CrackBerry Device Poll: CDMA Customers, of the BlackBerry Tour and Curve 8530, Which Model Would You Buy Today?

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jan 2010 12:10 pm EST

BlackBerry Tour or Curve? That IS the Question!

The idea for this CrackBerry Poll came about when michaelwpg and me were drinking one night last week in Vegas. I honestly can't remember how the topic came up (I think maybe we were just trying to change the subject after those three err.. ladies of the night jumped all over us at the bar - nothing happened, I swear!), but we were contemplating which device we would buy if we were to live in the US and be Verizon customers. Keeping the thought of the Tour2 out of our heads, and just looking right now at what's available, both of us actually agreed we'd go for the Curve 8530 over the Tour 9630. In our case, the optical trackpad alone is reason enough to go for the Curve 8530. What we weren't sure of though is whether our Curve 8530 over Tour decision would be what the majority of people would go for, or the minority, or if this would come down to a split decision as each device is compelling in its own way. Everything else remaining equal:

  • BlackBerry Tour: 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, high res 480x360 display, world phone capabilities, trackball, no WiFi, no OpenGL support
  • BlackBerry Curve 8530: 2.0 megapixel camera with no flash, lower res 320x240 display, CDMA-only, optical trackpad, has WiFi, has OpenGL support for 3D graphics/games, dedicated media player controls

Pretty much everything else on these devices -- memory, speed, operating system -- are on par. The form factors are different but that is a matter of preference - I personally really like the look and feel of the Curve 8530 a lot. Screen pixels make a big difference for web browsing, but otherwise are not too big of a deal. The camera difference will be critical for some, not for others. Pricewise, the Curve 8530 is selling on Verizon right now for $79.99 on a 2yr contract vs. the Tour at $99.99. A $20 differential really isn't that big - so I'd argue money is not a factor in deciding which to purchase at this moment in time.

So... BlackBerry Tour 9630 or BlackBerry Curve 8530.... That IS the Question! Cast your vote above and let us know in the comments what it was about either device that would make you choose it over the other. 

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CrackBerry Device Poll: CDMA Customers, of the BlackBerry Tour and Curve 8530, Which Model Would You Buy Today?


Although I'm a huge proponent of the trackpad, the reason I love BlackBerry so much in the first place is their keyboards. The connected Tour/Bold keyboards are way better (imo) than the chicklet-style keys found on Curves. Plus, the Tour has a better resolution. This is certainly a close but an easy call in favor of the Tour.

That said, the Tour2 (9650) should make this discussion heavily one-sided.

I am not a CDMA user but if I was, I would be buying the Tour. It wouldn't be a difficult choice. Better display better camera and, most importantly to me, GSM capabilities make it a no brainer.

I'd rather have the Curve's trackpad, but the lower display resolution and EV-DO Rel. 0 are showstoppers for me. The Tour's higher resolution display and EV-DO Rev. A overcome the quirks of the Tour's flaky trackball for me.

I am kind of glad that I am not only one who likes the Curve's design better. I have Tour and like it but Curve looks more "fun" - not too professional looking. The resolution difference is so noticeable once you experience 480x360 but the track pad... I am careless for wifi - I don't care what model is. Reliable OS, good resolution screen, 3.2M camera (no need to have 5M, I think), track pad and fun design - it would be my ideal BB!

I actually just did this last night! I just could not stomach the Droid anymore, I am a Blackberry user!

I selected the Tour.

Here are a few of my reasons:
True world phone
More refined look and feel
Some users are having problems with Curve 8530 build quality
Better screen
Better quick access buttons

Coming from an 8330 I see the Tour as a step up (love the display), but the other features are almost on par. Really do enjoy the keyboard on the 8530 and the tought of not having to clean my ball.
If only the Tour had 3D this wouldn't be such a hard question. Hard to tell how that would affect my decision as there really hasn't been much released for it yet. Going to sit back and watch how it works out as I don't get the opportunity to re-up till May.

If I had to make a choice today, Tour all the way.

I would probably go Curve. I have owned the pearl, original curve, and now the Tour. And out of all 3 phones the most problematic has been the Tour. Now dont get me wrong, there are good things about the phone. But to me as a consumer, i feel the Tour has been in the backburner at Verizon. It has had nothing but issues involving its OS, trackball, battery cover, and other small issues. I feel that with Verizon already coming out with a Tour2 in March, and the original Tour still stuck with an offical 4.7 OS, that says alot about the phone. They are ready to move on and get passed this phone and are ready to bring out the phone the that original Tour was supposed to be. I dont know much about the new curve, but i am sure RIM has advanced the great qualities of the Curve and its an actual upgrade. Where i felt let down by the quality of phone the Tour really was. If anything i would tell anyone wanting to buy a tour to wait for the new one. That phone will be the better phone.

I am a CDMA user and I picked the Tour 9630; My main reason is the connected keyboard for esay typing and Corporate styling.

The Curve 8530 to me is more of a consumer phone while the Tour 9630 is a Business phone.

i like the look of the curve, but i love wifi and trackpad, so i would go with the curve untill the tour2 comes out then its not comp

I am a new addict I have a storm now but I would choose the tour. Wish it had the pad but the essex should be coming out soon.

