CrackBerry Poll: How Many BlackBerry Messenger Groups do you belong to? What kind of groups are they?

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Oct 2010 11:43 am EDT
BlackBerry Messenger Groups

BlackBerry Messenger. BBM. It's one of those hooks that keeps sooo many of us loyal to BlackBerry. Once you're connected to friends, family, co-workers and colleagues via BBM it's hard to not be. Over the past few months we've really seen Research In Motion start pushing BlackBerry Messenger on commercials and in advertisements, including one of its newest and best features, BBM Groups.

If you're reading this post on CrackBerry, I'm going to assume you know what BBM Groups are all about. If not, check out our BlackBerry 101 Lecture on BBM Groups. So the question I have today for CrackBerry Nation is how many BlackBerry Messenger Groups are you a member of? Cast your vote on the poll above and let us know!  

Following the vote, let us know in the comments what kind of BlackBerry Messenger Groups you're part of. Is it a social group for friends and family? A group for the people you work with? Maybe it's a group for the sports team you play on. BBM Groups are one of those BlackBerry things that have really impacted my life for the better! So if you're using Groups in a creative way, be sure to share your story with the community.

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CrackBerry Poll: How Many BlackBerry Messenger Groups do you belong to? What kind of groups are they?


I have one for Family (lots of BB fans in my family!) and one for my business partners. Great way to share calendars and chat about stuff when you want everyone in on it and you aren't together.

when i try to start my BBM, i get this error message: "Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException"

can someone tell me how i might be able to correct this problem. i have re-installed BBM several times; did a battery pull after each install. i am using a BlackBerry Curve2 8530, OS java powered from sun microsystems, nuance vsuite v 3.2

We use BBM on my team to coordinate things when we have any server issues that come up. It has become a really useful means of communications when we have outages, or even a quick check to coordinate changes.

I only belong to one group, which is for family members. Only 4 of us on there so far, but hoping to expand by a few more in the near future. Great for sharing pictures of kids, activities, homes, etc. Use the chat feature for when I'm at one of my kids' swim meets or baseball games, etc to share results with family. With one member in AZ, another in NE, another in Bahrain and me in IA, it works pretty slick.

One I've created for my work for people that work in the same position as me (IT helpdesk), and the other I joined is a local enthusiast group for my car (Acura CSX) :-D

I have Four groups the first one I use for my close friends I use to chat and set up any days to hang out (8 contacts). My secoud group is stricktly for baseball conversation amoung all my Baseball fanatic friends (5 contacts). My third group I have is for my co-workers (6 contacts) keeps us level headed throught the work day and my fourth group is a group I started for my high school class mates I graduated with back in 2000 now this group is up to 26 contacts and counting.....

I have two at the moment, that I created so that our family can plan what are the activities that were going to be doing this end of the year and what are we going to be doing next year, also I have another gruop with my friends from coallage due to the fact that we live in different countries.

Its really cool to have this but sometimes your really busy in a meeting and you see the phone flashing and you start to streess out, to check what's going on in the chat, I use buzzme so I'm color coordinated... Jajajaja

That is surprising. I have 5 groups, I would have thought most people would have at least that much.

Basically my groups are family groups, work and friends.

1. Family
2. Work
3. Close friends
4. Elementary school friends (had a reunion a few months back)
5. Junior high friends (also had a reunion around 2 years ago)
6. Senior high school friends
7. College friends

i am part of the bbm group for craigsmobileuniverse and also part a bbm group for 9650 bold users these group are very helpful for pepole who want to talk to others which may have the same device ask about apps ask about bugs and also help one another but mostly to have fun and why not with people who share the same device or interest *addiction* as yourself

I don't like the fact that it shares my calendar with the whole group. I have to keep my business and personal separate. Unless someone knows a way to do this?

1. Wife - Share calendars and to-do lists. Very useful.
2. Friends - just general chit chat, not used very often as the its mostly the wife and her friends and they have their own BBM group.
3. Writers - I am the editor for and those writers who have Blackberries are in this.
4. Message Board - some friends from a message board from long ago. Most active group by far, also the most people in a group.

