CrackBerry Podcast 89: RIM's 2012 AGM

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By Adam Zeis on 11 Jul 2012 09:18 am EDT

Yesterday RIM held their 2012 Annual General Meeting for shareholders and Kevin, Chris Umiastowski, Bla1ze, Rene and myself were on hand to weigh in with our thoughts and answer some questions from the chatroom. Just as Chris summed things up, there wasn't really anything new brought to light that we didn't know already. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins talked a bit on the BlackBerry 10 delays and RIM's financial situation, but for consumers (and BB geeks) there wasn't really anything new to take away.

The podcast kicks off after the Q&A session that ends the meeting, but RIM should be posting a replay of the webcast soon if you didn't get a chance to hear it.

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CrackBerry Podcast 89: RIM's 2012 AGM


I agree, RIM shouldn't have announced BB10 until they were almost ready.
I don't know how Jim & Mike even predicted Late 2011/Early 2012.
PlayBook wasn't even ready yet!
I'm happy that Thorston get's the word out to the media, and it isn't lies...

"RIM shouldn't have announced BB10 until they were almost ready." - but what are they supposed to tell stockholders and their customer base when they stop pushing out new BB7 phones?

"Umm...we decided to take a break from making phones for awhile... we are working on this special top secret project that we can't tell you about until it is ready. Please don't be mad."

No, they keep pushing out BB7 phones until they are ready.
BB7 would have done much better if the consumers weren't expecting BB10.
They would tell shareholders that they were planning on pushing out updates for the current BB7 O.S.
This is what I THINK should have been done.

cuz they are just stupid ! all what RIM is facing now is back to them !!

I'm really happy now that Thorsten Heins is the CEO now and hoped that he was RIM's CEO since 2010 or early 2011

Who is the doped out guy in the bottom left of the Video? He is definitively on something!!!

Look at Thorsten, the man (and his executives) looks exhausted after one week of media frenzy. Remember he is a CEO, he has a million other things to worry about beside dealing with the brutal media. I think he's doing a good job.
It's understandable that they have nothing new to say because they have said it all last week. What else do we expect they to say, right. They are doing every thing they can to reducing their operating cost.
One thing I'm very happy to hear is to stream line their product line so they can spend their quality time to innovate like putting video chat in BBM.

Chris, you nailed it. BlackBerry 10 device doesn't have to be better than anything. It just have to be darn good. That's it!
I think they do better job now with developer relation. At least I could see their effort, genuinely, in building an eco system.

Speaking of ecosystem, that's something I haven't heard much about, is App. World going to expand their offerings? Do they have any content deals in place or on the go? Content is King and it appears to be central in the other platforms, Has this been addressed at all?

I keep trying to download with 4 retrys and yet still won't load on BLACKBERRY podcasts. I have no problem downloading the past podcasts, just not this one.