CrackBerry Poll: Do you still believe RIM will be able to execute "Plan A" and successfully bring BlackBerry 10 to market?

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 May 2012 09:03 pm EDT
 Let's Rock & Roll This!

This evening Research In Motion's CEO Thorsten Heins issued a business update statement. In the last week we've seen rumors surface of looming RIM layoffs and pending inventory write downs, so Heins took control of the message directly. And while there wasn't really any surprising news in the statement, Heins did confirm that RIM had hired J.P. Morgan and RBC Capital to help RIM with its strategic review of business operations and financial performance.

Upon that confirmation we've already seen a flood of stories pop up in the media pointing that the end of RIM as we know it is near.... RIM is going to get acquired... RIM is going to get broken down into pieces and sold...  RIM is going to run out of cash before BlackBerry 10 launches... you get the picture. Nothing has really changed between yesterday to today, but a statement like this is a catalyst for headlines to be written, most of which will take the glass half empty vs. half full tone. For a BlackBerry fan, it can be a bit depressing to read, especially considering the post-BlackBerry World excitement around BlackBerry 10.

When Heins took over the reigns at Research In Motion he made it clear on day 1 that he was put in place to run the company and execute on its strategic plans. Specifically, that meant completing RIM's technical platform transition and bringing BlackBerry 10 successfully to market.

This is what I call RIM's "Plan A." RIM wants to continue business operations per normal, start selling BlackBerry 10 phones later this year (aka. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE), and win back consumer mindshare and smartphone/tablet marketshare. And they want to do this on their own. Plan A is what myself and I think the vast majority of CrackBerry Nation want to see happen too. We know the road won't be easy. RIM has another couple of tough quarters ahead between now and the availability of BlackBerry 10 phones, but they still have money in the bank and judging from what we saw at BlackBerry World, it appears like the company is doing all the right things behind the scenes to get things done. We want to see RIM complete this mission on their own and get BlackBerry 10 phones into our hands.

At the same time, when earnings are low and the stock price is beaten up, RIM's management wouldn't be doing its job if it wasn't also contemplating Plans B, C, D, E and F. And this is what the strategic advisors are there to help RIM do - come up with the alternative plans and if necessary, execute on them. What are Plans B, C, D, E and F? We'll explore what we think those could be more in a followup editorial (think strategic partnerships, licensing, etc.), but for the sake of our poll simply think of them all as a change to RIM's regular operations. Which brings us to my...

Question of the Week: Given today's business update and the state of RIM's stock price, etc. I wanted to check in and see where the community's thoughts are at. Is your faith still strong in the RIMPIRE striking back and #TEAMBLACKBERRY pushing out BlackBerry 10 to market on their own? Or do you think the business conditions and timing for RIM are getting so tight that it's almost to the point when some sort of business operation change is going to become necessary to keep BlackBerry fighting in the game? Vote above and share your logic in the comments. 

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CrackBerry Poll: Do you still believe RIM will be able to execute "Plan A" and successfully bring BlackBerry 10 to market?


A what? You mean I can get the blue screen of death on a phone too??!! Where can I get one of those?
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You are also ignorant, and your attempt at a joke makes absolutely no sense. You ARE aware that there is no DOS on the windows phones, right??? Meaning a "blue screen of death" is impossible.
Not to mention, the last time I checked every BB I've ever owned was notorious for the "hourglass of death"....

Not only for samsung for apple too...because apple without samsung is a half apple in my old leather bag ....:-)

What are you talking about??? That's not a Windows Phone...
It's the BB10 demo phone.

You are too ignorant to post anything further.

I am wondering what will happen to you, CrackBerry team, if RIM is no more. This is a truly great "fan" site. I hope you, guys, also have a Plan B.

We will not have to have a Plan B because RIM will prevale, and given a little time, once BlackBerry 10 phones are launched, RIM will slowly but surely regain its former glory!

The quality and reliability of RIM's phones is second to none and with the launch of BB10 phones, those who do not believe will once again want to own a BlackBerry along with the prestige that having a BlackBerry represents.


- CB

Sorry but you need to wake up RIM is years behind in hardware and software,if it second to none why a lot of people keep emigrating to others platform, atm a blackberry an dinasour are in the same line.

And you need to open your eyes! Just because apple brings out a better processor with each phone doesnt make the iphone run faster due to the old iOS. Thats what most people dont see in Blackberry. The OS allows you to do more with less hardware. RIM is not a dinosaur in technology, look at the patents flying in lately! That shows they think ahead! I enjoy my steel frame and my fiber battery cover, when talking about materials (other category of hardware). Its not all in chipsets or cameras or on-board storage. I have 6GB on my phone and 32 GB on an SD card. Have fun comparing hardware and not just making a statement without support. If my eyes need to be opened, feel free to enlighten me!

Apple. Google. Microsoft. This would be an awesome buy for anyone of these guys at $20 per share. RIM has excellent on going software revenues. There would probably be a bidding war for Rim as soon as 1 guy makes a bid.

Does Rim not share in Nortels patients worth more then the current value of Rim? Go figure?


