wifi model.

People like me, lmfao. Multi-tasking will likely be in OS 4.0. Not everyone needs a camera and webcam so that can wank off with it online, and while they would be nice, things like a usb port and flash may be nice but arent dealbreakers for everyone depending on what it is to be used for.

If you don't believe me then try using the iPad screen in direct sunlight. At least electronic paper based eBook readers like the Kindle and Nook can be used outdoors.

For the $500-$700 for the WiFi versions of the iPad, I'll buy a Nook for $260 and a good Asus netbook for $300 to $400.

Why do this site always worry about the competition. Its always a stupid poll ir something stupid like this. worry about bb and not apple and all u clowns are just bb addicts with no life and think bb is the world. Everything apple make sale. Put any bb against the iphone and I guarantee the iphone has out sold any single bb.

If blackberry made the ipad or something similar it woulda already came with simple things like multi tasking or cut and paste and you're on a blackberry site btw which would explain the people that thing bb is the world I'm sorry your sensitive little eyes had to see that

Also just cuz apple outsells bb isn't cuz their products are better. They're just good at taking advantage of people thatll buy theire shit just cuz it has a stupid apple on it. Stfu.

While I'm sure I'll be accused of being a fanboy just because I'm not anti-Apple on this one (I use a BB Storm 2 and a Moto Droid), but...

The device isn't meant to be a tablet PC or a netbook. Tablet PCs have been around for years, and they've not sold for crap. Nobody bought 'em. So now that the iPad *isn't* a tablet PC, people are crying "fail"? Makes no sense.

Additionally, the iPad is no more a big iPod touch than an Olympic-sized pool is a big bathtub. Yes, they look alike except for size, and they both contain water, they serve very different purposes and you can do some things in one that you can't do in the other. Same goes for the iPad. It looks like an iPod on the outside, and they both use a version of the iPhone OS, but they are not the same devices.

Use one and you'll see. Browsing a website on the iPad is akin to reading a magazine article, rather than using a computer. Which is, in part, what the goal of the device is. To make every-day computed tasks more organic. Email, calendar, web, videos.

If you want a tablet netbook, go buy a tablet netbook if that serves you better. No one, not even Steve Jobs himself, will stop you.

The guy who says "it sucks because it doesn't have USB ports" is not the person Apple is marketing this device to. You are not the customer. So quit with the "fail!"

Should I say "your netbook is the fail! since it doesn't have a multitouch screen!"?

Here's what it can do - it can go from e-reader to web surfer to emailer to video player to game player to personal information manager, and in a form factor way slimmer than any netbook. It's NOT supposed to be a general computing device.

I played with the iPad for about 30 mins...

Very nice touchscreen / screen | functions as one would expect.

It's too damn heavy | hard to justify the value add for the cost.

All in all, if I got one for free, I wouldn't toss it.. but I wouldn't buy one.

serious thought: This is a worthless device by apple & would be flop. those who are considering buying iphone or ipod touch, would probably go for this. is money so cheap that people would buy this?
similar shaped device with decent os(windows 7) + usb ports would be a massive success.

It's not surprising the comments here, a Blackberry site.
Background: I have a BB Tour and a Palm Pre Plus, as well as an iPad. (And have owned pretty much everything else along the way)

But, some of you really need to open your eyes and not simply bash the competition. The iPad is already a huge success with over 300K sold over the weekend. Next up is the 3G iPad, likely another 150K sold when released.

ABC, CBS and soon Hulu will be on board soon. Netflix is already there with streaming. Multitasking? Wait for Thursday's call on 4.0 and we'll see whats in store.

Again, I'm no fanboy, I buy what works for me. I bought the 64GB iPad and love it. Slate from HP? Hard to say, but putting a HP front end on WIN7 will be a dismal failure. Yet, if it is to my liking I'd certainly buy one.

Palm has some great stuff with WebOS, their hardware is what is lacking.

Right now the BB folks should be worried about their own OS. The BB browser is dismal at best, Opera is "slightly" better, where's the Webkit browser? Look at the calendar, address book, tasks? All those apps look and function like 1985. Time for BB to get in the game or they will be steamrolled.

i was just waiting for that dude to drop it on the concrete.

but on a serious note, i just cant see paying that much money for it when i can buy a laptop and do so much more. i guess im just not an applehead.

I don't know many guys/gals with purses big enough to carry this thing lol.. But seriously... Seriously lack the time to entertain another device... Yet alone one that does half as what I already have and not better...

What the hole is in my life that this is supposed to fill...sure, its kinda neat, I would rock one for free, but I don't understand what its supposed to do for me. I have a ps3 for games, a blackberry to communicate with, and BOOKS for it seems like apple is always trying to put out 'dumbed down' tech, kinda like the oversimplified stuff that nintendo tries to do from time to time. It never seems to do everything you would expect it to do, but does certain things well. The word on the street is that this device doesn't do what it is supposed to do well, well. Namely the troublesome wifi and the glare-y reading screen. I think apple has given us great stuff in the past(been with 'em since the IIe), but their hegemony on innovation is coming to an end. Trust me, that is not to say that RIM is on the cutting edge necessarily right now, but bb works for me. Once again, I don't see what the ipad is supposed to DO for me for $500. One man's opinion..

How lame is it to spend any amount of time watching someone open a box. Unless its your kids 1st birthday then who gives a crap. I'm sure he could have spent his time a bit better then opening a box and actually showing the front and back of the box. Thanks for the effort. But maybe next time you can just show us what the front door of the store you bought it from looks like. Or even your parking spot. Now that would be exciting. Whoa

They have just started making as much money as they can out of stupid I things. Its just a bigger version of the Iphone/Ipod Touch. Apple need to stop making things that are basicly the same!