CrackBerry Podcast: Mobile World Congress Wrap Up!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2010 05:37 am EST

CrackBerry Podcast

Mobile World Congress 2010 is winding down which means Dieter, Phil and myself are packing our bags and heading home. Before I packed the podcasting microphone away though we setup for one final podcast to wrap up the news from the final few days. We also recorded a podcast Monday night which mainly talked about the Windows Phone 7 Series announcement - if you want to take a listen to that one you can find it here.

On this show we talk Black (Berry) Tuesday, working yet again through the topics of BES Express, the BlackBerry WebKit Browser, Super Apps and "the impending datapocalypse" as Dieter has called it. After covering BlackBerry, we focus on some of the other news coming out of MWC2010 like HTC's new phones and Samsung's Wave - a device that offers a pretty sweet display via its Super AMOLED technology. Take a listen and enjoy the show!

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CrackBerry Podcast: Mobile World Congress Wrap Up!


So no blackberry phones were announced at this thing either? I thought wes was a disappointment but this takes the cake.

Wow Kevin, Good Job on the Podcast

But how about letting some of the other guys speak too

You talked all over the guys while they were in the middle of speaking

We want to hear what everyone has to say not just you

Good job, but learn to share

BESX is lame. I think a lot of small businesses don't go to BES because they don't want to support ANOTHER server application.

I want to hear why you think RIM won't license ActiveSync for BIS. Palm, Nokia, Apple and even Google license it for their phones which gives them true push email, contacts, calendar and tasks from Exchange.

And just to clarify, BIS uses Outlook Web Access to get Exchange email. The BIS polls OWA every 15-minutes so it is not instant like it is on a BES.

i wiki'd the acid3 test it always scores 100 the results lie in how smoothly it goes from 1-100 the faster and smoother the better the browser and the faster it will load and render pages