CrackBerry Podcast 066: Android Apps on BlackBerry, BlackBerry 7, 2011 Phones, PlayBook and more!

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CrackBerry Podcast
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2011 10:14 am

After a bit of a BlackBerry news drought, the last couple of weeks brought with it a ton of awesome news and rumor for us to talk about on this live audience CrackBerry podcast. You'll definitely want to listen to this one as we sound off on RIM's announcement of supporting Android Apps on BlackBerry and talk BlackBerry 7, 2011 BlackBerry Smartphones and more. And with the BlackBerry PlayBook launch less than three weeks away, we of course spend a bunch of time on that topic. Enjoy the show!!

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Kevin Michaluk Kevin Michaluk "Founder, Editor in Chief " 3922 (articles) 3293 (forum posts)


hopfully dakota comes out soon and we dont have to wait until like september....


My question to Kevin and the guys would be, are the new devices coming out going to be compatible with BBOS7? I know there isn't a definite answer out there but your gut feelings are usually correct. I mean i've been with the storms for 4 years almost now and currently have a bold 9650. The storms did 4.7 and 5 and the bold did 5 and 6, so i guess if going by the track record, the 6.1 device should do 7, correct?


I recall RIM's execs stating that OS7 will require superphones and I took that to mean dual core BlackBerries which are 2012. So I'm guessing that the 2011 summer lineup will not be upgradeable to OS7.


I think what most of us will do is grab the bold touch with 6.1 and then sell it next year for $250 to grab a QNX phone. Its so sad buying a phone knowing you will sell it in a year though. Especially when that phone is the holy grail of blackberrys.


Great point about all these manufactures being on Android and the only thing they are able to do to gain "market share" is by boasting their specs compared to their competition. In the end an Android phone is an Android phone is an Android phone.