I couldn't give up the higher resolution screen. Also, not possible to take the the Tour2 out of the picture which will likely be a blending of the 8520 superior features (OS 5, WiFi, Trackpad) and add significantly more storage, better resolution, flash, better camera. And there you will have the Tour2. :D

I have had my tour for a couple of months now and the keyboard is just amazing, the camera comes in handy with all the apps that I use, and the curve jus seems to small, the trackpad is a cool feature, but i need more than just a trackpad though

In my opinion it seems like many people are blowing the "bad trackball" issue way out of proportion in attempt to make a case for RIM or their carrier to give them a Tour2 for free or at a discount. I would say nice try but I can't lie. Those who had an issue with the trackball have had that issue corrected by their carrier giving them a new Tour with a "good" trackball. Some more crafty people just replaced the trackball themselves. Either way, stop complaining about your WORKING JUST FINE trackball and either wait for your upgrade or pay full price for the newer phone. I would be glad to trade ANY Tour1 owner for my 8330 while I wait for the Tour2.

I've never had an issue with the track ball on my pearl 8130. I actually like it pretty well, but after trying out a trackpad, I for one just prefer that more than the trackball...but, that's just me.

a 8530 for my girlfriend while I'm using a 9630. I love her phone! The size is wonderful. I don't use my camera much at all so that doesn't bother me. Of course 5.0 is nice but that little phone is so much faster than my tour. The only thing that gets me is the tour keyboard. it doesn't get much better than that. The screen is obviously better on the tour, but with the aspect of openGL on the curve, I would say that I would buy a 8530 for me today rather than the tour. But hey, essex will be out in a month then we will see.

I would have to go Tour simply for the World Phone capability if nothing else. That would be a little painful as once you get used to the trackpad, the trackball feels like a relic. WiFi is also very welcome. Glad I jumped over to At&t and got a 9700!

I prefer the Tours screen. And as good as the trackpad may be, I have only known the trackball. So for now its not a huge deal. Although I am aware of the fact that once I go to the trackpad I'll wonder how I managed with the ball.

The resolution on the 8530 is horrible. I was on facebook and couldn't recognize a picture of someone!

I love my Tours screen and looks even better on 5.0 :))

I have a Storm 1, Tour, and my gf has the curve 8530. Shes only had it for just over a month now and shes been asking me if she can have my Tour in exchange for the Curve. We both agree that the keypad is much better for typing fast on the Tour, the higher quality feel, and the cleaner much smoother looking screen resolution. she watches video a lot on her phone, but the tour and storm both look a lot better than the curve (I would always use the storm to watch videos, which is a no-brainer for obvious reasons), but I do like it that she has the wifi capabilities. I dont know if the wifi is enough though to choose the curve over the tour when it comes to overall feel and usability between the two.

I honestly rather keep my tour, at least until the Tour2 comes out and then I'll give her my Tour1. she can keep the curve though, i wont be needing it.

I bought a Tour before the 8530 came out. I like the fact that I can use it internationally. The wife just got a new phone and had to choose between the Tour and 8530. She chose the 8530 for a couple of reasons: 1) The trackball on the Tour SUCKS! 2) WIFI and 3) OS 5.0. The Tour has a nicer feel, but the 8530 has better features for us.

I have no idea why anyone would consider the 8530 when the 9630 is only $20 more. The cheap materials and low-res screen alone are reason enough not to buy the Curve, not to mention that you can only use it in North America and the camera is basically useless.

But not nearly as practical as you'd think. Computers as you probably know are modular; power supplies, RAM, hard drives; all can be replaced on the fly. Blackberries (having seen a few teardowns and done a couple as well) aren not nearly so. Perhaps in the future we'll see some modular options (larger screen, smaller keyboard or vice versa) on the whole the devices won't have any real physical customization outside of what we have now.

I think it would be fun to have a "build your own BB" concept like what Dell does to their computers. Each person has different needs and liking - it shouldn't be THAT difficult to do if Dell can do it. No matter what you want, all should be able to be fit in any BB cases. The idea could work as an advantage against iPhones and Android phones!

I would pick neither; CDMA is DEAD!

With HSPA+ rolling out across Canada as we type, why would anyone buy or upgrade to a CDMA BlackBerry!? I'll keep my BB Curve 8330 for now.

Wait another 6 to 12 month's. In a few years CDMA will be switched OFF and you will have to migrate over to HSPA.

I will use my CDMA phone, screw what eventually will come out in a few years. Also, CDMA will not be just "switched" off, there will be plenty of time to prepare..

Seriously who keeps a smartphone for "a few years" these days? Anyone who buys a CDMA device today will be just fine because in 2012 (when Verizon isn't even done rolling out LTE) they can upgrade to a LTE device with their 2 year full discount - and that's figuring that they aren't a VIP customer and get the 2 year discount every year.

I think you are wrong. Each VIP Enrollment period is 1 year long. At the end of that 1 year the VIP accounts are looked at and if they still meet the VIP requirements each will be re-enrolled as a VIP customer. I believe the re-enrollments will actually happen the last week of February.

