CrackBerry Podcast Episode 071: It can only get better from here... we hope!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jun 2011 01:19 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

Following up Thursday's RIM earnings call, which has resulted in a lot of BlackBerry gloom and doom talk around the interwebs, we fired things up Friday afternoon for a Live CrackBerry Podcast. In case you missed it live, here's the recording of that show for you to listen to at your leisure.

Take fair warning BlackBerry fans, this podcast is a little depressing and a bit all over the place more than usual due to the nature of recording with a live chatroom active, though it still has its moments of positivity and humor mixed in. During the show we reflect on the past few years of BlackBerry, talk about where things have been going wrong that put them in position they are now in, we talk about what's happening right now and from there we talk about what they're going to have to do to change the negative sentiment that's plaguing RIM at this moment. It's a bit of a downer, but it had to happen, we kept it honest and we're confident it's only going to get better from here. We're always rooting for BlackBerry to kick a$$, even when things are going a little less stellar than planned. Take a listen, and be sure to sound off in the comments! The next show will be uber positive once again, I promise!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast Episode 071: It can only get better from here... we hope!


RIM is driving on Palm Dr. Ignoring all the road signs such as Dead End ahead, NO Outlet etc. If they don't make a u-turn soon there will be point if no return...

RIM took a u-turn over a year ago. Your basing your opinion on the crap thats floating on the surface of the medias toilet bowl. When running a business, the actions you take and the changes you make will take months, sometimes years to take effect and be felt and especially noticed by outsiders. You probably think RIM started making their mistakes only 2 years ago, when it was actually more like 4 years ago... oh wait you say.... four years ago they were king of the hill... they started driving down the wrong road then, and didn't realize it until about 6 months after the Storm1 release....

Unfortunately it is not going look pretty for a while...
the competition is just killing Rim at the moment.
All their products are ok and people will continue to buy them, but there is a major pull back in the process and it will take some time before it is over.

Majority of people no longer want the Blackberries, no one is really excited of what Rim has to offer and seriously, it is difficult to get excited at the current product line. Even with the upcoming models there is no light at the end of the tunnel and that my friends just plain sucks.

If HP's Pre3 proves to be popular, they will grow at the expense of Rim. Android and iPhones have been doing it already for quite some time and Window Phone is getting its sh*t together with Nokia on board... none of that is looking good.

There is no iPhone 5 yet and that is a great thing for Rim as soo many people are on the fence waiting to see what Apple has to offer before ditching their aging berries for good. Perhaps this breather period is long enough for Rim to get some new life injected in the product line, we can only keep our fingers crossed.

It is a challenge for sure, Rim became a behemoth in the last few years and created too many lines of products while trying to support legacy devices in the process… torches, styles, bolds, tours, curves, pears… freaging storms, all this is spreading them thin and in the process creates lack of direction.

Seriously, can you really say it is possible to upgrade all these lines and really cater to everyone?

Rim is sure on the right path with their 7 OS no longer supporting any of the devices, but this approach has both sides to the medal and everyone who bought their phones in the last few months is not digging it. This is a tough call and a lot of people going to hate Rim for this, even though understanding that Rim had to do it.

There is even more cutting coming down the pike if QNX is to materialize, everyone knows that (unless of course you are in denial) and all of a sudden version 7 is starting to looks like a bulsh*t trick.

With all these cards in the air no one knows how they fall, but it is going to be an interesting ride and by the end of it Rim is going to be a different company.

So long as the earn some $$$, they should make it. I got my fingers crossed.