I remember using QNX when I was in high school, grade 11 (1996/1997). I thought it was great because I was really into Linux, and BSD, and QNX was Canadian; from Ottawa.

QNX is a powerful operating system. It is not a monolithic kernel based operating system like Linux, BSD, iOS, Android, etc. where the operating system is a single very large program composed of a huge number of "parts" with different abilities. QNX is an operating that is comprised of running most of the OS in specific number of small tasks. Tasks that could be turned off and on without actually 'rebooting' the entire OS. This is why when something crashes on the PlayBook, you can simply re-run it right away. When I had root access on my PlayBook (prior to consumer 2.0 releases, through DingleBerry) I was able to actually kill these tasks and re-start them on my own using the console.


My point here is that RIM has a winner. This is because they have differentiated themselves from the competition. Having the QNX technology allows the operating system to be more secure, stable, and in the end more rewarding for the consumer!

RIM needs to put everything and everything into this operating system because it is great! They can't kill QNX! They can only make it better! They can make it relevant! QNX has already been able to run on many different platforms in many applications (ie. Automotible, Aerospace, Robotics, etc). And now, the most widely used application out of all of them, mobile!


Yes folks, I said it! I said the U-word! RIM can make this operating system UBIQUITOUS! This OS can run your fridge, your washing machine, your cell phone, your home phone, your car, it can integrate with the airplane that your going to be boarding on at 5am.

In conclusion, my point is the same always, RIM is becoming a software company. This is what is going on at Research In Motion, they are in transition from becoming a hardware manufacturer to a software company. It might make them more lean, but this is going to be the future. And the future it limitless!


If you would like to hear more of my analysis on RIM, please follow me on Twitter: @SurrealCivic

If QNX has been around that long, why hasn't it been applied to mobile sooner? I'm sure Google must have been aware of QNX when they purchased Android, makes me wonder what QNX can do that IOS and Android can't.

"I'm sure Google must have been aware of QNX when they purchased Android"

QNX isn't "open source". They'd have had to license the OS or buy the company and my guess is QNX wouldn't have liked the terms Google offered.

Google doesn't really care about Android except as a means to drive advertising revenue. So it's a bit of a mess.

QNX on the other hand is a RTOS with a micro kernel architecture that allows extensions without major surgery. It's light years more advanced than Android or iOS.

In addition, because QNX has been around for years, it is extremely robust. Just as well since it's used for some very serious applications.

Buying QNX was a brilliant move.

If only RIM could have managed the transition to BB10 without decimating their own company!

It's an absolute travesty the way they've gone about introducing BB10.

BB OS 7 and derivatives will be around for perhaps a decade, and yet RIM has shot itself in the foot by implying the architecture is dead. And they're still doing it.

A better approach would have been to have supported two parallel platforms. One for high performance devices to compete with Apple etc, and the second for entry level devices.

With a rewritten JVM for both platforms they might even have been able to share applications.

Samsung have run parallel platforms for years with great success.

Nothing has changed. RIM is not going under, not being sold, everything is moving forward.
Wall Street is a fantasy world.
American Capitalism failed in 1929 and has been artificially supported ever since.
Wall Street is corrupt, everyone has an agenda, and based on all the outright lies and willful distortions, I don't believe there is any truth there to be had.
RIM needs to take it private.
Put an end to the bullshit based on horseshit drawn from a bunch of haters who are batshit.
Don't bother talking to the trolls and haters:they are worthless people with worthless ideas, who desperately want to be winners.
They never will. They are without souls. They go to sports events hoping to see someone hurt. They are the spirit of the KKK,they are the anonymous, petty hatred that is the mundane anomie that we know as free-floating, human evil. The rock hurled from the crowd. Destruction for the sake of being unable to create.
They are not worthy of acknowledgment, a waste of thought and emotion.
QNX is light years ahead of what's out there. BlackBerry, for all its' imperfections, has Soul.
Steve Jobs is dead.
Android never lived.
Mediocrity awaits the arrival of excellence.
BBX is excellence.
We are not dead.
We are only sleeping.
We have yet to enter the fray.
Nobody sees us coming...
BlackBerry -We invented the Smartphone Business...
We're takin ' it back!!!
(Aslin is on the move...)

"Wall Street is a fantasy world."

That's true.

The problem is so is everywhere else.

Virtual is real. Miss this fundamental axiom and you're doomed to failure.

RIM needs BB10 landing in market this year. It's his last card to preserve his quote of market and when RIM launches BB10 I will be here to shout: RIM!! Be Bold and take my money!!

You do realize that back in 2009, Android was complete crap and even iOS was an imperfect... Actually RIM was in really good shape back in 2009. If they would have offered something like BB10 (which will likely be equal or better than the offerings of its competitors from 3 years later), they would have killed both Apple and Google...

You know, maybe it is unfortunate that that didn't happen because then we wouldn't have to read useless comments like yours... Too bad...

