CrackBerry Podcast 092: Drooling over Glorious BlackBerry 10 L-Series Photos!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Dec 2012 04:44 pm EST

Following a fresh bunch of glorious (and unofficial) BlackBerry 10 L-Series photos showing up on the web (a video too), we fired up our podcasting machine yesterday to discuss and drool over them together.

We had a big crew for this one, and a lot to talk about. Simon Sage gave us his debrief on BlackBerry Jam Asia. Chris Umiastowski talked about shares of RIM breaking above $13. Bla1ze was blazed. Adam was podcasting this one a finger short thanks to an unfortnuate snowblower accident. As usual, I talked too much. We covered a lot of stuff. And we had Rene Ritchie there to keep us all honest and (somewhat) on track.

This is the CrackBerry Podcast. The #1 Freak'n BlackBerry Podcast in the WORLDDDD!!! So listen up. NOW!  

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 092: Drooling over Glorious BlackBerry 10 L-Series Photos!


The L-Series phone looks nice. Kinda disappointed it's mostly plastic like android phones. Also not a fan of that bottom lip. Coming from a BB 9930 this L-Series is also a bit too large for me. Will wait for a smaller BB10 touchscreen device.

You wanted RIM to make a gold plated phone? Come on man! Plus it's not plastic! It's hardened rubber or something not plastic...

Also, someone gave a good possible explanation of why the bottom lip is there. It's because it makes your thumb be in a more natural position.

Either way, it's of course your choice!

My theory on the lip around the screen is to protect the screen when you drop it. The glass can't make contact on the froind unless it hits a rock or a high point in a curved surface. Just my thoughts on it.

I completely agree with you, this is RIMs flagship/halo device. The minimum build quality/feel of this device should be on par wit the 9900 if not higher. Still a good looking device though.

Hahaha, sorry I was eating Subway (a type of submarine)!
Also, I was wondering if you think that the leaks were planned with the ad's that were released the next morning?

I 100% agree with the app conversation here. I was beating up in a previous post cause I wanted Netflix and Skype. I want my cake and to eat it too without jumping ship.

I want to see a better preview of what RIM has in store for BB10 NOW. We already know what the L-Series looks like, so lets see some apps!!

LTE was brought up quickly then dropped. Will BB10 have the ability to offer voice and data simultaneously? On Verizon? That would differentiate BB from i5 within CDMA carriers.

i personally hated that design. then again i never saw it in person. the l-series look works for me, as i like a more 'professional' looking phone. one of the main reasons i never left blackberry. also, one of the main reasons i really like the look of the iphone 5.

As good as this was watching it live yesterday, the best part was seeing Bla1ze chuckling at all the chatroll comments about his . . . ummmmmm . . . state of mind.

Visine? We don't need no steenkin Visine!

That whole stuff about wanting to see leaks of what apps are coming was a little bit clueless, it would not build enough hype 6 weeks away from launch to offset the lack of being able to use them nearer to jan 30th.

Hey Blaize, you shouldn't let people see you spending spending your welfare money on booze, you're giving the other bums a bad name! Seriously Kevin, the guy is an embarrassment!