Here is what the analysts are saying:

CIBC Cuts price target to $65 from $75;

rating sector outperformer

National Bank Cuts price target to $25 from $40;

rating underperform

Citigroup Cuts to sell from hold

UBS Cuts price target to $41 from $45;

rating neutral

ThinkEquity Cuts price target to $32 from $42;

rating hold

Susquehanna Cuts price target to $28 from $31;

rating negative

Jefferies Cuts price target to $24 from $35;

rating underperform

Evercore Partners Cuts to equal weight rating

RBC Cuts price target to $35 from $45;

rating sector perform

Barclays Cuts price target to $52 from $77;

rating overweight

MKM Partners Cuts to neutral rating

Sterne Agee Cuts price target to $27 from $41;

rating neutral

Canaccord Genuity Cuts price target to $35 from $40;

rating hold

Wedbush Cuts price target to $35 from $42;

rating neutral

Paradigm Cuts price target to $55 from $72;

I think we could all do with a bit of positivity and energy coming up. All this negativity against RIM, justified or not, is getting tiresome.I believe the long term plan for RIM is looking a lot healthier than the short term. They have just got a bit behind schedule. We should try moving away from that selfish "I want it now" mindset it is so easy to slip in to.

agreed., My plan doesn't expire for another 16 months. My carrier said, if I give it another 8 months, he will cancel out the last 8 months, and give me the best BB on the market at the time.

Hey Kevin: Is our Berries going to be ok?

I agree with ODAAT we all know things are very frustrating right now. People coming on here to further vent and bitch at RIM does no good at all, and if you support crackberry but not RIM you should know it does crackberry no good because it is turning off readers!!!

Product cycles are long at RIM (yes too long, but whatever) I think we've already seen signs over the past year that actions are being taken to turn things around. I don't think anyone can fault a single acquisition they have made.

With QNX on the phones (and I'm getting the 9900 even without it) and Playbook 2 (they do need a relaunch once apps become better, i.e., after java, and android emulators and native SDK is out there). RIM should undertake a campaign to basically "re-enter" the US market. The one thing about Americans is they are forgiving. If you relauch and your products are good people will come. I do think there is enough talent at RIM to produce good products. Look at it this way if the 9900 came out 6 months ago it would have been a really good product. So it can be done.

PS despite Craig dumping all the flaming sh*t he could on the playbook, I still love mine. I seek only three major things Skype, A major quality US daily (NYT, WP, or WSJ - paid is fine) and the ability to annotate pdfs (come on Adobe!).

BTW was a delay in the Android emulator annouced among all the crap Thursday or is that still on track??

i hope RIM can come back but i think your idea of assuming that cuz they are at rock bottom they can only go up is too naive...... "Change is not a destination just as hope is not a strategy."

It's like Kevin said .... they sold over 10 million phones in 90 days. That's over 110,000 phones a day. Hello? Is that not good? So long as their phones are the best .... people will buy them.

The boss has and iPhone (he uses it just for answering and taking pictures ... I never see him use it for anything else). He uses less minutes then I do, but his phone bill is more then mine. The BB service rate plans are very good.

I have a BOLD 9700 .... and think that it is the best. Mind you, the only other non BB phone I played with is the iPhone.

RIM will be ok....for those old enough to remember, it wasn't too long ago that the masses were throwing dirt of the grave of Apple.....and we all know how that turned out. I do feel, however, that RIM needs new leadership, if anything just to show the level of change that the company is seemingly now committed to. Good luck......

And not to forget. RIM has very very little debt.
So long as they can keep their house in order, they should be fine. Even earning $5/per share is great.

Look at BCE - they earn $2.75 per share and their share price is $37.00 (very little growth)

RIM is at $27.25

Why does the new podcast never show up on my Playbook Podcast app - it usually takes like 48hrs to show up

The resources and means for RIM to turn all this around is already at their disposal. The vision and audacity needed to pull off this revolution of sorts is not.

They need new leadership.

I was one of those people who designed a crap application to get a free PlayBook. So far it's gotten a few downloads, one review of a 2-star. I wasn't surprised at all. I do intend to do more and better apps but I'm a full-time student right now AND I would prefer to wait for the NDK since I'm more comfortable working in C/C++.

Other comment: I know I'm an exception to the rule, but the Storm started my crackberry addiction. I looked into the differences between the Storm and the iPhone at the time and opted for the Storm. Most people now think I was an idiot, but I liked it for the almost two years before I upgraded to a Bold 9780.