I agree with the other replies to this posting. I have been reading CDMA sucks. Well might be but it shouldn't be THAT sucky since there are still millions of users. I don't travel to overseas much and Verizon has been working fine with me. As somebody said, it is not like it will be gone next day - plenty of time to prepare and not many, especially folks checking out this site, keep the same phone more than 2 years. Remember the time when there was no compatibility between different company's PC's like 20 some years ago? Gradually merged - well, except Mac :).

Due to the nature of my job, I'm required to test all new smartphones that come out of Verizon's offerings. Although my personal line carries a Blackberry at all times, I've been known to bounce around quite a bit between devices. While I received a Curve 8530 pre-public release, my particular device has a not-so-smooth keyboard that started making button noise (for lack of a better description) from Day One and only got worse. After a week I shipped it back and picked up the Tour again.

While the Tour is not without faults (Think: battery door, no OFFICIAL OS 5.0, no WiFi, etc), it also is a much more pleasing experience for those of us who use the device to its full capabilities. Hope this helps those who are choosing!


The tour trackball (minus the first months problems) is MUCH improved in feel over curve 8330 and really, wifi is NOT everywhere. This is not ATT, VZW 3g is quick enough that wifi is not big deal, unless you need to look up the capital of Peru while your buddy is on the line at a game show like Luke Wilson! (Dumb commercial). Screen resolution and Rev a are big plusses over the curve 8530

After owning the Tour and all it's problems for the last 6 months I would go with the Curve in a heartbeat.
Curve may feel cheaper but in my opinion it doesn't feel any differntly made than the 8330 and that was a great phone for me. Never had any issues that I didn't cause myself.
I have a few friends with he 8520 and one with an 8530. Not one of them has had any issues or had to return their phone and they are moderate to heavy users.
My self along with 2 friends and 1 colleague have all returned our Tours at least twice sicne we had them. Also I am the only one that bought it the day of release. My colleague bought his just after Christmas and is on his 3rd all ready.

Having said all that.....
If I was going to base it on features and initail feel alone I would definitely choose the Tour over the Curve.

I picked the Curve2 for the WiFi, but it was very close. Tour's better screen resolution, faster processor, more memory and better camera made it close. Wait, can I change my vote? I just wished they would hurry up and release the Tour2 and Sprint do some "get it free for upgrade" promotion.

I love my Tour. World phone capability is great. I'm an IT Professional and I gave up my Windows phone last year to switch to BB.


Wi-fi, trackpad and dedicated media player controls do it for me. I can't live without my BB and music and having dedicated media player controls would be awesome.

The Tour has EVDO Rev A. The Curve is stil Rev 0.

This may not matter to you, but for anybody that tethers, the difference is huge!

I would get the Tour.

If I am tracking this thread correctly, it's saying that the Verizon 8530 only has Rev 0. If data pipe is same then one assumes we can't achieve any higher speeds than my 4yr old Lenovo with THE FIRST built in Sierra EV-DO modem.......

...OR... does that 3G speed that everyone is so hyped about actually mean anything?

The reason I ask is b/c I bought the blackberry on the notion that I would tether my old laptop to it and cut-off my $60/- a month fee for that old, slow connection. AND, note that I am now paying $45 extra on top of my voice plan for the blackberry.

Does any of this make sense?? How can this be???


I voted for the Curve because of its WiFi capability and the track pad. Once the Tour2 is released with WiFi I would choose it hands down though. I prefer the Tour's keyboard over the Curve's. I currently have an 8330 that I plan to upgrade this fall when eligible.

I don't have a BB yet I wouldn't mind have any BB to be honest but I will get the tour 2 when it comes out.

I don't currently own either, but I've been looking to switch from my Storm. I'm waiting for a future phone I've decided.

I love the feel of the Curve's trackpad and the only reasons I don't get the Tour is because of the lack of WiFi (which is not seriously a deal-breaker) and the trackball. I have a friend with a Tour - his 6th or 7th. His trackballs keep giving him problems so he has had to exchange his Tour over and over again.

But, the Curve's lower resolution camera is a problem. Why would I go backwards in quality? I'm surprised it was released with a camera that wasn't 3.2 or better.

I think you should add a button to your poll that is labeled "Neither."

No question here.... The Tour sucks. It is the worst phone I have ever had in my entire life. Anything would be better so I would go with the Curve at this point. How RIM screwed up the Tour so bad is a mystery to me. And the worst part is they don't care AT ALL for the consumers who bought the Tour and expect us to pay MORE MONEY for a Tour 2 that is "fixed". Insane. Shame on you RIM.

I could understand your point of view ONLY if your trackball issue was never addressed and fixed by anyone (carrier or RIM) after you sought assistance. We know that is your complaint. But we all know your trackball works just fine now. Who in their right mind would use a Tour with a "broken" trackball when they have a warranty and there is a fix? No one would. Trackball complainers need to stop... just stop.

well said bro,
enough of the damn trackball issue. That lasted a month at most. ALL were fixed, if yours is still broken your a dumbass. They will replace it with a new one.(green dot on box) so please, stop. Tour2 is not a "FIX" for the tour, it's an upgrade since VZW blocked wifi on devices until AFTER tour was developed and released. NOT RIMS FAULT! Tour is the BEST device available for VZW until the tour2 arrives.

