CrackBerry Poll: How do you like design of BlackBerry London, the first BBX phone?

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Nov 2011 07:04 pm EST
 BlackBerry London

* Update: Checked with some of my sources and the photo above is definitely legit. That's not to say things won't get tweaked up by the time it goes into production runs, but it's definitely a legit BlackBerry design. *

Exciting day in BlackBerry land! CrackBerry fans have been waiting a long time to get a good look at the first BBX BlackBerry, and today we finally have our first glimpse. The Verge posted the photo they were given of what is apparently a dummy model of BlackBerry "london" with a fairly big disclaimer that it could be fake. BGR followed up with a post saying it's legit and it definitely matches the evolution of the description of what we've been hearing on the first full touchscreen BBX phone (remember - the original Colt was scrapped). 

So **assuming** the first full touchscreen BlackBerry with BBX will hit the market looking more or less like the phone in the picture above, the thing I want to know is what do you think?! Love it? Hate it? Not sure?? With the silver framing it definitely gives off a feeling of the Porsche P'9981 BlackBerry, but it's not so hard to imagine the device in a more traditional all black color scheme.

Overall I think I'm liking it. There's a lot of bezel, but you're going to need a decently sized bezel to take advantage of all the swipe gestures in BBX. It's an edgy look and I think RIM needs their BBX phones to be a little edgy to stand out in the crowd (hhmmm... BlackBerry Edge might be a decent product name for this one?!). Vote on our poll above and let us know where you stand on it so far.

All I know is seeing this makes me want to jump on a plane tomorrow and fly to Waterloo to try and get my hands on one!

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CrackBerry Poll: How do you like design of BlackBerry London, the first BBX phone?


I agree - "Edge" is a good name. As for look, I like it.

Under the hood:
If it's 4G with 2000mAH battery, gets a better screen resolution than what the rumor spec'd out, runs Hulu, Netflix and Kindle apps like most other phones, then I'll give my 9930 to someone in my family so I can have the "edge" up on them.

2012 is looking to be a turnaround year.


Smite me o mighty smiter!

+1 need few major apps like the ones suggested. like the look but may need to see one with keyboard to make final choice on what bbx phone i'm getting.

I would really hope they Throw in a 2000mAh battery in this thing

I like that it looks to have a nice bezel, which makes me hopeful for PlayBook gestures!!

as for Hulu/Netflix/Kindle, unless Android Player is running, and some how RIM can use Android Player to get around Licensing issues, I think we are going to be out of Luck, Hulu and Netflix require licensing deals which Both Google and Apple have Paid for, IF RIM can't have those deals like Android manufacturers have with Android Player, I really don't see them putting out the cash for those 2 services on their devices.

I am not a fan of the colour, nor the apparent size, but this phone isn't targeted to me, it does look like something different which IS good for the Launch of BBX

BlackBerry Edge! I love the name! It would be a perfect "comeback" name for RIM for all of us carrying the Torch until the QNX phones reach market....

Where is the Keyboard?

lol But seriously. It has some very "aggressive" styling to it. looks kinda like a cheap e-reader to me for whatever reason. I may grow to like it more once more Photos arise, but for now, its a no.

Don't worry.. there will be other versions of BBX phones too. it just seems the first that RIM is going to hit the market with will be the full touchscreen version.



RIM definitely needs an all-touch phone that has the "edge" on the competition in spec's and apps (quality NOT quantity apps).

IF they release another 9900qwerty-BBX'esque phone, the media will say that's just another ho-hum phone from RIM.

Kevin...youre little MobileNations logo looks suspiciously similar to the bezel on this London thing(that I want so badly right now!)
Did you already know about this?
How long have you known?
Who you working for huh?
What did you have for lunch today?
Why arent you answering me?
Does your mother know what youre up to?
*gotta have this BBX London!

It looks like the ugly crack baby of the Porsche BlackBerry and the 9860. The huge letters at the bottom just give it a cheap look.

They need to round those corners off a bit, specs seem good. Need more pictures to really judge the form factor.


well played, sir!

I think it's horrible. The lines are too sharp, the silver and black looks tacky, the lettering is too big. I hope it's fake or not how BB design is gonna go...

I was just about to make a delorian reference, until I read your comment haha it must be the silver and the hard angles. Its like I can almost hear the "Johny B. Goode" ringtone coming from the pocket of my bluejeans as I'm saying, "you are my density." hahaha

Well to be honest its a nice design but a call,navigation and end button would be a plus but it a nice design like I said.