The portable processing power did not exist at that time to run QNX. It could only be now that dual core chips are available in quantity, complemented by powerful but power conserving LTE chipsets, that BB10 can actually run on a phone. Processing power increases in future generations will enable greater use of the real time multitasking functionality that will distinguish Blackberries from other phones in terms of what they can do.
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Can you give some specific examples of what Blackberry's will be able to do that other os's won't? Thanks

That's a hard question and one that many people are asking themselves if they bother to think past their noses.

In fact, from what we've seen of BB10 it's not a lot. And that's what I worry about. To GAIN market share you have to beat the competition, not just catch up to it.

That's easy.

Do many things at once with minimal degradation of performance.

Keep numerous applications actually running at once (try doing that on iOS). And I imagine the fact it is better at multitasking means it should be better able to make use of multi core CPUs. i.e. have better performance on equivalent hardware.

Allowing multiple identities on a single device (believe thats not possible with Android).

Add device drivers in real time without a major OS rewrite.

QNX has been around longer and is more robust. Has better performance. And because it is a RTOS it can handle multiple tasks more efficiently and with less latency than other OS. (So switching to take a call while watching video should be smoother with QNX than other OS).

Not that hard. For example, deep integration with home and auto systems based on the QNX platform. Networking will be simplified. It is virtually limitless when you think about it.

I've heard from a few people that use to use BlackBerrys and went onto other brands that they missed bbm and some other features and are planing on taking a good look at the new BB10 models when they come out.

Lots of consumers heads will turn and their pocket books will open up once they realize how intuitive and able BB10 is.

I gave up. I love Blackberry and will always use bb until i die but bb 10 needs to be done and in hands already. I am not saying give us a unfinished product but f..k how much longer are they gonna wait? They said they have os10 phone working good and stable months ago. I had at one time over 120 bbm contacts i am down to 32 and most is work. :( Almost everyone other then my family and work left bb. I know its gonna be great but damn you oct-nov is far away.

They are selling everywhere else except North America, but probably not in high enough numbers since Rim are nowhere near as good as Apple when it comes to driving their customers to upgrade.

When you see people using a blackberry it seems at least as likely that it will be a 9700/9780 or an 8520 than a bb7 device whereas apple have done very well in shifting most of their customers onto the 4/4s models.

Now it would be far too easy to dismiss these people as sheep that bought into minor additions like siri being worth the upgrade, but at the end of the day it is still another sale.

They should only release it when ready. Have you ever eaten a half baked cake? Memorable, yes, but for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing has changed today, we expected they would stabilize subs with discounted inventory, they would write down some of that $ 1.08 billion in inventory at the end of the fiscal year, and, that they would look to partner up if it were possible. All in, I think everything is fine here for June 28th, after that, we are only talking about BB 10 and the PB 2, nothing else matters. By the way, they have enough capital to last through 2013 and into 2014. Todays market reaction is just plain stupid media tricks. How can the media not get it when Heins says they might go negative on operating income, that he can do this with another $ 100 million in inventory write down, hardly a problem here. Finally, they grew cash which tells you everything you need to know here.

That's a very good question. I doubt the real reason will be published until whatever they're planning has been implemented.

For now they're saying it's to review partnership options.

Being that honest about telling shareholders, I would say it's partly for public opinion about RIM, and partly because they really need it. Even if they can last financially until 2013-2014, that's not what will make people buy and feel great about owning a Blackberry.

If they could stop this media-bleeding they are suffering until BB10 is out, they are just increasing their chance of a successful recovery.

We are the optimistic ones on this site. However it is a long tough road ahead. I think they should go plan "B". Focus on Enterprise markets and open an online store and sell outright for those faithful at a good price, say $399.99 - 499.99. This way they can focus on their core customer, get on some tera firma and then re-enter consumer market with a bang. I want RIM to succeed, but iOS and Android have so mich momentum. IPhone5, WP8, and who knows what Google will have by then. I in for team RIM, in 2012!!!

If i was CEO what I would do is get the Curve 9380, 9230 on US prepaid plans such as Straight Talk or Net 10, ect for oh say $99.99 -129.99 to get more in the hands of the prepaid market to try and generate sales at opening price point, offer something better than those inexpensive android phones.

See. Mostly makes sense. If you really want a BlackBerry then they should sell to the faithful for cheap. Sell everything for cheap. Break even on everything then at least you won't be in the whole. I love my 9930 but other people can't see the value so instead of just sitting on the phones just sell them off before there needs to be a fire sale and then it will be way too late. Make you're money and a small profit and be able to

We all know there is no money in hardware. Sell hardware at cost or slightly below, and make your mooney on services, this is where Jim B. Was a geniouse. His idea with partnering up with carriers and opening the network is a brilliant idea. Would have a long sustainable income and flow out HW at a low cost. Do this globally and the small ammounts add up huge. Let's just say RIM got $1.00 on each service income X 78 million = 78million off one service globally. Continue with the work force reduction (yes they suck! I work in the HOUR field) and you create a sustainable business model of everyday low cost and high profit turns.

They make a fortune on BBM subscriptions, no?

I hear that close to 6,000 workers will be gone, almost all of them will be from outside of Canada.

