CrackBerry Podcast 044: 2009 End of Year Special Edition Show!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Dec 2009 01:43 pm EST

CrackBerry Podcast: 2009 End of Year Special!

There's only one day in the year when you can truly record a year-end show, and that's December 31st. Craig, Adam, Bla1ze and myself jumped on the podcast line for nearly 90 minutes this morning to look back at the year that was 2009. We reflect on some of the highs and lows, work through all the new BlackBerry Smartphones that hit the market over the year with our take on each of them and start looking ahead to BlackBerry in 2010.

We also announce the winners of the 2009 CrackBerry Awards live on the air! We'll be posting these to the blogs soon, but if you want first dibs at hearing who won in every BlackBerry category you'll want to tune in. Big thanks for making 2009 such a great year and we'll be back on the air regularly in 2010! Happy New Year!!

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CrackBerry Podcast 044: 2009 End of Year Special Edition Show!


Thanks you guys for the shoutout about the Berry Holiday 2 theme!

-- Berry Holiday 2 UPDATE --
Thank you to everyone for all of the feedback. I am incorporating several of the comments & critiques. I am also working furiously to get support up for ALL devices. Instead of just rushing out a theme for all devices, I am taking extra special care of this one to make it an amazing experience for ALL model users. I PROMISE support will be available very soon for all BlackBerry models. Thank you all for your patience!


From everyone here at WJD Designs I hope everyone has a great new year and a safe one! Lets make sure 2010 (or as Kev suggest 0h '10 lol) gets welcomed in :) I hope to see all of you with your berries hooked to CB in 2010 and I can't wait to see whats next! Good job on everyone who won the awards! Shout out to Kev - Craig - Adam - Bla1ze - I hope you guys have a good news years eve! Remember to stop by everyone to kill some time ;) I just redid the page completely! Like I said before I hope everyone has a .......


From the team at Gym Technik, thanks to everyone who helped NextGen win the title of best health/fitness app!! WOOT!

And for all Storm 2 and OS5 users, I promise the app is on it's way, and we're working feverishly at getting it out! Much appreciate the patience...

Have a Happy New Year CB Nation... and we will do our part to make sure you keep your 2010 fitness resolutions.


Special thanks to those who helped QuickLaunch win the title of Best Productivity App of 2009! Extra special thanks to all the beta testers!

Hope 2010 is great for Everyone.


Hi all, just a quick happy new year and thanks for all support and feedback that youve all given me

check us out sometime - bbthemes in the app store

hope everyone has a great 2010 :)

Had a few good laughs with this podcast. Seemed a bit crazier than your usual ones. All the things that RIM has announced for this year...this is going to be a hell of a year for RIM.

I just finished the podcast and it was great. Hopefully we will hear from you all every two weeks this year!! Thanks

Great podcast, happy new year. I'd like to read more about the 507 tip mentioned at the end of the podcast.