I have a Tour and am certain I would not he happy with the EVDO ReV 0 that the Curve2 has. Sure it has wifi, but who has wifi available the time? Why they kept this old Rev EVDO, I do not know. I do prefer the trackpad, but the overall function and form IMO is better on the Tour.

Bring on the Essex!

Despite not having the trackpad the tour was the one I liked the most. I did try the 8530 first but didnt like the cheap toy feel to it or the resolution of the screen, although i did like the 5.0 OS that wasn't enough for me to keep it.

I have a Tour and my wife has an 8530 and both are great devices. The deal breaker for me is the High res screen on the Tour so that's how I voted. But, I like the keyboard better on the 8530 and the trackpad is a HUGE improvement.

I got my first BB in August and got the Tour. Had to have the first one replaced due to trackball issue. Other than that it is by far an away the best phone I have had. I love everything about it. I have messed with the trackpads and don't really see the big deal. I like both equally. Screen resolution is big for me as well as the camera. Even if the Tour 2 wasn't coming out the Tour would be the phone I would get.

I agree that this won't be a contest once the Tour 2 comes out. My Tour's trackball is starting to act up so if I had to get a phone now (I've got to wait 4 months), I'd get one with the trackpad since it is much more reliable.

The extra speed and resolution is certainly nice, and I'm used to and like the Tour's keyboard now (came from an 8330), but I hate the trackball.

Wake up people! My 8530 out performs the Tour I have for 45 day demo. It feels better in your hands. Yes, the Tour has the better keyboard but you'll get use to it. The Tour I have for demo (VZW Emp) I get to use free of charge and can also download stuff free of charge and I rarely even pick it up after the first week of having it because the 8530 kicks it in it's kibbles. The cam is not that big of deal. With decent room lighting, it takes a very good pix; it's a much better 2.0 MP cam then the older BB 2.O MP cams. Yes, WIFI and Open GL support = better chip set. Tour has a better res screen but it's not that much of a big deal. The 8530 is quite vibrant. People say it's cheap and too light. I was trying to pull my phone out of my shirt pocket to answer it and I ended up fumbling it and I flipped it up in the air probably about 10 feet and it slammed into the concrete screen side down and had no damage. Had that been that heavy @ss Tour, I bet your legs something would have cracked at the very least if not have been broke. The Curve 8530 has much bang for the buck; trust me!!!

I never understood why the trackpad is so popular. It doesn't read diagonal movements very well. You have to do everything with "square" jolts. The trackball allowed much more smoother movements. Tactile feedback was key with the trackball.

The trackball is great to me, even though the trackpad is hot looking and seems like it will be very low maintenance. I played with the trackpad and noticed the same thing with diagonal movements. However, I didn't check the movements while on the web browsing. I know while in the berry menus both the pad and the ball don't do diagonal per se. It's more of an over then down quick movement when you are moving your finger diagonally. Maybe it's just in the menus and other areas it does diagonal like the ball?

I would have to choose the Tour because everything is better on it. WIFI on a Blackberry is nice, but it's not widely supported, so what's the point.

9630 offers better display and 3.2 MP camera and has 3G. While 8530 has supposed support for OPENGL, nothing out there is taking advantage as of now cept the one bowling game. Plus wifi is a nice have, but if I were to have wifi or 3G, I'll take the 3G. But nuff said why not just get storm2 9550 which I have.

I would pick the 8530. Actually, I already did.

I sold the 9630 for $400 and got the 8530 for $29 plus a $100 gift card at Wally.

BTW, you forgot to mention the keyboard and the weight.

I found the 9630 hard to type on and it felt like a brick.

I would take the Tour because of the 3G support alone. I also have two small children so I use the camera all the time as well as show them videos to keep them entertained.

I choose the Tour so that I can take it around the world with me (which I do frequently for my job).

Frankly, the Tour allowed me to dump at&t Mobility and go with VZW which does offer a far superior network at the moment.


A month ago, the wife and I upgraded our Sprint 8330m phones to the Tour. We absolutely loved the Tour. Unfortunately, for the Tour, the phone tower signal wasn't strong enough to overcome the dropped calls when we switched. We reverted back to the Curve phones. Note that we use our cell phones in place of the old, reliable landline from Verizon. I did have an opportinity to use one of the new Spring 8530 Curve phones. The Wi-Fi was nice, but I didn't like the TrackPad and the body of the phone was nowhere near as nice, and solid like the 8330m. Also, without enabling the audible keypad option, the tactile feedback on the new 8530 wasn't there ... even felt kind of mushy. It seems as though they spent $50 to add the new features, but skimped $100 on the rest of the hardware.

Just yesterday, I received the Sprint AIRAVE (from eBay) and now our signal strength at home is STRONG. When the Tour2 is released, we will go back to the Tour.

I will choose the IPHONE. After a year of using Blackberry I am very disapointed from the browser, sw update to 5.0.0.X rate, and from the many restart I need to do do when BB is stuck. in corperate enviroment one need the blackberry for security and saafety reasons. A single user will be benefir from IPHONE. no question.

