CrackBerry Podcast: Ending off Torch Week with a Special Edition BlackBerry Torch / BlackBerry 6 Show!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Aug 2010 01:25 pm

CrackBerry Podcast

OK, I know some of you are already sick of hearing about the BlackBerry Torch (especially those of you on Verizon!), but it wouldn't be a proper end to BlackBerry Torch week unless we got on skype and recorded up a special edition BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6 podcast.

This show follows up our BlackBerry Torch Review and BlackBerry 6 Review, and we get into the aftermath of it all, including the reactions people have been having, both good, bad and really bad in regards to RIM's latest BlackBerry and updated operating system. No Craig on this one, and our editing is a bit rough around the edges, but you if you're a CrackBerry Podcast listener you won't want to miss it!

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Kevin Michaluk Kevin Michaluk "Founder, Editor in Chief " 3922 (articles) 3285 (forum posts)


niceee!!! love the new feature


wonder if kevin`s using the podcast app for this yet


wth kevin where's the intro ugh i was waiting for it boo haha

Kevin Michaluk

normally craig records the show, gets it to me, i toss it into garageband and do the intro.  this time adam recorded, but he recorded into mp3 vs lossless aiff, so we decide just to post straight up. intro will be back next time!


"especially those of you on Verizon!"


Keven, I thought that was the best review you have ever done. You Are the Crackberry Idol! And you were honest throughout as well.Both Positive and negitive. I do want one based on your review.


Okay. My battery life goes red when it hits 10% I don't ever see yellow anymore on my 9000.



I always think of how the devices in ST:TNG feel like long to come relatives of BlackBerries and iPhones!


I've been waiting for this CrackCast!

Joseph Holder

"The Killer App for BlackBerry is people." Awesome quote Kevin; I think that sums up BlackBerry perfectly. RIM should build their advertisements around that.


It's people.....Soylent Green is made out of people"


Am I the only one that could never hear Adam?


I had a hard time hearing Adam too.


One of the drawbacks to the 9800 is the missing left-side convenience key. With my current device, I have Vlingo set up to use the convenience key. By not having this button, it means I have to use the right-side/camera button instead. Since the right-side has two positions (focus, capture), I wonder how this will affect the usability of apps like Vlingo.

I think this may be one of the reasons I wouldn't upgrade to the 9800 at this time. I use Vlingo every day, and until I can see how apps like this will work with the 9800, I'm going to hold off.

I can understand thinking that running apps off of the convenience key won't be as needed with BB6, but this really leaves out functions that run off of these keys.


I could not hear Adam at all!!!! Everyone else was fine.


I couldn't hear adam either.


I just got the 9800! Yes, Adam was very soft in this podcast. No worries. It's all good. You guys rock. Kinda got the 9800 because of all your coverage. Thanks.


I just got the 9800! Yes, Adam was very soft in this podcast. No worries. It's all good. You guys rock. Kinda got the 9800 because of all your coverage. Thanks.