CrackBerry Podcast 69 +1 = I want my BlackBerry Bold 9900!!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jun 2011 08:36 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

We had so much fun recording our last podcast -- episode SIXTY NINE -- that for our 70th show we decided to do the math and call it 69 + 1. We hope you enjoy it.

While we cover a lot of topics in this show, including the latest PlayBook OS update and Apple's iOS 5 news this week, the theme that kept coming up among Adam, Bla1ze, Craig and myself was how much we want our BlackBerry Bold 9900s already (Joseph is waiting on the Torch 2). Seriously. We just can't wait any longer. We need it NOW!!

Take a listen and be sure to leave us a comment.  We'll back soon with epsidoe 69 + 2 :-)

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 69 +1 = I want my BlackBerry Bold 9900!!


It would have been great if Team CB included the Steve Jobs sound clip "Year of the copy-cat" from the iPad 2 announcement from earliar this year.

Why does it take so long to show on my Torch or PlayBook after being posted on here? Is there some refresh option on the PB podcast app?

Yep. If you hit the bb button in the app go to "podcast settings" then go to the bottom and you can set a time for it to refresh.

Edit: read your post too fast. I'm not too sure about the playbook app. My instructions are for the phone app.

I heard so many things about my posts :) Exactly AT&T bridge it almost downloaded over 50.000 times till first version to 3rd one which I gave the OTAs :)

i always appreciate updates. whether they are for minor bug fixes or app and feature updates. it can only mean that people behind the scenes are working to make things work better. oh and btw, i'm from the philippines and there's a magazine article here about new slang terms used by locals and it included crackberry : people who are addicted to their blackberries! that's how much of an impact bb is making culturally. i can't wait for the 9900! online high five for the 9900!

I want my Blackberry Monaco/Storm 3/Volt/Torch 9850!

How is it that you guys mentioned every new device coming out except for it? :(

Just cuz the Storm 1/2 didn't have the best rep doesn't mean it will be a failure. I know you guys are all about the 9900 but give us touch screeners some love too.

Nice podcast. LOL @ the Macho Man impression near the end from one of you. :)

i want me a new device whether a bold 9900,torch 2,apollo,or monza.i have used my current device long enough 3 years and counting. its time to retire it and make it a backup. i passed on the 9700,9780,9800 because they were just not my type and did not make an upgrade worth it. but now i want start refresh with a new phone.all this waiting is killing me but thank god my tablet cools me down. but come on now carriers come out and say something about these new devices.especially at&t.

Like the new numbering system for the podcasts... keep it up till 69+69, then just call them a Gooooood time! I think I'm a black sheep like Joseph, I'll wait for the Torch 2.

Totally agree about the compression issue....I'm tired of the "loading more" or whatever slowing down my phone when reading emails, or opening an attachment taking 235235 hours. Those things need to get fixed...

What a great podcast! I love all of them. Always full of great BS errr I mean info! I really do learn a lot of stuff from the pod cast. I agree that it shoud be 69+ untill you get to 69+ 69 = a good time!! thanks for that jsf101

I want my 9930!

See, I thought about getting a playbook but thought I would wait. Nothing so far has made me feel that I am missing out.

It seems that RIM always seem to be playing catch up and are never a leader these days.

They bring out devices knowing that they already have a newer model in development. Why can't they just sit down and actually develop something to the best of there ability so that its must have and has the latest tech available.

Yes I know that tech is constantly improving BUT come on - we deserve better - lack of flash is just a basic need in 2011 for a modern smartphone.

I know I'm ranting but we all deserve more for the big bucks / pounds that we have to pay.


that should be the new commercial with different shots of different people shouting from various locations into their phones

Where can i get a job where i just sit around and talk crap with my mates like this? Sign me up if you need an Aussie in the field boys ;)

so i finally got arouund to listening to the whole podcast 69+1... thanks for the free accessories guys :)