CrackBerry Podcast - Live at 3PM EST!

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2014 02:35 pm EDT

We're back in action and since it's a bit of a special occasion, we brought the whole gang along. Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze, Umi and maybe even Simon Sage even he can tune in. There's plenty to talk about with the recent BlackBerry and Amazon deal, the earnings report and of course, the first official looks at the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic. We'll embed the video when we're ready to roll so hop in the chat and hold on. This one might be a little bumpy as there's a lot to talk about.


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CrackBerry Podcast - Live at 3PM EST!



Since you are running the show over there now, here's a question for the panel...

"When is CrackBerry going to fire some folks and add some contributors who, actually, like BlackBerry to the staff"?

Also, here's another....

"Why did Jezebel leave Crackberry so abruptly and go to a competitor"?

Have a good show, Blaize.

Great quarter...

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One more....

"Did Simon Sage get to try the Passport at the show and what were his impressions"?

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Kid was fake from day one. His articles were rubbish. Could I do better? Probably not. But I know a good article when I see it. I would rather watch a podcast of Kevin or blaze clipping toenails off a leper than read jezebels crap.

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They never addressed his departure here....did they?

So much much giddiness around his arrival....weird...

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Glad to see that Kevin could squeeze a few moments out of his busy day helping condo owners. Funny how the gang's all back together when the news is good. Umi's report was pointless and if Kevin is stepping down then step down.

Your comment is dumb. Cheerio. Also, condo board meeting was LAST night. Today I was good to go (couldn't get a flight that would definitely get me in early enough today without mad rushing).

Also, covering from a far with Simon there worked out pretty damn well.

Um's your excuse that was dumb (which others agreed with on the forums). Listen to yourself for a minute. You told Crackberry nation that your condo meeting was more important than taking the lead at a pivotal time. That my friend, is plain dumb. Don't let you readers see you lose interest in front of them. And yes, I think that if the news was not good today, you would not have contributed a writing piece or, attended the podcast. SO Cheerio to your Cheerios.

Not sure if you noticed, but the coverage we provided today was frak'n stellar. It actually worked out better for Simon to be at the AGM, and for me to help cover remotely (being there offers some bandwidth and logistics difficulty). Also, did you watch the podcast?? I've received nothing but compliments on it. If you think I don't have interest in BlackBerry, you clearly didn't watch the show (and whichever way results would have went, I would have been there). You can't fake passion my friend. Would have loved to have been there, but since AGM and Earnings we're the same day and we couldn't get more exec access, nothing lost. Will definitely do a trip later this year to the 'Loo still.

Feel free to disagree, don't matter to me. Cheerio to your Cherrios. Be careful not to choke on any.

Ok....that was hilarious!

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The best way to end this week would be with a new 10.3 leak. Please oh please powers at be make this happen.

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Blaz1ze first editor in chief broad cast, BlackBerry stocks going up, good number in Q1, new devices looking great. This is a broad d cast I am not going to miss .

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Yoha....that's a great point....BlackBerry is doing a lot better since Kevin stepped you think he has been jinxing BlackBerry?

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Maybe Bla1ze passion took over where Kevin's was fading. New energy brings good Karma

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I'm up for it. Hope you all can stave off the depression you were all about last time.
P.S. - Umi : Google Services = malware.


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Sorry, more important things to do; England v Uruguay kick off in 10 mins! Hehe! ; )

Careful! BlackDroid in action!

I'm normally at work when these things happen. I'm so glad I was able to listen in on this today. I feel like I'm just hanging out with crew. Hopefully I'm able to catch these more often. BlackBerry for life!!!!

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Bla1ze - see Mobile Syrup : Drake new BlackBerry brand ambassador, helped design BlackBerry Classic.


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Wish you would announce podcast times more than 30 minutes in advance... that's probably just wishful thinking for CrackBerry.

Bla1ze, didn't know you are in Halifax. Have you mingled with the trailer park boys ? I hear they're still there locally. Robb Wells, Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay, Johnathan Torrens?

Yes, I used to work at one of the bars they frequented. Great guys and yup, they're still local. Their offices are pretty much 5 mins down the road from me.

Kevin, LIGHT IT UP would be a better start up line rather than a closing one. Podcast "###' Lets LIGHT IT UP!

...we are all connected...