CrackBerry Podcast 091: Rusty, Ranty and a whole lotta fun!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2012 01:01 am EDT

Did I say we'd do a podcast every two weeks in 2012? I guess I meant every two months. That's how long a gap we had between CrackBerry Podcast 90 and 91 (excluding our audio-only, on location podcast at BBJAM of course!). Suffice to say, I felt we were a bit rusty going into this one.

With the long hiatus we had to make this one extra special, so we went for a FULL HOUSE. On this show we have Adam, Bla1ze, Craig, Chris Umi, Kevin (that's me), and filling up the sixth seat, iMore's Rene Ritchie. We had no shortage of BlackBerry topics to cover this show, but with the iPhone 5 now out on the market we figured it made sense to bring Rene on. He did a stellar job of staying calm, cool and collected as I began ranting through my list of things that drive me nuts about the iPhone 5. I also went on a solid Android rant on this one.

Rants aside, we cover a ton of BlackBerry topics too of course. We sound off on BBJAM. We realize we have some unsanswered questions around out how data plans are going to work with BB10 (and how RIM will or will not continue to earn service revenue), we talk BlackBerry 10 devices, PlayBook OS 2.1, and more!

We quit worrying about time while recording this one, so be warned... it clocks in at 90 minutes of CrackBerry goodness. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! 

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CrackBerry Podcast 091: Rusty, Ranty and a whole lotta fun!


Best podcast ever. Kevin, your rant about the the iPhone was awesome. Glad to see the whole gang together again (plus Rene).

Yes, Kevin's rant about iPhone was funny; hell any rants by Kevin about anything is generally funny. But Rene took it all in stride. He could have defended iPhone but knowing it's a Crackberry podcast, it wasn't the forum for it. It's good to hear a fun podcast again involving BB's.

Failing deadlines (a podcast every two weeks) is emulating the RIM of old, how about getting with Thors new RIM and hitting targets better.

What a great morning surprise. Looks like work efficiency will go down today for the first couple of hours at work.

I don't know if I can be up to watching a 90 (1 hour and 30) minute video. I'll settle for the audio instead. Will be quite a good listen since I'm NOT one to be able to sit still that much. :P

Haha! I love Kevin's rant. These are things I've been saying since the launch of the iphone. Brings an interesting question, though. Why is customer satisfaction so high? Do people really like the horroble way iOS works or are they just satisfied that they have an Apple logo on their phone?

Maybe those features don't matter because most with the iphone only care about apps and not truly how your smartphone can ease your everyday life? I have no clue what they answer is, but I really wonder how many of those things that Kevin mentioned aren't complained about more by iOS users.

most people, has hyped the iPhone 5 soo much that they are ashamed to say anything bad about it, so they rather stay quiet to create the illusion of a flawless device

this is why I love crackberry, we love our blackberrys but we are not going to be quiet on its faults. This is why I put so much trust into the reviews done on this site, its the complete story

Blackberry by Choice!!!

For months I (try to) bite my tongue about other brands; it has been delightful to ear the "K" ranting all along; romping !!!
Besides that, I believe that we should have some explanations on things (that seems combined) : NOC / BIS / Compression and ... Cloud.
Perfect it was !

This is the first Podcast I've watched. I always thought it would be too long to keep my interest... I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the crazy, informative, funny format. I'm looking forward to watching its future installments

Does anyone know if Rene carries a BlackBerry like most of the other Mobile Nations team carries multiple devices from different platforms?

I really think someone should create a game like pac-man where they go around trying to cut Kevin's hair. It'd be an instant best-seller on appworld.

I actually did it. I BLEW THROUGH 90 MINUTES!!!! YEAH!!

I still got the audio I downloaded. Hmm, what to do.. well, since I watched the whole thing, no need for it now. lol

Kevin: iMessage is really shit

hahahahah ROFL missing messages all the time

it really does suck lol :)

boy I love that rant lol hehehe **