This poll only includes the current 9630 Tour, not the soon-to-be released Tour 2. The tour has been out for over 7 months. The Curve 8530 is a replacement to the Curve 8330 and has been out for only a month or so. As these two phones stand, I will stay with my 9630 tour for now. But I will change to the Tour 2 when it becomes available. The poll is somewhat misleading, since it is asking to choose an older, soon-to-be replaced model with a newer one.

If you havn't had the extreme pleasure of using a Blackberry with Wifi yet, I highly recommend it.
I have a storm2 now, and having Wifi saves me a lot of time throughout the day.
Even if it means being stuck with a 2MP camera, I'll take the trackpad Curve with Wifi over the Tour any day of the week.
Once the Tour gets 5.0 though...

I have a bold now, but i have had some experience with a track-pad. I loved the fluid movements of the track-pad, but overall, I definitely back the Tour 100%. The ability to replace the trackball much easier than the pad, and the overall functionality of the Tour makes it a much better phone than the 8530. With me not being a big wi-fi user, the loss of wi-fi doesn't make me like the Tour any less. A better camera and better resolution definitely have me sold on the Tour over the 8530.

Trackpad+WiFi+Open GL= Curve FTW! The Curve is also a good, reliable, and durable work horse. The Tour was a disappointment to me from the start. And since I thought I didn't need WiFi and bought my Storm 1, I've discovered that WiFi would be more helpful than I thought. I won't get another phone without WiFi!

Now if you put the Tour 2 up against the Curve, well that's a different story...

I'm not a CDMA user, but if i had to choose, it would definitely be the Tour.

Screen resolution
The keyboard is excellent
world phone capability

I got fed up with the trackball issues so I went from a tour to a curve and i love it! WiFi is a huge plus and the screen is not that bad, not to mention the trackpad!

i tried the curve two, pretty bad resolution even for a small screen, the tour without wifi is just plain dumb
i left bb for the motorola droid, what an amazing phone, after being a dedicated bb user for many years, it was hard but a great decision

This is an easy one. The Curve...hands down!!! I've had both and work with all model BB's quite often. I love the Curve over the Tour. I was completely frustrated with the Track Ball on the Tour. The change to the Curve has been wonderful and the Track Pad on that is the best. For those Tour users, you need to get your hands on the Curve rocks!!

I had just recently purchased a Curve 8530 (I haven't got it just yet as it is being delivered via FedEx. Got it at an online deal for free, which is better than buying the Tour at $99!) I had debated over the Tour and Curve 8530 for weeks and had done tons of research, reading reviews on both phones. I had wanted the tour very badly in the beginning and loved the feel of the qwerty keypad on that phone but was terrified of the trackball problems that most people have had on it, hence in getting the Curve with the trackpad. For me, with my loss of hearing, I could hear better on the Curve 8530 with the hearing aid capability of M4/T4 (this is the highest rating in capability in a phone.) The Tour was M3. I had tested the Tour myself with my hearing aid and it wasn't very clear as I could hear whistling or whinning sound in the background. I'm not too concerned about the camera, I don't use it too much as I already have a reg camera to use. Plus I chose the Curve for the wi-fi it already has, when the Tour doesn't.

I know I would've loved having the Tour myself after hearing so many great things about it (other than the trackball.) I just had to chose one that would best fit my needs. Hope I get my phone soon as I can't wait to get my hands on it and do all sorts of stuff on it!

The screen resolution alone is the key factor. Throw in the better camera with flash, and it is still a no-brainer even with the old trackball. I have the tour and it rocks.

I need the World Phone capabilities. I was on AT&T for years until the Tour came out on Verizon. AT&T's 3G issues caused me to go backwards from the Bold to the Curve last year, as I waited for the Tour on Verizon. Call quality on Verizon us unmatched - period. However, I am my FOURTH Tour - each of the previous three had issues with the Track Ball. Give me the Tour2 (trackpad and WiFi) and I think you've got the perfect full qwerty BlackBerry. If AT&T could get their 3G issues resolved, I may come back for the Bold 9700 - but I'm not kidding when I say that Verizon's call quality is just outstanding...

I just had the same issue on 12/29. It was my wife and my 1 year opportunity to upgrade and was tired of the Pearls. I couldn't decide between curve 2, tour, storm 1 or 2 and the Droid Eris. Sorry, I just love the Android OS! It finally came down to curve 2 or tour.
Do I need wifi? Trackball? OpenGL? Quad band? So I had to just test them both out and the tour won! The screen size, camera pixels, flash, keypad and just the overall look sold me. Do I need wifi? No it just sounds important? Do I need world phone? Don't travel overseas. We have a child and pictures and videos at the spur of the moment are important. And it just looks classy. I really didn't care for trackpad since I was used to the ball already. Oh I think I failed to mention that at Sams Club, they offered the tour FREE with new 2 year agreement and the curve 2 was 49.99 for same deal for existing customers! So free + free = free and 49.99 + 49.99 = 100. You do the math! Only downfall I'd no 5.0. This 4.7 keeps giving me install software 552 message. That is a pain to reinstall crap!

