CrackBerry Podcast 082: Back on Track!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2012 07:15 pm EST

It's been a while since we've had a "regular" CrackBerry Podcast, so this week we got Back on Track and fired things up Thursday morning to talk about the world of BlackBerry. We rewind to CES 2012, and dive into our thoughts on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. From there we move into some discussion on RIM's new CEO, and talk about BlackBerry DevCon Europe and the latest news and rumors around BlackBerry 10 phones.

Adam, Bla1ze and Chris join me for this one. Hit play and let's Rock & Roll This! Enjoy the show.

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CrackBerry Podcast 082: Back on Track!


I love how we only hear Bla1ze's voice is just there in the background, almost like the voice of god... LOL

DAMN THOSE NDA's @ 13:40...Kevin, you are not supposed to talk about that yet. We will repo your brain, you know too much...JK. I'm just salivating over OS 2.0 to just get here, when those BB 10 phones start shipping, I'll be the first in line...

This was a very good podcast. It made me consider something that I had not previously thought about. Now that I used my upgrade to get the 9900, I will have to pay full price if I want a BB10 before I upgrade in 2 years. Without knowing what the MSRP will be, I will say that it will absolutely need to blow me away in order to get me to purchase it early. I hope they can do that.

I really love the meat of this podcast .. CB got the beef lol

seriously I dig this one, full of great cross topic and insightful information :)

keep it up! very down to earth and good tone over all.

We should also realize that ipad3 is coming out in march(to alter the sales of playbook), iPhone5 will be released before blackberry 10. Apple has a reply (mountain lion) for Windows 8. The nokia windows phone is awesome. The competition is crazy
For RIM to survive, they will have to give us products that are ahead of their competition and ON TIME.

Downloading from the BlackBerry PlayBook Podcast Apple, subscribed to Mobile Nations United [Video], for some reading its pulling and downloading the wrong podcast.

Video: CrackBerry 83 [Video]: RIM Conference Call.....

Anyone getting this error?

Great job on the podcast guys. Never thought I would be the type of woman that listens to these geeky things- but I am and I do and really enjoyed it. Who knew??
Question for you Kevin- knowing how you love your Blackberry keyboards- what are you gonna do when the first BB10 phones come out. Will you be an early adapter to them? And if so- how are you going to live without your keyboard?

He has used the full touch torch for a while in the past, among other phones.

I would hate to loose a keyboard but a full touch phone with PB OS is a fair trade off in my mind.

Idealy I'd take a torch slider BB10 device

Interestingly, the podcast flash will not play from my playbook v!
“You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Plug in to watch this video”
I tried to restart my playbook without managing to resolve the issue.
Itis not the first time it happens in general but yes first time on a Crackberry Podcast.

Hopefully, by Tuesday this will be resolved.


bbpandy, thanks.
for the update, i was able to watch the podcast right on youtube app but not directly from this page.
This is the first time i can't play a flash video directly on CB website with my playbook but getting instead “you need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video”.

I tried again today sunday (CEST 12 pm), same result.


Kevin, I love the idea of truly live, minimized windows as the icons. THAT would be innovative on RIM's part. Let's make this happen!

Kevin finally for the CB Podcast! I was the guy who asked you about when you are going to have a CB Podcast just before the Mobile Nations Podcast!

Thank you for keeping your promise!

As much as I like to here these things and get new info and the perspectives from the guys, I can't stand by and here wrong info put out by anyone. So with that said, Bla1ze not trying to rain on your parade but for the last year I have heard you say that the PlayBook only had email if you owned a BlackBerry. The truth is you never had to have a BB to get email. It may not have been native but hell bridge is not native. Out of the Box you have to option to use you Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail accounts, the only thing is that you would need wifi, but email was and has always been there.

My girlfriend always gets mad when I'm on crackberry.. but I enjoy listening to your point of view on technology.. You guys always keep it real.. I stay with Blackberry because you guys are the realist! BLACKBERRY FOR LIFE!!