I've given up my physical keyboard since i've moved to the Torch 9860 (although i do miss it at times) and I like everything but the corners on this dummy model. The silver I could live with it, maybe even really grow to really like after a while. Adds a little more of an updated futuristic appeal. How big is the screen on this one I wonder. Looks quite large. Nice!

Looks similar to the Nokia phones, but the Nokia ones have rounded edges. If they rounded the edges on this, it would look way better.

im glad the poll shows that most peeps dig it cause it took me the most of the day for it to grow on me after Topolsky over at the Verge tweeted about it and i RT'ed it to my bb peeps kevs and the adam. :) #RunonSentanceSyndrome #coffee #starbucks #thisisnottwitter

I like the besel, I'd loose the silver plastic at the top and bottom, make it just besel, like a mini playbook.

I'm still holding out for a 9900 style BBX device though!

Shwing!!! Amen brotha!!! I'm growing tired of RIM slowly but surely copying off the competition. They have come out with some sexy phones and this looks nothing like the ones they've done before.

If it's true; I like it.....

If your're going to a new OS and wish to differentiate from the old OS you need a new name; BBX!

The device also needs a new physical look.,

A step change is a step change.

If there's' little change the common punter will look at a device and say "Well it's obviously a BlackBerry, I had a play with one a few years ago and it's not me."

Go out and change!; Make a statement....

I'm the new kid on the block/! Be Bold! (Yeah I know) Be brash!

People like the comfort zone.
Now is not the time to bask in it.

Not only is it ugly.. But come on where's a qnx device for people who don't like all touch screens devices!!!

It's funny how many people really dislike the design here, but on Engadget its actually getting a favourable response I'd say.... which is shocking of course. Must be because we're so used to BlackBerry's normal designs and are scared of a little change. hahaha

Honestly I like the design too, its just.... there's something "wrong" here. Its the matter of personal preference you know, you can't go out there and tell ppl what they like and what they don't. Scared of little change? Just imagine redesign iphone 5 with qwerty keyboard and pinky color, what's the reaction of apple fanboy out there.. Its cool, its just not blackberry anymore

Looks like BUTT!! Then again, will never own a BB without a I'm a bit slanted in opinions....ha!

I would like a departure from the majority of plastic used often in most 'Berrys. A fresh design would be welcome with a new mobile platform

"There's a lot of bezel, but you're going to need a decently sized bezel to take advantage of all the swipe gestures in BBX."

This just isn't true. We have been told that the bezel gestures on the PlayBook just sense a touch from a couple pixels into the bezel and the slide going onto the actual screen. Look at the notification design of the iPhone. They did nothing to change the top bezel on the iPhone 4 and it still has a top down gesture pull down menu.

From a hardware perspective, you don't need any bezel to have the effect of the bezel gestures. The programming could start sensing a sliding gesture from the edge of the screen going inward to enable a gestures action. In fact, I'm surprised no developers have implemented these features into any apps yet.

I didn't mean from a TECHNICAL perspective.. I meant from a user experience perspective. If there's very little bezel you're sort of swiping from an edge.. having a little room makes it a smoother swipe experience.  If the screen went right to the edge it would be sort of weird to swipe.

RIM just can’t execute fast enough. If this phone were to come out today, it would be amazing and keep RIM in the running of high end smart phones. Next June, they will be up against quad core android phone with 720p displays, possibly iphone 5 as well. Also looking at RIM’s recent track record, I doubt they would make the June deadline

IMHO I have no opinion on the design because if RIM follows its less than spectacular pattern of releases by the time the device is ready for sale it will be old news.

If you want to see me (and other crackberry fans) do some back flips- RELEASE this beast in Q1 fully functional and ready to kick ass

I'm already in line for the first BBX phone. I still don't think this is the real one. I bet it has a bevelled back like the Torch 9850. Either way I want it. I think the Playbook is so smooth. I want that in a phone. I'm still concerned about some of the specs though. With that much internal storage there is a chance the battery won't be swappable. Possible no sd card slot. No mention of a hdmi out. The only one of those things I care about is the battery. I'm a power user.