I'm a part of a group of honda ridgeline owners. Would like to hook up with a yankees group a steelers group and a group for hunters n fishermen anyone who knows can send me a message would greatly appreciate it. THANKS

Kinda need friends with BlackBerries for BBM groups. Most of my friends are Droids, and iPhoners. So I have hardly used BBM in the 4 years I have owned a BB. Haven't really seen it's benefits. I've basically used it as an SMS app when I could have simply sent an SMS.

1. My girls: we exchange info & chat with each other so we don't have to say things more than once.

2. Social Group: we talk about upcoming events & share our calendars

3. Writers/Poets: exchange info about new poems we've written & different venues where there's spoken word

4. Musicians: we set up times to perform & exchange info

I have only two groups on BBM; the first being just for family, which currently has 4 members, to which I'm trying to solicit more family members to get a blackberry. The second group is a networking group I started for people I've met through various social networking sites. We use it as a think tank about various issues any one of us has. We just brain storm and chit-chat. This group currently has 12 members but if you like the sounds of it, let me know and I can send you an invite.

None. I accidentally hit "groups" in bbm once, and it fracked up my calendar so bad I had to nuke the whole phone and restore from backup to fix it. Never again!!!! Countless hours trying to get rid of the "Group" calendar wasted. From Googling, it is a known issue they appear to ignore and won't fix. You can't delete it once it's there!

Anyone see any merit or having any interest in having a BBM group for Crackberry announcements and chatter? Maybe announcement of new leaks - official OS releases - announcements of new devices - other stuff?

I belong to one group although it isn't a category most people seem to use. Not friends or family or coworkers.

I have a Hockey group setup for members of my hockey pool as well as hockey fans I know to just discuss all things hockey related throughout the season. I love it!

I joined a group for the first time yesterday and my battery started draining so fast I left it an hour later...I just got my Torch and won't let anything harm my baby!

a waste of battery and signal. They drain the battery so fast, especially in ones where people are CONSTANTLY talking. Not to mention the fact that all the time you get notifications of it when someone posts something new. It also sucks your memory of the phone WAY down. They bog the system too much. Not worth the time.

- I have a group for Family. My wife, son, and I can share calendar events, files, pics, and chat, wherever, whenever.

- My gaming group

- My pub friends with BlackBerries

- Of course, a group of CrackBerry addicts.

I'm not a random chatter. I don't want groups blowing up my BB all day. The group functionality, while far from perfect, has been greatly improved in recent builds. It is powerful and quite handy, IF one has a use for it. I found ways to make it useful for me, but I can see how not everyone would. I don't find them a drain on resources at all.

I don't know enough Blackberry users to form a group on BBM. My contact list has dwindled as most of those people have switched to Android.

I don't know if I hold a record or am just crazy insane, at one point I was part of 23 BBM groups, trimmed that down to 12.

The ones I'm on the most are beta testing, 9700 support, Theme sharing, Theme developers, techy stuff, Gaming, pic sharing, high school friends, kicks.

The ones I'm on the least are: University alumni, music, entertainment news, politics.

Why won't BB, increase the size of groups to more than 30? and has anyone figured out a way around it?

I have 7 Groups running strong...

1. Family
2. Hockey Trash Talk
3. NFL Sundays
4. My Friends
5. Buy and Sell
6. Company Group
7. Business Partners Group

I'm a part of 3 groups. One for work, one with my girls and one with another group of friends. I love BBM Groups, it's so handy when you want to chat to your mates about something and can do it in one group chat as opposed to having several different sms-to-sms conversations.

No family groups because Blackberry Messenger doesn't work on my wife's iPhone, my brothers' Android phone, my brother in law's Palm phone, or my parent's dumb phones. If I find a family member with a Blackberry, I'll let you know.

No friends group because: see above.

No work group because no one at my office uses Blackberry Messenger. We all just e-mail each other.

How is Blackberry Messenger a selling point?

Think BBMGroup has been outdated by Twitter. But I can see it's niche in small community group, only for ppl with Blackberry.

Does anyone that is using the BBM Groups also sync their calendar to outlook? I recently setup a group and discovered that the "Group" Calendar became the default and my phone would no longer sync with my outlook calendar. I eventually had to wipe my phone to get rid of the "Group" calendar.