CrackBerry Podcast 110: 2013 Wrap-up and CES 2014 Preview!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jan 2014 04:19 pm EST

We missed rounding out 2013 with a year-end show, so we fired up a quick podcast today to wrap up 2013. This one is super quick but we did a recap of everything that went down this past year. It was crazy busy for us — from heading to Toronto to set up HQ, then off to the BlackBerry 10 launch in NYC, setting up our NY office and tackling CrackBerry Live in Orlando. There were plenty of ups and downs but we managed to survive it all. 

We're not quite sure what 2014 has in store either but we'll be 100% along for the ride. So grab a snack and spare 30 minutes to check out this episode.




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CrackBerry Podcast 110: 2013 Wrap-up and CES 2014 Preview!


oh god! I don't want to say First, so I'll say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a z30 for christmas and it is awesome....and wellllllllllllll yeah it's awesome.

Congratulations on the FIRST but most importantly congratulations on the Z30!!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

If you guys talk to JC.....tell him that Z30 not being available at ATT is an atrocity.

Don't give up on BlackBerry this year - sentiment is changing and Chen is no Thorsten, thankfully

CB10 from the Z30

Happy New Year CB and don't be afraid to ask tough questions of BBRY leadership in 2014...

Hiding from the "truth" serves none of us well.

CB10 from the Z30

Me thinks 2014 will be a quiet year for BlackBerry considering all the work that has to be done. That's ok by me...noses to the grindstone and let's right the SS BlackBerry!

Go Black and Never Go Back.

Great podcast. Not sure if the crying in the back ground was Adams little girl or the sound of Alicia Keys after her departure from BlackBerry.


Posted via CB10

Yup totally my daughter. Had to use my backup mic and the gain was a bit too high. I'll put her in time out later. 

Hahaha. I know, right?! I have multiple sims in multiple phones. The line that rang was my iPhone one. Also have my other sim in Z30. Pretty hilarious though. 

"I have multiple sims in multiple phones " either Kevin is a Colombian drugs lord taking another consignment order over the phone from some guy on a ski lift , or he has a serious phone fetish.

However the clue may be the "crack" in the crackberry name.

Just kidding guys

Posted via CB10

Great 2013 wrap up guys! Thanks for all your hard work for the Crackberry nation in 2013. I, for one appreciate and enjoy your commitment and endeavours in all things Blackberry.

Blaze is right, ultimately this whole community is just about a phone and the experience it gives. So some people need to chill and get a life and try to enjoy the wonders and joys of owning and using mobile technology in general, whatever the phone happens to be... Android, iPhone, Windows or Blackberry. As Kevin said they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

All I know is, despite all the put downs and kicking Blackberry is getting at the moment, I know the mobile technology world will be a far less richer place without the diversity and variety that companies such as Blackberry can offer its customers. What a terrible thought it would be if we wanted to buy a phone, walked into a store and the salesman said "certainly sir, Android or Apple?"

Damn!! Please don't say this is already happening! Imagine if you wanted to buy a new car and your only choice was Ford or Hyundai. What a dull and boring world that would be.

Anyhow. Looking forward to seeing you guys at CES 2014!!!

Here in the UK unfortunately it's already taking place. Most stores have pulled BB10 of their shelf.

I wanted to upgrade from my 9900 to Z30 on my existing Tmobile contract . But they no longer do z30.

I still have z10 on another sim. Awesome phone.

The challenges for 2014 is there may be demand for the phones, but it's which retailers are stocking them.

Posted via CB10

About 7 min in Kevin you are questioning your whole year and how you did. From a pretty busy guy here. You all did fantastic. You kept me informed. Entertained. And being involved from my end was fun and totally worth every minute of my time. I do what I can for others here in my community that don't read and learn here. BlackBerry needed to love on the BBOS users and even provide incentives for them to migrate. I knew what BB10 was. No one else did. Thanks for all you have and will provide! Happy New Year.

Posted via CB10

Happy New Year Crackberry...

While watching the podcast, I just couldn’t stop staring at the "Back to the Future" poster you had in your room Adam...

Hope to see some awesome work from Crackberry this year...

Thanks for all the info on the "goings on" of BlackBerry, especially this past seems like the only place where I've been able to see and hear anything about BlackBerry without the same old, tired, unoriginal, regurgitated negativity. Especially from the podcasts. And despite what several seem to claim, I've seen legitimate criticism of BlackBerry here, by those in charge, when necessary. It's not just "fanboyism". Also, so glad to hear that some of the douchebaggery will be cleaned up. Keep up the great work!

Posted via CB10

Feliz Año frm Coruña, Spain. Great work Crackberry team, keep it up. Am waiting on amazon for my z10, longest week ever! I think i will be one of the few that have a Blackberry here in Spain, hope that changes in the near future. Happy New Year to all Crackberry users as well! Me voy a trabajar.

Enjoyed that podcast. Thanks.

Looking forward to the next couple of years with BlackBerry/CrackBerry.

Thanks for the initiative, CrackBerry team. Hopefully 2014 will be a more pleasant year where members can discuss issues in a reasonable manner, rather than bringing CrackBerry down to an embarrassing level, as has been recently. As others have said, it's a phone - discuss its merits, ask for help with problems but as we are all individuals we will have differences so do so with consideration. Thanks, Kevin and the team for your hard work and I best wishes for 2014.

Hey Kevin, as a fellow Winnipeger I'm all for having Blackberry Live in Winnipeg this year! Let's not wait until it's +35 though. (And we need to wait until it's NOT -35!!!!)