Again.... This is through the grapevine.

It seems unlikely that any layoffs will be disproportionately directed to any particular region and especially not to the ones outside NA where the company is still doing well.

The most likely areas for large layoffs to come would be in particular segments of the company that don't fit the plan, so if I was a rim employee working in an area that didn't contribute directly to bb10's development and launch then I would be feeling rather nervous right now.

I think the pessimism is over-exaggerated still. There is no doubt they're not in great shape, but I still think that Plan A will succeed. I don't think it will succeed so spectacularly that they'll be back close with iOS and Android, and they will likely even have trouble fighting Windows Phone 8 for third place, but I do think that they will stay alive and profitable.

It always isin the media, they are telling the story that they<\i> want to tell. Its a long wait but we shall see how it will all unfold. Bad news is what sells in the media industry and gets hits.

More FUD..

Seriously, you must be part of the media making up stories. It's too bad people didn't actually take the time to know what they are talking about.

Let's say that RIM looses 150 million this next quarter. With the operating cash they have, how long will it be before they run out of money? The answer is 19 quarters. Almost 5 years before they run out of cash.

So you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

1. The media has been reliably unreliable in their handling and dissemination of RIM related news thus far. Why today, would that be any different?

2. RIM has enough cash to last until the launch of BB10 in Oct/Nov. They are NOT Nortel, so let's not run in circles while screaming that the sky is falling. Let's keep our head's on straight and not panic because others are. That is how bigger mistakes are made.

3. RIM should not deviate wildly from their current course. Is it a perfect one? Anything can be improved, but at least it seems to be planned and decisive. Something that we haven't seen for quite some time.

At this point, I would turn down the volume on the media, put our head's down and lock'n'load the BB10 with both barrels. We'll need stellar marketing, apps and performance.

RIM I fully support you with the upcoming BB10 launch. I know we can pull it off!

i have had a web os phone for a little over two years now and love the PRE 3 . Im buying a launch phone for the first time in my life to support RIM. Cant wait to get the PB connection making me more $$$$. I run an Office systems business and that involves selling and repair of computers and other office machines. People who know need Blackberry and the state Blackberry is in is a TOTAL WIN for the consumer and the business leaders. Kids are well aware of the proprietary bullshit that is Apple and they dont always appreciate androids crap either. That most certainly includes every computer technician you can think of and all the wanabees. We know the crapapple and andoid system sucks. BB 10 is a secure and entertaining place to be. It is THE answer!!!!

Stop carrier BS and messing with BB. Im talking about ATT. Get their hands off off of tethering and anything else great about BB. Even though they issue the phone to employees. They need to step aside and stop the restrictions. Go restrict apple some more if you can.

Lol... these comments.... Anyway, RIM is still okay. Keep in mind all the companies that operate for YEARS and continually post losses (Sony, Nokia, etc). Besides. things in large business do not dissolve in 6 months time.... As has been the case since BlackBerry 10 was announced, RIM's success in the mobile sector hinges on the success of BlackBerry 10--end of story.

I know right! :) I know RIM isn't in good shape at the moment. But they're not "bleeding money" by any means as some have put it. You mentioned Sony. Look at how much money they LOST on the PS3. Did they flounder? Of course not. They had other forms of income. So does RIM. They will be making cuts, (sad for the employees, but inevitable), they own QNX, which has got to be making them money on it's own since it's everywhere, then there's other software and BES.

I know they have more forms of $ coming in, which is why they are making money still. They just need to execute successfully and timely. If RIM only sold BlackBerry smart phones, they wouldn't be here at all at this point. They're getting their acts together and this can be their year if the execute correctly. You never put all your eggs in 1 basket, and I'm confident that RIM will succeed.

(Bridged to my PlayBook from one Bold BlackBerry)

Man I need RIMM to really come thru. I love the fones, especially the 9930, the PB, and yeah, I feel I am much more productive with my BB than those that have the huge distractions of the droids and iPhones. But, I need them to get BB10 out asap! I just dropped sum coin on the stock today, and then it took a hit after hours after three straight days of climbing. Let's go RIMPIRE! All but a few of the chips are in place for a powerful comeback, and we all know us Americans love a comeback!

Man I just don't see it. The stock price is in the tank, they are laying off people by the thousands, top management people have been let go or have already bailed. Even if they are successful in bringing bb10 to market before the end of the year they are already 3 or 4 years behind the curve.

Heins's number one job is to maximize shareholder return. He's saying the things that all of crackberry nation is wanting to hear but hes looking to break the company up and getting the most out of it that he can. And he will get his share too, you can count on that.

The best way for Heins to "maximize shareholder return" is to build the value of the STOCK by doing everything in his power to make sure the BB10 launch is successful.

The company is still accumulating cash, even if it is taking write-downs for inventory and terminations.

Without these writedowns, next quarter SHOULD be better and that will maybe provide a little momentum for the BB10 launch.