The curve 8530 is EVDO Rev. 0. Max download speeds it can attain are 2.4 Mbps and upload speed of 144kbps.
The Tour 9630 is Evdo Rev A. Max download speeds it can attain are 3.2 Mbps and max upload speeds are 1.4Mbps.

love the track pad on the curve but i need something that i can use when i travel to europe. thats pretty much the only thing thats keeping me from buying the curve

While I absolutely love my Tour, one of the lucky few with no trackball issues since day1! the curve is just a better phone. smaller, just as powerful, plus I never leave the country. just my 2 cents.

I say Tour - the GSM chip for going to Germany does it for me, as does the Higher resolution in the display and camera.

THOUGH, I like having the flash on the Storm I use now, and the WiFi and Open GL would be quite nice...

So where's the Uberberry with it all?

Just like many of you, I have had every blackberry device since.... I can remember and i just recently bought the 8530 for my wife which moved her out of the 8330. The button at the top of the device has dual function, it goes directly into media and also serves as "the enter standbye" mode. More often than not it goes to music media when you are trying to put the phone in "standbye" mode. and it is worse with even the thinnest silicone cover. I fanally had to dedicate one of the convenience keys to lock the keyboard and put the backlight to dim quicker to appease her. other than that she likes the phone. Is anybody else having this issue? possibly we use the standbye mode more than most? I don't know

Had the Tour for several months and just could not get used to the slanted cramped keypad. Why in the world Blackberry messed with the biggest feature on their phones that people like is beyond me.

Problem is, after owning the Tour, going to a Curve is like going backwards; the screen resolution, camera resolution and the biggest drawback is only Rev 0.

In the end, even though I can't stand the keyboard, the Tour is the better phone.

Anyone know where I can get a Curve keyboard for the Tour!

No, I didn't misspell "Tour"...

I'm TORN because my gut instinct is to say the Tour, because I just can't stand the keyboard that all the Curve models have had (my big fingers have trouble with the keys) as opposed to the keyboard of the Tour, 8800 series, Bold, etc.

After looking at a comparison though, it would come down to three major comparisons:

1) Camera & Resolution

2) Trackpad/ball

3) Wi-Fi & OpenGL support

I group them like that because that is how I view them in terms of importance (1 being the lowest in importance).

1) I don't use my camera enough to care too much about the pixels or flash. I care about resolution but, like Kevin says above, it only comes into play when one is web browsing.

2) I personally have never had problems with a trackball to really care as much as some other about having a trackpad. My first blackberry was an 8700g, which I had for 2 years. Then I went to the 8820 for T-Mobile and only had that for 4 months before negotiating a trade for an unlocked Storm 9530, straight up (yes, it was a savvy deal on my part). Having played with live phones with the trackpad in malls & stores, however, I have to say it is HUGE improvement from the feel and performance of the trackball.

3) I miss Wi-Fi! I am currently vying for a barter of a Storm 2 9550 or a Bold 9700 through T-Mobile, simply because I miss Wi-Fi so much! OpenGL is the future...plain and simple.

That all being said, it is still a difficult decision, but I think that if I did not know anything of the Tour2 and the Curve 8530 was the foreseeable model of the future, I believe I would land on the Curve.


Tour, because of Size and it's a more refined device IMO.

You know what would be a good poll?

Tour 9630 v. Bold 9700

I went tour9630 over curve8530 for several reasons... i like the keyboard better, more memory, better screen, better camera and dosent look like a kids play phone!! but i saved my other lines upgrade for a tour2

sure, openGL is nice to have...but i think using it on a noticeably lower-res screen kind of defeats the purpose. tour, ftw.

sure, wifi is nice to have...but with 3G speeds (and a decent data plan), why bother with yet another antenna to drain battery life?
tour, ftw.

i think a nicer camera (with flash) is more useful to a serious user than some cooler looking games and dedicated media buttons. i guess the trackpad is worth having, although i've had no issues with the trackball.

yes, i'm a tour owner, but i was offered the choice of either.

After being stuck with the 8330 for about 2yrs now I would love it if my employer upgraded our phones to any model as long as it had wifi. As a tech working from a web based ticket system as well as communicating through messengers this is a must for my next device.

i currently own a blackberry tour, and i used a curve (8330) as a work phone. i chose the tour mainly for the higher res screen. the screen on the new curve is the same as the old one. dont get me wrong, it does the job, but everything is just clearer on the tour.
i miss wifi once in a while, but anywhere i spend my time i have good 3g coverage (vwz), that does the job for everything i have to do.

bottom line, i would choose (and chose) the tour

I went from the Tour 9630 to the Curve 8530. I love the track pad ! It's also much lighter and you can hardly tell the difference in screen resolution. Glad I made the change!

I am in this debate right now. The thing is, the trackpad and wifi give the curve the edge. Plus, I like the form factor of the Curve better. The Tour2 is another story.

I picked the Tour bc of the world phone cap, and it has a flash. But please do this again when the Tour 2 comes out.

I'd probably lean toward the curve rather then the tour. I've stated in the forums, and will state here that while I love Blackberrys for their messaging (not to mention keeping me organised), I do not really need one. I can (and currently do) survive with a dumbphone.

That being said, I generally won't go out and buy the most expensive thing. I'll shop for the device that best fits my needs/wants, and between the 2 devices, I'd grab the curve, even if it still had the trackball

tour for everything else. im on my secoind tour just from trackball issues. thisone is working great, as long as it does im a fan of the tour.