I also started with a Storm. I chose it over the iPhone and after the initial teething problems was very happy with it for two years. Passed it on to my hard-up ex and she loves it!

I now have a Torch, and love it as a personal communicator. Two of my colleagues have iPhone4s and they're always moaning about them. They can hardly make phone calls, never mind other comms tasks.

As for Andrex, Well, other than their search engine I prefer to avoid google where possible.

It'll be interesting to see where they go, but I personally can't see a realistic alternative to RIM for the time being.

Good point regarding how Apple was once the forgotten stepchild, however with the leadership at the top of RIM turning their fortunes around is going to be tough. Apple brought Steve Jobs back and it was his gift to innovate that really set them on their way. The 2 bozo's running RIM couldn't innovate if it were stamped on their heads. They need to step down and outside blood should be brought in. Between Apple, Google, HTC, Samsung etc., there is plenty of tech talent to be had. When a company doesn't understand the consumer in the market they serve, they better do something about that and fast or it's adios amigo.

My gut says they get taken out buy MS or perhaps Google. Maybe even an unknown upstart otherwise they will go out of business.

Sorry but bull shit on Steve Jobs. He got one thing right in his life and that was iTunes, full stop.

And rcecall why the brought steve jobs "back" because they had to fire him from Apple for doing such a shitty job. THe success of apple now is apps and that is being in the right place at the right time. Even apple had no idea that apps would be as big as they are.

Apple has great maketing and media hype but half of their products are dog shit. MB Air, Apple TV, Mobile Me, the list of their failures goes on and on. Even iPad 1 was a load of crap that marketing hype helped save.

Mike L can't innovate but he basically invented mobile email...

The only think you got right was they have no been looking to the end consumer.

I tell you whoever has been in charge of their recent acquisitions seems to know what he's doing (maybe she) RIM might look to him as the next CEO.

I totally agree with you. One person says its bad leadership and you have all these bozos jumping on board. RIMs leadership is sound. They have been on the right track for over a year, it just unfortunately takes time to correct a couple bad years of failures. They are well on their way with the playbook, qnx, tat, bold touch, etc etc.

Wow Kiddo2050, you really have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Apple. iTunes was the only thing? Steve was fired because he was doing a bad job? really?

On the Steve Jobs issue. He started Apple but when they hired the ex-Pepsi CEO (I forget his name) he and Steve never got on and they used to fight like crazy. The ex-Pepsi CEO fired Steve to ease the tention. In a recent interview with this same ex-Pepsi CEO, he stated that he regretted this move and that in looking back it was the worst thing he could have done because it doomed Apple.

Steve Jobs is visionary and we can see it with the original personal computer to have a GUI, the Macintosh. The Macintosh is the very reason that Windows exists. Think about that for a moment.

Now fast forward to now. You say that its just iTunes? Really? What do you think is killing the BlackBerry? THE IPHONE. Back in 2007, the iPhone was mind numbingly amazing and it caused a seismic shift in how we as consumers and those who make phones think. Well, all excepting RIM. It caused the creation of Android as we know it today, webOS, and Windows Phone 7, and of course RIM's implementation of QNX.

MacBook Air gen 1, meh, gen 2 great. Apple TV, both versions are awesome! MobileMe, 50/50, it does what it does very well, it just wasn't the great cloud that everyone hoped it would be.
iPad 1 crap? Really? Lets remember that it STARTED the tablet revolution and outsold every other tablet in existence.
The PlayBook is a direct result of the iPad's success.

I'm all for being religious about a product/company, but we have to take the blinders off and look around once in a while.

The bottom line is that RIM was arrogant and ignored iOS, webOS, and Android for far too long. What they are doing now is good, but its very very late.

Unfortunately for you I do know what I'm talking about. You are obviously to young to remember. Yes Steve Jobs was fired (forced out) of Apple because he couldn't run the company anywhere but into the ground.

Grow up!

