CrackBerry Podcast 085: BlackBerry World 2012 Super Podcast!

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CrackBerry Podcast 085: BlackBerry World 2012 Super Podcast!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2012 10:57 pm EDT

Here it is CrackBerry Podcast fans... our BlackBerry World 2012 Super Podcast! There's 90 minutes of BlackBerry goodness to listen to right here, with Adam, Bla1ze, Umi and myself covering all of the events of the last three days. The BlackBerry 10 preview. The keynote session. The BlackBerry 10 Alpha Device. BlackBerry Jam. 

The awesome press session with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. We cover it all and more on this one, so be sure to listen. Note - Craig couldn't join us for this one, so next week we'll follow up with another video podcast so we can get deeper into Mobile Fusion and all of the enterprise stuff. Enjoy the show!

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CrackBerry Podcast 085: BlackBerry World 2012 Super Podcast!


Looks exactly the same principle (yet I think scalado is a 9 images stock, while PB is a 3 sec. video ?).
Looking forward the site, Texas Instruments is a Scalado partner ... So feature related to the future of BB10 devices hardware ;-) ? I bet it could.
A double shot ? around 3:20
[not opened the beast yet, guys ?]

Hey guys awesome podcast really enjoy all the coverage your doing!! I'm not sure if it was Adam or Blaze but ya said the swype to remove words isn't in any other any other platform. It is on android with the swift key 3 beta....perhaps another swift key tie in for RIM?

I believe mr Nickenson and his gang at android central blogged about the swiftkey ties shortly after this was shown.

Great podcast, keep up the good work.

What does Crackberry think about the whole wake up campaign in Au? Why does it seem its been ignored? What's going to happen on the 7th? I want to know what Crackberry thinks..bloggers chime in whenever please.

In the podcast when the group was chatting about the UI - I'm not sure if they are calling the tiles "glances", but that the tiles allows you to "glance" over at what's hiding in the next layer or alert tab.

The glancing gestures is simply the great flow motion initiated by touching around as a person navigates.

Regardless, from what was shown at the keynote, the layer upon layer of information that floats around by the touch of your thumb... beautiful!

Thinking back about Thorsten talking about "BlackBerry People" being people that get stuff done, it seems they've actually gone a ways with proper market segmentation. Whether or not they can figure out who is in what segment, and how to position their products remains to be seen. I think they've struggled with this in the past. I hope the new CMO can get it right this time.

Again what does crackberry make of the whole wake up stunt in Australia? Possible 4g playbook released when clock tics down to zero?

Makes sense seeing how ipad pretty much lied to the aussies ,allowing them to believe they would have a working 4g ipad if they bought one.

Cmon rim I see what your doing here and I like it. Kick ass take names no more sitting back and watching while everyone pounces on you.

Its time to pounce back!

OK, I have to know this since you guy's brought it up in the first place: How did you get your Press Pass back after Thorsten found it? I mean really, you have to finish this story, it had such a great start.

Hey, Kevin.

I found the podcast very interesting and informative about where RIM was and where its going (this is my first podcast that I have listened to, usually I just read the articles and comments). I just saw the whole keynote and I gotta say, they look promising. I am very excited, just like the CrackBerry Crew.

And, I hope you make that quality Fart app for the playbook cuz I just searched up "fart" on BB App World, and I don't see any good app. Also, 1 member of the CrackBerry Crew sounded drunk, he talked very drunk like. Any way, I hope RIM will hit the ball out of the park for the final product as well.


Newly Addicted BlackBerry User

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Did anyone else get a like 15 minute period of static behind the audio? Like it didnt completely overtake the audio but it was extremely annoying.

Maybe it was just my speakers

Got it too. Thought it was my phone sending -receiving data which is causing the static sound. Had to open my music app to check if my speaker are ok.

the static was part of the thing. not your speakers, not you.

anyways.. i'm very intersted in this media presentation with Thorstein. Why didn't anyone film this??

around the 45 min mark someones mic gets crazy. crackberry kevin needs to up your salaries so you can afford some decent hardware for these podcasts

Good podcast, guys! Keep your phones away from the mics though. The feedback was a little distracting. Otherwise, great comments and content!

Sorry about the static - haven't listen to it yet, but I'm sure it sucks. Don't worry because we'll record another video podcast sometime next week to recap all of this stuff once more.

I'm just curious - do the guys on the podcast every use any other platform? I'm was surprised to hear them discuss the swipe from right to left to delete words (on the BB10 virtual keyboard) as if it is some novel feature. It's not and a number of android keyboards have that feature.

cripes, was all the GSM feedback on the podcast about half way through? I thought my phone teleported back to 2006. I wanted to throw my speakers across the room.
On another note, nice chat overall.

There was this interference sound that made me have to stop listening was unbearable! But I made it half way through. Good stuff guys!

Good podcast. GSM interference was majorly annoying. RIM should make Blackberry People and success their marketing campaign when bb10 comes out.

Great podcast overall, but I'm a little sick of you (Kevin) portraying people who do not use blackberries as somehow more intelligent than people who use other phones. I know people on different platforms, and every time you make such a comment I literally cringe. You don't convince people to use blackberry by insulting them. And that applies to anyone on any platform that makes such generalizations. It doesn't make you look good.

All of that being said, I'm glad the crackberry podcasts are back. I've definitely missed them, and this is a really exciting time for RIM!! It looks like they are finally back on track!

All I got from this podcast were GSM static and how Kevin's fiancée thinks he's too quick! LOL! Kidding! For those of you who stopped the audio before the end, you missed out on hearing a great crack from Adam. ;)

Anywho, seriously pumped by all the coverage from BBWC! Never having owned a BlackBerry device until my first one, which is a Bold 9900, I am definitely new to the World of BlackBerry. I seem to like to root for the underdog, and I also don't want to be an iSheep (which ironically makes me a sheep to call iOS users sheep; pot, meet kettle).

Like they say, it's always darkest before dawn. The momentum will only continue to grow from here on. Can't wait! xD