CrackBerry Podcast 064: Looking Back on a week of BlackBerry Mobile World Congress 2011 News!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2011 06:38 pm EST
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Mobile World Congress 2011 is now over, and it helped to deliver a bunch of news and interesting posts to the CrackBerry blogs this week (click here to see MWC related posts). More PlayBooks were announced (I'm still waiting for the WiFi only one!), NFC on upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones got official, and we saw a bunch more demos of apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

We dive into all of that and more on this episode, so sit back and listen to Adam, Bla1ze, Craig, Joseph and myself talk about BlackBerry and a bunch of other things too. Disclaimer: In our excitement we may have dropped a few F Bombs on this one that we were too lazy to edit out. Listen at your discretion. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty fun show.

CrackBerry LIVE Podcast: Ok ok... so we're finally seriously for real thinking about trying to record these podcasts live like our friends at and do. We'd go for audio only, with a chat room on the blogs, so you can chat with us when we record. Vote on the poll above to let us know what you'd prefer to us do... and sound off in the comments if you have anything specific to ad. Enjoy the show! 

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 064: Looking Back on a week of BlackBerry Mobile World Congress 2011 News!


live podcast would be awesome, i think sticking with the same time as your sister sites would make the most sense, but earlier would be nice for me in the uk lol, either way im well lookin forward to it, will it be a weekly deal then or more a `as and when` situation?

I vote for the podcast live at 8 or 9. I watched the live podcast for precentral when I used my pre all the time. Video would be nice but I will listen no matter.

by far the cheesiest podcast to date .. omg - please step it up .. this was a big snore
I was trying to do some work and be entertained at the same time I basically fell asleep .. now I have to turn on some music and get a coffee to get back in thew groove. I listen to all the podcasts and most of them are pretty entertaining :)

Great show as usual guys can't wait to hear the podcast post hands on with both the playbook but more importantly the new devices. Keep up the good work. Live at 9 on a Thursday would be awsome.

What a boring podcast OMG . Kevin shut the fxxk up. Only joking guys . Great like always .

I have a question though.I want to download a sat nav app for my bb but I waiting on DASH.


Oh ya , can I get a crackberry sticker too, I never win any competitions cos I'm from cold smelly Ireland :(.

Embarrasing ourselves is part of the fun. But I agree, that was kind of a boring episode.  Will try better next time. But hey, it was free to listen to.. so don't complain that much! :)

Live in the evening! Great podcast today as also. You guys are so funny. Joseph I like the futurama referance to hypno-toad lol

Kevin seems like android is getting to you the last two podcasts. Your developing a hate for android which is funny because I remember the pic of you kneeing the android robot last year. LOL.

Now you been pretty vocal. Kind of interesting cause RIMs newly aqquired TAT helped develop android ui.

How come there wasn't any round Robin this year? Nobody wants to try out anybody's phones now LOL. This smartphone/tablet war is really heating up. 2011 will be dandy. :)

Good stuff guys! I feel your pain Blaze about RIM holding out on some of the features but they can't show least I hope that's why lol. But since these are minor issues and the fact the OS looks great and the BlackBerry community just seems more alive and hopeful to the future, I am willing to give RIM some slack with the PlayBook.

Thanks for going over Gist, still wasn't clear on that... Looking forward to seeing what happens with that now.

"your one stop shop for social stalking" <- lol Bla1ze

I subscribe to CB's podcast in the BlackBerry Podcasts. When will this episode be available? Number 63 is the last one that downloaded.

Podcast is getting worse with each episode, constant non-Blackberry banter. One week its about curling and then another its weddings.

Was hoping that with Craig returning (last two episodes), he would pull the conversation to the centre.

I think our second last episode was decent actually (lot of BB talk in the Roadmap one), but yeah, this one kinda blew. Will go for a more BB-only one next show.  Hard to please everyone.. half of you like the banter, half don't.  Majority of people don't even listen to podcasts, so ya know...  but I hear where you're coming from. 

Don't be so hard on yourselves. The Podcast was good. I like the banter so keep it up. Wish you would have your podcasts on a more regular basis.

Kevin, on your question about what happens when you have two games running in the minimized mode?

here you go, the question is answered in this video. check out from 2:52

No go. I saw that before... The Quake thing isn't actually playing the game... it's just a demo that's autoplaying.  My question is what happens when you have two game minimized that both make use of accelerometer. Like Need for Speed x 2 running.. if both are minimized, do you steer for both games at the same time? Or does it blow up?  Seems like it would make more sense to auto suspend games than keep them playing.

I was eagerly awaiting the Playbook for Q1 but after listening to your podcast (at least half of it then I turned it off) I'm thinking maybe the Playbook will be a piece of crap when it comes out. Very disappointing are all of you guys that down on it? I really wanted to get this but you guys are making me want to delay. Comparing it to the Strom (not even Storm 2) is just about the best way to kill this thing in Blackberry land.

Motorola or HP should just play this podcast for marketing their products to Blackberry users. I know you have to call it like you see it, but Storm? Is it that bad???

OMG Kevin I hate that song.. Yuck lol
What’s with the storm hating, lol no love for us S2 users locked in a 2 yr contract waiting for august to come quick to upgrade but not knowing what to go with. All the rumors drive’s me crazy. I love my big screen I never had a problem with my S2 that I couldn’t fix with help from the forums on CB (knock on wood)and I’m crazy quick with it knocking out an email, text, and bbm. Yeah and I lost some friends to a different BBm friends list is growing smaller and smaller but i talked my sis into one.
Soo Id like 8-9 pm ,but what day exactly ? I guess no Craig then :( .Id like it if I was working nights that would be cool just sitting here with my feet up chillin on crackberry listening and chatting it up, sounds cool, Screw everybody else I like the podcast I don’t care if you go off topic either I think its funny shit .Could you imagine if you didn’t, it would be like listening to a bunch of robots that would make it boring. Sure there is stuff I want to know, new apps, phones and the playbook the rumors and news but it breaks it up a little.

There is a video where a guy demoing the PB uses a gesture to pull down a notification area without minimazing the app that you are in. If I can find it I will post it. It does not show how you know that a notification is there but once you use the gesture you will see what notification are there. just a small tid bit for the podcasters. Love the show as I always do.