Apple TV is an umitigated disaster. Utter crap!

Mobile me total garbage. Every so often it just loses all of your data, oops reinstall. Shit come on....

IPad 1 was and is total crap, Have you ever picked one up?? When you do you'll start laughing there are laptops that are almost that light.... total Joke. In fact iPad 1 was so bad I looked in the mirror and said why are you buying products from this company?? I just couldn't take it anymore.

MB Air 1 is classic Apple, at least you admit it was a POS but people ran out and bought it, even me, but at least I call it crap others still say no, it was good. No it wasn't!

Then people say playbook 1 half-baked RIM must be run by a bunch of morons. So stupid.. I can tell you I got ten times the pleasure from my playbook than I ever got from MB Air 1.

The thing is people need to stop making excuses for Steve Jobs and Apple. Yes they know how to market crap, but if it's crap I call it crap.

Having dropped all apple products (after owning just about everything they produced) I came to realize what utter shit they make. As an example my Sony vaio Z is 10 times better than the iMac sitting on my desk. That's right a laptop that makes a desktop look sick.

Maybe you need to be a little older to understand the differnce between hype and product design and truly well-developed products.

Craig, Apple isn't nor should it be credited with the first GUI. There were others before Mac that had the concept of GUI nailed down. Xerox was actually one of them. There's plenty of borrowing across Apple, MS, Xerox and Commodore during that era..

Now, Apples strength lies in:
1. Continuously being the first to market.
2. Hyper Marketing
3. Timing

Its not about innovation. Seriously, there is not one thing that can be truly innovative by definition in their portfolio. Looking strictly at the facts, the air for example is older parts in a smaller chassis. If it did not have the Apple logo on it, would it justify the price, given what new technology can be offered by the competition?

Even prior to the iPad there were a number of competitors that had concepts ready to go - look up on the Microsoft Courier project - that was brilliant. Look further back for the GridPad...that was dated from 1989, which predates the newton concept a few years. The key has always been the marketing and timing to market, together.

You are sadly misinformed and wrong. To say that Apple's products are D-SHT is a totally ignorant statement. They may not be perfect, but all around their products are excellent and far superior to anything RIM could ever dream to make. Want to talk about failure, shall I mention Storm I, II, Tour, Playbook. These are beyond sad.

Everyone has some misses but RIM can't even bring shit to the market with real time technology.

Within two years they will be gone!

I have never posted here....but here goes:

This seems like Palm all over again. Reading the comments above make me realize that often we defend the products we love so so much and in that process lose touch with reality.

Die-hard Palm fans would agree with me....but happened to them? Exactly what you all have said in the comments....slow transition, long cycles, but great products. Unfortunately, in this era of tech evolution, great products at a given time become obsolete in a matter of weeks. (Obsolete may be a harsh word in a fan forum) But think about it, androids do push email (but not perfect push like a bb), however, they are purposeful to a lot of others who get this feature when they are actually looking for a phone they can play games on or watch movies on.

RIM has great products, but ones that the great majority do not think meet their 'other' needs and is getting pounded left and right. This has to be a wake-up call for them or its over. Money can buy anything, Palm, Nokia, etc....the question is will they wake-up? I hope they lay off the ambien!

Happy fathers day all!

While there are some parallels, there is one difference- Palm changed direction, (WebOS and some new hardware) but didn't have enough gas ($$$) to get out of the hole they dug themselves into. Add to that mediocre hardware, and not enough variety of it to lure in new customers, and they were spiraling. Bad marketing was the cherry on top.

RIM on the other hand is in the process of changing (QNX), has some new hardware coming (multiple form factors) and stil has ample gas ($$) to keep moving. Their hardware is taking a step up, they've always had variety, and their marketing remains to be seen. Basically RIM started to the turn around before the point Palm did, which was smart.

Some similarities, but different.

Craig states that RIM only has a few years if, to get their act together internationaly. Am I wrong to believe that the next gen RIM smart phone coming in late Aug is not a step big time in that direction. If not where were you guys a long time ago, why is this new.

