CrackBerry Podcast 076: Talking RIM Q2 Earnings and the State of BlackBerry Nation!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Sep 2011 12:19 pm EDT
CrackBerry Podcast

Following up Thursday's RIM earnings report and investors call, we fired things up Friday afternoon for a CrackBerry Podcast to discuss the fallout and current state of BlackBerry Nation. Joining Adam, Bla1ze and myself for the discussion is former RIM analyst, Chris Umiastowski. Chris wrote an awesome piece here on CrackBerry with his thoughts on the RIM Q2 earnings, so we get into the numbers and what they mean and a whole lot more on this show.

There's a lot of interesting discussion on this episode, from the fate of the BlackBerry PlayBook to RIM's apparent strategy to balance two platforms for the forseeable future. Despite covering the gloomy stuff, we keep it an upbeat show. Take a listen!

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CrackBerry Podcast 076: Talking RIM Q2 Earnings and the State of BlackBerry Nation!


Why is it that it always takes 1-2 days for this to appear in the podcasts app? Soo frustrating. I'd love to download it while I have signal through the app for later.

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style

Something is wrong there. On my torch it would always dl a few hours afterwards, on its own. I now have a DROIDx for the time being and none, I repeat NONE of the podcast apparently that I have push or refresh om their own. Its so annoying. Sometimes ill have to manually download 3 or so. And even when it is refreshed it doesn't dl it. Wish I had my bb right now

Ya but one would think by now that if gmail can do that in their own app, RIM would be able to implement it as well.

I'm a huge BB supporter but selling RIM is probably the right way to go. I think someone like Amazon buying RIM would be quite compelling for Amazon.

With RIM, you get a wonderful hardware manufacturer which already has established manufacture, distribution and retail channels - worldwise. RIM has secure endpoints and a server network that would fit nicely into the Amazon cloud. Selling the "cloud" to the enterprises would get even easier. Buying RIM, allows Amazon to be much more competitive with both Google and Apple. Apple already has it's own hardware platform so it's only a matter of time before Google starts to use MMI in the same. Amazon needs a hardware platform to keep up with both Google and Apple and RIM is very cheap right now.

I would love it if a forward thinking company like Amazon were to purchase RIM.

What are your guy's thoughts on this??

Amazon would also bring the media content that is now lacking on BlackBerry. Videos, music.. etc. Since Amazon has all of that in house already.

In all honesty, I think you're onto something. At the moment Amazon does not have anything in direct competion with RIM so they are unlikely to buy and shut the company down (good for us fanboys). Equally, Amazon would try to make their investment fruitful by making RIM competitive. The RIM business model is good but lately has stagnanted. The cloud side of things would be win-win of course.
Amazon can also afford to sell the PB at a price that doesnt try to match 10inch tablets and can roll out a 10inch one at the price of the current one and irreversabbly muddy the waters for the ipad. You've no idea how the lesser real estate on the PB (at the same price) works against RIM. The ipad got a foot in first and had the luxury of defining the sector hence anything different is an oddity not novelty. On the management side would Amazon be happy with co-CEOs who shed market share quarter after quarter? Hardly.

I definitely don't think Amazon would shutdown any particular hardware that RIM supports which is making money. The Playbook (7" and 10" versions) along with QNX phones would definitely benefit with all of the retail and media assets available on Amazon. Amazon could very easily leverage the BBM network/community to move media (music, movies, tv). Just imagine the social aspects of this!! Imagine BB Music with Movies and TV added to it!

I'm not an investor just a technologist but I really see the synergy (both monetarily and technically) in combining the two companies. In the end you'll likely have 4 very strong players in the cloud, app and mobile spaces:

Google + MMI
Amazon + RIM
Microsoft + Nokia

Companies like Samsung/HTC/LG/... will become cheap manufacturing houses (similar to the current Asian PC vendors). They got nothing but OS, no community, no apps, nothing.

I think to all BB fans who want to see RIM succeed, they need to get on this bandwagon.

Picketing?! That was today, well I guess a few phone calls to a few ATT rep wouldn't be a bad idea, would kill time for a bit.

Good podcast. Just a couple things I was hoping you guys would chat about:

- was it strange that there was no mention about 4g Playbooks on the RIM call? I think a big part of the problem with Playbook sales is poor retail sales channels and having the big carriers on board could help. They sure push iPad and Android tablets.

- what should we be expecting with the development QNX phone at DevCon? This sounded pretty exciting to me but since no one has been talking about it I take it a development phone isn't much to get excited about?

I liked the podcast a lot, especially having Chris Umiastowski on brings a different perspective. However, I completely DISAGREE with Kevin, Chris, etc. about the Curve 9380. The purpose of the device is to compete directly with the iPhone 4S, as a lower cost device in international markets. I think the Curve 9380 is CRITICAL for the success of RIM in the next 8-12 months. As RIM tries to regain some market-share in the US with the Bold 9900, the Curve 9350/9360/9370 and 9380 are meant to maintain and grow international market-share. I can see the 9380 doing nearly as well as the Curve 8520/9300. It will be another best seller.

Another podcast without Obi? Maybe someday soon... PS - Kevin - altho your friends see the fact that you talk, and are constantly thinking about your next thought... And not listening to what people are saying... Usually indicates a very smart intelligent person!

when are the going to update the cb pod cast play to bb7. i would have thought they would have done long before now isn't this crackberry?