CrackBerry Podcast 077: Steve Jobs, BBX and our expectations leading up to BlackBerry DevCon 2011

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By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2011 04:18 pm EDT

It's been a busy and sad week in tech. Monday we posted that it's looking like the word BBX will soon be part of our everyday BlackBerry vocabulary. Tuesday the tech world stopped to see what Apple would unveil at their iPhone event. And Wednesday we learned of the passing of Steve Jobs. We discuss all that and a lot more on this CrackBerry Podcast. With the BlackBerry Developer Conference fast approaching, we're getting really excited about what we'll see from RIM in less than two weeks time.

It's a solid show, with the classic CrackBerry Team of Kevin and the A,B,C of podcasting, Adam, Bla1ze and Craig. DEFINITELY a podcast you'll want to listen to. Enjoy the show!!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 077: Steve Jobs, BBX and our expectations leading up to BlackBerry DevCon 2011


Nice! I just wonder Kevin or the rest of crackberry team, what happened to Joseph Holder? Is he not with crackberry anymore? It was always nice to listen to him due to his good arguments...

R.I.P Steve Jobs!
If I were an iPhone fan, I would go for the 4S. I prefer the 4 series chassis over the teardrop design.
The User Agent string issue is in-despicable. RIM please iron this out soon. Nice find Kevin.
I prefer mobile sites over apps.
The only time I use full site is when I need to attach a file with my gmail email via the PlayBook.
BBOS Tablet v2.0 must be ready at the time of devcon. I agree with Bla1ze: announce it and ship it the same day. My parents and grandparents need a native email client. Checking gmail inbox via mobile site is too cumbersome for them.

nice podcast it almost seemed like a well thought out episode lol

accept couldn't hear a word bla1ze was saying hehe

I used to wonder why the blackberry OS was categorized under safari on the website. (While looking for upcoming OS releases) It is rather confusing, and definitely something that needs attention.
Excited about BBX btw, I know for a fact that a large number of ex-blackberry addicts that moved to android have said they wouldn't consider going back to Blackberry until the new QNX platform came to the phones (preferably dual core). Hope RIM can pull it of for a change and pleasantly surprise us. The circumstances are perfect, the timing is right, don't miss this opportunity RIM!

So no Android emulator in devcon.....pathetic this was the only thing I was looking for from the devcon.
Hard to believe I was actually hoping RIM would keep its promise about releasing the android player on time...LOL

Can we get a follow up to the question brought up on if we have to worry about having to manage two bbm contact lists on the playbook os 2.0? Will there be an option where we don't have to use native email/bbm/ect. and keep it the same as it is now (as far as bb bridge)? Really not looking forward to native email/bbm on the playbook or the andriod player for that matter. If RIM does force or hands on this issue, can we download older os versions like we can on our blackberries or are we forced to upgrade?

This is the first Crackberry podcast I've heard for a while and I really enjoyed it.

I download and listen in the car on the way to work and the reason I stopped listening was nothing to do with the content, it's really great to hear insights and thoughts from you guys.

The challenge for a listener is actually hearing everyone with such varying volume levels from the different participants. If you can do something about that, I am certain you would have a much larger regular audience.

does anybody else have problems with the podcast posting to their bb podcast app? This podcast was released 5 days ago and it still has not posted in my podcasts available on my phone.