Did any of you idiots listen to the podcast? Chief Blackberry apologist and cheerleader at 35:27 "my bold 9780..hour glassing..uncaught exception." Most of you are losers who desperately need to drink the Blackberry cool-aide and cheer them on. You are myopic and pathetic. I had to get a Bold 9700 in order to be able to support them in a corporate environment. It is a data plan RIP OFF. It cannot do two things at once, let alone switch gracefully between two. Text is all it can do and a little e-mail. If you are lame and want to purchase a dataplan for great SMS and lame e-mail, get a Blackberry. If you want to get value for your data plan rate, get anything else. BBM? I have two fellow loser friends with BBM who have better personal phones but are stuck with BBM for corporate use.


There are just so many stupid things with this post, there is no point going into all of them. Why do people like this even go onto sites and post crap like this? Don't you have something better to do?

God... One can really lose faith in humanity reading comments on a tech blog.

I started reading Crackberry to see if I was wrong about my opinion of Blackberry. What I found was a cult of cheerleaders obsessed with not being Apple or Android. The device sucks, and I cannot keep chasing the "one that doesn't". Surely, you have the one that is so great that you cannot hardly see straight. Please tell me what you heard at 35:27?

I once had an opportunity to get a great video with my 9700. What happened? Error, had to pull the battery. Tried a podcast app, could not smoothly switch between calls and podcasts. On and on. Please tell me where I am wrong. And while you're at it, where can the soon to be out of work employees of the greatest phone on the earth/galaxy get jobs?

9700 is a 2 year old phone ... can definitely do what you're describing with my 9800.
I personally switched from an iphone to a 9800 6 months ago and I am more than happy:

1 - doing the same stuff as with my iphone
2 - I get a great physical keyboard (I'm doing things more rapidly by just typing on the keyboard, shorcuts are excellent)
3 - push notifications

For the record I am no blackberry fanboy, just a regular user, feeling that he's now doing the right usage of his phone.

I could switch smoothly between apps/phone calls/podcasts on my Bold 9000.

I can do these tasks even better and smoother on my Torch 9800. There is nothing that I would want out of a smartphone that I can't do on my Torch 9800: email, texting, BBM, document viewing, document editing, note taking,PIM, e-book reading, audio book listening, podcasts and even some games. I was never that impressed w/Angry Birds. I don't feel that I need that on my phone. I love the efficient data usage of my phone. My data plan is much cheaper than my iPhone friends'. I do just as much, if not more, web surfing on my phone as them.

BlackBerry works for me. I know I'm not the only one who can say that. The company will be just fine.

Gotta disagree on the torch 2 part. How much better can they make it without changing the form factor? OS7, processor, and screen resolution alone makes it a better upgrade than any other line on blackberry (storm1-storm2, bold 9000-9700-9780, curve series, pearl) ever.

Come on! Look what Ford Motor Co. was able to do in the face of this recession and the near death of the Auto Industry in America. I don't want RIM to make an Iphone killer...or an Android clone. They need to make a smartphone that people will want to buy on its own merit - it does what enough people want and does it well. They were complacent, distracted by producing too many product lines, unable to resurrect a plodding OS and bogged down by a crippling management format, but I still like my Torch and plan on picking up the 2 when it rolls out. Competition is GOOD. If, like Ford, they admit what their problems are (which I think they have), they can and will innovate themselves out of these doldrums if everyone will let 'em.

Ok I am going to way in on this. I have been a BB user for a year now before that i just had a flip phone for a few years anyway had an accident and had to get a new phone so I looked around seen what everyone was using the iphone 3g/3gs was out and the iphone 4 for a few months then and it seem to be able to do alot. But I had notice the BB and never ever held one or ever looked at it closely but I did notice that everyone at work seem to have one. And I did notice looking back and remembering that everywhere I looked in a bar, shopping centers or just on the street the largest precentage of people with cell phones/smartphone were BB users. So i did my research and went with the BB Bold 9700, so after awhile of getting use to it and I do love it I was still noticing that people using there BB that there phones looked old than mine where as the Bold is a nice new looking phone. I decided to ask people about there BB and why they still use the older BB's and basicly everyone said the samething, " they love there BB just the way it is no need to upgrade when the phone works like it did from day one" yah some people had the odd problems nothing major but still continuing to use the BB.

