CrackBerry Poll: How do you type on your BlackBerry?

By Zach Gilbert on 8 Apr 2012 07:13 pm EDT
How do you type on your BlackBerry

After being in the BlackBerry world for awhile now, I’ve seen a few interesting ways different people type on their BlackBerry, from the "normal" two thumb typing method to a crazy index finger/thumb combination. We wanted to poll the vast CrackBerry community and see what method our readers prefer to use. So CrackBerry Nation, get to the polls and see which typing style is the king! If we didn't cover your typing method in the poll make sure you head to the comments on this post and share your style with the CrackBerry community.

Thanks Alex Kinsella for the photo!

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CrackBerry Poll: How do you type on your BlackBerry?


I got a torch so i use my thumb surface for virtual keyboard and thumbnail and surface for physical keyboard

Two thumbs with index fingers up both sides or one handed with one thunb, index finger up the side and pinky on the bottom as a cradle.

Typically 1-2 thumbs. But I typed this with 1 thumb, a pinky toe, and used my tongue for the space bar :)

Boldly sent from my 9930

LoL. I use two thumbs, but blindly without looking, and sometimes even with my eyes closed.

That's because I use a device where the best keyboard maker on the planet enables me to do so. :)

I do a few... if I'm eating something and using my thumb and index, I'll even use my middle finger to type.

With my current 9860, it's definitely landscape, two thumbs. With portrait, physical keyboards, it was index/thumb.

Depends on the mode I'm in (not mood). In portrait mode, I use my index finger only, but in landscape mode I use my thumbs. 9860 BTW

SureType mode - one thumb (the left cause I'm left handed)... however, I type two thumb method on the PlayBook

Torch 9800 - on the virtual keyboard- portrait one thumb generally, landscape two thumbs. Physical keyboard - two thumbs. Getting more comfortable with physical keyboard.

Same. but when driving and its in a cradle, VLingo's the go and one thumb for corrections. With a BlackBerry,so many great options.
Torch 9800

I type with two thumbs, but i never caught on to the method, or my brain and eyes can't make this happen -- the method where you hit the spacebar with the thumb opposite of where the next letter will be. Only sometimes do I [do this] feel my thumbs move in that manner.

i type with one hand i masterd it when i had a pearl 8100 now have mastered it again with a curve 9300

I am left thumb and right index finger. I had no idea that there were other weirdos out there like me!!! I didn't even know I was different until a friend pointed it out to me. Since then I've been paying attention and have yet to discover another stranger like myself! Love this poll!!!!

I use the "cat's cradle" on my Bold 9900, and I find that gratifyingly speedy.

Was impressed how well the SureType keyboard worked on my old 9800 in portrait mode, though...

That's a great photo. I hold my phone the same way, left index finger controls the shift key and most of the left side of the keyboard. I often get funny looks when I do it, but my thumbs are too big to have both of them on the keyboard at the same time. Occasionally, when seated at a table, I will lie my phone down and pin it with my thumbs and ring fingers and attack it with two index fingers and two middle fingers. As for my PB, it's 1 index (right) when holding it, two index fingers when on a table. I have to say though, that my PB keyboard bugs me having to change to sym all the time. Waiting for my real keyboard for it to solve this problem.

My thumb on my left hand with my right index finger... My right thumb is at bottom of Berry to make sure I don't drop it! Exactly opposite to the picture. I'm one of the "weird" 4%er's lol

One of my coworkers has asked me a few times how I can type like that.

Of course if I'm eating or drinking its left thumb only.

Two thumbs for me. Before I got a berry I used to always wonder how my friends were able to do it. But the keyboard is done in such a way that it just makes it intuitive to do it that way.

Two thumbs mostly, but i'd like to know how the other 24 people type that voted that they have their on way. They never told us in the comments. :/

Bold 9930 right thumb only with the ocassional left thumb for hitting cetain keys to the left of the space key depending on how fast I want to send out a message. Sometimes I even palm my blackberry with one hand and type with the thumb of that hand getting a one handed BlackBerry experience. Try that on an iphone or android phone.

I use two thumbs when typing on my BlackBerry Torch. It doesn't feel right to me if I type a different way.

Wow, didn't know there was another way of typing lol. I learned something new today, thanks CrackBerry lol :-)

It depends if I'm laying down I use the index finger thumb combination. It's easier to hole the bold that way while laying down. Otherwise I use two thumbs or one thumb.

I want "island" keys on the Bold! The Curve keyboard is better than the Bold, but the Bold is better in every other respect.

Really? People use 1 thumb and 1 index finger to type? How do you hold the phone?? The only time I use index finger is when I place the phone flat on the table to type some super short stuffs. 99.999% of the time, I would use both thumb

- Charles

How do you type with thumb and index finger? Can you record it on the video? I'm curious on how to do it. I tried but cannot manage to type :D. Is it faster than using two thumbs?

I've got a 9810 and Hate typing on the screen. Two thumbs on a real keypad is sooo much nicer. Think I'll go back to the Bold.

If I only used two thumbs it would be safe to say there is not a spell-checker,auto-correcting, word predicting app in the world that could figure out what I was saying.

I don't think my left hands ever been used on my Pearl 3G (9100). I'm right handed so just my right thumb.

I type on my 9700 w/ my left thumb only. (I've got a medical condition that limits the fine motor skills of my right hand, so I don't have a choice- lol). I would say I'm a pro at it, but I don't know any different! :)

Another Pearl 3G (9100) SureType user - I use one and a half thumbs - one thumb (right - I'm right-handed) for the letters and the other (left) thumb to work the shift keys (alt, sym, and caps).

Vlingo is pretty awesome, though, but not ideal for public spaces.