CrackBerry Podcast 072: CrackBerry goes to BlackBerry HQ!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jul 2011 08:54 am EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

What a crazy week! After my trip to Waterloo, Ontario, the hometown of BlackBerry, I had to fly out to San Francisco for a few days... I'm now finally back in the CrackBerry offices playing catch up, but to kick things off and fill everybody in on my time spent at BlackBerry HQ we grabbed the team and recorded a CrackBerry Podcast.  We actually recorded this one yesterday afternoon (ran into some delays that kept me from posting sooner), so take note that when we predict a PlayBook OS update is coming soon that it's already now here.

If you're a BlackBerry fan you'll want to listen to this one. I go through my trip to Waterloo in detail, covering everything from my time seeing Bold 9900s get born on the manufacturing line to my time at the Perimeter Institute, the RIM Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and more! Take a listen. Enjoy the show.  Still lots of blog posts to come relating to the trip!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 072: CrackBerry goes to BlackBerry HQ!


what happened kevin? you didnt go with any of the fire of the cbnation at all. why didnt you lite a fire under mike l's ass? he probably gave you a few 9900's to keep you quiet.....

oh, don't worry. there was a lot of constructive "fire" on my part.  remember.. it's about TACT.. not just IMPACT.  know what i mean?  definitely a worthwhile trip on behalf of cb nation.

I think for many these days, that word no longer exists!
Thanks for everything! Cant wait to listen to this!

A busy morning here for me at work, updating my phone to the newest leak, bridge, playbook, and keeping up with the new OS thread!

So what you're saying is you were "planting seeds" of how the BB community would like to see RIM made even better. I like that. You're like a reverse spy. Instead of killing them from the inside, you're making them better.

Nice podcast btw. Liked hearing about RIM as a whole.

Hey Kevin great podcast. Just an idea for a fun contest why dont we get a pool going (no money) and have people pick a date on when they think the BlackBerry Bold 9900 date release will be!

Ya, just started listening and I have to agree. I think Craig is the most insightful of everyone and has a pretty neutral stance in his articles and on the podcasts. He's also pretty technical, which I like.

Kevin... please stand next time... maybe all you guys should stand. ;)

oh, and full duplex would be nice too...

BlackBerry Defector Here but I'll still give this a listen later on. After all BlackBerry is what turned me into the tech nerd Android junkie I am today.

Wow all the stuff we want to know about you can't share or think you can't share! Glad you got to go to Waterloo, but unfortunately it seems that no valuable information for us here in the Crackberry community. RIM really needs to communicate with us more on when we should start expecting substantial improvements in the Playbook.