CrackBerry Podcast 090: Sunglasses, Free T-Shirts, Cigarettes, Hair and BlackBerry 10

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By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2012 05:29 pm EDT

Listen up! OK, now that I have your attention... it's time to listen in to the CrackBerry Podcast!! It's been a while since we've recorded a show, so we decided to fire things up early this morning for some good 'ole family fun. That was the plan anyways... and then Bla1ze joined the show with sunglasses on and cigarette in mouth, so things went a little downhill from there. Kevin's hair gets in the way a bit too, but we do talk alot about BlackBerry, specifically BlackBerry 10, and to salvage things we decide to run an impromptu podcast contest where you can win a free BlackBerry By Choice t-shirt (your choice of PG or Hardcore)! 

You'll have to listen in for all the details. And between and beyond all that we cover a lot more topics, including the newly-announced 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBookthe aftermath of the RIM's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and more! 

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CrackBerry Podcast 090: Sunglasses, Free T-Shirts, Cigarettes, Hair and BlackBerry 10


Scary....the fact that you put the word "Cigarettes" into the title of this podcast, I am getting ads on the side for "Nicorette mouth spray" -facepalm-

* BlackBerry by choice *
Downloading now...
I like how the Podcasts all have a unique name that's unusual and attention catching now.

Lipstick on a hot chick comes to mind :)

Chris Parsons looks stoned or hung over big time...hence the sunglasses.
Playbook, the one and only

10:30 AM.. Just woke up lol. Also, these are the people I associate with. Kinda speaks for itself.

I agree with Chris RIM should be called RIM! If you start calling RIM blackberry your not going to sound like a tech reporter, especially the owner of CB :P My 17 year old niece calls RIM blackberry

Does it seen to anyone else that Kevin is the only interested in talking about blackberry,I'm with you kevin,let's talk blackberry 10 ;)

I wanted to hear the end of Bla1ze's story that he was telling while Kevin was on the phone with RIM.

Kevin, I've been growing my afro and I get the younger chicks loving it. Maybe you should try the afro look? And at this time, I think almost everyone has more followers than the Jets. Let's go Rangers.

Funny, I got a call from RIM earlier too.

I'm agree with Chris. RIM is the company. Blackberry is the product.

What I still don't get from last week, was all the hoopla last week about RIM needing to partner with some one to deliver BB 10 to the low end of the market by Mr Heins. You guys mentioned it briefly in the podcast but I'd love to see an article on Crackberry expanding on that notion a little.

Personally, I felt that was the single most incredulous, damaging, and totally unnecessary comment Mr Heins has made to date as CEO.

The way I see it is either he was foreshadowing something that has not yet been publicly announced - it did lead to a new round of baseless Samsung rumors which is what resulted in the stocks uptick - or he is completely mad.

RIM has NO NEED to make 60 phones, and at most need three. The L-Series, the N-Series and a decent phone with the WiFi PlayBook internals that sells for $200 and free on contract.

If BB 10 really is coming to the WiFi PlayBook, that hardware is going to be two years old by the time BB 10 launches and, just like the iPhone 4 will be the low end of Apple's line up, a phone with the PlayBook level of specs can fill in the low end of the BB 10 Spectrum. I'm sure TI would happily keep the fabs running for a few more million units as the cost of development and equipment of that SOC is paid for many times over by now.

I thought Mr Heins said RIM was not going to try and be all things to all people anymore? So why try and adopt a Samsung business model for a more boutique product that would be much better served if he took the same approach to the low end of the market at least for the first years as Apple. If Frank is worth his salt, he should be able to create an aura of desirability that allows for a premium on the L and N series devices, and if he is able to achieve that people will be lining up for an affordable version the way women line up at a Coach outlet store to still pay $400 for a non leather handbag.

Plus I still say that Sony would make a much Better partner then Samsung as there is much more synergy there. Sony is big in auto, QNX Car 2 would be great on some Sony Head Units. BB 10 is a distributed OS, it would be great on a color e-reader, new Playstation, some awesome cameras.... Plus, Sony isn't making any real waves in android and they have their own store within android that could be ported to BB 10.

Or, if they are looking to license, Amazon would also make sense. Amazon already has forked the Android OS, and also have their own store that thanks to BB 10's ability to run android apps could be ported to BB 10 without any consumer impact. A BB 10 Kindle Fire would be awesome and it would not really impact PlayBook sales as the PlayBook is the BlackBerry people market (the Doers) and the fire is the casual consumer looking to take a break and read a good book market.

I'm all for partnering as long as it either expands the reach of BB 10 beyond the reach that RIM could ever take it alone (Sony) or would tackle a different market segment without diluting the BlackBerry Brand (Amazon). But there is no NEED for RIM to partner just for the sake of driving down BB 10 costs as it SHOULD be targeting the same premium space that Apple and Samsung currently dominate and they can run it on two year old hardware already, so just put out an actual phone sized PlayBook with a sexy new exterior and call it good.

i am a big BB fan and am really hoping to see them return to glory. i have used BBs for about 12 years now, currently rocking a 9900 and 2 32G PBs.

Here's my concern, i listen to this podcast and i hear kevin wax poetic about how much is going to be ready come Q1 CY13. While i love your optimism i am beginning to think the outcome will be otherwise. Thorsten delayed the release of BB10 to better meet customer expectations... while at the same time, as the market matures so do expectations become more sophisticated. Lets make no mistake about this, developing, releasing and maintaining a whole new eco system is a huge undertaking... something that needs massive parallel investment... see Samsung for example... i just don't see RIM being able to deliver on expectations here. what thorsten should have done was stick to the Q4 date and ramp up internal effort to meet it.

i interact pretty closely with RIM in my work, its shocking that the parking lot doesn't fill up until 10 AM, and is often deserted by 5 PM. This would never happen in a company like Samsung and Apple. When you have to get to market you have to get to market.

I really want RIM to come back, but at the same time i am beginning to question my blind faith in this outcome.