This is where I see the problem with RIM now, and why sales are down, you can sit there and analyze all you want but the majority of BB user are still using there original BB's from business users to the general public from my observsion you just have to go out there and look in the bars shopping centers, the schools and watch what's out there, I will brake it down like this now this is in Halifax, NS what I see is about 80% are BB users 75% are still using there original BB 5% newer BB's and about 10-15 % are iphone users and that includes the iphone 3g and 3gs and iphone4 and the rest are the other cell phones/smartphone on the market. RIM has made a phone that will last for along time that nobuddy wants to give them up, why upgrade, RIM has to start persuading these users. Face it RIM has made a phone that is durable doesn't feel like toy, about 15-20 years from now people will probably still be using there original BB.

Rim made the phones that fulfilled your needs, but the drive out there now is way beyond that.
We don't want a phone anymore we want a promise that will meet our wants... and while it is impossible the iPhone (through the apps) came very close to getting it.

Folks on this thread are making all kinds of claims to justify the current situation. Like look what happened with Apple, they rose from the grave. Well Jim & Mike together with all the talents they can muster ain't no Steve Jobs! They call the current situation frustrating, it ain't frustrating it's pathetic. Other vendors can come out with 3 to 5 new phones each year on different platforms, 1 for Apple (but that seems to be all they need), and it takes RIM 2 to 3 years to come up with one. Figure that one out! Is it a lack of talent or managements miscalculations of what is happening in the real world. I think it's a combination of both. As far as os7 is concerned, why would I invest in a "New BB Phone" and commit to a 2 year contract when the "New & Great QNX" is coming in 2012, except with RIM's past perfornce it probably will not be here before 2013 at best. I really love Blackberry and they have the ability to rise but management needs to change. If that means Goodbye Jim & Mike, then so be it. Lead, Do Not Follow, or Get the Hell Out of the Way!!! Excuse my rant but some times the truth hurts.

That was an entertaining podcast! You guys are hilarious.

Sure, RIM was late to respond, but i think they are going to hit the market with a vengence over the next year or so.

Kev, you should probably try out the other devices (android, iphone, winphone)... it would certainly go miles in boosting your creditibility in the mobile opinion space........ just don't join the dark side :)

Its always darkest before the dawn.

RIM may have been beaten up recently. Hopefully that kick in the ass is what they needed to wake up. Looks like they have a nice plan in store, now its just a matter of time.

RIM still made huge profit in Q1. Not "Apple huge", but profit IS still money made after cost no? Still seems like a lot of money to me. I'm not bidding RIM one shred of doom until there isn't any real profit being pulled down. Making hardly no money or losing money is a failed business, and RIM is still making high enough in the millions to seem like something other than a failure to me. Just sayin'....

Can we get back to reality here? RIM is not in danger. they will recover. We have gone over this before and have beat it to death. don't get me wrong, I am just as disappointed as the next person as the next person but the true blackberry fans stick around not because RIM is the greatest company but because they make a product that we love. I can proclaim that i'm moving on to another phone but who would that be? None of the other phones provide what RIM provides for me. So the only option i have is wait. For now i will settle for a phone that still keeps me in contact with those that i want to call, email that is just as quick as IM, a messenger platform that that can't be imitated and a web experience that i love.........yes on my playbook.

For those who want their one to do everything let me know when you find it. Now that RIM is investing in the playbook would prefer that they just make the phones better phones. I they chose to go 4G it would only be for me to use my bridge brouser better. Why do we needa phone that does the same thing that my tablet does? I prefer my phone to do different things or else there will be no need to upgrade it. I will go out on a limb and ask RIM NOT to put QNX on the phones.