Lost my tour after a few months without insurance...had to use another line upgrade and played with the 8530...not a fan of the keypad and honestly I'm really indifferent to the trackpad/trackball issue. WiFi would have been nice, however better camera, camera flash, resolution, and I kno this sounds cheap but the fact the Tour comes with a 2 GB sd card in it made me lean back towards the Tour for the second time. Also just feels sturdier in my hands JMHO!

I have the Tour now and LOVE IT... I could never downgrade into a curve. the Curve is just en entry level device into the Blackberry world

...but you're wrong.


Tour feels better in the hand and has the DOMINANT keyboard. IMHO, Curve qwerty boards feel like crap.

I guess I'm spoiled. I have full bars of 3G everywhere in the town I live in so WiFi isn't some huge deal although its nice to have.

What this boils down to is this: Verizon peeps deserve the Tour 2 pronto. Please please please hold a contest for one because I NEED that phone and my wife will kill me if I try to buy another phone.


At first this was a tough one for me. I have played with the 8530 and the trackpad, which I really liked. But in the end I like the screen resolution, the keyboard, the camera and the side controls better on the 9630. So far for me, keep the trackball clean, and it works fine.

I struggled with this very decision two months ago. In the final analysis, I decided that I really wanted the latest BB technology, and this was only available with the Bold 9700. With some reluctance I left Verizon, and moved to AT&T with the Bold 2 (bought on amazon for $.01 w/ 2 yr contract & no activation). Several people that I work with have AT&T, so I know coverage is good in my city and the major cities I normally travel to. It's been outstanding, and the benefit of using the latest technology has been well worth it for me. I know people with the tour & the new curve, and I think the new bold is heads & shoulders above. I'm quite pleased with the wifi (vs none on tour) and the higher end screen & camera (I use this alot when out & about with the family). I know someone will blast this post @ At&t coverage (I might have a few monts ago) but it's been good for me. I didn't & still don't understand why Verizon is a beat behind with their BB. Oh & btw the point about being able to access Email & web while talking on your phone- I can't imagine not being able to do that- something else I didn't know how much I would use.

It is not VZW being behind the ball on newest phones. It's the fact that CDMA is mostly only used in North America. For a phone manufacturer, they are able to sell many more GSM devices than CDMA due to numbers of users. Some 80% of all world cell phone users are GSM. It may actually be higher than that. So, RIM, like other cell makers, usually built GSM devices first, test their popularity, and when they do well, they build a CDMA equivalent. It sucks as a CDMA user, but in the end, the phones built for CDMA are tried and true, have less frequent manufacturer flaws, and don't quite costs as much as they are not the "NEWEST" phone on the market. Think back to the moto razr. I believe it was $500 or more for the first ones that came out on AT&T. WHen I bought my VZW razr when it came out, it cost me $99. Sucks not to have the newest stuff, but really, if my phone works great, what do I care.

Tour vs 8530? Seriously?

Not even close... 9630.

Since when did the trackball become the equivalent of a black and white TV?

Def the Tour. WiFi is useless to me as I always have good coverage. Trackpad is nice but the lesser camera is a no go, Screen is not a major issue because I will prob choose the new Pearl over the new Tour.

Two weeks before christmas, I went to verizon to buy the curve 2 (track pad and wi fi) but after looking at the curve 2 and it felt and looked very cheap. the tour was the only choice. But thats just me. Have not looked back. May or may not look at the tour 2 right away.

I was lucky last month in using an upgrade from my brother's account and got a free upgrade from his account, and switch the phone to mine. I could have picked either phone. The trackpad almost won me over, but seriously, EVDO rev 0 was a deal breaker. Really, why no Rev A? That is all the comparison I needed. Now, I use the camera ALL the time, so the better camera was definitely a plus, and once you've seen the higher screen resolution, you won't go back. Tour2 will be awesome.
Now, this cheap build look vs business look......give me a freakin break. It's a bb ain't it? Also the bold/tour keyboard is MUCH improved over the chicklet keyboard. Took a day or two to adjust, but when you have it, it really is much better. The only 3 pluses I could see on the curve 8530 were it's weight, trackpad, and wifi. If you are eligable for an upgrade, hold tight with your 8330 and get the essex/tour2 when it comes out. It will be worth the wait, and you won't regret it when your stuck with either tour or curve for 2 years when the essex comes out.

As for me, thanks to my bro, I'm still eligible for my tour2 upgrade when it comes out, so I got the best of both worlds.

I am not sure why everyone is so worried about wi-fi. It's not that useful on a BB. Many 3rd party apps don't use a wi-fi connection.

I love the size of the curve.
I wanted a tour but went with the 8330 last spring....don't regret it at all.

Curve 2 suites my needs except that I don't need wifi, it's not rev A and this may be picky but no metal contacts to use with a charging pod........

I'm changing Carrier and phone and waiting for the Tour 2 to come out. It's suppose to include (according to the blogmiesters at Wi-Fi, optical trackpad, and likely open GL, so the best of both worlds!

And I still voted for the Tour. Because I think that the other features are worth it, however I do wish that it had the optical trac pad. Actually, if the Tour had both Wi-fi and the otp I wouldn't care about ever owning another Berry. as it stands now, once my two years are up I'll be switching up.