SHARP LOOKING PHONE!! Hope it performs as well as it looks. So why is it going to take a year to get this phone to market? RIM needs to get this out now or at least the 1st quarter of 2012.

count down until contract expires!!! this will be mine as soon as its available!!!!
love my playbook will love this even more

If this the picture of the real phone then where is the sensor on the front. There is only one circular spot on it. That is suppose to be the front camera. Can anyone else see the other one?

First instinct wasn't that positive, but as I looked at it, I definitely started to see the appeal. I'll personally still be waiting for a Bold-style form factor, but this looks pretty sweet.


That's really bad stats for a BlackBerry fan site. I hope RIM reconsiders the design and look. Blackberry should be black. If they could only use the playbook's design cues scaled down that would give the perfect device. The silver just does not work. Otherwise, judging by the statistics, they will probably be alienating 75% of the market with this design (considering 50% are alienated on crackberry). Make it more curvy. It needs to look sexy or people will be embarrassed walking around with this!

sucks and based on past performance by RIM would not hold my breath. btw, what happened to BIS 4.0, Playbook 2.0, etc, etc. no credibility

It looks like the bottom silver part is detachable or somethinng... Maybe its a dock and not the actual bottom. It kinda also looks different than the top silver bezel too.....need more pics! :)

I might just give my 9900 to my wife and get this if these pictures are real. Any idea what this beast would cost?


I stared at this phone for a while - it is simply gorgeous and looks like something I'd want to carry everywhere!!! If this is the real deal, I think RIM is going to make a comeback in 2012.

My expectations for the New BBX are very high, I just hope and pray that no matter what new models looks(and could care less about looks) they keep at least 1 model with the querry and the trackpad, I'm not a huge fan of "All touchscreen" phones, more into functionality. The bar is set up way way UP and HIGH for Us who are Die Hard BB Fans! I'm using a BB Torch 9810 and I Love it! I will expect nothing more that to be blown away with the New BBX. I'm planning on get My hands of one of the first models as soon as the come available into the Market, My contract is Up to the begining of 2012 and it will be the Perfect timing to try a New BBX! Please RIM don't dissapoint Us! Thnkx.... Torchfreak

I like!
I will buy it once it comes out! probably have to buy it out since I just upgraded to the 9900 not too long ago eh=p

Preferably a Bold style key board, or a Torch style in the very least. I understand they're trying to appeal to the slate loving masses, they are hemmoraging customers to iPhone and Android slates, but they need a keyboard model also. I get it... If they just made a BBX 9900 phone they'd be accused of incremental updates. They need both types to appeal to different customers. I just hope that the 9900 style doesn't get abandoned or made obsolete.

I really like the look. If they use quality materials to make it , I'm sold. Thats
what I hate about the 'droid phones; they are black boring slabs of plastic
and glass.

If Blackberry builds it , I will be really happy. Brushed aluminum on the front and back with
a glass screen or carbon fibre back cover with a glossy black front and gorilla glass screen. No raised buttons ala curve, please.
I can't wait. =)

I'm wondering why they injected the fact that it can stand upright.what are they cooking up that would blend well with a phone that can stand upright on its own? I mean if it doesn't serve a purpose then who cares that it can stand upright. Unless this thing can levatate like David Blaine now that would be cool. So your phone talks huh? Well can it float in the air and guess what card your holding? I didn't think so! My BBx is Magic fool!!!

I was one of the teeny tiny minority that really liked the look of the Porscheberry. I like how big the lettering on the bottom of the "London" is. I am proud to be a BlackBerry owner.

I will have to touch it to make up my mind. The PlayBook has totally won me over. Love the bezel and the virtual keyboard. When I first saw this device I missed the classic BB look. BUT ... the bezel has to go somewhere, it is awesome and is the future.

My poor Torch 9850 lanquishes untouched hour after hour while I bridge to my PlayBook. I am never going back to small. It is exciting to see what the BBX device will bring. Oh please RIM ... make this happen well! I am sure BBX is going to be astounding .... so invest in good advertisement and bring it!

Wow, that looks awesome! I mean, I see why people addicted to fixed KBs wouldn't like it, but I have been on a Droid Incredible for over a year, and I think it looks smashing. It reminds me a lot of Motorola's new designs for the Xoom 2 and the Droid RAZR, with those chopped-off Battlestar Galactica tablet corners. LOL

I won't say I love it, the silver ends look a little out of place. I think it is a little too angular. However if it is available by next November and if I can afford one I'll take it.

