CrackBerry Podcast 078: BlackBerry Service Outage and BlackBerry DevCon 2011!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2011 12:29 am EDT

Home from BlackBerry DevCon, we fired things up Friday afternoon for an episode of CrackBerry LIVE. If you missed it don't fret, as you can now either download the audio in standard podcast form OR watch the replay with our groovy new video setup above.

Whether you want to listen or watch, it's definitely a show you won't want to miss. In this episode I'm joined by Adam Zeis and Chris Umiastowski, who were both at DevCon, and Bla1ze. We kick things off by looking back at the last week's BlackBerry service outage craziness, and then quickly shift gears to BlackBerry DevCon news. We cover all the highs and lows and everything in between - definitely a CrackBerry podcast to check out for an honest look at BlackBerry. We hope you enjoy the show!!

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CrackBerry Podcast 078: BlackBerry Service Outage and BlackBerry DevCon 2011!


So you guys are perfectly fine waiting until January 9th to hear any official statement about BBX? And are willing to wait until May 2012 to unveil a product?

Im not even sure if i can wait that long to get a new blackberry. Might as well go with a BB7 device

RIMM is definitely testing their users patience. I suppose they think people are fickle enough with platforms that they'll be able to gain some of that share back once they get the product out. Heck, it seems like the development kit is ready for primetime and development phones are in testing, so they have to be down the line with the phone OS. I actually hope they incorporate some of that TAT design style (from contact app and note app) into the phone and BBX.

I do think that BBX is going to be different than the Playbook OS 2.0. Their are just a ton of UI elements that won't work on a phone (ie. notification system, lock screen) and I also don't think TAT's style was really considered in the Playbook as they just tried to replicate the OS7. I honestly believe that we'll see something pretty different in the final phone OS and the next version of the Playbook OS. This version will be the first showing of the BBX OS. If BBX was just the Playbook OS 2.0 then they would've been able to show it off on in a phone.

The underlying tech will be the same, but the UI interface will be a change from what we've seen so far. I just don't think RIMM would have taken the last year to develop a phone that uses the same OS as the Tablet. Especially given the tablet reception and it just shares too much in design with the current phones to make people take a second look at the OS and consider it a modern OS.

Nothing better than breakfast, coffee and CB video Podcast. Today, you are my Saturday morning cartoons. Also, I love watching this and typing this on my PlayBook, I cant get over how practical this device is. Showcase mode ftw!!

That is exactly what i was looking forward to also and here it is all ready for me as I sip my coffee and relax with my PlayBook watching my 1st CrackBerry video podcast. Guys should get these up on the podcast app side by side with the audio ones so we can choose which to download. That would be totally awesome!

Sweet, can't wait! No more "buffering" from some of the slower connections when I'm out and about.

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style

I can't believe Kevin thinks this is strike 1. I'm with Bla1ze in that they are at least at strike 2. If they don't have OS 2.0, or an OS with the native PIM/e-mail and Android Player out before Black Friday then I think it is safe to assume that the RIM has given up on the current model of Playbook as far as sales.

Too little, too late... IMO I think RIM has stalled too much and now they are at the point of no return... Devcon was supposed to be huge, but failed, the playbook was supposed to be huge, but is pretty close to a fail if they don't do something asap and I don't know much about QNX or BBX or whatever but it doesn't seem like it'll have what other phones don't already have... RIM is headed to a slow death, gradually losing all of its users... I think they are very fortunate that apple didn't really release a new phone.

Sorry to be negative, but I'm just totally not impressed... I love my blackberry, but the only reason I'm not switching is because I can't find another phone with a comparable keyboard as my 9900... That's probably all that is stopping me.

Great, you guys liked last devcon when they announced the playbook, then it took 6 months to release and people, in the end, people were pissed cause it took so long. You liked Blackberry World where they announced the 9900, then it took 3-4 months to release and carriers slowed down on purchasing BB6 phones...RIM missed earnings and everyone was pissed waiting for the new phones. Now your upset because they didn't show off unfinished BBX phones. Then 10 minutes later you say that some of the stuff they did show off is great but why show it off vaporware if you can't use it now.

Come on, they obviously can't win here. Choose, either you want them to show off things early, but then you will have to wait because things always take longer to finish than you think. want them to show you stuff the day before it goes live, which means no glamorous announcements 3-6 months early on set dates like Devcon or Blackberry world. PICK ONE.

I could care less about BBX phones. I bought a 9900 so that will be my phone for a while. I do expect them to deliver on the Playbook. Last year at CES when the rumors came out that RIM wasn't putting Native PIM/e-mail in the Playbook and people started pounding them and saying how stupid it would for RIM, a company that this is their biggest strong points, to not put these features in the Playbook. Here we are 10 months after CES (which they should have started a man on the moon program after the CES response), 6 months+ after the Playbook release, and 4 months after Jimmy B said these features were supposed to be available, and still no native e-mail and PIM. And to add insult to injury, RIM itself is now saying the number one reason the Playbook isn't selling is the lack of native e-mail and PIM. WTF RIM! And then we have this outage that has totally tarnished their reliability image. They are seriously one of the most poorly managed operations I've seen lately (and I contract to the Federal Government so that says a lot). They rode out the BBOS horse until its nearly dead and bought a colt (pun intended) to replace it that still needs a couple years before it is strong enough to be ridden.


Its time you wrote a formal letter to RIM.

RIM has to address this mess they've made with the lack of OS2 info for playbook owners.

The co-CEOs have not acted professionally, and quite frankly MANY BlackBerry users are pissed about it.

We need the voice of the blackberry community to do something FORMALLY about this.

Thanks Kevin, we love what you do.

- the bb nation.

To be honest. I really dont think RIM really gives a fuck about what the community has to say. They know they are behind and will never admit to it.

I agree with Bla1ze too. I think this is at least a strike 2. I have maintained constant faith in RIM, but sadly I admit that I have just lost faith. While still hanging on to RIMM shares and will continue to use BlackBerry phones, I actually went out to buy AAPL shares after the disappointing DevCon keynote. The way this company markets itself is amazing. Constantly shooting itself in the foot. All the broken promises....

Bad move. The Apple stock is a huge bubble. They're at the top of their game and have been without their visionary for a couple quarters now - its starting to show. They released a phone that was lagging Android upon its release, now they have 12months before their next release - not good. The iPad is in a similar situation... Not much they can do to it without changing it altogether... Stick with what you know - "what goes up, comes down"... Just my 2cents - hope it helps... I could delv deeper into Apples fuTure problems if you want to PM me...

I totally agree with ChrisU they didn't present anything that the people REALLY need or a timeline when to expect it such as: Native Email, Native BBM, UBS hosting, auto spell, auto punctuation, file manager, Bluetooth A2DP support, etc...