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CrackBerry Podcast 074: BlackBerry 7 Smartphones Reviewed!

Listen Now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Aug 2011 08:43 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

It's been a HUGE 24 hours on CrackBerry.com, with the Crack Team posting up all five reviews for the new lineup of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones. Giving our fingers a break from all the typing, we jumped on skype to celebrate with this special edition podcast. Be sure to listen in, as we talk through our BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review, BlackBerry Bold 9930 Review, BlackBerry Torch 9860 Review, BlackBerry Torch 9850 Review and BlackBerry Torch 9810 Review.

We cover a lot of ground here, so I'll keep this post short so you can quit reading and start listening. Enjoy the show!

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haha Mortal Kombat theme nice


Finaly! Been dieing to hear the next pod cast! Love you guys!

The singing at the end was a great touch.


How long is it usually before Podcasts make it to iTunes from when they are published on the blog? Wanted to get it on my iPod before I went to bed.


I spoke to one of the RIM devs at the Hackathon semi-extensively about the hour glass. After the conversation my perception of the hour glass was that it indicates and only runs during Java Garbage Collection. For those who don't know what this means, it simply means that whatever the OS is trying to do, it needs more memory to do it. Or it will need more memory in the near future. So the Garbage Collector goes around and try's free up previously used memory so the OS will have what it needs. I previously had the same idea as Blaze about it, that it potentially had to do with intensive CPU usage like you see on desktop/laptops. But It sounded pretty clear that it was only during GC. Which makes sense when thinking of installing applications because buffers (memory) are being loaded very rapidly and therefore need to be freed up so they can be re-used.

Kevin Michaluk

thx for the comment. i think i've actually heard that before too in years gone by... forgot about. we should turn this into a little standalone post. the hour glass explained.


Is an intensive cpu process so Bla1ze is correct to a degree. This is the Albatross of java. You have to get the heap sizes for memory and the timing of garbage collection down right or you have issues. This ia why linux based OS are far more stable. QNX will also make this issue mon existent since even if a java garbage collection goes off the farm it will be contained in its own process silo and not affect anything else.


aaaaaaa hahah its its its a gratifying keyboard lol the 9900 kevin

thats a riot lol, the gold standard of keyboard nice :) its all good A variety of people have used many positive ways of describing the keyboard of the 9900/9930 luxurious, spacious, very comfortable and easy to use. I have my own description its like a " posh leather couch on speed " lol how's that for a description.


love the show boys,love my storm2 send me a cdma 9850/9860 ill do a review for you but im not going to give it back haha im undecided love the bold but i also kinda like the new torch ..humm decisions, im kinda on the fence with the buttons and whats with the mute key like there thru it on at the last minute, oh crap we forgot the mute button hey lets put it here.lol


Anyone else having issues of the podcast not showing up in the app?


Its not showing up in the CB Podcast app for me yet.


I'm having the same issue here. =(


Same here. Problem with the podcast RSS feed?


After listening to the podcast and reading the reviews, I've decided to get the Verizon 9930 (delivers tomorrow) and also the 9850 on Sunday. I'll live with both for a couple of weeks and make a final decision. And what a couple of weeks it'll be...


Hi @camera531,

Alex from RIM here. Just jumping in here to let you know that if you want a closer look at both smartphones, check out this recent post on our Inside BlackBerry Blog for some early reviews from #TeamBlackBerry on the Bold 9930 (http://bbry.lv/ooTnsv) and Torch 9850 (http://bbry.lv/qINY3c). I may be a bit biased, but my device of choice is the Bold 9930. I use its sister device, the Bold 9900, as my main phone and it’s my favorite BlackBerry by far!

Alex, RIM Social Media Team


Another great podcast guys!


Just a heads up,I bought my storm 9550 from Bell, and it doesn't say Storm on the back, just 3.2 megapixel.


Dear Crackberry team,

Thanks for the great podcasts. A suggestion for you to make it even better: Could you please include an agenda with your subjects/times of the podcasts?

Topic 1 9810 review @ 3Mins.

Would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much.


I am the biggest Storm2 fan ever!!!! Give me a 9860 to review ;)


Lol I have a intro song sugestion for the next pod cast. "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" by Iron Maiden.


Still hasn't shown up in the BB Podcast app. Kevin said it was pushed out so we're just waiting on the app to show it as available. Hopeuflly soon!


Showed up for me in BB Podcast within the last hour or so. So that's Thurs 8/18 09:00 EST.