I think that it looks pretty cool... but where are the physical buttons? There HAS to be SEND/END buttons at the very least (preferably flush). As good as the PlayBook is, we can't just have it duplicated in miniature. This has got to be a PHONE first and foremost. I hope they re-think this by release time...

I don't like the angular look, but admit BlackBerry needs a design that stands out. I love the look of the 9900/9930, but with someone holding it, it looks too much like an iPhone. My first BB, the 7290, had flowing curves, very distinctive, how about a modern version of that?

Firstly this phone looks hot. Reminds me of when I visited bb website everyday to take a peek at the 9780 before I could buy it, and how the 9900 has me drooling over it. RIM RIM RIM even tho I'm a die hearted BB fan, you need to stop creating PRETTY DUNCES. We need for you to create A MISS WORLD!!! Right now as it stands spec wise for a 2012 phone, its not very impressive. The 4s sports some very close specs to that and I bet the 5 will annihilate that without a doubt. Now this is the last straw rim, give mi a BBX badass hands down phone that will make me want to just buy the QNX Playbook 2. I swear if that phone fails to impress imma close my eyes and run!!!! Run to IOS... To HDR! To that sleek design, to that stunning camera, to that kick ass gaming machine...I'll go talk with siri. Pls RIM this is not too much to ask, give me the next best!

Far, far, faaaaar too late! Q3?? Seriously? Do you know what the competition will have released by then? Give me a break!
And knowing RIM, it will slip into Q4!!

rompe discotecas... is obvious ur apple hatter... what happen is you dont wanna see rim getting better.. how u will say late or wathever because we wont pay mind to yours stupid comment about owr product.. just get use to... bbx will bring blackberry back 2 the top.. haters

rompe discotecas.... well i dont like it witout the keyboard butbwathbare we going 2 do as blackberry costumers?... we need to support the bbx regardless before these stupid apple fan come with some crap 2 talk about every single can denied looks hot even thou we dont like it without keaboard... still looks hot.... bravo blackberry!!!!!!!!!!

dope phone

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Too angular, too sharp (in an uncomfortable way) for my personal taste.

And I wouldn't consider a model without a physical KB.

And I have to echo...Q3??? My 9800 does what I need but I worry for RIM if this is their big foray for the industry.

If I have to go all touch screen, there are better options out there.

If this is the future of Blackberry, I'm moving on.

Cornered off like Battlestar Gallactica books, paper etc. More touch screen, less bezel and remove the "Blackberry" (well, keep the berry logo). I can't imagine how many would buy this today, even if the OS was 7.0

The "Bold" form factor better be a LOT more appealing... It's gunna be hard to top the 9900... Good luck RIM. Please seduce me into a BBX phone.. Please..

If they are going to make a touchscreen phone with BBX, the first thing that needs to be done is be different! I don't want a copy of an iPhone Lookalike nor a similar looking android device.

Take a note from NOKIA and check out the N8 and N9. They've managed to make it stand out in a market full of touchscreen devices. The device is very similar to the N8 in design and that's not a bad thing. Also those not familiar with QNX/BBX will need to be reminded how important that bezel is especially if its touch sensitive and the huge portion below will allow for better portrait typing. I just hope the lack of trackpad won't be a bad thing!!!

Overall, I think they're on the right track with this but the design could be improved upon and its definitely a lot different from previous blackberry designs.

By the way, looking at the colour, it looks white. Much prefer black or different colours.

I don't mind the design. It kind of grows on you. The corners give it a Battlestar Galactica feel (check out the paper in the show, new series, and you will see what I mean). Not sure how I feel about the lack of keyboard, but if RIM launches this first followed closely by a Bold style phone (just one more style, no more than that- KEEP IT SIMPLE) for those who cannot imagine life without a physical keyboard, RIM will have their bases covered.

Release this already please!
But I want with a qwerty keypad version..... wondering how different that's going to be or will it be similar with the Porsche Design version

Dear Kevin,
Let me just paste here your words,which you wrote down recently in yours IF I RAN RIM:I'D FOCUS...''Take the Bold 9900, make the touchscreen 25 - 30% taller, make the battery life last longer and put BBX on it and you're done.'' As per my opinion, this new ''thing'' looks to me very sh..y,dont like it at all,awfull...So I agree with you and your words mentioned in your post few days ago..!!!

