CrackBerry Podcast 69+10: Good Enough

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By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2011 12:28 pm EDT

Two weeks after our BlackBerry DevCon Podcast, we fired things up on Friday for our 79th (or 69+10) podcast and our second live video show. Adam, Bla1ze, Craig and myself talk about the big news of the last couple of weeks, covering everything from PlayBook OS 2.0 delays to the Porsche Design BlackBerry p9981, BlackBerry Bold 9790 and everything in between (including RIMM's dismal share price). 

We had some technical difficulties with the live broadcast while recording this one which made things a bit tricky, so we concluded during the show that while it's not our BEST show to date, it's definitely Good Enough. The great news though is that the video recording turned out silky smooth, so if you tuned in live and missed things, the video and audio replays above are good to go. 

Enjoy the show and we'll see you again soon. We're planning on doing up our next show with an INTERNATIONAL BLACKBERRY focus, so expect to see some special guests as we talk about BlackBerry around the world.

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CrackBerry Podcast 69+10: Good Enough


You know, I really do like BB and honestly do think it's the most reliable device I've had. However, the first segment of the podcast was so depressing with regards to the future of RIM being able to roll out new OS's, apps's seriously making me doubt whether I should even stick with the brand for my next device update next year.

Guess we;'ll have to wait and see if RIM can make up lost ground.

This is probably one of the most depressing podcasts I've listened to. The bad part is that crackberry had very little to advertise that was positive. Man I hope things are going to change for the better.

I enjoyed this, thanks guys.
Kevin, My 9930 bricked for the first time ever last week just after downloading bbm music and reading your brick post. I did a reboot (it didnt ask me to) about a minute after the download. i received the same error as you, then a spinning hour glass. it eventually came back and stayed back, but i lost all phone contacts and the Foursquare app was broken (I had to deleat and re-download), and i showed all BBM contacts, but zero bbm groups while the group members showed me still. Blackberry Protect does some kind of "auto sync" back up for contacts, differently than all other data it backs up. i couldnt figure out how to recover contacts sadly. i didnt have my home computer with me while i was out of town (with zero phone contacts, but still BBM contacts). i finally got home last night and immediately reloaded my two week old OS and everything came back very smoothly, except the bbm group problem, and i do get requests to be added when groups message me. even my few current apps were still there some how. Even though im pretty sure it F-ed my phone in the download, i absolutely love BBM Music as an app, and it really helped make up for this disaster we're experiencing.

I'm telling you if we were only able to have BlackBerry desktop manager on the PlayBook and do a restore that way... I hope someone from RIM is reading lol

Kinda depressing -but good job guys! I am looking forward to the international flavor in the next one.
BTW- in PA we were without electric for 5 days- longer than the RIM outage and no apologies or free apps. Damn!!! Guess that means I have to switch to another device! hahaha!!!

Good podcast guys, thanks! The 9900s bricking is really puzzling. There's tons of reports of this happening on the forums as well.

Kevin, let us know if you could reload your OS!

The new intro for ridiculosly amazing the background music amazing
all an all i see a bright future for mobile nations.
Keep doing what your doing kevin

I like the looks of the new P9981, and I will most likely be getting one. =) I agree with craig, its different and that's probably why I like it...

I Agree with Chris, I had my berry since 04 and I'm kinda getting tired of the "games"
I get it RIM has never been hacked and they want to keep it that way. These things take time, But don't lead us on. Example this 2.0 was suppose to b here awhile ago. and don't advertise the PlayBook with Skype if there is no app for it.
I also agree with Kevin. RIM has something up thir sleeve. These little hypes don't help. RIM needs something BIG and my guess would be BBX Android 2.0 all in one shot a 1 day Makeover for RIM. We just need a new face and some excellent advertising and RIMPIRE strikes back Feb 2012.. I will c u there

Hello Crackberry team.

Couldn't really follow the live broadcast, due to the beforementioned technical difficulties.

I am waiting for the broadcast to hit the Playbook Podcast app, but it's been weeks and it has not yet come in.

Any comments on what is causing the delay?