To many holes in the ship to save. More and more consumers and businesses are giving up their BBs everyday for an iPhone or Android handset. Those people aren't coming back to BB. They've already moved on. The leadership at RIM has failed it's loyal customers over and over again making big promises and never following through. If RIM was to have any chance they would have had to had released BB10 at least 2 years ago. Releasing it later this year or next is like a race car entering a race after the race is over.

Sorry, you're just plain wrong. When Thorsten took control, a new line was drawn in the sand. Have they missed a planned target release since he took over? No. Will they miss another one this year or in the foreseeable future. Not a chance.

I heard the same thing about Apple from people like you years ago. Remember that Apple almost toast until Jobs came back and reinvented Apple. People have such short memories and when they don't have facts, they look silly making comments like yours.

Man, I just came back to this website after about a year. Are you guys still here?'s over. Blackberry had a good run - but it's really over guys. Seriously...

Of course we're still here and will be well into the future. As for you- without an app- your phone is crap!
BB10 is the future- people will be saying the same thing about ios and android in a few years.

If you come back because in your hearth they stil a place for are dreaming every night, blackberry with iOS...i know i know....because you dream to be again a little more unic when you walk down the streets....bye my friend

Mind you, this poll was on Crackberry...
I am an avid fan, I like to get things done as quickly as possible and BlackBerry does that for me...
I love the QNX direction more than ANYTHING... Smartest move ever IMO...
But the tight rope they are walking down is very precarious...
On top of that, The BlackBerry Tribe is working some wonders in their witch's brew...

Plus, RIM is no longer really going for broke on using their home made tech and acquisitions for future phones, they're also whoring into the licensing deals which I personally applaud...

There is a very careful balance they have to manage to ascertain but I have faith that they will with Thorsten at the helm...

Be Bold and just damned be Bold damn you!

When and if the release it, wont sell through AT&T. AT&T don't provide updates for Blackberry phones for almost 2 years after there released. People will switch to better carriers! Boo to AT&T! Still waiting for my 9860 update.

Supposedly this will not be an issue with upcoming BB10 phones since the network stack can be certified and updated separately from the rest of the OS. So, RIM can push updates to BB10 OS without updating the network stack. This means carriers don't have to test (or in AT&T's case neglect to test) every OS update.

Write down my ass. ..what is with the 50 million phones they offer.... its been pointed out a thousand times and they keep releasing new models etc etc etc.... they are so thhhiiicckk headed. ...streamline for f sakes. if you cant get it then f off. in oct they should have stopped every model and released the 9900 and 1 curve... and THATS IT for f... sakes

Of course RIM will survive. And more. Guys, can't forget where apple was 10 years ago and look at it now. with effort, team work and faith, everything is possible.

BB 10 will be a great success.

Opportunistic doom and gloom stories- That's all we ever read and hear whenever RIM releases information that the public doesn't like. All the "expertise" telling us that RIM is about to close their shop reminds me of the yearly "This year is the end of the world!-really" fanaticism that has to be endured- every freakin new year.
It's really unfortunate that the public has a collective attention span of about a minute, and only reacts to the news of the moment, without putting things into context.
I'm thinking back many months, remembering an interview where Jim Balsille said that RIM was undergoing a technological transformation- That most companies that have tried what RIM is trying now DON''T make it out alive. I'm also remembering recent comments from
Thorstein Heins, clearly indicating that the only feasible road for Blackberry to take in their path to recovery was "the hard road" ( where implicitly, RIM/Blackberry would be reinventing itself with a new OS, a new identity, a new software platform, a new management culture). This takes time to do right! It does not happen in a week or a month, or a year- or even two.
Rim has had to quietly and gracefully sustain the attacks of the public while they spend day and night executing on a skillfully assembled comeback plan (or survival plan, if you will).
The ingredients for RIM's success have been present for many months. RIM knows they cannot just slap all these things together. It has to be done strategically and cohesively.
I think RIM also knows that these months of reduced American sales were inevitable as people become more aware of the "almost here" BB10 platform.
A lot of these "declining sales for OS7" may actually be SUPPRESSED DEMAND from people who are excited about BB10, and have chosen to "wait and see" before investing their money.
People are fully entitled to their opinions, but I think these comments about hostile takeovers and such are bogus. RIM has only one direction it should point in right now, and that's PLAN A- finish the tech transition of the company with a tight, successful launch of the first TRULY new BB smartphone (and only then execute those other triage plans). Give the company a chance to come back with its identity INTACT. That is what will help it succeed over the next ten year period. I think they are going to do it- there are a hell of a lot of smart people at RIM, and they've got a beautiful, desirable product getting ready to hatch.
Just let it incubate a little longer folks!

So I wonder what will happen if the financial advisors come back with advice different from yours, who will Thors follow?

I want them to succeed but I'm just not sure if its not too late, I'm loosing bbm contacts everyday to Apple and Android :(

Some people here are incredibly delusional. They have a BILLION dollars worth of unsold inventory and at this point there is no chance they will be able to get rid of it, even if they had a 50% off fire-sale. People aren't going to spend money on BB7, they'll wait for BB10, which will probably never come. The best thing for the shareholders, who are really the only ones whos opinion should matter in this situation, is to sell the company.