Seems like a lot of wasted space outside of the screen. My eye is taken away from the screen and to the edges. I know they need to try something different, but hope it's not a final design. I hope they did some non-fanboy user reviews to get an opinion if this will work.

Being the first BBX phone of course I will take it. But as I said elsewhere the black vs silver jangles too much. Dear RIM how about making the silver bit touch sensitive to accommodate the gestures? That way the black bezel will just become a little thin strip round the screen. That's the only way you can get away with a silver phone. Whilst you at it how about hacking away a third of silver top and bottom to keep the weight and dimensions manageable? When you are done with that put it on shelves.

This phone looks awesome, I can't wait to use my upgrade on this totally new design (inside and out). For everybody worried about a physical keyboard don't worry, this is only the first model shown with BBX, there have to be more phones on the way. RIM wouldn't make just one phone, look at the current line-up. Of course they could reduce the number of new models produced in the future to cut costs. That would probably be a smart move on their part. Just make these phones awesome from the half measures.

I love the name of the 'Edge', I like the form factor - for those that want a full touch screen experience. I will not buy something without a keyboard, I only switched over to BB from HTC once they had a physical keyboard and touch screen combined. I think that the Edge is great for a non-traditional BB experience and will fight the touch market of Iphones and the like.

For me, I like the Torch form factor and I want something similar to that or the 9900 with more screen real estate. I use my touch screen for most actions but physical keyboard for typing anything more than a few words. I really hope that RIM doesn't forget about the 3 main form factors.

I do not now, or at any point in the future, consider a BB without physical keyboard to be a viable option for anything than multimedia use.
Aside from that, the top and bottom edges are a bit to sharp for my liking, but I can overlook a lot of that exterior if it performs well (don't care about specs, only performance) and it has a real, second-to-none, BB keyboard.

This will NOT be my phone. Hopefully, a Bold form factor will not be far behind.

Are you kidding me. I wouldn't be got dead with this thing in my pocket. BB already has the greatest form factor on the market. Why in heck would they want to ruin it with this tacky ugly looking thing. OMG run away!!!!!!

Sorry but that phone is ugly in so many ways. The corners look bizarre. The future of phones is going to be edge to edge glass and this will be the ugliest thing out there.

Not crazy about this design. I think someone mentioned "Back to the Future." That may be it. It's what the 80's thought a device like this may look today. In addition to the unbecoming angularity, the silver makes it look very cheap (is that the same plastic from the G.I Joe/Cobra vehicles produced in the 1980's). In the end though, if the hardware and software specs come together to make this work, I can be happy even if it looks this goofy.

Ok, now this is what I'm talking about. Now that this has been confirmed as a legit phone (and the name "Edge" is perfect by the way), RIM needs to release this around the time of the PlayBook OS 2.0 release, maybe sooner (I hope) and they will be onto something big.

The interest is seeping back...don't blow it with any delays.

I find it very hard to believe that anybody who is a BlackBerry user could call this device Awesome ........

Can someone explain to me why i should get even the tiniest bit excited about BBX phones?! As usual RIM is already behind with these. the way i see it these things won't be out until the end of 2012 (although with RIMs track record it will be more like 2013!), they will have specs that today seem pretty good (eg dual core 1.2 GHz ) but by the time they cone out will be a laughing stock (there will be quad cores by then), won't have BIS /BES / BBM support (although hopefully by 2013 RIM would have gotten their act together on this, although still no signs of it on the Playbook), won't have a physical keyboard (and if the virtual keyboard on the 9860 is anything to go by it will suck!), won't have any apps (might have the Android app player but this will only support a fraction of Android apps).

So what is to be excited about??? And why would i buy one of these over an Android?

The more I look at it the more I like it. It's modern and elegant. I would destroy the piggy-bank for this one.

I also get this feeling like the top and bottom 'grey' parts should do something. I read in another thread about a BBX Torch like this with a slide-out keyboard.

I can see this phone, super thin, with a transparent slide-out keyboard, and at the top, pull it out to reveal a small row of speakers (with tiny sub-woofers of course),

I like it a lot. Only thing I would change is make it black brushed aluminum and kevlar back or carbon fiber or even gorilla glass like the 9900 series.

I love this design. Nothing like any other phone. One of the main reasons I am a BB fan is I don't follow the crowd and this only supports my view on life even more. I'd love to flash this out in front of my iPhone friends.