CrackBerry Podcast 81: 2011 BlackBerry Year in Review Super Show!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2011 03:00 pm EST

Here it is CrackBerry Nation, our 2011 BlackBerry Year in Review super show! Looking back, we can definitely say that 2011 wasn't the easiest of years for Research In Motion. The company's stock price steadily declined and the media sentiment against RIM this year in the US has been pretty much anything but positive.

That said, going through the year month by month we still found plenty of excitement in 2011, and our outlook for 2012 is positive, even with news that BlackBerry 10 phones won't be hitting until late in the year. There's some vintage CrackBerry Kevin on this one you won't want to miss (blame the pot of espresso).

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You're gonna love it. Happy Holidays everybody. The CrackBerry Podcast will be back in 2012 crazier and crackier than ever!

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CrackBerry Podcast 81: 2011 BlackBerry Year in Review Super Show!


Looks like a great episode! Will CB be hosting a "Win a BB 9790" or that new Curve touchy thing of your choice....after the hype fades....?


what a great year it has been for BB!!!!

-BBOS 7 phones poorly received in N/A
-no front facing camera phones for video chat (every other phone platform has it)
-no dual core phone (every other phone platform has some)
-JDE BBOS scheduled to die
-QNX OS has no email client, or calendar/contacts. RIM's bottomline takes a huge hit, instead of having a 'hit' in its hands. RIM reinvents the 'very soon' definition.
-no strategic changes in top RIM management.
-guidance lowered
-Colt canceled
-10 inch Playbook MIA
-WiMax PB Canceled
-BB Cyclone this 'fall' - M.I.A
-BB Beats M.I.A
-BB Calypso M.I.A.
-CEO salaries: 1$
RIM strategic decision machine: priceless?
-Outage FAIL

But when its time to crank out generic phones running dated software and 1y old CPUs, RIM stands tall!

going to check this one out shortly .. they are always fun to watch and listen to :)

in the (current) world of dual-cores, front chat camera phones running top-notch software with lots of 'apps', RIM has not been relevant for quite some time.

Im ok with the delay in LTE. But im NOT OK with the delay (cancelation) in dual-core HSPA+ BB phones running quality QNX software, sabotaging a quality/long-term platform for app developers.

in other words I understand the delay in software. But delays in hardware too is unacceptable.... RIM doesnt make/design CPUSs! theyre made by Qualcomm and Arm. They just need to package them.

Why dont they licence hardware from HTC or Pantech? At least they would have something? ( a high-end phone by today's standard)

Considering they just released their os7 lineup not too long ago it would hurt them equally as much to just shelve them and release their qnx phones. It's funny whatever android or apple gives whenever is fine and dandy but it seems like a lot of people cannot tolerate whatever and whenever RIM releases anything.

You can't honestly say that only RIM misses timelines as all the smartphones makers do. RIM's is painfully/naively honest about it. Yeah they mess up, but they don't spin it. Don't think you're all so smart that you can see through any trick. That in itself proves the delusion. People are just deluded into thinking only RIM does this kind of thing.

I guess people would rather be manipulated and lied to with cool hyped marketing tricks and diversions then be given the truth.

Wow! Crackberry nation r one size fits all.. Are there any future for blackberry? Would RIM be able to catch up against competitors? I recently upgrade my phone from curve to bold 9930 from sprint. I thought I should give it another 2 years try. If I don't see anything revolutionary next year ( QNX ) esp. Their Apps. I will toss and smash this bold and take a photos using either an iphone or android and post it here. I love blackberries, I been using it for 4 yrs. and I been very patients. And its starting wear thin. Seriously If blackberry can't keep up. Sorry for this, but sometimes, good things just don't last very long.

Any idea why these podcasts are not showing up on the Playbook's Podcast app??? Since 78, no crackberry podcasts have been updated...

This was a good recap, i liked the way that you guys separated the perception between the cognosenti and run of the mill consumers...also liked the analysis of the impact of the blogs on raising non critical issues to critical... "need to own a blackberry to get email"... vs. you won't have to sign up for another plan and no contract... selling feature.
RIM seems to be somewhat limited in their ability to market outside of their operator partners... probably why they couldn't trumpet the value of "no contract" and instead let the market perception walk all over them for the sake of keeping the likes of AT&T, VZW, Vodafone happy.
I so want these guys to succeed, but its trying right now. Even their internal PB promotion has failed to some degree, many of these units won't get into end user hands before Xmas. A layer cake of disappoinment. Lets hope for fresh start in 2012. Though i am beginning to have some doubts... and am counting on further fragmentation in the Android market and maybe a killer virus or two for Android and Windows Mobile. :)

I was holding off on changing my 9700 because I thought the BB10 phones were coming early 2012. With the latest news, now I am thinking of changing to the 9900 but not entirely sure since it seems a minor step up from OS 6.0.

Any thoughts?

Dang.. I surely remember seeing crackberry VIDEO of CES with obi in attendance! Fail on that mention guys. Looks like you guys have somewhat fixed the scaling issues. Downloaded the video to my 9930, can clearly see all of your faces this time. The names/emails seam to be still cutting off.... But I suppose that's what you get with Rene - Mr iphone runs the video ;-)

I live in Kingston Jamaica where everyone here has a Blackberry, and it flag ship product for the 3 mobile carriers. But the outlook for RIM is very bleak and i am sure that Co-CEOs must be happy to put behind 2011. I think that they spend too much time going after the tablet market and ignore the core business of the company selling handsets. The main issue I think is everyone already come out with touchscreen, 3G, LTE, High mega pixels camera in terms of hardware. So when RIM release 9900 apart from the sleek design there is nothing else that "awwwww" the public. Most of the other smart phone comes with 8MP camera and Duo core processor standard, while RIM is coming out with it's first GHz processor phone. I really hope that the QNX phones are a big improvement for RIM on a whole cause i think 2012 is going to be a "ride or die" year for them!