They will be able to sell these in their emerging markets in 3rd world country's and the sub-continent. Once they are written off, anything after that is 100% profit. Accounting 101.

"They have a BILLION dollars worth of unsold inventory"

What inventory?

I smell a rat.

They also wrote off inventory last quarter. Are we supposed to believe they continued manufacturing at similar volumes while sales fell? Not likely - especially since they increased subscriber numbers!

My guess is they plan to dump phones at crazy prices during the next two quarters and are taking the hit now to allow them to show profits later.

Sell me a new Torch at $50 and I'll take two. Actually make that 10. I'll buy my entire extended family BlackBerry OS7 devices.

You're getting hung up on the "billion dollars"; perhaps if you realize it's a "30 day" inventory you may see the issue with a little better perspective...

Maybe thorsten was put in place to sell? Who knows? This don't look good. They really should have all phones in the American pre paid markets. Its better than a write down.

I doubt anyone would want to buy RIM until BB10 is out.

So it's going to be plan A, successful or not. - Sweet apps for the fans

I think it is more likely that rim wouldn't sell before bb10 came out, why would they sell when their value was already low and they expect that bb10 will arrest their fall.

If a company looking to buy likes what they see with bb10 then it would make more sense for them to nip in sooner rather than later to try and buy them.

I'm not a stock analyst, nor a business major, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But I do know this (from personal experience) - losing weight hurts. RIM was bloated. It's been said many times. In my non-professional opinion, it's going to hurt to lose the weight and get back into shape, but I think Thor has them focused, willing to get on the treadmill each day and make it work.

To switch metaphors, they're in the Red Zone, the clock is winding down, and it's fourth down. BB10 is the last play...but my gut says they nail the TD, complete the 2 point conversion, and live to fight another day.

But that's just me...your metaphors (and mileage) may vary.

Today's operating performance disclosure was expected by most who follow RIM from an investment standpoint. It was not good news or bad news. It was expected and prognosticated by many. As for BB10. Today, the company announced they are on the block. If the next few months is business as usual and they push out BB10 on their own, then they will have failed. They need a strategic partner to compete with the likes of behemoths Apple & Google.

Enter Sony or LG, someone who makes our TVs and or appliances, games or consoles. Each has it's own QNX OS running and talking to the owner via his phone, over wifi and the Internet. We saw how this phone might replace our office laptops or desktop PCs, our wallets and credit cards. It's not unique in some of this but once out could be better integrated, connected and powerful at getting things done!

There is still a vision here that can capture the attention of the consumer. Timing and marketing are everything.

Most definately it won't be easy the next few quarters, but I really would love to see RIM survive as a company. Competition is great for the consumer as well as business alike. I would hate to see iOS, Android and Windows Phone be the only major competitors. I believe BB10 has the potential to attract back consumers if it is executed properly. One thing I know for sure is that I am getting myself a BB10 phone whenever the keyboard variant comes out ;) Typed on my BB9900

BB10 is a good idea/concept waiting to happen, but as a simple phone user i am more drawn to the old school logic of BB7.

Instead of Plan B C D E F, and being completely dependent on the BB10 to save everyone, there are ways for RIM to ensure better financial result through focus on the service RIM can offer to the customers and Corporates

A two prone approach is the best for RIM, with Focus on the Enterprise and Specific users community base on the OS7 Platform this will put the surplus stock to good use and prolong the production cycle of a very robust and great product.


Agree entirely.

Their marketing strategy for BB10 and Playbook has been a disaster for the stock price.

OS7 is not a robust and great product. It would have been 6 years ago. Now it is just a sad footnote to the death of a once great innovator. Hey RIM, the world has moved past messaging.

Hope rim can do it fast enough. Hope no terrible glitches in bb10. They are opening new markets in nigeria maylasia etc. Just not where the money is in usa. But if bb10 operating system is all its claimed to be you can run everything using your blackberry. The camera turn back time concept alone is very impressive.
I don't know anyone with an iphone talking about email. That is blackberry. The new keypad in bb10 is also impressive. Just hope it happens fast enough

Article: "I wanted to check in and see where the community's thoughts are at. "

Me: Depressed but hardly surprised.

Article: "Is your faith still strong in the RIMPIRE striking back and #TEAMBLACKBERRY pushing out BlackBerry 10 to market on their own?"

Me: In all honesty, given the fiasco of the Playbook's initial launch, the delay in WiFi Hotspot in OS 7, the delay in getting native email to the Playbook, the utter and completely bewildering decision to launch a BB product without RIM's own signature software BBM on it, and a whole host of other inept decisions, I doubt very much that BB10 will arrive to market in a timely fashion - let alone in a complete fashion. I think history will simply repeat itself as in all honesty as I do not think that they have learned from their past mistakes.

That is not to say that I'm not excited by BB10; I certainly am. What was shown at BBW was very impressive and if I could pre-order a BB10 phone right now, I would. But I'm not delusional to believe, as some of the others on here clearly are, that it will arrive without delays or issues.