Sure QNX can and will be involved in what they put in future phones but if my phone functions the same as my tablet then i will invest my money not in another phone but keep the one i have until all the whiny people shut up and either move on to another platform or play the waiting game It is that simple people.

As a blackberry user since 2009, the problems with this device are problems the newer phones (iPhone and Droids) don't suffer from. My main complaint is the web browser is a total POS. You can Google on these phones instantaneously. The BB is so slow, it's pathetic. The market has changed. People WANT to browse for whatever on their cells. People use their phones as a camera and/or video recording device. The BB's is good, but it's nowhere near as good as the competition. The OS stalls way too much. It's not a problem for the Droid and iPhone. The hourglass problem is terrible. The battery pull is another long running joke. Droids and iPhones don't require a battery pull and subsequent 10-12 minutes to reboot/restart. I don't know what everyone thinks about the BB, but these are my problems.

If I switch to a Droid or iPhone, it's because BB has FAILED to drop a web browser into their cells that can compete. At the end of the day, if the new phones for 2012 fail to deliver a faster browser, I'm done with BB. In reality, that's the BIG difference between phones. iPhones and Droids move quicker than BB's do when you're browsing. Everyone I know who has switched has switched for the same reason. It takes too long for Google searches to appear. It takes too long for webpages to pull up. GPS is terrible on BB. I've heard it all and have seen my friends leave BB. I hope everything works out with RIM, because I like my Storm 2. I have had to add battery life apps, memory cleaning apps, super smooth storm app to allow the Storm to run faster between the home screen and apps. The occasional freeze while I'm texting is annoying, but I can deal with it. What I can't deal with is the exceptions that freeze the phone and cause a reboot. The surepress is soft at times and then it's rigid and forced me to press down harder on the keypad/face plate.

what model of BB do you have?
my first Pearl had that problem a lot. Then my Curve had that problem once a while. Since I have had my Bold 9700, I have never had that problem.

Maaaan you guys really don't like to acknowledge the 9850/9860. Blaize mentioned it and you just stopped. I personally think it'll be a great phone. It shares the internals of the Bold flagship. Sure it doesn't have a keyboard but it has a much larger screen. Give it some credit guys.

Kevin, what happened to "leaving it for next weeks podcast"?

It's not a Storm, give it a chance :)

That device is all fine and dandy, but is this product going to have a FASTER web browser than the trash ALL BB use? What's the use if the browser is slower than that of the Droid or iPhone?

Of course it'll have a faster web browser than what is out now for BB. Have you not followed the coverage at BB World? RIM actually had a chart showing it was faster than competitors in certain areas of the browser. Also, if you're singling out the 9850, you shouldn't. All of the new BB7 devices coming will support the same browser on the same hardware (except the Curve).

URBAN- ANYTHING is faster than what BB is using at the moment. That's not saying much. The question is will the new browsers for whatever replaces the Storm 2 be AS FAST as the Droid or iPhone. That's significant because it's the #1 reason people I know are leaving BB.

Sometimes I carpool with a colleague and here's how a typical iphone conversation between is wife and him goes, "Hi. Begyourprdon? 4 o'clock. 4 o'clock. Begyourpardon? No. 4 o'clock. Begyourpardon?" And that's the system that RIM has to catch up to?

C'mon. Everybody should know by now that the consumer tech space is all about momentum not quality. So, too, is life.

Whats the problem with the english-accent dude? Craig is it? I felt seriously insulted when he started talking about 3rd world countries as if he had lived in one all his life and have deliberately concluded that we haven't seen a fucking BlackBerry ever, or any other smartphone whatsoever. He knows nothing actually about the general tendencies of smartphone acquisition in 3rd world countries, specially when he says "the 8520 is their first smartphone and this is the 'bomb' " you should check your facts before you speak. I don't mean to troll but that kept me upset through the rest of the podcast.