If I did choose, it would be the Tour. The Curve 2 seems nice and all but the Tour seems like the one for me. I don't have that option as I am a T-Mobile guy with a Bold 2 and I am loving life with it. The Tour 2 will fix all of the questions and choices when it is out.

I love my Tour, HOWEVER, I have had my fair share of refurbs due to trackballs, OS issues, and 1 bricked itself when it fell off the charging cable. I upgraded my wife's phone to Tour when VZW did BOGO. She just had hers replaced due to trackball and the one they sent the OS needed to be reinstalled.

Basically, my Tours have had issues. I would LOVE to get the Optical Track Pad.

That said, the higher res, higher MP, higher memory all lead me back to my Tour even with its compounded issues.

I am hoping to do a 1 year upgrade to Tour2, but I doubt they will let me. But again this was 9630 vs. 8530.

Getting tired of constant Tour crashes and reloading the OS

Would like to get the BOLD if it ever hits Verizon

I just came back to BB after a 6 month Palm Pre saga. Now that's lousy hardware.

I bought a new Tour, and my only complaint is the keyboard. The sculpted keys are nonsense imho. I don't type a letter as if I'm landing my thumb like a plane on an airstrip. I just push on the damn key (like a helicopter landing). The upward curve of each key (oh how cute it goes the opposite way for your other descending thumb) effectively reduces the size of the key to nothing for me. I hit other keys too often. I don't like it. I know many love it.

My original Curve had the best keyboard! It was perfect for me. The 8530 looks to be quite the same. I had trackball issues on the Curve, and USB port failure too. But it was a great phone.

I told myself I wouldn't miss wifi, but I sure do. I have an Airave for my place but it doesn't do EVDO. Having my own wifi signal that I can't access with the Tour at home is a drag. I didn't realize how much time I spend messing around on the phone at home. Thank goodness PodTrapper has the Desktop Downloader, so I can use my cable connection to download podcasts (some video) before I go to work.

So I'm thinking about it. I'll have to go to a Sprint store and compare them side by side. The keyboard is obviously up there on my list of important features. I just want to feel good when typing. :)

I had the tour and went with the curve 8530 because of the optical pad. Although the only thing i miss about the tour is the flash and the high res camera. Other than that the curve is alot better because of the opt pad and the lighter weight phone.

Well COME ON everyone's bringing up the Wifi lacking on the Tour, but WHO needs wifi and you've got 3G..? Let me tell you, I'm currently rocking a bold 9000, which has wifi, but even when I'm home, I'm always using 3G, because it's'just as fast as wifi!
Well it is on my carrier at least, I don't really know 3G speed in the US...

Well for me Wifi is not important enough :).

Plus, the curve feels soooo cheap! I mean a Blackberry's meant to look and feel professional... The curve just doesn't.

knowing what I know about BB's, with the screen freezes, lag time, no internet, etc., I'm going to the andriod phone as soon as my contract will allow me.

Neither, it'd be a waste of time. I own a Tour currently, but if I had to get a new phone now I wouldn't. Instead I'd wait for the Tour2, which should be out in not too long.

I would pick the Tour simply because it has a trackball rather than the trackpad.

Being a Storm 2 user (over my original Storm which no problems what so ever), the main reason I upgraded early was to have wifi available since I travel a far bit, so I wouldn't need to pay for MB used abroad.

But I've always wanted to have a trackball phone as my backup phone, haven't got one yet. I think its a shame they are moving away from the trackball to be honest. The Tour 2 would be amazing with it...who knows I may get converted.

This poll is kinda useless but I voted for the Tour anyway lol even thought I left them both for the Hero, which I love!

I want a Tour with trackpad, or a Bold for Verizon. The trackball is a pain in the arse. Are you listening, RIMM? Why does Verizon's Curve get the trackball and the Tour doesn't? GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I ordered a 9630 the first day they were available for employee purchase through Sprint.

After 31 days, I became fed up with the unresponsive horizontal-scrolling on the trackball, and exchanged it for a Palm Pre.

While I definitely liked the Pre's web browsing capabilities a lot, it's just no Blackberry. When I found out the trackball issue was fixed as of August 2nd, I immediately found someone to trade phones with.

The 8350 is a complete and utter disappointment to the blackberry family. It's cheaply made, and FEELS cheaply made. The trackpad is a definite improvement, and will solve the issue of people goo-ing up they're trackballs, and the fact that it uses the same processor and has the same amount of memory are another bonus.

On the flip-side, well...everything else. Lower screen resolution, crappy camera with no auto-focus & a lost optical zoom, loss of flash, a physically smaller screen, missing world-capabilities, etc. and you'll find it's an easy decision to make.

had 8330m that was destroyed by when i drove over it on accident, got an htc touch pro 2 to replace it. the screen went out on it so i got the tour 9630. loving it so far!

Camera WITH flash, as well as Global Ready, even without Wifi or a trackpad, I'd be better off with the Tour. That being said, I wouldn't trade my 8330 for anything else.

...although I do like the wi-fi capabilities of the Curve. Aside from that, I am waiting for BB to come out with a phone that has larger QWERTY keys (for those of us who have big fingers).