Article: "Or do you think the business conditions and timing for RIM are getting so tight that it's almost to the point when some sort of business operation change is going to become necessary to keep BlackBerry fighting in the game?"

Me: To be honest, I think at this point it's entirely too late for RIM to change it's business operation. RIM will either sink or swim (poorly) with BB10; they have come to far into it to suddenly switch directions. Let's be blunt shall we - if RIM needs a Plan C, D, E, or F - then it's game over as the battle has long been lost.

Sadly, there is another major issue that was created by today's and yesterday's news; namely, panic amongst people who use RIM products. Already, I am hearing people question whether their phones will still work; who will support them; what will happen to their email; and other things should RIM go belly up.

In terms of my own place of employment, with an employee size of roughly 5000 users, within an hour or the news that RIM's stock was halted, a survey was sent out from our Systems people asking us to provide feedback on switching to another manufacturer of phones. Perhaps coincidence. Perhaps not. Never the less, it speaks volumes as to the insecurity that all of today's news has provided. I believe people are going to be taking a very careful look at RIM and seeing whether or not they will continue with said company and the question that they will be asking, bluntly, is whether or not they believe that RIM will be around in another six months let alone another 5 years.

Sorry for the length and the negative tone.

"within an hour or the news that RIM's stock was halted"

Share trading was halted temporarily in after hours trading for the announcement.

They're trading now.

Still think they're more likely to go private than sell.

To be fair, part of the bag carrying that RIM has mentioned yesterday is being carried since previous CEO's. We should give Mr Heins the opportunity to do what he do best, to provide new direction to RIM and make BB10 and any other product they can come up with the best they can.

It seems that dramatic headlines get more attention. But the truth is that Heins is definitely working hard to change RIM's skin and, apparently, he's doing very well. It's a tough job, of course, but someone has to do that.

RIM has over 2.1B in cash, it's not going to sink anytime soon. Changing skin takes time and can be painful. They are laying off but they are also hiring (apparently and sadly, no one says that in big headlines). I attended both BB World and Jam in Orlando and yesterday's BB Jam in Milan, and I can assure you I haven't seen a dead company ;-)

Yes, this will be interesting. You only need to look at what happened with HP Palm for a precedent here.

What RIM need is clear direction from the CEO and Board on their execution of BB10 - the worst thing will be if they do a Palm and have the Tech folks working hard to release something great whilst the Execs plot to kill it / sell it off. Far better to just position for a sell off now if that's the feeling.

Personally I think it's too late for any potential acquirer to derail the BB10 train now - not unless they want the think they are aquiring to tank. RIM need to execute an impressive BB10 phone release - a slab which shows innovation and market leading characteristics - and grab back some mindshare and confidence. Then any potential acquirer will have something to take forward.

If BB10 fails then RIM will be broken up for their patents and BBM - with their most talented people going to Google (as happened with Palm).

Worse case, MS buys them and sells WinPhone devices under the BlackBerry brand - look how bad that's playing out for Nokia.

Personally i think there is a lot of room in the smartphone industry for competition as much room as there was in the dumbphone industry, that means even beyond all the current offerings.

People forget that people can love their current product and still go for something different. Not everyone who has a wonderful experience with a honda keeps buying them because they had a wonderful experience, today its a honda tomorrow it might be bmw, why? cuz i felt like it, thats why. Thats what happened when i went to grab an android, i just grabbed one just because, i don't have any attachment to it. Iphones has served me well for 4 years but i don't use any apps anymore, i just think it has the best mobile browser in the smartphone industry but im ready to try out bb10 or windows phone.

Too many people have got caught up in all the hype, when the bb10 products are in stores people will give it a shot, if for no other reason than sheer curiousity or just to have something different. When the smartphone hype is all over and people are back to treating the brand of their phone with the same passivity as they do the brand of their television or dvd player, you will find that people are far less attached to their androids and iphones than they say on the internet.

From my experience, people who use the iPhone are tend not to try anything else. Some of them would even say multitasking is handled better by iOS than by the TabletOS. I am not kidding. They think the home button is the greatest invention ever. What can RIM possibly do to sell BB10 to such people? - Sweet apps for the fans

I think the stats prove different, windows phone is claiming more and more marketshare and its taking former iphone and android folks. A lot of android loyalists previously owned a iphone at some point. I think between the media and apple loyalists they've created a impression upon the public that these folks are devoted beyond reason. But these folks were the same way about blackberry at one point and PC's over mac's
Nothing is written and stone.

Unfortunately I believe there should be a fourth choice in this poll - RIM will launch BB10 and it won't help slow the bleeding. I believe that RIM made a fatal mistake when it stopped working on supporting BB5/6/7 applications on the BB10/TabletOS platforms. Do the math... They have 78 million customers using mostly BB5/6/7. Each of them is going to HAVE to switch at some point. Since they lose everything with the switch why wouldn't they look at something else. How many of them will stay.... Half, three quarters? It is still decimating their current subscribers and as every halfway competent sales guy knows it is ten times harder to gain a new customer than to upsell an existing one. People don't like change but RIM is forcing them to choose. It was a dumb move and it happened before Thor took over but as much as I want BB10 to succeed unless it does something huge that the others don't and can't do, I don't think BB10 will do much but accurate the inevitable. I'll still buy one but then I supported Beta, Amiga and OS/2 also.

I do believe that the end of the RIM we currently know through the news and bad criticism and darts board throwing from pesimists, is near. And I do belive that the new RIM is coming out from the ashes. This new RIM will be picking up where other companies have left out, to improve the smartphone technology as we know.

Keep up the good work RIM!

The former CEO had it right!!!!! License BBM to other platforms and BIS/BES too dropping 13% on the stock market ain't fun and the major problem is no ecosystem coupled with the flood of new Curves SEVEN(7) and Bolds three(3) and you expect to raise a billion dollars with ridiculous productions like this come one make one or two proper ones your not Samsung you don't make feature phones you make smartphones!!!!! So either be make two or one proper one Ala Apple or end up like HP And again you really better have the app support to go along with BB10 or your goose is really cooked! Having 60,000 apps for phones and 4,000 for Tablet is ridiculous you need to have 100,000 at least at launch and not the TOTAL CRAP Apps like N.O.V.A. and Facebook(These are the people who needs firing for designing rubbish like that take a page out of Apple or Android here QUICK!) You need QUALITY!!!!!

It's getting tiresome hearing people think the stock price has anything to do with its demise. Does anyone remember Apple just getting by for what seems like over a decade by suing other companies? Does everyone forget that Microsoft bought a nice chunk of Apple to save Steve's butt? Apple shouldn't be around but here they are. IMO Apple just stole others technology and made it idiot friendly. Most people can't think for themselves and that is what Apple's success is built on. iOS is old, outdated, lacks customization or personality and do I even have to mention the use of probably the most unstable decade old software called itunes?

RIM will come back it just needs the reorganization time and in comparison to the industry leader RIM is moving along at a decent pace. It takes time to start with a brand new OS, especially when BES must be tied into it. Apple will be in the same boat soon too. iOS is getting old at this point and adding 1 or 2 new "features" a year won't keep the lemmings attention much longer. I can't even believe that talking to a phone makes people buy one lol. I feel like an idiot just asking my phone to dial a number let alone answer a question.

Hopefully RIM will pull this off.

RIM will be around when the dust settles. But, the best way to stop the negative stories, put out a product that kicks azz. Also, do something different than the norm, put it out earlier than the target date. Not ready? Unfinished? "Formula for success: under promise and over deliver."

I think RIM can do it everytime i read things on here it's Sales slipping and IOS and android biggest seller in the states which may well be true but i feel like people don't take the rest of the world into consideration i teach and a school and if people ever say that RIM/Blackberry don't sell or people don't want them then look at the phones that most of the students have (11-16 year old boys and girls) they all for the most part have blackberry's and the ones that don't always moan how much they miss their's and are gonig to go back and these are generally perpaid as well so they certainly sell.

So with BB10 coming offerting the slick easy to use interface and a much more akin to those on android and ios then i think RIM will sucseed so they're going to have a rough year Apple was doing something simliar before Steve Jobs (RIP) came back in and overhalled it.

So lets have faith and see them through it BB10 could prob launch very soon if they wanted it to but who wants an unfinished OS on their phone Palm did this with WebOS and that didn't go down well at all better to take time and launch a slick finished product that works perfectly then something that's got bugs in it

They need to build always the best keyboards....there is always a market for that. Blackberry is a strong name the only they need is to work together with android or windows mobile, amen.....

It is going to be a tough fight with the new iPhone 5 and Windows 8 phones coming out at the same time. Considering that everyone knows about the iPhone OS and Windows 7.5 has been around for a while now as well, very little is known about the BB10.
It may still take like a wild wire and win the market back or it can become a flop like the Storm versions with the clicky screen.
There are a lot of people in the exec. team who no longer believe in the strategy and they are running like the rats of a sinking ship and the ship is indeed taking water. What do those execs. know that we don't? ...not a great thought.

Blackberry and WM 7.5 Mango...and a lot of apps. Phone quality or material like bold 9900 or iphone.... 2 styles one qwerty and one touch... Keep it more secret in the shop in shop like samsung... And make it fast fast fast and make it with best battery life ever....RIM please dont let us feel looser....Blackberry for ever....tablet....??? I dont know...????? IPad is now the standart around the world ....

Maybe im wrong but what i know , i love Blackberrys...unic style....Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola...all this companys copy Blackberry and now they are stronger....peace from switzerland here we need to change the country name mutch money thats why here the people lovew Apple....the pay a lot of swiss franc for Apple....


Sorry for my english

Rim has its work cut out for it..if they do survive and i pray they do..i will be a blackberry fan forever..btw i have the playbook and i must say its qnx os is pretty sweet

"We all know there is no money in hardware."

Guess you've never heard of a company called Apple! They're the guys with the #1 market value in the world.






Get. Over. It.